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We have a mix of people on here, from those who continuously keep up with the franchise and its core games to those who haven't played since a certain generation. Where do you stand? Do you play each main series games, or have you stopped after a certain generation/game?
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I have played at least one of each main series game.
I don't actively keep up with releases though, it's usually more me randomly finding a new pokemon game is out at some point and then playing it. Which can easily be months after it's release.
I mainly play pokemon for new pokemon nowadays. Every generation has at least several I like design wise.


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I'm still big on the games! Typically buy main games when they release, last time I wasn't able to play a new main series on the day it came out was ORAS since I was on vacation with family at the time. Just too attached to the series and can't not play on day one, otherwise I see all my friends chat about it everywhere and I feel left out haha. ;o;
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i keep up with the games for sure. ever since i was a kid, i always wanted to own each main series title and beat them all. it's not the most ambitious thing in the world really, but it felt like it as a child when i wanted green version aha. i don't stay heavy into new information that's released when there are games on the horizon though, as i like to go in and be mostly blind. but yeah, still going strong w playing the games.
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I once stopped if I can't enjoy pokemon because of financial problem and/or I can't emulate at the current states, after USSM that's it for me.
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After about 10 years I got back into the msg in 2013 with Y. I discovered shiny hunting in 2015 on Twitch and after getting my first random shiny in 2016 I started shiny hunting.

I bought Moon in 2016 but never really gained an enjoyment from playing it so it was put away after I got to like the third trial or something.

I bought a Switch and Lets go Eevee and i mostly use lets go now for transferring extra Go shinies. Don’t like the catching mechanic at all, or the fact Pokemon can flee and the shiny hunting method is boring.

I plan on getting Arceus at least but most of my time is split between Go and X/Y/OR/AS.

Another issue with the Switch is its not as compact as the 2ds. The lite version even is like the old psp and doesn’t fold up which means I only play it at home and I typically don’t play video games at home.


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if by "series" you mean "games" then yeah, i'm pretty big on the games :o

everything else... not really. i wish i was more into the merch, but i barely have enough space in my room for plushies, and i don't really have much interest in the anime and manga. u_u