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FireRed Pokemon Orange Islands (Complete Beta 5.3 Released) Page 8

Started by kalarie November 3rd, 2017 7:37 PM
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Yes I finally found him, thanks for an advice.
But is there any pattern or should a player just click on random spots? Because after reading your advice, I expected something similar to Emerald, but I didn't see any grass patch moving. I just clicked on everything until something happened. Am I supposed to see something? Maybe the reason why I didn't see anything is that I play at stable 300 % emulator speed.
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Hi! Have you found a way to fix Lapras's overworld surfing sprite? Did you know about the unused Lapras's sprite in FireRed files? If you don't find a way to fix it, you could use the unused sprite in the future. Just a suggestion, cya!
I know of that one, but that is of far less quality than the sprite that's used at the moment. I'm using the routine from this thread (, which is the best available at the moment. Apart from a few flaws it's working pretty well. I'm hoping it will be updated in the future;)
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