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Old February 9th, 2018 (10:39 AM). Edited February 9th, 2018 by (Drakath).
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    A wild NPC appeared!

    The Elemental - Lisa Ormanni - Villain

    17, Italian, delicate face, average height, physically fit, long hair and soft eyes are both naturally a very mirror-like appearance due to her power.

    Her plain, skin tight cape outfit is segmented into various mirror-like reflective shades that appear to form thigh highs, and opera gloves over the top of it. Her mask, physically similar to The Speed Demon's masquerade, though more elegant, also paired with the same ninja-like mask for the lower half of her face. Meanwhile, her long cape follows the same mirror-like formula along with her flowing hair. (A walking mirror that's kinda hard to look at)

    A member of Hell's Remnants and old friend of The Speed Demon/Kiro Irakuza. She would've retired were it not for her ties to the former La Fenice.

    Her power is most effective when using her hands. She can summon and manipulate any element, but only to a small extent, forming nothing bigger than a softball, forcing her to use her creativity to make them effective in combat. (Not atomic elements, think "fantasy elements" like, Air, Electricity, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, ect.)

    Alternatively, she can draw an element/material from its source, limiting her to that element/material but strengthening it in the process until the element/material is drained or overwritten. (Strength and Duration of the buff depends on the amount absorbed)

    Her hair, eyes, and cape outfit change from mirror to actual color palettes with varying degrees of saturation to match the current element/material and the amount stored. She always uses dirt outside of combat for its easy access and natural colors, that help her look normal in civilian clothes.

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      Safiya Nejem
      aka Florissant



      Tall for a Tunisian but otherwise standing at a fairly average height of 5’ 5”, her figure is lithe and well maintained figure with slightly sun kissed olive skin typical of Arabs. Her eyes are a dark brown and her hair is naturally dark brown but is usually dyed red. In her street wear, Safiya dresses lightly and with a very casual style, with tank tops, sandals, khaki shorts and shades in the warmer months. Colder months usually has her don a field jacket, boots and jeans.

      Unlike her loose fitting and casual clothing, Safiya’s costume as Florissant is skin tight and is shows more of her figure. The costume is a full body suit that is colored a dark green and black with vines around her waist and a moss ornamentation on the chest of the suit. There is also an accompanying mask to help conceal her identity, a bronze carnival style mask decorated with leaf designs.

      Outside of her duties of a hero, Safiya is very much a lover not a fighter. An outgoing, energetic young woman, Safiya is what you would consider a social butterfly in Fallcliff. Constantly hitting up peers for tea, dinner, movies or wherever she can be around people. As a very affectionate individual, she is very expressive of most of her feelings. There you can find something of a mischievous streak within her demeanor, being something of a lover for the adventurous and “rebellious”, further fueled by being restricted and formerly kept at close distance with her very conservative and religious parents. Because of said parents, what is considered rebellious is fairly skewed and is not so much an active attitude of disobedience to authority as it is wishing to express herself.

      Despite an overall chipper and optimistic outlook on life, there is a side to Safiya that can be deadly serious. In this mood, the silliness and eccentricities are off the table, and you a pensive person with a lot weighing on her mind, especially in these troubled times. Questions about herself, her place in this increasingly messed up world and familial relationships frequent her mind when not totally consumed with hero work. She thinks that no one would want to be burdened with her problems, that they are mere trifles compared to upholding the safety and security of Fallcliff, and so does not like divulging this more vulnerable side to her. Also a part of that vulnerable side is that despite having mostly disavowed her family’s conservative tendencies and outwardly seeming unbothered by her icy relationships with her mother, some nagging issues of self-doubt and guilt over the state of her familial relationships plague her.

      On the job, despite a penchant for the grandiose and flashy when it comes to the PR work she does, Safiya has a major sense of duty to her job. Her teammates lives are highly valued, as is the Protocol (even if at times she chafes under authority), the tenants of ethics that PRT stands for and the teamwork that goes into the operations. With the chaos surrounding Fallcliff and villains running amok, Safiya has a renewed sense of hatred towards villains. This hatred is especially fueled by the murder of her younger brother at the hands of Darwin’s Chosen.

      Plant Mutation
      A Master power, Safiya has domain over any sort of life that falls under the classification of plant, be it flowers, shrubs, trees, carnivorous plants or whatever else you could consider a plant. If it’s in the Plantae kingdom, she can do something with it. Rather than merely will the plants into optimal photosynthesis, Safiya can mutate the plants into a far more effective arsenal, with giant vines to use for combat, monstrous venus fly traps run amok, shields made out of bark as hard as steel or cacti with hardened spines. The plants that are summoned can be imbued with characteristics of other non sentient animals, making plants such as the venus fly traps behave beastly rather than a sedimentary bug catcher.

      History and Trigger Event:
      Born to a merchant father and housewife in Tunis, Tunisia with an older brother, Safiya’s life was busy and always filled with activity. Always kept close to their family by necessity for work and the family oriented culture of the Muslim world, Safiya developed a natural, very affectionate relationship with her beloved brother Farouk and with her parents. From a very early age, through both the loving comfort of familial love and the more stern proclamations of family being the most important thing in life. Safiya lived life in a very family centric manner. This was no different when her parents had another child, Safiya’s brother Yusuf when Safiya was four.

      When Safiya became old enough to attend school, she attended the same schools as her older brother and was an average student with neither disdain nor passion for academics. She did, however, take a liking to learn French and English. She found the latter infuriatingly difficult, however. During her years of schooling, Safiya began to grow into the cheery person she ended up being, making her popular at school from primary school up to early secondary school. Throughout her childhood, she was also exposed to the communities of her local mosque and the community around her. Under the influences of these various factors, Safiya began to get a good taste of what life was like: fun, hectic, energizing with a firm hand to reel things in at times. Even if she was a little bit of a rambunctious child, she was always manageable and was simply chalked up to her personality and kids being kids.

      Then, the teenage years struck. Safiya wanted more independence, and she started to channel her slight rambunction into full on rebellion. She hung out with friends more than family, stopped wearing a hijab, melodramatically complaint of waking up early to go to worship services and even began associating with boys. Normal teenage stuff. With her older brother, who was also going through a lot of the same motions, there was more of a tut tut, slap on the wrist responses to his behavior. For Safiya, it was more severe. Lecture upon lecture about how improper it was to be running around and tarnishing their name, blah blah blah, something about how women shouldn't be out doing the blasphemous things she does should remain docile and submissive to men, all while remaining at arm's length with other men. And so Safiya continued to rebel, adopting it more and more in her lifestyle. It got to a point of very heated arguments, extreme punishments and anguishment for all. The more Safiya rebelled, the more puritanical her parents seemed to get and they started to have strained relations.

      No amount of personal drama, however, could distract from the contentious politics and hardships that the family and millions of other Tunisians suffered at the hands of not only a brutal dictatorship, but a brutal dictatorship at war with its people and Islamist cape groups trying to usurp power. After a grueling six months more of harassment, crime and disarray, the Nejems could take no more and fled to the United States in the city of Fallcliff.
      It was a stressful time for all, being thousands of miles from where they called home and being more or less forcefully uprooted. Safiya, most of all suffered standing on thin ice with her parents. Being away from home and coping with her increasing isolation of the family, the final straw seemed to be laid and she triggered after a screaming match with her parents about needing space to grieve. It wasn’t very apparent at first that she triggered, but when she was staring at a flower pot in their cramped apartment in the Divided District, Safiya found that she was able to grow into into a far bigger flower, simply through will. It turned out that she was a parahuman, a cape. Unfortunately, this was no good for her family’s relation, as capes were reminiscent of trouble in Tunisia. And to find that her daughter was one mortified her family. After lots of arguments and the PRT putting considerable pressure to allow their child to become a Ward, she became one not long after she triggered at age 16.

      Having a successful career in the Wards and a successful early career in the Protectorate, life has been fairly good despite some roadblocks. However, in the chaos surrounding the jailbreak and the general state of disarray that Fallcliff is in, some Darwin’s Chosen have murdered her brother and threaten to further complicate relationships with her family even more.
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      Name: Veronica Luthenbrugh
      Cape Alias: Roll
      Age: 22
      Sex: F
      Alignment: Villain; sided with Hell’s Remnants

      Appearance: She's around 5'4, a woman rather short for her age. Speaking of her age, while she's 22, she has the appearance of a young girl of small height with blonde hair. Some might confuser for being younger because of this, but she never really minded such talk. Out of costume, she is topped with a fluffy light blue accessory, and blue eyes. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt, with a light blue ribbon on her neck. Above her shirt, she wore a sleeveless light blue dress, with a black bodice, and white frills. Complemented with this, she also wears a pair of white boots.

      In her costume, she wears a turquoise dress with a white apron and a ribbon on her head, giving her an innocent appearance. She also wears white and black striped socks, with white low-heeled buckled shoes. Most of her face is covered up by a set of all-purposed state of the art heat-detection goggles, crafted herself. These goggles can be used for heat detection, has a zoom-in feature, and also has a remote control function for activating her robotic servants.

      Personality: A cunning, intelligent, yet self-absorbed and narcissistic individual who only enjoys herself with her odd sadistic nature. Her pleasure in others' misfortune is not her sole idea of entertainment however; she actually does enjoy robots most of all. In fact, she overall views robots as superior to normal humans, because she deems humans as too imperfect. They lie, they're influenced by silly emotions... She can't expect such imperfect creatures to uphold a reasonable system of law. That's why she enjoys robots much better; they're incapable of thought and emotions, so its easy for her to manipulate and change at will to suit her needs and attitude to what she sees fit.

      Power(s): She excels mostly with robotic engineering, and programming. Her powers mostly involve the creation and controlling of her robotic solders and servants. The robots resemble different species of real-sized cute animals, from bunnies, to small cubs, to cats. They can perform speech, though most are only limited to simple sentences like, "You called, Lady Roll?" or "Instructions complete, Miss Roll." Most of these robots are quite harmless, though; they mostly perform Veronica's everyday chores, and serve Veronica's needs. When the time calls for it though, Veronica can activate their separate program to do abilities that normal animals could, like scratch, claw, jump, or bite.

      However, she has three special robots, one she dubbed "Robot Masters", that are superior in design from the rest, and are able to perform key specific functions. The first one she named MEOWY, a robot that resembles a snow tiger. It has improved abilities over a normal tiger; its claws are designed to scratch even other hard metal, and its jaw and fangs can even crush a steel pole. Her second is PENGY, a robot resembling a Penguin. This robot is deeper designed to stimulate more complex speech patterns, and is overall Veronica's most artificially intelligent robot - basically its Veronica's right hand robot, so to speak. Veronica can also use it to communicate with other people, thanks to its voice box feature in it's tin-throat. Her third and largest robot is DRAGGY, a robot resembling a seven foot long dragon - a dragon she can only remember and design from her fairy tale books. It can easily move heavier objects the other robots can't, like vans or even trucks. It can even spit out a blast of flames, and fire balls from it's mouth, thanks to the fire launcher she designed for it.

      She can activate them all with a simple push of a button that sits on her main head gear. She programs them beforehand, instructing their daily tasks, or specific ones. While Veronica herself prefers a "guns-blazing" method to missions, she doesn't have any combat abilities herself. So, she relies mostly on her robots - especially MEOWY and DRAGGY, to do that for her.

      History and Trigger Event: Throughout her childhood, Veronica admired heroic capes deeply. As cool and powerful as those capes were, she still admired her father most of all. Her mother had passed on when she was a younger age than she can remember, thanks to an illness she had. Her father worked as a well-respected engineer at the Fallcliff's space station. As she grew into a normal teenager, she would sometimes come with her dad to the space station to view all their latest projects. She loved it all; all the machinery, the mechanics... Everything mechanical fascinated her, and everytime, her eyes would sparkle. It was like taking a look at the future! So, Veronica up to this point had a normal, steady life.

      However, it was on a faithful day where her father brought her daughter to work because they had plans to go out together later that day, was where Veronica's life changed... forever. Veronica was sitting inside her father's main office, when suddenly she heard screaming. Apparently, something malfunctioned and went wrong - right nearby where her father was supposed to be stationed in. Even though she was instructed not to follow, she concernedly dashed to the scene. She witnessed quite a sight; almost everything was in flames, and the crew was all in a panic. Despite the chaos, she approached forward, until she eventually saw her father, covered in ashes, gasping for his life. Veronica went over to try and save him, only for her father to stop her. He signaled that the area had become unstable, and she should leave immediately. Despite Veronica's plea while going over to him to save him, her father could only smile as he pushed Veronica out the way, as rubble from the ceiling collapsed on top of him, causing Veronica to be taken aback from all the fallen rubble and smoke. Everything went black.

      She awoke in a hospital bed, as it looked like another new day arose. She seemingly was asleep for a day. She couldn't remember much; the last sight she saw was that of her father, looking upon her with a smile, until...

      Veronica became disheartened. Everything and everyone she loved the most was gone. Weren't the capes supposed to be there for her, and for everyone who was in danger? Why did her father... had to die? Come to think of it, what caused that blaze in the first place? She could remember the flames quite clearly. The heat, the motion, the way the flames rose... everything about it was unnatural. Above all else, she wanted to know the truth. So, for days turning into weeks, she would sneak into the scene of the accident, hidden from official investigation. After all, she wanted to make her own. She also looked up the names of her father's co-workers, by tracking down her father's old log in info, accessing the company's records. She didn't realize this yet because of her desperation, but things started to slowly... process quickly for her. The data records were all a massive information dump, and she managed to process it all in just a matter of minutes. Of course, to her, it might of not seemed to impressive, compared to her father. At any rate, she finally managed to find one individual in particular: Riptor Gunge. He was a former member of the engineering crew of her late father's work, but was laid-off and disgraced after company violations of data theft. Very suspicious. It was time to head back to the scene.

      This time, she investigated the area where the blaze first started; the shuttle room. There was a giant machine that astronauts used to test their mettle against zero-gravity; one where they sat upon a chair as it rotated it around. She noticed that the motor used to run it, was first caught on fire. Perhaps a programming error made it overheat, or... someone had compromised it. It had to be him; Riptor Lazorous. But, how did he get in? Perhaps... perhaps he got in by disguise? But without much proof, this seemed to be Veronica's limit. But, perhaps her lead might be handy to the officials...

      Months later after reporting Riptor Lazorous anmoniously, it took lots of time for investigation before the officials were confident that they can bring him to court. Veronica of course, took attendance, watching the proceedings. It was a long trial, filled with proceedings with testimony from the other co-workers, and from Riptor himself, pleading innocence. However, overtime, everything seemed to be a stalemate. The judge had to make a final decision. Not Guilty, due to a lack of evidence. Veronica was appalled - as the trial went on and evidence were being presented, it seemed obvious that Riptor had done it... from the motive, to the M.O... how could he had a Not Guilty? As the bailed walked Riptor out, he noticed Veronica, and gave her a snide, cocky grin. The only supposed bad guy was getting away, protected by the law. Veronica became enraged.

      Weeks and months flew on as Veronica grew older. She studied about Riptor, went back to the scene investigation, examined the evidence by going through the court record system... everything proving his guilt should of been there. But then, she noticed something - some of the evidence listed in this secret file were not present during the trial. Why weren't all the evidence presented? In fact, these ones seemed to be the most damning ones of the bunch, set to prove his guild for sure. What happened to them? All the evidence should of been present, unless... Unless Riptor had bribed them beforehand? Could.. could the law be... corrupted?

      If the law had indeed become corrupted, then... everything Veronica once believed in was a lie. The so called 'heroes' weren't around to save her father, and the law was being run by corrupted individuals, thus making the very notion of justice, blackened. She gritted her teeth. There was nothing more to believe in. Humans had taken away everything she loved, and hid it away. The humans... yes, everything bad in her life was the cause of humans. Over all these dark thoughts... something sinister came over her. No more, she thought. Humans will always be imperfect, she also thought. And its time they paid back, with interest. She peered around her father's own room... and then had an idea.

      She realized, she became a cape. Because of her being a cape, her new talents of knowledge fully developed enough for her to plan and create things that she believed were the only things more superior than humans - robots. Of course, she couldn't accept the robots if they resembled the humans, other than herself, she hated; she created them to resemble her favourite assortment of animals, all remembrance from story books her father used to read to her when she was a child, from a cat, to a bear, to bunnies. The robots grew in number, and were eventually activated. They were all perfect. All... perfect. That's right, only robots can achieve true perfection. She created, and planned, as her mind grew, but soon became warped and a negative of her former self.

      At first she wanted revenge, but... it dawned on her. She doesn't just need simple revenge. Now all she wanted was the pure delight of fulfilling her own self satisfactions, and the pure misery of humans. With this power, she now can. However, not as a so called 'hero of justice'. She was to profit from the dealings of organized crime. A member Hell’s Remnants. Her new life, was set to begin...
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        Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
        You have been accepted!
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        a wild npc appears

        Jolt (Ross Ammy)
        • 22 year old male, strong traces of native american ethnicity
        • Slim and charming af, catch him if you can
        • Suit is gray with plenty of golden-colored lightning bolts on his back, along the legs and arms, and along the sides of his mask, standing up like ears. Not a full helmet - his hair flows freely or is kept in a ponytail.
        • Has the power to charge up anything electrically on touch and largely control where the charge goes. If what he touches is mostly an electric insulator, static electricity will build up and eventually discharge visibly rather than be smoothly conducted towards a target spot. Enjoys fisticuffs with a hint of sparks.
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        Proper work on my SU commences today! Details later and news at 11!
        "Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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        The more I read Worm the more I realize that most parahumans are likely not heroes. At least not with the Protectorate.
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        Originally Posted by stars View Post
        The more I read Worm the more I realize that most parahumans are likely not heroes. At least not with the Protectorate.
        The ratio is about 1:3 in favour of villains.
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