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The Cinnamon Girls
Arianne, Courtney and Coralie
Lavender Pokémon Center - Day 4 - May 23rd

Joint post with MysticalNinetales

♫ - Ray (theme song) - 季節のシャッター
Arianne was able to get out of Rock Tunnel at an actually reasonable time of day, but still didn’t have time to think about Lavender Town or breathe in its atmosphere. Not in those conditions! She just followed the signs to the Pokémon Center as if she still had tunnel vision, hastily walking through town until she entered the hall and rushed to the counter.
Arianne then headed straight for her room as soon as she was given the key, threw herself under a proper hot shower and, once she was clean again, looked at herself in the mirror.
  • The girl’s attention was caught by her own lilac bangs, which were still looking the way they should despite all that they’d just gone through. And to think her hair looked so messy and ruffled when she came into the room! Now though, it was time to dry them for real and look presentable for dinner. At least the Pokémon Center had provided her with a hair-dryer!
  • Wounds? Nothing serious… somehow! Just a couple little bruises here and there: that was surely because of Mulan’s intervention, but also because of Arianne’s gloves, which turned out to be so much more useful than even she had thought in the first place. They weren’t even that damaged, too!
  • If anything, Arianne had to be more scared of cold. The inside of Rock Tunnel was freezing compared to the outside, and she was soaked with water - a perfect storm. And while the hot shower lifted her spirit and made her feel much better physically, she may have still caught something…
  • And speaking of cold, the girl had been swimming in cold water with clothes on. She now had to take all of her soaked items and get them washed and dried in time for when she’d leave the town. Until then though, her less adventurous outfit would have worked just fine: jacket, blouse, skirt and sneakers.
  • And to avoid swimming in those conditions again, she also had to look for something she’d apparently forgotten to bring with her: a good swimsuit! Sure, it wasn’t necessary right away, but it was something to add to her bucket list.
  • But… she also had to fight with all of her Pokémon in the cave. And she noticed how some were much stronger than others. Now though! Isn’t the role of a trainer to train evenly all of her Pokémon? Arianne couldn’t help but feel sorry for them - and for Alice, especially.
  • This was made even more important by the Gym that the girl would have soon had to challenge. An Electric-type gym, as she was told, meaning Eric was at a disadvantage! Lulu and Mizar would have been better choices.
  • Before challenging the Gym, therefore, Arianne decided to explore all of Lavender, in search of other training opportunities but also of some relief and peace of mind. Or even, in search of familiar faces to spend some time with!

Arianne had already been staying inside her room for a while when Coralie bee-lined it for the Pokémon center, which she was able to locate easily. Upon entering the building, she was greeted by the Pokémon nurse. Coralie walked up to the counter of the Pokémon center, reaching for her pokeballs before gingerly handing them over to the nurse. “I’ll heal your Pokémon up for you. It’ll only take a few minutes.” She informed the pink-haired girl, smiling. “Thank you, miss.” Was Coralie’s response. She observed the Pokémon center’s lobby, where a few trainers mulled about, and decided not to linger there. Instead, she walked towards the back end of the facility where she noticed a sign for a small, modern restaurant. Coralie could practically feel her stomach cry out and urge her to step inside. No, I can wait until Florian and Stella are healed. Coralie thought.

She headed back to the lobby and waited until her Pokémon were fully recovered before booking it to the restaurant, excited by the thought of food.

With all of those thoughts still in her head, Arianne got dressed up and headed to the ground floor of the Pokémon Center, where the bustling, noisy restaurant room was waiting for her. Not only a place to eat a fulfilling hot meal, but also to keep up to date with the latest rumors, get to know Lavender, and possibly make more friends! Or better, acquaintances - regardless, anyone’s company would have still been appreciated.

And yet, not only was the room much less crowded that she expected, but there didn’t seem to be anyone she already knew, not even her camp friends from the night before. Most of the trainers in the room were already grouped up, chatting by themselves or ordering their dinner. Only one person seemed somewhat recognizable…

Arianne’s eyes landed on a pink haired girl sitting by herself at a table, intently reading the menu. Maybe she could have joined her for the time being!
“Hello there!” she introduced herself, now feeling as if she had seen that face before somewhere. “Uhm, may I sit here for dinner?”

Coralie was observing the menu at the restaurant in the Pokémon center, as hunger had gotten the best of her. As she looked at the multitude of options on the plastic menu she glanced up to spot a young woman wearing an elegant blouse standing near her, a smile upon her face. She politely asked to sit down. Upon closer analysis Coralie realized that it was Arianne, an acquaintance of hers that she had met in Cape College. “Oh, Ari-hi! Yes, of course you can sit down! The more the merrier as they say.” She beamed, feeling foolish for not initially recognizing her former classmate.

As the other girl looked up from the menu, Arianne could easily identify her as her classmate Coralie. “Coralie!” she yelped, with an almost surprised tone. “Thanks, you’re so kind.” The older girl sat down and picked up a menu of her own to read. “So… did you just arrive in Lavender? How did Rock Tunnel go?” she eagerly asked.

“Yes, I arrived not too long ago, actually. Rock Tunnel was really something. Let’s just say I got myself into trouble on multiple occasions and made a few friends along the way.” Coralie giggled as she reminisced about the previous events. “How did it go with you? Did you get lost at all?”

“I don’t know if you know but I don’t like caves.” Arianne sighed. “And yet it was… very cool! I found some friends that helped me out, got into trouble, but came out on top! Not sure I’d do it again though.” Her eyes took a glance at the room and at the two waiters still walking around the tables. “Oh, right, silly me. We should order our dinner first…” she laughed, picking up the menu once again. “Suggestions?”

“Yes, after that whole experience, I’m not so sure if I like caves either.” Coralie glanced at the menu again. “The mac and cheese looks delicious! But, so does the pizza, oh and the Caesar salad! Oh, I can’t decide!! It all looks so scrumptious. OOOH! There’s a dessert menu as well. Oh, this restaurant has it all!” Coralie giggled. “Sorry, Ari, I’m so indecisive. Hmmm. I think I’ll go with the mac and cheese! Yes, I’ve made up my mind.” She proudly declared, placing her menu back onto the surface of the wooden table.

“Not as much as me it seems…” Arianne whispered as she kept reading her menu thoroughly. Eventually, though, even the older girl made up her mind, so that they could both make their order. “Done, finally! Ok, where were we?” she announced. “Rock tunnel was… not great, so what about Lavender? Do you like this place? Have you explored a bit?”

Coralie shook her head. “I have not. I most likely will tomorrow, it seems like there’s a lot to explore here. It’s vastly different from Cerulean, for sure.” She commented, her mind drifting to her hometown and she smiled. “Have you? Or are you just as tired from Rock Tunnel as I am?”

“Me neither… I ran straight to the Pokémon Center as I was soaking wet! But I had a refreshing hot shower and now I’m feeling better. I mean, do you think I could’ve gone through Rock Tunnel dressed like this?” Arianne remarked. “But so far… yeah, Lavender looks interesting!”

Coralie giggled. “How did you get soaking wet? Was there a hot spring inside the tunnel or something?”

“It’s a long story… but it’s basically what you said, except the water was freezing and I had no swimsuit with me. Annoying.” Arianne shrugged.

“That sounds very unpleasant.” Coralie deadpanned. “But, it’s something to remember. That’s one thing I love about travelling, there’s so many memories to be made. You’ll look back at that event and laugh about it in the future.”

“I g-guess so…” Arianne replied, her voice still a bit unsteady as memories resurfaced in her mind. Some of her past adventures and mishaps really did make her laugh now, but that couldn’t be said for some other things she’d done or got caught into. If anything, those events were still trying to haunt her when she lowered her guard. And case in point…

Coralie, sensing her friend’s sudden shift in demeanor, decided to change the subject of discussion. “Initially, acquiring gym badges didn’t interest me, I just wanted to travel and have fun with my Pokémon, But now, I think it’s something I would like to do! It’d be fun to give it a shot. What about you, Ari?”

“Oh, I’m in it to win!” was the obvious answer. But it wasn’t Arianne who was speaking. “And yet, look who I’ve just found! A wild Cinnamon girl who also wants to be a trainer!”

Arianne’s eyes moved to her side, surprised and slightly worried, towards the girl who had just appeared in the room and took a seat near Coralie and her without even asking for permission. She was wearing a teal shirt, blue shorts, and had fairly messy, red hair.

“C-courtney?” Arianne whispered, still visibly worried. “I didn’t expect to-”

“Did you think you could forget about me? Well then, I’m the one who should be surprised!” the red haired girl interrupted her. “But it doesn’t matter now. I’ll make sure to just be ahead of you from now on, Arianne!” she declared with defiance, as her friend’s eyes turned back to Coralie… as if they were searching some comfort and some help. “Well, I guess that explains it. I’d love to get Gym Badges and just do my best as a trainer, yeah…”

Coralie glanced at Arianne and gave her a questioning look that said “did you invite her?” Before turning to face Courtney. “Courtney, right? I’m Coralie! It’s nice to meet you!”

"Hello Coralie! Nice name." the girl replied. "Yes, I'm Courtney, and I'm Arianne's childhood friend! Which means you'll let me stay for a while, won't you? Did you already order?"
"A-alright for me? What do you think, Coralie?" Arianne added, her eyes still nervously looking around.

“Yeah, of course you can stay! No, we haven’t ordered yet but I’ve decided on the mac and cheese!” Coralie declared, her stomach growling audibly, causing her to giggle. “Courtney, why don’t you have the soup and salad special? It looks delicious!” Coralie suggested, holding up her menu and pointing at it so the red-haired female could see.

Arianne’s look was more eloquent than words when she turned to Coralie once again. You should’ve said no, because I can’t! she thought, but without talking. “Not spicy enough, haha! But thanks, Coralie!” Courtney remarked instead, as she quickly scanned the menu in search of some familiar names. “Pasta with peppers, uh? Now that sounds like what I need right now!”

“Yeah, you haven’t changed at all.” Arianne shrugged, before actually smiling slightly. “We chose the same dish!”

As if on cue, a leggy, raven-haired waitress appeared, an artificial smile plastered to her angular face. “Alright, are you guys ready to order?” She asked, sounding rehearsed. Coralie nodded. “Yes we are!” The three young women proceeded to give their orders as the waitress scribbled them down on a pad of paper, murmuring a “thank you” before she briskly walked in the direction of the kitchen.

“So, you guys are both from Cinnabar? I’ve never been there but I’ve heard many wonderful things. What’s it like?” Coralie asked, eyeing both Arianne and Courtney expectantly.

“Oh, it’s great! It’s cozy and very peaceful, especially in Winter, then it becomes bustling with tourists in Summer!” Arianne starts talking. “True, there are beaches, clubs, hotels… and a dazzling Pokémon Gym, of course!” Courtney echoes. “And then of course there’s the sea!” Arianne continued.

“That sounds like such a lovely place!” Coralie gushed, trying to envision Cinnabar island in her mind. “My hometown of Cerulean is much different. It’s a lively city with lots of unique places to see. We may not have an ocean view but we are situated east of Mt. Moon, which is a beautiful mountain, may I add. It’s a place my brother, Elliott, and I always wanted to explore.” Coralie felt sentimental talking about her hometown and the mention of her brother made her long for him. “So, is it true that Cinnabar has a volcano?”

“Yes!” the two girls responded in unison. “But it has kept quiet since before we were born.” Courtney explained. “It’s a double edged sword, it’s dangerous but it makes Cinnabar even more special of a place!” Ari added. As she said that, a chill actually went down her spine. “We just don’t think about it, do we? Cinnamon girls have no fear!” the red haired girl chuckled, winking at Arianne as she visibly blushed.

“Cinnamon girls? Is that the name of some group you guys are in?” Coralie questioned, cocking an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing-” Arianne tried to answer, before Courtney hushed her friend. “It’s an exclusive club of popular girls from Cinnabar! We even have our personal island, right Ari?”

“Uhm, yeah! We just swim together and play together…” the black haired girl replied, her hand in her hair.

“And get all the boys.”

“Courtney!?” Arianne raised an eyebrow. “I for one have never…”

“Cinnamon girls are still the most popular of our age, right?” Courtney questioned. “You’d better keep the squad going. I’m still in, right?”

“Uhm, yeah… I don’t think there’s any going back once you’re in! But it should’ve been a secret…” Arianne pouted.

Coralie was a bit flabbergasted at the awkward exchange between Arianne and Courtney and thought there was more to the Cinnamon girls than they were revealing. “You have your own personal island? That’s so cool.” She gushed, playing dumb. “So, what do you mean when you said “there’s no going back”? Was there an initiation of some kind? And who decides who gets to join the group?” She gazed at Arianne, gauging her friend’s reaction to her query.

“Once you know about the island… yeah, you know! That’s the initiation!” Arianne announced, even though it wasn’t completely true.

“And of course Ari decides who should get in, for some reason. Like why did you even let Serenity in?” Courtney added.

“We were close friends?” the black haired girl shrugged. “And she even swam to the island!”

“Yeah yeah, you and her have been glued together since when she arrived. Poor girl!”

“What's so special about this private island? Is there some island secret or something?”

“It’s just a rock in the middle of the sea.” Courtney began. “Yeah, but it’s ours, because no one bothers to go there! Not even tourists. You just need to swim for a while…” Arianne explained. “It’s not comfortable at all though, that’s for sure!”

“For a while you say? I assure you it’s much longer, and it’s not worth it. You want peace? Just go near the crater.” Courtney smirked. “Ugh… that sounds so bad!” the other girl facepalmed.

“So it’s not really an actual island?” Coralie noted aloud, it was meant to be a question but it came out as more of a statement. Just then, the same raven-haired waitress from before arrived with plates of food in hand. She set each plate down, asked if the girls needed anything else, to which they all collectively shook their heads, and then scampered off to another nearby table. Coralie, smelling the divine aroma of her meal, completely forgot about the conversation and instantly began to eat, savouring her first bite as much as she possibly could. “Mmmmm! This is scrumptious!” She gushed, her eyes glistening with satisfaction. “It’s just like the way my mom makes it!”

“This is amazing as well! Right Courtney?” Arianne smiled, her eyes sparkling at the sight of her food and her tongue burning up just at the perfect intensity. “Not spicy enough!” the other girl laughed, before clarifying: “Just kidding of course, this is perfect!”

“Speaking of mom, though…” Courtney questioned hastily, in between bites. “Last time I checked your parents didn’t want to send you on any journey. And I’ve never seen you around my school.”

Arianne sighed and rolled her eyes. “Well it happened eventually… but I went to Cape College, and that’s where I met Coralie!” she explained. “I was already old, Palm convinced my parents, and I made it through!” the black haired girl smiled, proud of her accomplishment.

“That’s right! Ari and I studied together on occasion, we helped each other out a lot. Cape college was a lot of fun. There were so many amazing people and it was a wonderful experience overall. I learned so much about pokémon and the ins and out of battles, too.” Coralie exclaimed, reminiscing about fond memories from Cape College. “I’m sure your parents are glad that you went, Ari! I mean, look at you now, look at us now, we’re exploring the Kanto region as official trainers!” Coralie then directed her attention to Courtney. “Where did you go to school?” She asked, taking another bite of her entree.

“Fun you asked… I went to Safari Academy, the best trainer school there is!” Courtney explained, excited. “And I got held back one year, too, but now I’m here on my journey, and you’re not going to bring me down!” she exclaimed, as if she was waiting to say that for months.

“Why not Cape, Courtney?” Arianne asked, moved to pity almost. “You know what? I’m not even sure why. Safari doesn’t really have the best classmates after all - but the courses are good, it’s close to home, and you don’t have to do chores. Can you imagine Ari doing chores?” the other girl laughed sarcastically, earning herself a pout… even if Arianne herself had realized she wasn’t completely wrong.

“Wait, does it mean all of those people are from Safari too?” the black haired girl questioned, as she turned towards the groups of people sitting at the other tables. “Yeah…” her friend sighed. “See that one? The first day she came on a yacht, while I came on a cargo ship. She kept being annoying about it, so she must be so envious.” Courtney let out a genuine laugh.

“Oh, Safari Academy, I’ve heard good things about it! I had a friend who went there.” Coralie beamed, trying to reassure Courtney.

“Yes, it’s a great place! I dreamed about going there myself…” Arianne echoed. “Hah, Ren could have covered all your expenses.” Courtney teased her, getting back another pout from her friend. “Serenity here, Serenity there… come on!”

“Serenity’s not trying to be a trainer, I guess. And you also don’t need to.” Courtney clenched her fist. “What!? I’m a trainer because I wanted to. So?” Arianne, who had calmed down in the meantime, started to feel quite uneasy again.

“What about battling to see who wants to be a trainer the most then? Safari vs. Cape!” Courtney grinned. “J-just… calm down, alright? Courtney…” Arianne called out, feeling quite lost on what to do at that point. She turned her hopeful eyes towards Coralie, praying in her head that the younger girl would settle things down… but deep inside, she didn’t even want to battle.

“If a battle’s what you want, a battle’s what you’re going to get!” Coralie announced, jumping out of her seat, her eyes burning with anticipation. She winked playfully at Arianne. “But don’t underestimate us Cape girls, we won’t be going easy on you, miss Courtney!” Coralie teased. Remembering where she was, Coralie returned to her seat. “Let me just finish my mac and cheese first! OOOH, I have an idea! How about whoever loses has to pay for dessert?” She smiled to herself, as if she had just proposed the greatest idea in the history of great ideas.

Arianne looked at Coralie astounded, and still somewhat surprised by her younger classmate’s reactions. “Well, maybe we need to find a partner for Courtney first… and make it a proper Multi Battle! I really like them actually.” she whispered to Coralie, before the red haired girl would suggest a little change. “I like your spirit! But I propose doing this a bit later, and get ice cream on that one shop I’ve already spotted down the road. And also…” she continued, “my Pokémon are still at the counter being healed.”

“Sounds like a plan! Eek! I’m so ecstatic for this battle!” Coralie felt the adrenaline pumping through her veins. “Courtney, why don’t you go ask one of your former classmates to be your battle partner?” She suggested, motioning to the table where her fellow Safari Academy graduates sat.

“You know what? That’s a terrible idea, they’d look down on me and not help. Except, maybe…” Courtney’s eyes also sifted through all of the other trainers. “Maybe I know who to ask, but I’ll need help. Once we’re done with dinner, we can go, alright?”

Coralie giggled. “Oh, nonsense!” She gestured toward her now empty plate. “There’s no better time than the present! Besides, if we don’t do it now, they might leave before we get a chance to ask! I’m sure they won’t say anything rude and if they do, I’ll give them a scolding.” Coralie sprung up from her seat and smiled kindly at Courtney. “Don’t worry about a thing! If you want, I’ll ask for you.” Coralie then turned on her heel and proceeded to walk in the direction of Courtney’s acquaintances.

“Ok, ok!” Courtney rolled her eyes. “See that girl right there? That’s who I want, haha!” she said, following Coralie all the way to her table. About six different people were sitting there, making up the biggest group in the entire restaurant. “Sarah? Hello! Can we ask you a little favor?” the red haired girl asked amidst the chatting. Sarah, a somewhat timid brunette, quickly turned to greet her classmate with a smile, but looked at Coralie with more surprise than anything. “Yes, Courtney?”
Coralie smiled at the table full of trainers, who all seemed to be astounded by her and Courtney’s sudden interruption. She then cast Courtney a reassuring glance, as the red-haired female seemed a tad unsure of herself.

"I've been challenged to a multi battle and I'd like you to team up with me! It's going to be great… Safari team against Cape team. And we can do it later this evening!" Courtney explained.

“The losers have to buy the winners ice cream after the battle!” Coralie piped up. “You’ll be facing off against Arianne and myself.” Coralie added, gesturing to the dark-haired female who was sitting a few tables away and was watching them intently. She giggled then, returning her attention to the Safari Academy graduates. “We’ll see how good you Safari kids really are. It’ll be a lot of fun! But get your trainer cards ready, because I’m going to want a large waffle cone with extra sprinkles!”

"Wow Coralie… food at Cape must have sucked." Courtney laughed, though this time she probably shouldn't have said anything. Sarah, on the other hand, tried her best to explain she and her Pokémon were too tired, and didn't really care much about a battle with the red haired girl as a teammate…

“E-excuse me, Courtney. I-I” A boy began. He was situated at the end of the table and had neatly trimmed sand-coloured hair and thick round spectacles. “I would like to be your teammate, if you want… if not, t-that’s okay too! I-It’s just that I got a few new Pokémon that could use s-some training… and I.. well.. I want to help you out.” The boy flashed Courtney a weak smile as he awaited her reply, although he seemed to expect immediate rejection. He appeared to be quite accustomed to rejection.

"Oh no Francis… you're not coming because you want to train your Pokémon, you're fighting for the win! But if you promise me you'll do your best, why not?" Courtney smirked. After all, with Sarah out of the equation, anyone would have been a good partner in her mind.

“Oh, thank you, miss Courtney. I-I promise I won’t let you down.” Francis replied, his cheeks a deep shade of pink. He was grinning so much, he resembled a Cheshire Meowth.

Coralie giggled. “Aww, how sweet. Well then, it’s settled. It’ll be Francis and Courtney against Ari and I! Ooh I’m really excited about this!”

"Perfect! But as I said already, no going easy on you!" Courtney laughed, before returning to her seat with the Cape girl. "Thanks Coralie, even if it didn't go the way I planned we still have a fourth trainer!"

"So we're all set, right?" Arianne asked eagerly as the two girls returned.

“Yep!” Coralie declared, grabbing her purse from her chair. “Let’s go pay and then we can get prepared for this battle!”

"Alright! I g-guess I'll just do my best too. I couldn't stand losing…" Arianne whispered to Coralie as they all lined up near the counter.

"Can you turn for a second?" Courtney asked from behind her friend, just to grab her lavender hair bangs. "I almost forgot. But what is that?" she grinned.

"I dyed some of my hair…? I like them a lot now!" Ari explained. "You did? You could've dyed them all and turned into a Lavender girl!" Courtney tried to pull out a joke once again.

Coralie laughed at Courtney’s joke. “Well, Arianne, I for one like your hair.” She then moved closer to her former classmate and whispered. “There’s no way we can lose. That Francis guy seems scared of his own shadow! Just think about the delicious ice cream we’re going to get out of it. And if Courtney makes another comment about your hair, just take your ice cream and stick it in hers.” Coralie began to giggle hysterically before clamping a hand over her mouth as Courtney cocked a brow at her.

"Haha, you know I wouldn't, Coralie.” Arianne replied, even though deep inside, the idea enticed her. “That said, do you know about a place where we can fight?” she turned to face Courtney.

“I for once know of a park not too far away. But there are many other great places in Lavender that I still haven’t seen!” the red haired girl answered. “And I guess there’s the Pokémon Center battlefield, but that’s so boring!”

“Pokémon centre it is! It’s getting dark out so maybe we should stay nearby. I’ve heard there’s lots of ghost types that roam about at night! Anyway, Courtney, you better go tell Francis where we’re meeting.” Coralie advised.

“Alright alright… let’s meet up in the hall in thirty minutes, alright? We can get our Pokémon back from the nurse in the meantime.” Courtney smirked before going back to Francis and Sarah. “You better be there!”

At that moment, Arianne let out a sigh of relief. “Let’s just pay and get out of here, alright?” she asked Coralie, as she pulled out her own credit card.

Coralie nodded and dug in her purse for her trainer card. The girls then proceeded to pay before they exited the restaurant. “Yeah, I need some time away from Courtney.” Arianne finally explained, laughing but in a somewhat forced way. Coralie nodded. “I thought so. You seemed a bit… unsettled the entire time we were with her.”

Arianne's team: Eric • Mulan • Alice • Mizar • Lulu


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Lulu grew to Lv 10!
Mizar grew to Lv 12!
Alice grew to Lv 6!
Eric grew to Lv 18!
Eric evolved into Wartortle!
Mulan grew to Lv 12!
Mulan learned Takedown!

Sapphire grew to Lv 19!
Sapphire is able to learn Screech! Forget a move? Answer in OOC.

Parsley grew to lv 14!

Sage grew to Lv 12!
Sage learned Leech Seed!

Florian grew to Lv 23!


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Bruno Dillinger
May 23, Thursday

Chapter 4, Part 3: Riddles

Afternoon, Rock Tunnel, Orb Room

The woman took off her backpack and crouched in front of the rock, holding a small wrinkled paper she was keeping on her pocket. She also took out a notepad and a pen and made some signals to Bruno to come help her.

“You’ll write.” she said, vehemently handing him the pen and the notepad. She didn’t say any other thing after yelling at Bruno, but it was clear that she was angry at both, him and Bumblebee, so the boy decided to return the Psychic-type to his PokéBall for the better at least until they got out.

The rock was pentagonal and faced contrary to the pentagon the orbs were placed in. Each side of the rock had different scribbles on it. Bruno wasn’t sure about how she was going to translate that, but she seemed to be very sure about it to even doubt of her skills.

Some minutes passed by the time Bruno stopped writing and the water level didn’t raise much for the two humans and Shiinotic, but it did for Sableye who quickly climbed up its trainer’s shoulders.

The woman took back her notepad and gave a quick read through the five pages just to rip them off afterwards and putting the notepad back in her pocket. She sat over the rock and took another read through the papers, now taking a bit more time in that. Bruno wanted to sit too, but the whole space was occupied by Shiinotic who with the disadvantage of having short legs had a lot of trouble climbing up there, but even if it weren’t there, Bruno was still too afraid of her to even get close.

“Riddles!” the woman suddenly said. “Five of them.”

Bruno kept quiet, limiting himself to only nod slightly, but he wasn’t sure if the woman saw that.

“Don’t just stand there, kid. Do something!”

“Oh…? Y-yes…!” Bruno said, clumsily walking another step forward, just for him to encounter Shiinotic’s smiling face in front of him.

You can feel it from your four sides, but will always be unseen” she started, reading the first riddle. “Either a breeze or even- Oh, never mind. I see you already answered this one.” She said, showing him the paper and pointing at something the boy wrote that said the wind in some sloppy caligraphy.

Bruno struggled to react to that but in the end he nodded. “It- it was the easiest one of the five. B-but… It is only a q-quick answer, it could be wrong...”

The woman raised an eyebrow and took another quiet read at the riddle. “I don’t think it is.” She finally said. “So we have the wind here… we also have this white orb. I think we can relate them.”

Bruno nodded.

The woman grumbled and passed through the other pages. “Is this the only one you answered?” She asked.

Bruno nodded.

“Okay, then. Second one.” she said, picking a random paper. “It's resting for years, quiet as it sleeps. Awake under a dark cloud with no water to be seen. It roars like that of three beasts. And with rage devours everything within.

“Fire…?” he quickly replied, but then he shook his head and muttered a No.

“No, that wouldn’t make sense.” the woman answered ignoring Bruno’s muttering. “The dark cloud has no water, so it’s not a storm either. It could be smoke.”

“Or ashes… A volcano?” Bruno said, a tad dubious at first, but after thinking again about the riddle his eyes opened. “Yes, a volcano! The first sentence talks about its dormant state, then eruption, and the last sentence is more about lava!” he continued, suddenly raising his voice much to the woman’s surprise who just pushed him away when he tried to take the note to show her.

“Keep your distance, kid!” she yelled. “Why are you so excited all of a sudden?”

“I… sorry.”

She tsked and changed to the next riddle. As she started reading this one, her voice turned a bit more calm. Not the kind of calm that scared Bruno back in Nugget Bridge, though, it was really calmIt strikes the ground in one quick jump, and miles away it falls once more. After catching a glimpse of it, you will hear its coarse growl. It lives in the mountains, as it likes to aim high. And if you touch it, you will surely die.

Bruno didn’t even start thinking for the answer when the woman started reading the next riddle.

“It’s the thunder” she said after being interrupted by the boy's stuttering. “I just happen to have heard that one before.” both trainers stared at each other for a while. Bruno knew that she was hiding something, but she wouldn’t tell him anything. He wouldn’t ask either. “Got a problem with that?!”

With nothing for both of them to say, the woman kept reading.“It is life and it is abundance. It comes from the sky or travels through land. As you read this, it will climb. But it may stop in... five?. Five what?”

The boy shrugged. He was sure he didn’t miss anything, and the woman confirmed that after reading the riddle back on the stone. It really did end up in five. In Bruno’s head, that number was referring to time. It could be five minutes, five hours, five days and it still won’t mean anything. Bruno quickly shifted from clueless to desperate. Unconsciously, he started walking in circles, and fell once more in the realization of how much the water had raised: It was now just a few inches below his knees. The first thing that came into his mind was that they still had time. But just half an hour. He suddenly thought, remembering that he couldn’t swim. Half an hour. his thoughts echoed on that line.

“How long have we been here?”

“Twenty minutes? Half an hour, even.” the woman answered. “Why is that?”

“Half an hour…” he repeated in a lower voice. He was very sure that the woman was talking to him at the moment, but he paid no mind to her.

In half an hour the water reached his knees. And in another half it will probably reach his chest.

It will climb up to my chest.

He was 4’11’’ and the room, he calculated was around 16’ tall. The water would reach that height in… he tried calculating the time in his head, but that was too much of a pain for him now that he gave up. He instead just looked at how high the water level was and used that imagery to calculate the rest. The result wasn’t exact, but good enough for this, he thought. If that was correct, the water would reach the top in four hours and a half and some minutes more.

That makes five hours...” he thought in a low voice.

“Kid! I’m talking to-!”

“It’s the water!” he interrupted.

The woman looked at him with bewilderment, and even after his explanation she still showed some doubt on the answer. It took her some time to think of it herself to finally give that answer a pass with no words, only switching to the fifth and last riddle.

Rain and sun are enough to make the call. Fortune and joy over you could fall. From its two ends it'll raise, but in reality none you'll find.” she said. This one was definitely easier than the last one, but the last sentence was a bit tricky. However the first sentence was enough for both of them to understand that the answer was the rainbow.

With the five riddles solved, the only thing left for them was find an order for the orbs to be placed, but the riddle-orb relation the two trainers came up with was as follows: Brown-Volcano, Red-Rainbow, Yellow-Thunder, White-Wind, Blue-Water.

The conclusion the woman came up with was that each orb was to be placed in front of it’s own riddle, hence the way the stone and the pillars were placed, but there was something wrong. When both trainers placed the orbs, nothing happened. The water continued pouring down and they were still trapped inside. Thing was, both trainers were very sure there was no way their conclusions were wrong, so something was amiss.

The woman went back to sit on the pentagonal stone, to analyze the riddles. She was there for a few minutes, with her Shiinotic sitting by her side giving a thoughtful look too as if it was trying to help. The Pokémon was often pointing at the riddles with its long fingers, but its trainer totally ignored it which made the Illuminating Pokémon give up and get up. Bruno himself was examining the rock to see if he could find something there, but other than the five riddles, there was nothing.

It took a few minutes of waiting for Bruno and swearing from the purple-haired trainer, but after muttering Finally! she got up from her seat and walked to the Thunder Pillar. She took away and put the orb back again, and far away from the room, both trainers heard something fall.

“Yes!” the woman cheered. “Kid, I figured it out! Go to the Red Orb, take it away and put it on the pillar!”

“A-are you sure? W-what did you do?” he asked.

“No questions now! Just obey!”

Bruno nodded, and walked as fast as he could to the Rainbow Pillar, now with the water covering all of his lower body, and did as he was told. Something fell again from outside the room.

“Go to the White Orb now!” she ordered just after putting the Brown Orb on its place and hearing the same something outside the room. It was getting closer.

Bruno did as told. He tried walking faster, but fell on his knees. The boy’s clothes became totally wet and he had trouble getting up. He took a hold of one of his trekking poles and got up with a bit of trouble. He could hear the woman saying What an idiot on the background, but he ignored. He placed the White Orb on the Wind Pillar and the same sound was heard.

The woman placed the last orb. First, the water stopped pouring down, then, the wall contrary to the entrance they came through started shaking, raising a cloud of dust from the floor that was consumed by the water, and an exit opened.

Sableye was the first one to walk outside, followed by both trainers and then Shiinotic. It wasn’t until they got through that gate that Bruno took Bumblebee outside once more.

Shiinotic took the lead to illuminate the next room. Walls of stone with gems and weird stones embedded on them were shown in front of the team. The woman grinned and Bruno himself was also amazed at that view. To the right of that room, was another path.

Sableye returned to its trainer chewing on a black stone, which apparently was to hard even for its sharp teeth. The woman took it.

“A Dusk Stone.” she said with a smile. “No fossils, no ruins. But money, nonetheless”

Bumblebee also had his fair share, taking a golden nugget for himself and putting it over his head in exchange of his pearl.

“We’re not taking that with us, buddy.” Bruno said. Thinking that it will probably not work with its psychic powers and finding no need in taking anything either. Bumblebee groaned and shook his head with a frown. “H-how did you know that was the order?”

“Huh? Oh, that.” she said, too concentrated on gathering the gems and stones to pay him any mind. “I found it weird that the seven colors weren’t mentioned in the Rainbow one, so I examined it closely. I realized there was only one number in every riddle and all of them were from 1 to 5.”

After minutes of looting the room, the woman was finally able to go. Now it was her turn to help Bruno get out of the cave, and following the only path they had, they went in search for away to return to the main one. However, they didn’t realize that there was something following them as the walked.

Bruno's Party:

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Casey Holt & Jordan Springs & Vera Hill
Thursday, 23 May 2019
Evening • Day 4
Rock Tunnel
4-13. fear is cold
Spindly legs crawl over him and Casey would shudder if he could. A questing Morelull finds the bare skin of his hand and latches on, roots glowing and pulsing; Casey's fear is the only thing keeping him awake as the creature saps his energy. His vision swims and he forces a blink to clear it. He's dimly aware of Jordan and Vera calling commands to their Pokémon, but his focus is on the mushrooms lining up near his hand as if waiting their turn. How long can he stay awake? Not long enough, he despairs, as the first Morelull hops off and is immediately replaced by another. His vision wavers again. Even if he can stay awake, what then? He still can't move- another course of adrenaline pumps through him at the reminder- can't get away, can't get the spores out of his lungs, can't MOVE, come on, I need to move, please-

There's a sharp pull as the Morelull flies from his hand. Vines sweep across the ground next to him, gathering squeaking mushrooms and tossing them away. Jordan's here and Parsley's with him but Casey can't even be relieved because he can't answer, can't tell Jordan what's wrong, can't communicate at all beyond the fear he knows is in his eyes. This is so, so much worse than being simply restrained could ever be; he has no agency, no control, can only beg for help within the confines of his own mind. The utter helplessness of his own thoughts shocks him, but it's true, isn't it? He can't do a thing; if Jordan can't help, if he can't figure it out, how long will he be stuck like this? How long until the spores metabolize into his bloodstream and- what then? Will it get worse? Will all his functions fail? His breathing's already shallower, he's well aware of that; if things get worse…

Jordan says something again. The words mean nothing- Casey can't hear through the ringing in his ears- but they're enough to shift his focus back toward the real, the here and now, the warmth of Jordan's hands and the damp brush of Parsley's nose across his forehead.

Jordan drags him upright and Casey knows this isn't going to work, even with Parsley pushing up into his side. He's right, of course he is. Jordan sighs and- no, don't- Casey's set down again, but at least he's kind of sitting, slumped against Jordan. He can see, that's important; he tries not to think of it as all he can do right now. Sage takes a Stun Spore to the face and Casey’s heart stutters before he remembers. Grass types. And now Jordan understands. With new determination and both Skiddo, Casey is carried back to their picnic area, Vera’s orders trailing off as the threat is left behind.


Relief washes through him for a fraction of a second before his blood turns to ice. No. Not safe. How can he be safe if he can’t move, can’t help himself, can’t even speak? They barely made it to the other side of this cave, how are they going to make it out of Rock Tunnel like this? They can’t, that’s the simple answer, that’s the only answer. They can’t get out. No, wait, not true- he can’t get out. He’s the one who can't walk; Jordan and Vera, they could leave at any time, could walk right out of Rock Tunnel and get help and come back for him-

He’s dizzy, breathing shallower and faster, vision going fuzzy at the edges. Don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave-

"What's wrong with him? Why isn't he responding?" Vera's voice is distant and echoey even with how close she is.

"He must have been caught in a cloud of Stun Spores, he's paralyzed." Jordan's voice doesn't sound much better.

He can't see either of them. Casey focuses on what he can hear, and the world becomes a little less distorted. Sounds of zippers and rummaging through bags; looking for something. Vera sounds both angry and scared, which is validating, in a way, but does nothing to dispel the panic waiting to overwhelm him. "Oh, come on! We don't have anything to fix paralysis? No medicines, not even a Berry? Did you get anything useful in that village?"

“Uh, n-no, I-” Jordan stutters for a moment, recounting the things he bought in no particular order. “Let’s see… we got these shirts, and I picked up some potions, got Tangles a plant…” His voice trails off. “The plant?”

The plant?

"What plant?"

“The plant, Vera!” He repeats again, more enthusiastically. “Oh, I hope Tangles still…” Shuffling and thudding preface a small squeak. “No, I’m not taking the whole thing, I promise! ! Just- Tangles, please…”

Moments later, he feels Jordan plop down by his side again. “Okay, she let me take a few leaves, I think that should be good enough.”

"Again, what plant?"

Jordan takes a deep breath, before launching into an explanation to catch her up. “Before we ran into you, we went to this little plant shop with all sorts of weird flowers and herbs - you know that pot Tangles has been carrying the whole time? We got it there, and, well, I kinda forgot it’s more than just a cute little pink plant until now. The lady that sold it said something about making muscle relaxants from the leaves? Neutralizes some Pokemon moves...? I don’t really remember word for word, to be honest, but… it’s worth a try, right?”

"It's perfect, actually! Better than the nothing we had before."

“Now, how do we do this?” He mumbles. “She said crush the leaves… normally, I’d use a mortar and pestle, but we don’t really have that option right now… maybe a decent sized rock will-”

Vera snatches the leaves from his hands, compacting them in her fist. "Open up, Casey!" She forces Casey's jaw open and shoves the leaves directly into his mouth. "Now chew, big guy!"

Ew, that's weird, why would you- and that thought is enough to push back the panic for a moment. If I can't move then I can't chew, Vera! is what he wants to say, but again. He can't move. Can only let the bitterly floral taste coat his mouth, can only watch his friends and his Pokémon hover with expectant expressions.

A few agonizing minutes pass before the distraction wears away and fear seeps back in, running cold through his veins. It’s not working, it’s not working, it’s not working- He’s shaking, body trying to dispel the imaginary chill; he’s definitely hyperventilating and he can’t even stop himself- I’m gonna be stuck here, I can’t move, don’t leave- he can’t do anything but curl in on himself, squeezing his eyes shut against the dim light of Jordan’s flashlight and digging nails into his palms, trying desperately to break the pattern of his gasping breaths. ”Don’t go, don’t leave, don’t leave me here-”

"Casey! Calm down, it's okay!" Vera grabs onto his upper arm, trying to shake him from his panic. "We're right here, we're not going anywhere! Not without you, you big lug. We wouldn't leave you."

"I-" he says, and the words die in his throat. But they've made it there to die in the first place. And he can uncurl his fingers, and open his eyes to dart between Vera's concerned frown and Jordan hovering over him. Letting even a fraction of the tension drop from his body is enough for him to know- he can't stay awake. "The, the Morelull-" he chokes out. He hates the way he sounds, hates the shuddering breaths he still can't control, doesn't want to say what he's about to. "Drained my energy. I can't- I have to sleep."

“We know! We know, it’s okay. You’re okay now,” A smile of relief stretches from ear to ear on Jordan’s face as Casey starts talking. “Just get some rest now, alright? We’ll get outta here as soon as you can walk.”
Casey's Party
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Coralie Summers, Arianne Chandler, & Courtney Nair

Lavender Town, May 23th

Coralie's team:
  • Florian the Bulbasaur
  • Stella-Luna the Noibat


A Battle with Spice

"Alright Coralie! We still have some time to prepare. Did you book a room for yourself before dinner?” Arianne let out a big sigh of relief as the doors of the restaurant closed behind her, tried her best to calm down, and directed her train of thought onto something else for a moment. “Once we do, we may as well stay in our rooms until it’s time to battle!” she added - the black haired girl had somewhat accepted the fact that she’d have to fight Courtney in a Pokémon battle, but still wanted to spend some time away from her and her spiciness.

“I didn’t, no. I completely forgot about that.” Coralie admitted. “But, we can go to your room! We can think of a strategy to mop the floor with Courtney! While we do that maybe we can paint each other's nails, or braid each other’s hair, it’ll be fun!” Coralie giggled. She recognized how tense Arianne seemed and sought to lighten the mood and cheer up her friend.

"We can… really? It's been a long time since I last did that." Arianne remarked, quite surprised. "But before that, you should still book a room, right? And I should get back my Pokémon! They've been waiting for a while now." The girl walked closer to the counter.

“Oh, yes, that’s a good idea! I’ll head to the check- in desk and we’ll meet in the lobby after!” With that, Coralie headed down the hall to the other side of the Pokémon center in the direction of the check-in desk. Upon reaching her destination, she approached the desk’s receptionist, a thin woman with circular glasses and a friendly smile. “Hello, how may I assist you today?” She asked the younger girl, her voice as smooth as butter. “Hi, I’d like to book a room for tonight, if there are any rooms available.”

“Yes, of course. You can stay in room 12, here, I’ll fetch you a key.” The receptionist then walked to a drawer where she extracted a small silver key before handing it to Coralie. “Your room will be just down this corridor, on the right hand side.” She informed the bubblegum-haired girl, gesturing to a corridor adjacent to them. Coralie then handed over her trainer card which the receptionist momentarily scanned before giving it back to Coralie. “Alright, everything’s good to go! Enjoy your stay! If you need anything, feel free to ask. There’ll be staff able to assist you all night.”

Coralie smiled at the woman. “Thank you so much.” She placed the key into her purse and scampered off towards the lobby, where Arianne would be waiting for her.

In the meantime, Arianne had to queue up behind a couple other safari trainers before reaching the Nurse's counter and getting her team back. Apparently, all her Pokémon were able to recover quite quickly from the battle, and were all in top shape.

The girl was still near the counter when she spotted Coralie, who had already retrieved her key. She eventually reached her, one of her PokéBalls still in her hand, putting some distance between her and the other trainers at the same time. "All good, Coralie? Let's go then!" Arianne cheered, beckoning Coralie to follow her upstairs… where her room was.

“Alright!” The two girls then proceeded onwards to Arianne’s room. The older girl opened the door into a somewhat small, modern room, but cozy nonetheless. Wooden beams supported the roof, which housed a small window. The bed was tucked away in one side of the room, giving more space for a fairly big desk and two chairs to fit. Arianne's backpack was already occupying one of them, while most of her stuff was spread out on the table. "I guess it's not the best… but we can still peek out slightly and look at Saffron!" Arianne announced.

“OOOH this is SUCH a cute room!” Coralie gushed, spinning around the tight space. “Oh! Look at that skyline, Ari! It’s breathtaking. Saffron is truly something. I’ve always wanted to go there!” Coralie stood in front of the window, her hands clasped together, gazing at the dazzling sight before her. She then turned to Ari. “Well, let’s not waste any time! While we admire the view we can get manicures!!” She set her purse on the desk and began rummaging through it, before unveiling various shades of nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton pads, and a nail file. “Which shade do you fancy? There’s ocean blue, blossom pink, and sunshine yellow! Take your pick!!”

“Wow, you’re really committed…” Arianne chuckled. “And you even found space for all of that stuff in your bag?” she carefully looked at the different options. “I don’t even have polish remover with me, just so you know.” the girl whispered, trying to buy some more time to choose a color. She wasn’t even sure she wanted the nail polish now - her nails weren’t perfect after what happened in Rock Tunnel.

“Oh, Arianne, never underestimate how much a girl can fit in her purse! I betcha I could fit my kitchen sink in here if I wanted to.” Coralie giggled. “Alright, sit down and relax and just let me take care of your nails for you.” Coralie glanced at her friend’s neglected hands. “It’ll be a bit of work, but with some love, your nails will be looking fabulous!” Coralie pulled out a nail file and began buffing her friend’s misshapen finger tips. “Now, tell me more about Courtney. You always seem to tense around her. Did something happen between the two of you?”

As much as Arianne didn’t want to keep talking about her, she still tried to. She was feeling more at ease now, not only because Courtney was far away, but also because of her friend’s care. “Alright, I’ll try to explain! As you saw in the restaurant, she’s turned out to be quite the spicy girl. When we were kids it was all in good fun, but now? Feels like I did something bad to her, when I’m sure I didn’t.” the girl said, her voice a bit unsteady as she tried to process her thoughts into words. “Oh maybe you should know about Serenity! She’s this girl who moved into Cinnabar some years ago and looks like me, but with blonde hair and clear blue eyes. And, like, she’s very rich. We’re friends, we used to hang out often, but maybe Courtney didn’t like this?”

Coralie nodded, as she took Arianne’s other hand and started buffing her nails, having finished the other one. “Spicy, now that’s a perfect word to describe Courtney.” Coralie laughed. “I think her heart’s in the right place though. As spicy as she may be, I can tell she’s a good person. Of course, I don’t know her as well as you. Perhaps she’s jealous of your friendship with Serenity. She did have a few choice words for her earlier.” Coralie stated, recalling Courtney mentioning Serenity in their conversation at the restaurant. “Have you ever talked to her about it?” Coralie asked, gazing at her friend momentarily, before returning her attention back to perfecting Arianne’s nail shape.

“Talk to her? I’ve always been a bit afraid to do that. She’s still my friend and I don’t want to just push her away… but if she keeps behaving like this, I don’t know what else I can do. And yeah, jealousy is probably the right word. She’s right when she says Cinnamon Girls are supposed to be popular: I and my closest friends were all quite well known at school, and we were even the first people to talk to Ren when she joined our class.” Arianne sighed, once again letting her thoughts come out spontaneously. That was much easier to do than she expected when she was alone with Coralie. She really put her at ease!

“If she’s your friend, I’m sure she’ll understand. You have to have hard conversations with those you love sometimes. It doesn’t have to be today or anytime soon, but as her friend, it’s your responsibility to be honest with her and to share how you feel. If you continue to hold in your feelings regarding this situation, you might explode!” Coralie giggled lightheartedly. “I’ve had similar conversations with friends and it wasn’t easy. Friendship’s a powerful thing and I believe that true friends can overcome any obstacle.” She paused for a brief second or two before reaching for a bottle of nail polish. “Here, I think ocean blue would look ravishing on you, don’t you think?”

“I’ll trust you, blue it is!” Arianne giggled. “But I still find it hard to talk with her. Can’t I just hide from Courtney for now? We’re going to different schools and travelling with different schedules.” an awkward pause followed. “Anyways, thanks for the manicure, it’s looking great so far!”

“You can if you want to, but if you do your issues will never be resolved.” Coralie began carefully applying the polish on one hand. “Thank you! I come from a large family and my sisters taught me everything I know! I used to make my brother Elliott let me paint his nails all the time!” She giggled, reminiscing about her siblings. “I’ll be finished soon, after this I’ll have to put another coat on and they’ll have to dry.” Coralie explained, as she sensed that Arianne hadn’t received a proper manicure in quite some time.

“Yeah… I can’t deny I still need some help with that. And-” Arianne paused, as her mind finally made that connection. A similar thing was happening with Ralph, wasn’t it? “You know, I’m afraid of what others may think of me. Would Courtney change her mind? Or…”

“I guess that’s something you’ll have to find out. You’ll have to take a leap of faith, as my mom would say.” Coralie smiled reassuringly. “Anyways, your nails are done! Look how beautiful they are!” She gushed. “Well, what do you think? I think the blue looks great on you! It brings out your eyes, it makes them sparkle!”

“Aww thanks! Yeah, I love it. It almost feels like…” Arianne eagerly began. No, it wasn’t quite the same feeling as having her hair dyed for the second time, after having finally embraced that look. But it was still a nice feeling. “Yeah, feels like when I dyed my hair, remember that?” the girl chuckled. “Now, does it mean it’s my turn? Let’s see if I still remember how it’s done.”

As Arianne said all that, a smile always on her face, she was actually thinking about what Coralie has said previously. Leaps of faith… sounded very relatable. Isn’t that what the girl did when she went to Cape College in spite of what her parents really wanted? Maybe it was really time to try that again.

Coralie smiled at her friend. “I don’t know if we have time for my nails! We’ll have to meet Courtney and Francis right around the time yours are finished drying. No worries, though! We can do mine another time!!” Coralie returned all of her beauty supplies to her purse and she turned to smile at Arianne. “I’m super glad you love them! Painting nails is so much fun especially when we have such a gorgeous view as our backdrop.” Coralie glanced out the window once more, her smile growing. “Now, have you thought about which Pokémon you’re going to use?”

Arianne looked out of the window as well, the lights of Saffron still visible as the sunlight was about to disappear entirely. “Alright, but I guess I owe it to you now!” she grinned. “As for Pokémon, I’m not sure! If I can, I’ll probably just train some of my newer companions, like, uhm, Morelull! And you? Maybe we can set up a good strategy!”

“I think I’m going to give Stella, my newly captured Noibat, a chance to shine! Florian, my Bulbasaur’s really strong but he’s battled so often lately and I think he deserves a bit of a rest! Of course, I will bring out Florian as a last resort. Either way, Courtney and Francis don’t stand a chance. I’ll knock the spice out of that cinnamon girl!! We'll show those Safari kids who’s boss!” Coralie declared, her eyes burning. “Ari, we’re the dream team! And we’re going to get some delicious ice cream out of it, don’t forget. It’ll be SO much fun!”

“You sure have a lot of energy, Coralie! I’ll definitely try my best as well.” Arianne replied as the enthusiasm slowly built up inside of her - clearly, it still was nowhere near Coralie’s level of competitiveness. “And since you have a Noibat… oh, we could try airborne tactics!” she continued, excited about the idea.

“Yes, that’s precisely what I was thinking!” Coralie giggled. “Stella’s quite fast, too, which will work to our advantage. Still, we’ll have to see what types of Pokémon Francis and Courtney have.”

“Francis… no idea. But Courtney? It should be easy to guess… assuming she got to choose the Pokémon she wanted.” Arianne teased Coralie, seeing whether or not she could find out. To tell the truth, not even the older girl could’ve been sure of it but… Courtney’s admiration for a certain trainer in Cinnabar was just undeniable, and fairly easy to notice.

“So she has a fire-type, right?” Coralie concluded, catching on. “Anyways, we should probably head to our meeting spot, it’s almost been a half hour! We didn’t really come up with a strategy but oh well! Sometimes it’s more fun to wing it!”

“Well, to be fair, I don’t know. But it’s very likely. And now we’re going to find out, aren’t we?” Arianne cheered, trying to brace herself for another dose of Courtney spiciness. “Alright, I’m ready! Let’s get there.” the black haired girl exclaimed after a deep breath, before getting back up and heading out towards the hall of the Pokémon Center. Coralie grabbed her purse before following the older girl into the hall.

Courtney and Francis were already waiting in the hall when their opponents arrived. "How many Pokémon does everyone have right now? I have three!" the red haired girl asked, impatiently, before taking a look at a certain detail that caught her attention…

"So that's what you've been doing as we waited and planned a strategy?" she laughed, pointing at Arianne's hands.

“Yes, gorgeous aren’t they?” Coralie gushed, coming to her friend’s defense. “I have two Pokémon right now so we could do a two on two battle, if that’s alright with everyone?”

"Works for me!" Arianne added. "And you?" she asked, turning towards the boy.

“U-uh, if it’s alright with Miss Courtney.” He turned towards her, awaiting her approval.

"But of course, haha!" the girl laughed. "Let's just begin before the battlefields are closed, then! It's going to be double fun…" she headed first towards the arena, followed by the other three trainers.

The door, on the back of the Pokémon Center, led to a relatively quiet green area. One single battleground stood in the middle of the area, in between a couple paths and street lights. The whole area would have been dark if not for them, by now.

Coralie and Arianne arranged themselves on one end of the battlefield whilst Courtney and Francis moved to the other. “Arianne, are you ready?” Coralie asked, looking at her friend and smiling.

“Sure, Coralie!” the girl replied, now realizing that she was the right person to be close to when Courtney would have made her feel uneasy. “Time to battle, Lulu!” she announced, calling out her Pokémon, just as the Morelull’s first opponent also appeared on the battlefield. Courtney had just called out her Shinx!

“Yanny, ready for battle!” Francis hollered, a Yanma Pokémon bursting from its pokeball. Its clear wings glimmering in the lamp light..

Coralie closed her eyes momentarily before she extracted a pokeball from her purse, enlarging by pressing the white button at the center. “Alright, Stella-Luna, the spotlight’s all yours!” She released her pokeball into the air and her Noibat emerged, beating its wings vigorously. It flew about playfully. “Stella, I want you to do your very best! I know just how capable you are. Now, let’s have some fun!”

“Nyah! Nyah!” Her Pokémon chirped happily as it turned to face its opponents.

“So, w-who has the first move?” Francis asked suddenly. “We could flip a coin, perhaps?”

“Whoever’s faster!” Courtney grinned, especially after noticing how Morelull seemed to be quite slow and defenseless. “Shinx, Tackle on Morelull!” The Electric type quickly moved forward, eager to fight. But Lulu and Arianne were expecting such a move. “Confuse Ray!” Arianne commanded: Shinx couldn’t avoid it. “Coralie, maybe Noibat could lift Lulu up if this happens again!” she whispered, knowing that her Pokémon’s biggest weakness was in her movements.

“Sure!” Was Coralie’s reply.

“Yanny, use Sonic Boom on the Morelull!” Francis commanded, adjusting his glasses. The dragonfly Pokémon send out multiple pulses of air in Lulu’s general direction. “Stella-Luna, intercept it with gust! Protect Lulu!” Stella deflected Yanma’s attack back at it, which did significant damage to the unsuspecting bug type.

“Yanny,” Francis grunted. A hard hit already. He desired to impress Courtney and knew that he had to retaliate. “Quick attack! Now, aim for the Noibat!”

In the meantime, Shinx still hadn't come back to his senses. He had stopped running towards Lulu, who was now bouncing up and down on her small root and sent out a Flash attack his way, and was wandering around aimlessly. “Shinx, no! Come on… are you scared of a squishy mushroom?” Courtney teased her own Pokémon, telling him to try Spark this time. And, it somehow worked: Shinx slowly built up speed as he ran towards Lulu, his body engulfed in electricity. “Grab Lulu please!” Arianne yelped, as the Mushroom Pokémon tried to distract Yanma with another Flash.

Stella dove for the Morelull and scooped her up quickly, before she fell victim to Shinx’s spark. Yanma was momentarily blinded by the intensity of flash and Coralie decided to use this to her advantage. “Tackle, let’s send that Yanma flying!” She instructed.

“Yes, it’s working!” Arianne exclaimed. “Lulu, hit with Astonish as well!” As Stella-Luna got close enough to her target, Lulu struck Yanma as well with a surprise attack.

“Ugh, not fair! Can’t you take my Shinx up there?” Courtney complained to Francis. It probably was the worst idea ever, since Shinx was an Electric type with no ranged attacks, but she was too focused on what Morelull and Noibat had just done.

“S-sorry, I don’t think Yanny can carry Shinx.” He admitted rather hesitantly, his voice quivering as if he expected Courtney to reprimand him. He watched as his Yanma struggled to shake off the damage it had sustained and silently urged it to recover quickly, as he feared that Courtney would erupt like a volcano if the battle continued in their opponent’s favour.

“Stella-Luna, Lulu, you two are brilliant! Now, let’s aim for that Shinx. Use tackle again!”

“Alright, then, I’ll just stand here and twiddle my thumbs.” Courtney remarked, pouting at her battle partner. “Shinx, get ready! Tackle as they get close!” she ordered, and it worked. When Lulu tried to use Astonish once again, Tackle knocked her off Stella and onto the ground. “Absorb!” Arianne ordered, as Shinx prepared another attack.

“Stay on Shinx, Stella-Luna, use Absorb as well.” The Noibat swooped down at the Shinx, not giving it a single moment to harm Lulu, and dug its fangs into the electric type, consuming its life energy.

Meanwhile, Yanny was finally able to recover. Sensing an opening, it sprung into action. “Quick Attack! Aim for the Morelull.”

“Distract Yanma with Flash!” Arianne tried to limit the damage of the attack, while on the other side of the battlefield Courtney still called out for Shinx to recover. “You could hit now!” the black haired girl hastily added, hoping that Stella would help.

Stella only sank her fangs deeper into the Shinx, to absorb as much energy as possible while increasing the damage of the attack on the electric Pokémon. Meanwhile, Yanny crashed into Lulu, despite the use of flash.

“Excellent, Yanny.” Francis applauded, satisfied that he was finally able to land a hit. He looked over as Shinx was struggling with Stella-Luna latched onto its back. “Use Sonic Boom! Knock Stella off of Shinx.” He ordered the Yanma sent multiple pulses of air in Stella-Luna’s direction. “Fly up, Stella!” The Noibat instantly flew up and evaded the attack, however, Shinx was bombarded with the Sonic Booms, much to Francis’s horror.

The Electric type and his trainer both pouted at Francis - nothing good in store for him now. “If we win, I take your ice cream! It’s decided!” the red haired girl shouted, as Shinx eventually got back up and used Charge in that window of free time. On the opposing side, in fact, Lulu was also struggling noticeably. Yanma still landed a perfect Quick Attack despite the Flash. “Come on, get up Lulu! Absorb!” Arianne called out. “Lulu just can’t do much against Yanma, I’ll need you to keep it in check.” she then added, turning to look at Coralie for a brief moment.

“M-miss C-courtney, I apologize for my incompetence! I-I promise to do b-better…” Francis croaked, his face paling at Courtney’s remark. Coralie nodded at Arianne, smiling. “Stella-Luna, use Tackle on the Yanma!” Francis knew he had to take control of the situation, if Yanma sustained any more damage, he would be one Pokémon down. “Dodge, Yanny! Don’t let it catch you.” Yanma zoomed away from Stella-Luna. “Pursue it!” Coralie urged, refusing to give up. The two flying types flew through the sky, Stella on Yanma’s coattails, they darted about, as if they were dancing through the sky. It had now become an aerial battle. “Stella, use Gust, quickly! Let’s blow this Yanma into oblivion.” Francis smirked. “Yanny, Sonic Boom.” The Sonic Boom collided with the gust, creating a miniature explosion. “Quick Attack!” Taking advantage of the smoke caused by the energy burst, Yanma raced towards Stella-Luna, landing a hit and sending it tumbling out of the sky.

“Stella!” Coralie cried, fearing for her Pokémon as it landed on the ground below.

“Sonic Boom, Yanny!”

“Stella-Luna, get up, if you can!” Coralie was growing noticeably worrisome. She drew in a deep breath and did everything she could to remain calm. “Become airborne and evade it by flying up!” Stella managed to pull itself together and darted away at the last second. “Now, climb up high!” Coralie urged as her Pokémon flew upwards, gaining momentum.

And that left Shinx and Lulu alone on the ground - not the best scenario for the Grass type, perhaps. Especially because the Shinx, on Courtney’s command, was now charging towards Lulu with a powered up Spark, and there really wasn’t much she could do. “Just try to dodge if you can!” Arianne shouted. Lulu managed to avoid the attack, but not by much. Shinx launched another Spark in its direction.

“Don’t let it escape, Yanny, Quick Attack!” The Yanma darted after Stella and was approaching swiftly. Coralie smiled, her plan had worked. “Gust, now!” Stella-Luna rapidly beat her wings, creating a turbulent breeze that hit the bug-type dead on. “Keep at it, Stella!” The force of wind pushed Yanma to the ground below and it collided with Shinx below, both Pokémon becoming encompassed by Shinx’s electric move. The attack was so unexpected and both Pokémon inevitably fainted.

“Stella-Luna, you did it! Oh, you’re tremendous!” Coralie cried enthusiastically, enveloping her Pokémon in a hug and spinning around before releasing it.

"H-how?" Courtney mumbled, completely flabbergasted. "How could you be so lucky?" she continued to scream, probably waking up some early sleeping trainers. The situation was made even more heated by Lulu opening her eyes again, right after bracing for an impact that never came, and still chirping in surprise. "Let's get things back on track now, no more playing around! Come out Magby!" Courtney proudly let out her Starter Pokémon, who immediately let out a somewhat playful Ember. "Next time hit your enemies, not the sky."

“Ack! Yanny, return.” Francis mumbled despondently, returning his fallen Pokémon to its pokeball. He reached for another pokeball and tossed it into the air, a tiny Swinub appearing. “Frosty, come on out! Let’s help miss Courtney, alright?”

“Nub! Swinub!” The ice type Pokémon cheered, sizing up its opponents.

Coralie giggled. “Oh this is so much fun, isn’t it Arianne? All we gotta do is take out these two Pokémon, and victory will be ours!”

“Yes, I-” the girl started her answer only to be interrupted by a strong gust of hot air. “Oh no!” she cried out as Lulu stood on the ground, knocked out by a perfectly executed Ember from Magby. It didn’t matter that the Grass type was already quite weakened: the little Fire type was still definitely a threat to watch out for!

On the other side of the battlefield, Courtney laughed proudly. “Finally gone! What will you do now, Cinnamon girl?” she teased Arianne, as she thought who to send out next - Mizar or Eric? She had just made the promise to train up everyone in her team, yes, but given how things were going Eric seemed a better choice. She just didn’t want to lose, not only because Courtney was her opponent, but also because of Coralie! Arianne owed it to her anyways, didn’t she? She really deserved to win. “Eric, it’s your time to shine!”

“You put out the big guns, finally!” Courtney remarked, trying not to show that feeling of insecurity that had just appeared in her mind at the sight of a strong Water type. What could a Swinub and a Magby do against a Wartortle after all? “Use Smog!” she ordered, a somewhat evil-looking grin on her face.

“Use Gust and send that Smog right back at it, Stella!” With that, Stella-Luna flapped her wings and blew the poisonous cloud back towards fire-type.

“Frosty, use Ice Shard!” The Swinub hurled a shard of ice at the Noibat. “Stella, dodge to the left!” It was too late, the attack hit and sent Stella-Luna crashing to the ground. “Stella!” Coralie cried as her Pokémon struggled to pick itself back up.

“Yes Francis! Good job… for once.” Courtney grinned, as her Magby let out another Ember to dispel her own attack. Arianne, in the meantime, tried to reassure Coralie. “It’s ok, don’t worry! I’ll take care of that Swinub, it’s definitely the bigger threat.” she whispered, before commanding Eric to use a full power Water pulse on the boy’s Pokémon.
The red haired girl, however, seemed to catch onto that strategy. “Help Swinub! Smokescreen!” she yelped. Apparently, now it was Magby’s turn to be a distraction.

“Awww, s-shucks. Thank you, miss Courtney.” Francis stuttered, his cheeks turning a bright shade of vermillion.

“Stella-Luna, can you get up?” Coralie asked, her eyes welling up with concern.

“Nyah! Nyah!” Her Pokémon cried reassuringly. It managed to become airborne again, but Coralie knew that her Pokémon’s health was low and she had to be cautious from now on.

Francis adjusted his glasses as he deliberated his next move. “Ice Shard!” The move connected with the Water Pulse and the two collided. “Now powder Snow!” Frosty unleashed a flurry of snowflakes that shot out from the cloud of smoke, hitting both Eric and Stella-Luna simultaneously.

Stella collapsed on the ground in a heap and had succumbed to the super-effective ice-type attack. “Stella-Luna, return!” Coralie breathed, her Pokémon disappearing back into its pokeball. “You did well, I’m very proud of you!” She murmured before looking intensely at Arianne. “No more playing around. Florian, I need you!” She threw her pokeball forwards and the Bulbasaur popped out of it, emitting a battle cry.

“Let’s try that again! Water Pulse on Swinub!” Arianne commanded in the meantime, as Eric focused on the small Ground type. Courtney instead, eyed the Bulbasaur that had just appeared on the field, somewhat glad not to see another strong Water type or something like that. “This will be easy! Fire Spin the Bulbasaur!” she called out, as Magby charged her attack.

“Nice try, Cinnamon girl, but I’ll show you what real spice looks like.” Coralie winked cheekily at the red head. “Florian, dodge to the left.” Her Bulbasaur easily evaded the attack. “Now, use your Stone edge!” Florian shot up jagged rocks from the ground, encasing the fire-type whilst dealing immense damage.

“Mud-slap, Frosty!” The ground-type attack hit the Water Pulse, bursting it. “Now, use Tackle on the Wartortle!”

“Again?” Arianne muttered, somewhat disappointed that Swinub would always break Eric’s Water Pulse, but still unsure of how to counter that strategy. “Withdraw now!” she ordered as the opposing Pokémon came close, before turning to Coralie. ”Maybe if we trap Swinub as well, we can take it out! Let’s try now since we have some time.” she said, after her starter comfortably withstood the attack from inside his shell.

“What the heck is that!?” Courtney complained once again. “Try jumping out… or something!” she tried to say, still in shock for what had just happened to her Magby and unsure of what to do. “Buy me time, you!” she then commanded… to Francis.

“What a fabulous idea, Ari! Alriiiiight! Florian, use leech seed on Swinub, let’s immobilize it!”

Florian released a seed that landed on the ice and ground type Pokémon. A vine emerged from within the seed and surrounded the Swinub completely, slowing sapping its health.

“F-frosty.” Francis was stunned and he felt Courtney’s glare. “T-try to shake it off.” But it was no use, the vines were wrapped too tightly around the pig Pokémon.

Coralie giggled. “Now that’s what I call a strategy!”

“Get ready for this then!” Arianne replied with sparkling eyes. “Water Pulse once you’re close!” she told Eric, who quickly ran towards the now stuck Swinub before creating a large water bubble all around it… and sneaking inside, too! The large Water Pulse lifted Eric and Swinub above ground before bursting, causing heavy damage to Francis’s Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Magby had just climbed up the wall of rocks that surrounded her. “Go for Bulbasaur again! We can catch it I’m sure!” her trainer commanded, fiercely, before her starter let out another Fire Spin attack.

“Florian, dodge to the left!” Coralie commanded. However, the fire attack engulfed the grass-type in flames, dealing serious damage. Florian was now trapped in the vortex of fire. “Florian!” Coralie yelped, covering her hands with her mouth. Regaining her composure, Coralie knew she had to act swiftly or this all could be over. “Florian, stone edge around you!” Jagged pieces of rock sprung up from the earth in a circle around the Bulbasaur, bursting through the ring of fire and freeing Florian.

“Yess! Alright, now, let’s show that fire-type what you’re made of! Take down!” Florian dashed straight for the Magby at an incredible pace and smashed straight into it.

Meanwhile Swinub was reeling from the water-type attack combined with the leech seed that was slowly draining its energy and restoring Florian’s health. “F-frosty, try Ice Shard.” The Pokémon began to form the ice type attack, which took longer than usual due to its weakened state.

“Come on, Smokescreen now!” Courtney yelped just in time. And so, as Florian hit Magby, a large cloud of smoke emerged from her beak, and left the Grass type right in the middle of it.

Somewhere else on the battlefield, instead, Swinub’s attack was once again blocked. Eric, once again, took the hit without problems, this time by using Rapid Spin and breaking the ice into even smaller shards. “Keep going Eric, and use Water Gun at the same time!” Arianne giggled as she said that. Her starter was now spraying water everywhere, trying to dispel the Smoke Screen. “And now, hit Swinub!” Eric charged up one last attack, almost sure to knock out the Ground type, as soon as he got back up on his feet.

“Be more careful, you’re soaking me!” Courtney teased Arianne, as a couple water drops reached her body.

The smokescreen cleared and there lay Swinub, unconscious. Francis shrieked in horror! “F-frosty!!!” He was at a loss for words as he called his Pokémon back to its pokeball. “H-how!?” He hung his head in shame. “M-miss Courtney, I-i...”

Coralie smiled at her friend. “Arianne, that was FANTASTIC! You cleared up all the smoke and took out Swinub. Your Eric’s really strong.” She redirected her attention to her opponents. Only Magby remained. “Cinnamon girl, it seems you’re all out of spice.” She giggled. “Alright, Arianne, let’s combine attacks and win this!”

“Sure thing!” the black haired girl cheered. “Get ready too, Eric! Water Pulse!” she exclaimed, as her eyes eventually fixed upon Courtney. Do I really need to win like this? Don’t I just need her not to bother me? she thought, before telling herself once again that she was doing this for Coralie. Even if her battle partner’s behavior perhaps wasn’t the best to follow in that scenario.

The other girl finally saw nothing but utter defeat coming for her. Maybe it was supposed to be like that because Cape trainers had been travelling more than her, or maybe she deserved it for all she said before. But not like this! Magby did not deserve this.
“Leer, then get ready to dodge!” the girl shouted, with one last glimmer of hope. It’s not over until it’s over, right?

“Stone Edge, Florian!” Stones sprung up at a rapid pace moving toward the fire-type Pokémon. Francis adjusted his glasses as he watched in anticipation.

Magby tried her best to dodge, but was still launched upward because of the rocks. Just… just as a powerful Water Pulse was coming her way. There was no way she could have kept battling afterwards, and even Courtney had to realize it. Eric and Florian were just too strong for her starter.

Just as the Water bubble was about to collide with its target, Magby disappeared in a flash of light. The attack burst spontaneously further away from the battlefield and, once it did, revealed a resigned Courtney, looking down with a Pokéball in her hand. “Yeah, it’s over. You win.” she muttered, still hardly believing it.

“WOOHOO! OH, ARI, WE DID IT!” Coralie hollered, hugging her friend. Arianne happily accepted the hug and let herself go, despite being much taller than her friend. “I guess your spice couldn’t handle all of this sweetness!” Coralie teased Courtney before returned Florian to his pokeball. “Oh you did wonderful. I couldn’t be more impressed.”

“You did amazing, Coralie! And you did too, Eric.” the older girl finally exclaimed, before turning to Courtney herself. After not even wanting to fight against her, she almost felt bad for how she took her defeat. But at least, they had now settled their arguing with a battle, right?

“Courtney, you put up a good fight. Your Pokémon are really strong.” Coralie smiled at the red-haired female. “That was a lot of fun! You were great, too, Francis.”

“T-thanks. You really are strong… but I’ll definitely get better myself, and eventually we’ll have a rematch!” Courtney seemed to regain the usual light in her eyes. “I’ll keep an eye on you from now on, haha!” she grinned, looking straight at Coralie.

Coralie smirked. “I’m looking forward to our rematch."


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Chapter 5: Lavender Town
Starting date - May 23rd (Thursday)


Lavender Town has always been known for being small and peaceful. In the past, it's magnificent Pokémon Tower was a spiritual temple where the souls of departed pokémon friends were honored, especially those buried in the vast Pokémon Graveyard to the east. In later decades, the temple has fallen silent due to insufficient funding and interest from a more and more modern and secularized population. Until just recently...

Two years ago, the rapidly growing organization Tomorrow Foundation purchased the old defunct Power Plant just northwest of Lavender. The old area had been part of an effort to harvest geothermal power from the mysterious Rock Tunnel area a couple of decades ago, but turned out to be futile. The industrial efforts had long lasting effects on the peaceful town though, and the Pokémon Tower business never quite recovered when tourists and immigrants to the town became more scarse due to the unattractive atmosphere the Power Plant efforts brought. All in all, it had been a devastating chapter for the town and not something anyone had been keen to repeat. However, Tomorrow have somehow found success with the Power Plant and are now delivering power to Saffron as well as to new factories that are still being built on the town's western edge. It's still much cheaper to build here, than to build closer to Saffron City, see.

In defiance, the granddaughter of the last Warden of the Pokémon Tower recently took up the title for herself and refurnished the ancient building with the help of family and friends, turning it into a Ghost type pokémon gym. At least, that was her plan. Unfortunately, Tomorrow had other plans, and much, much more money. They built a completely new gym and ensured that the son of the Foundation's Director was hired by the pokémon authorities as Lavender's new official gym leader... Instead of the new, young Pokémon Tower Warden. Needless to say, this has caused quite a lot of friction among the industry workers and the traditional inhabitants of the town, most of which are on the Warden's side.

The town itself is luckily still very picturesque. It lacks crowded streets and multistory buildings and feels more like a very traditional Kantonian village than a functional town, even though it has several shops and features such as barbers, schools and a popular bar. Not that Palm's young trainers are allowed in there, of course! Nor are Safari Academy trainers, not officially at least.

In the north is just the exit/entrance to Rock Tunnel and the short road down to the town. To the east is the Graveyard and then mostly forest for miles. To the west is a growing industry landscape and the Electric Type Gym, with a short road to the Power Plant just to the north of there. There is a large, heavily trafficked road with mostly motor transportation going to Saffron there too. It's not the route Palm has instructed you to take. In the south from Lavender is your next leg of the journey, and it begins with a short forest road and a mellow coastline; you won't visit this until you're leaving Lavender.

- A pokémon center where you can always heal your pokémon for free and use the computer at. You can also borrow a room for the night here. Lavender's center is situated close to the city center, near a large market square.

- Quite skeptical townfolks as well as overly friendly ones, from all age ranges. You can almost feel the tension in the air when long-time residents encounter industry workers though. There is quite some dampened animosity.

- A Pokémon Tower in the east. It has many floors, most which are unused. The first floors make up the unofficial Ghost Type gym.

- An Electric Type gym in the west.

- A hilly, rather barren but bushy road leading up to the northwestern Power Plant. You'll get stopped by many security guards with threathening pokémon before you can get close, however.

- A few trainers from Safari Academy currently passing through Lavender. They started their graduation journeys several days ahead of the Cape trainers, and their journey path isn't as strictly planned out as Palm's is. Hence, some have reached Lavender via a long perilous hike through the southeastern Kanto road and is challenging Lavender as their first gym, but others have visited Celadon or Vermilion as well as Saffron before coming here.

- A gated pokémon exclusive Graveyard with ancient history. It is impossible to see the whole Graveyard from any singular point inside of it; it is that big. Some graves are faded and forgotten. And most definitely haunted. It's open during the day (battles are forbidden though) but closed shut during the night with a rather tall metal bar fence warning intruders to keep out.

- Wild pokémon! More on that below.


PICK COLORS: Friday (24th May) / OPTIONAL
- If you visit the Pokémon Tower, its followers (and their Warden) will try to get you to sign a petition for making the Ghost Type Gym Lavender's rightful official gym. If you do this, it might help the town to get its traditional atmosphere back. Your name will be visible online in the public petition list, however.

- Reward? The Pokémon Tower followers - and their Warden! - essentially become your allies. Expect to meet them again on your journey.

- Downside? The Electric Gym workers will have seen your name in the list, as they do keep track. Regardless of if you have already challenged the Electric gym when you sign the Tower petition, this will likely affect the impressionable Electric leader's judgment on you when he writes his review to professor Palm. Negatively.

- Alternative 1? Decline the offer. This will make the Tower followers less amicable towards you and might cause them to not want to help you later on.

- Alternative 2? Only way to not get particularly disliked or liked by any of them is if you avoid the Pokémon Tower alltogether (hi casey lol)

BRIGHT EVENING: Afternoon of Friday (24th May) / OPTIONAL
- Today is the Pokémon Tower Warden's 20th birthday! The whole town is celebrating. Well, most of them, at least. There will be festivities such as food stands and musical, theatrical and dance performances on the market square right in front of the Pokémon center. Several pokémon are participating, and plenty of them are ghost type or electric type. This is a great opportunity for mingling with the townsfolk, to see the industry workers, Electric Gym trainers and even the Warden herself be less uptight, and to also hang out with other Cape (or Safari) trainers.

However, there will be several annoying (possibly drunk) people trying to start trouble throughout the evening! You can help the police and trainers from either or both of the gyms to calm things down and apprehend the troublemakers! Trouble can mean trying to cause accidents on purpose, picking fights verbally or physically etc.

- Reward? A good time + extra recommendation from the Gym Leader and/or the Warden towards Palm in your favor.

- Alternative? You can try to avoid the party alltogether, or refuse to help out with the troublemakers. Nobody will really think less of you for it.

GRAVE ERROR: Nighttime after Friday (24th May) / OPTIONAL
- Ther are tales of a rare Rotom living in the vast pokémon Graveyard to the east of the Pokémon Tower. Some Safari trainers have formed a few small groups to go after it and are whispering in the pokémon center during the Friday. If you overhear them, they'll dare you to come along. They clearly don't believe you're capable, as you're "just a Cape trainer". It's not at all as if they just want to bolster their numbers because they're actually a bit afraid of the dark, mist and ghosts, no, no...

- Reward? You will not find any Rotom, but you can find other pokémon. If you go with them and either capture a pokémon yourself or help them capture some, you'll actually earn an ounce of respect from some Safari people. This can help you when you reach Fuchsia City!

- Alternative 1? If you can't stand the thought of breaking rules together with Safari Trainers, you can sneak into the Graveyard on your own during nighttime, perhaps because your character hopes (and fails) to find Rotom, or because they just want to catch some other pokémon. No extra reward for that though.

- Alternative 2? You can actually try to find some pokémon during the daytime when the Graveyard is open instead, but it will be hard to spot them and they might be weaker (lower level) than those found during the night. Plus, if you start any battle in the Graveyard grounds during the day, the watchers will notice and you'll have to pay a fee along with Palm being notified of your rulebreaking.

Hover for movesets. All are approximately Lv 12-14 if found during the night. Pokémon found in daytime are Lv 12 if you battle, and Lv 10 if you capture them without a battle.

Hover for movesets. All are approximately Lv 12-14.

At the western edge of town, before the industry area begins, Tomorrow Foundation built a completely new building with the latest technology to make the pokémon battle arena inside hyper modern. Complete with digital screens on each end of the main battlefield keeping track of the chosen teams for the battle, and an AI judge to precisely judge who wins and who cheats.

The leader's name is Beaumont Tayloz, aged 26. His complexion is fair, his hair almost platinum blonde and he is of average height and build. Usually, he is seen dressed in bright unicolor suits. He is generally seen as a positive, friendly and helpful person, even though many of Lavender's residents claim it's just for show. He tends to be easily excited by complicated machines as well as beautiful sceneries, but in battle he switches to a calculating, more quiet persona, showing that he is worthy of the Gym Leader title and not just got it by money and his father's influence. This switch in behavior is part of why some doubt his genuinity though.

His gym battles uses 3 pokémon for each battler. In battle, your whole team (6 pokémon if you have a full team) will be displayed on the digital screen behind you, and you don't have to announce before the battle starts which 3 pokémon you want to use. Once you have sent a pokémon out, however, it counts as one of your chosen 3 and you can only choose 2 more etc. No items are allowed, but switching in and out between your chosen 3 is allowed freely, by both the challenger and the Gym Leader. The battle is over once one trainer has 3 fainted pokémon.

If you have less than 3 pokemon, he will use the same number as you.

Regardless of if you win or lose, Beaumont will report back to professor Palm afterwards with his review of you! While a sensible victory is great, a ruthless victory can lead to an unfavorable review, and a mature loss can give you good words still.

Lv 20 / Female
Pound | Tail Whip | Thundershock | Mud Slap | Slam | Razor Wind

Lv 18
Tackle | Supersonic | Thundershock | Magnet Bomb | Thunderwave | Light Screen

Lv 18 / Male
Tackle | Growl | Thunderwave | Thundershock | Cotton Spore | Takedown

Lv 19 / Female
Thunder shock | Quick Attack | Double team | Spark | Nuzzle | Pursuit

This "gym" is situated inside the renovated lower floors of the old Pokémon Tower. The tower is very intimidating from the outside, tall and made of stone with pokémon gargoyles decorating it here and there and few windows. Inside, it is dark and maybe not extremely well ventilated. But there are some living quarters, offices, restrooms and on the bottom floor an arena for "gym battles" which is quite plain but will do the trick. At least there are lights to turn on.

The new Warden's name is Jarmie Katalan and she turns 20 on the 24th of May. She is very determined to get Lavender back to its roots and prove herself a better gym leader than the fake, bought electric boy. She carries herself with style and arrogance, but is very intelligent, which her followers know and admire. She also isn't at all cruel, her followers say, mostly just bitter at how things have turned out. Some defeated challengers say differently though... Her complexion is a dark olive, her eyes a chocolate brown, and her hair is cut extremely short, letting her golden and teal dangling ear-jewelry shine visibly. That's where her non-traditional style stops though; she almost always is seen in traditional kimono clothes, and favors dark uniform colors.

Her most trusted partner is a golden Sableye, but she has several more pokémon she uses for gym battles. In battle, you are only allowed to use 2 pokémon, and so is she. No switching out is allowed, so choose your pokémon well. Luckily, Jarmie reveals to you in what order she will use what pokémon, beforehand. You, however, only need to declare which 2 pokémon you intend to use, but not the order.

Tidbit: Jarmie likes to play music during her battles. She often lets the challenger pick, unless it turns out she hates your taste.

Regardless of if you win or lose, Jarmie will report back to professor Palm afterwards with her review of you! Even though... it doesn't count... Since she's not an official gym leader. She'll call him up anyways and since he's a complete doormat, he'll listen.

Lv 19
Pound | Astonish | Iron Defense | Mud Slap | Stomping Tantrum | Shadow Punch

Lv 19 / Male
Night Shade | Minimize | Ember | Smog | Fire Spin | Will-o-wisp

Lv 20 / Female
Fury Swipes | Confuse Ray | Detect| Night Shade | Shadow Sneak | Disable



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Richard Wolstenholme
Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Morning

Chapter 4 - 3
Memories of the Old Man

Affected by the rough terrain, Gordon and Richard decided to take a short break. Even while he was drinking a bottle of Fresh Water, his mind was still focused on his two Pokemon. Looking at the unilluminated tunnels everywhere around the main area didn’t help him one bit, what if they already entered a hole he passed before? What if they were unable to get out? Those thoughts kept surfacing on the mind of the young trainer.

The thoughts of the young man were interrupted by the older male, inquisitively asking the absent-minded Richard.

“Hey, you okay Kid? I know you’re still worried about your partners, but letting your mind goes somewhere else while traversing this rough terrain is not a good idea.” Gordon pat the back of Richard to ease up his mind.

“Thank you, I really appreciate it.” Richard bowed slightly in gratitude. Looking to change the subject to keep his mind straight, he finally asked more about the things that pique his interest. “If I’m allowed to ask a question, Mr.Gordon. You are an archeologist correct? What kind of research you usually do? ”

“Hmm? Oh, you don’t have to be that polite with me. Yes, I am, although I’m recently turned freelance I am still an archeologist alright. As for my research subject, it's very broad I guess... It's kind of hard to describe it since a subject usually overlapped with another one.”

Richard paused briefly as he hesitated to continue his questioning “...By recently you mean?”

“Oh no, no, no… I’m not fired or anything of the sort.” Gordon quickly interjected when he saw Richard’s face grimaced thinking the worst possible scenario. “I just walked away from my old firm, it ain’t that easy but it’s something I had to do anyway.” Gordon took a huge sip of the beverage he kept inside his flask.

“If I may-”

“Ehem.” Gordon abruptly cut off Richard to remind him to stop being overtly polite in front of him.

“Sorry... But, why did you quit?”

“Let's just say, my passion didn't lie there anymore."

Richard tilted his head in confusion, but he thought that it wasn’t an outlandish idea for someone to suddenly quit their job, but Richard was still curious about why Gordon lost his passion.

Seeing Richard’s expression, Gordon laughed before spilling the beans. “Haha, curious eh? Well before I answer, I guess I’ll entertain you with my story… I originated from Johto and I used to live with my parents and six siblings. We’re ain’t that rich, but still, it was happy times you know? Eating together at the dining table was one of the occasions I was most excited for…” Gordon smiled as he reminisced his old days.

“That must be nice…” Richard smiled, happy seeing Gordon’s warm smile. But deep inside, he was sad as he remembers hazily about the memories of good times he had with his late parents... It was a very joyful occasion indeed, but it was even sadder to think that it was robbed from him since his early childhood.

“Yup, it sure was… But those good days didn’t last forever. One day, pops fell unconscious during one of his work shifts and he had to be rushed to the hospital, long-story-short… When the doctor finished examining him, they told us that he had cancer… a nasty one at that...” Gordon took another sip of his drink before continuing his story.

“At the time we’re just barely making it through. The fact that our breadwinner was unable to work and the fact that our bills didn’t stop piling up was a very grim situation. My mother had to take part-time jobs here and there, working from morning to night just to provide for her seven children. She steeled herself every single day, keeping a strong face in front of her children just so they could live their life as usual. In my eyes she was my hero, I never saw a stronger woman ever in my life… But all of my thoughts were a foolish presumption. One night, I heard her crying in her room… It was heartbreaking… It was apparent to me that she was barely keeping herself going, all for the sake of her foolish kids who were oblivious to her struggle.”

“As the eldest sibling, I immediately felt like a moron… And at that moment, I finally realized that I had to find a job to support my family. Both of my parents weren’t having any of that though, both of them urged me to continue my studies and that our financial condition was fine, but heh, I wasn’t that stupid, with the condition our family was in, I was pretty sure I couldn’t even able to finish my studies at all. With not much of a choice, I decided to run away from my house… I stowed away on a ship bound to Hoenn. My mom was extremely furious when I called from Hoenn, but at least I knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop me from working there. I was doing all sorts of low-paying jobs just to survive there. After all, there weren’t many job opportunities for people unskilled like me.”

“My lucky break came after 6 months and uh… around dozens of jobs later. I managed to grab a job at a museum, there I first saw how interesting ancient history was. I was a janitor at one point, so I could watch those exhibit closely. One day, a man came to visit a museum and had a long chat with me. He was an archeologist, and I dunno, and he said he was intrigued by my knowledge even though I’m a janitor, he offered me a position as his assistant and in exchange, he taught me with everything he knew about archeology. And I eventually become his first employee when he made the firm. And that’s my story of how I become an archeologist like this.” The old man proudly smiled.

“Uh… And why did you quit?” Richard appreciated the story, but it still didn’t answer the question in his mind.

“...Silly me and my incessant rambling… Well, archeological efforts aren’t cheap you know… So we had to ask a few investors to invest in our company, and after my partner passed away they bickered a lot about projects… They wanted quick bucks without a lot of risks, which was a load of crap… Archeological projects aren’t that easy to deal with, and you had better ready to deal with some losses if you wanted to invest there… The fact that they didn’t care about their employees and only care for their own benefit was even more sickening... ” Gordon’s face turned irritated as he finished the content of his flask.

“Ah… So that’s why you quit…”

“Yeah, I’d rather quit than trapped in a room translating ancient scripts for every single day for money-grubbing bastards just because it’s ‘the most profitable method of earning money’, I mean where’s the adventure? God, it was a living hell, trapped inside a small room with just dusty parchments and paperwork everywhere… If the old man was there, he would’ve probably flipped the table before chastising those guys for god knows how long haha...” Gordon laughed as he reminisced about his days with his mentor.

Richard smiled seeing Gordon’s laugh, he’s glad to see the old man laughed so merrily. For a moment he even forgot about his worries of finding his Pokemon, it lifted a lot of weight from his head. “Thank you, Mr. Gordon, I owed you a lot.” He bowed his head in gratitude.

“You finally smiled that wide eh… You should show that smile more, it’s too early for you to be a grumpy old man… Well, I don’t have something fancy to give you so I’ll just give you a little bit of my wisdom. The difference between dream and delusion is this.” Gordon pointed at his chest.

“The heart?”

“Yup… No matter, what’s your past or your background if you have ambition, perseverance, and passion, everything will work fine. Sure reality is not that sweet, but if you aim for the stars at least you would be on the sky, no longer you would be on the ground just thinking about what could have been. I saw a lot of people having a dream of wanting to be rich, successful, well all sorts of stuff… But most of them never reached it, they’re hoping those things would come to them but they never put the extra effort to attain what they wanted. Look at me, they all laughed at me when I was just a janitor with a pipedream of becoming an important people of some sort… They can’t laugh at me now, can’t they? Hahaha…”

Gordon continued his speech. “If you do have a dream as a Pokemon Trainer, then chase it with all your might. You’re a good person, Richard. I’m sure you’ll be able to become a great trainer as long as you keep chasing it with all your might haha. Well, enough chatting… Those artifacts aren’t going to show themselves if we stayed here, besides we still have to look for your Pokemon so let’s keep going.” Gordon slowly stood up with the help of his walking cane, he immediately checked his equipment to make sure nothing was left behind.

Richard wryly smiled from the sidelines. His eyes gazed downward filled with sadness.

A good person... If only that was the case…



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Chapter 4: The Light at the End // May 23rd
ft. Vera Hill & Casey Holt

Jordan traces the creases of the torn page he is holding with a finger as he quietly studies the directions that were written down on it by Harper. They're close. As soon as Casey's good to walk, they can keep going. He glances up to where the boy is sleeping and smiles, relieved he’s back with them now and relatively okay. Right on cue, Casey makes a loud, hacking noise as he coughs up some orange sludge. It was quite startling the first two times he did that, but it seemed to be his body’s way of reacting to and getting rid of the toxins he had inhaled. He had curled around Ginger and fallen asleep again almost immediately after, which was reassuring.

Jordan’s smile turns into a slight grimace as he folds the paper back up and reaches for his bag, but a certain Skiddo catches his attention and he swiftly smacks her over the head with the folded paper instead. Sage had been wandering dangerously close to whatever Casey had coughed up and was trying to sniff it, and Jordan did not want to know why. “No! Bad. Just… go play with Parsley,” he sighs, pushing her towards the other Skiddo.

"It's probably fine." Vera speaks up from her perch. She'd found a rock to sit on and wait while Casey slept off whatever the Morelull had done to him, but she looks bored. "I mean, ew, yes, but Grass types are immune to spore and powder moves for some reason." Sapphire is curled up in her lap, while Iggy happily chases Parsley around the chamber. The little Rockruff is overjoyed when Sage comes to play, wagging his tail with all his might.

“Yeah, that’s true. I just don’t want her to be so… well, ew, as you put it.” Still he can’t help smiling at the Skiddo as she knocks Iggy into a puddle and the two roll around in it.

"All things considered, he's lucky." She gently sets Sapphy beside her on the rock before standing and stretching. "Sure, he's not feeling great, but his Pokémon care about him, and so do his friends. And I'm sure paralysis was scary in the moment, but recovering from that is better than the vomit soaked agony Poison Powder would have inflicted."

Jordan nods in agreement as he settles in his seat. He sighs. “Boy, what a day,” He pauses, before asking something he probably should have asked a while ago. “How are you feeling?”

"I'm…" Vera crosses her arms, taking a second to think it over. "I'm feeling pretty good, surprisingly. Today didn't start out very well, sure, and I still feel bad about that, and it's definitely had its rough parts… I mean, we've taken our share of spills, and it's not as glamorous as I thought it would be…" she gestures at herself, at her goofy shirt and makeshift skirt, before brushing a lock of hair away from her face and idly twirling it around her finger. "But I'm on an adventure. And I'm… making some new friends…"

Friends. The word takes him aback for a moment. Jordan thinks back to just a day ago and how… utterly awkward he was around her, how he had absolutely no idea how to interact with her. He briefly considers apologizing to her for some of his weirder behaviour when they were camping and all that, but he cringes just remembering some of it, and decides not to take her down that memory lane with him. Some things are best not brought up again. Still, it’s quite remarkable how far they have come already, and how much more comfortable they are with each other right now, considering their personalities.

He glances over at Casey again. He has kind of been the “glue” of their group and Jordan is certain he would have never gotten to know Vera better without him around, but even now, with the boy zonked out, it didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable between them anymore. It feels nice to have her around, but not that way. He smiles. “Yeah, friends.”

Before Vera catches his little sentimental moment, he speaks up again. “Well, I think it’s getting late, and we should really try to wrap up this adventure soon - we’ve taken too many detours already. I know how to get out of here, only problem is…'' he juts his chin out, gesturing towards Casey.

Vera follows Jordan's gaze, frowning in thought. "Could we…" she makes a sort of lifting gesture, "...carry him? If we each took a side? Just drape him over our shoulders?"

Jordan shrugs. “He is a pretty big boy, but we could try. I hauled him out earlier with the Skiddos’ help, but it was a shorter distance compared to the route out of here. Still, let’s give it a shot.” He takes a moment to retrieve the paracord from Casey's backpack and lash all three bags to Parsley. The reasoning is twofold- first, Parsley might be less inclined to run with more weight on him, and second, Jordan trusts Casey's Skiddo rather more than his own. That taken care of, he moves to Casey’s side and lifts one arm, refusing to flinch as Ginger hisses at him and scurries to perch atop Parsley. “We’ll take short breaks along the way, provided nothing else… adventurous happens.”

Vera follows suit, rounding up the rest of the Pokémon. She grabs Casey's other arm, crouching down and getting her shoulders under him. "Can't believe I'm doing this… Ready when you are, Jordan."

Surprisingly, they're able to pick Casey up between the two of them. It's slow going, and Vera looks a bit shaky, but they make it a few yards closer to the exit.

Until Vera's foot catches a loose rock.

Unable to support Casey’s weight, she falls, and Jordan can't hold the big boy by himself, so he finds himself being dragged to the ground as well. Luckily for him, he at least has a soft landing.

“Oof—!” Jordan exclaims as he tumbles on top of the now-tangled human pile.

Vera tries to push herself up, but can't lift both of them. "Guys, get off of me!" Her complaint draws Iggy's attention, and the little Rockruff rushes over to lick at her face. Vera lowers her head, covering it with her arms. She lets out a muffled but despondent groan, which Casey echos.

"Wh- ugh. What is this? What are we doing?" A halfhearted attempt to extract himself from the pile does little and Casey abandons the idea in favor of crossing his arms over Vera's calves and laying down again. “I was sleeping.”

"Why did I wish for this adventure?" Vera mutters darkly, starting to turn red in the face.

Casey is responsive. That’s good. Jordan takes this opportunity to hopefully get him moving on his own. “Hey, buddy, how are you feeling?” he taps him lightly on the shoulder. “We could use some help getting you to the entrance, if you’re feeling up to it now. We should get out of here… you know… sometime this year.”

Casey mumbles unintelligible complaints. Vera kicks her legs ineffectually, which at least makes Casey uncomfortable enough to get him off of her. From there, they're able to get him standing with Parsley's help. "Come on, Casey. We're not far from the exit, and then the Pokémon Center should be right down the road. Just put up with it for one hour, and you can get into an actual bed instead of hard ground."

"An hour," Casey breathes, voice tight. He doesn't look at Jordan, even as he hooks their fingers together. Jordan instinctively opens his mouth to protest this, but seeing as Casey is still really out of it and probably doesn’t know what he’s doing, he shakes his head and closes his fingers around Casey’s hand in return.

“That’s right, an hour.”


It doesn't take quite that long. The three tired teens and their Pokémon make their way out of the tunnels, avoiding further complications by sticking exactly to Harper’s routes. The open sky over their heads glows a dull orange as they step into its fading light.

It would be a pretty sunset if any of them were looking.


Pokemon on hand:

Tangela // "Tangles"

Vine Whip
Sleep Powder
Poison Powder

Pidgey // Hop

Sand Attack
Mirror Move

Cubone // Spirit

Bone Club

Skiddo // Sage

Vine Whip
Play Nice


... to the w o r l d. 🥂

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Casey Holt
Friday, May 24, 2019
Lavender Town
Early Morning, Day 5
5-01: too many variables

The gentle click of the latch cuts off Casey's own barely-audible "goodnight". His hand doesn't leave the handle; he simply rests his head against the doorframe, wood patterns blurring in the face of his blank gaze.

It's been a long day.

Several minutes tick by before he finally moves, slow and methodical, eyes yet unfocused. Sets the PokéBalls on the nightstand. Shucks his backpack. Hangs his jacket, drops the rest of his clothes on the floor. Steps into the shower, lets the hot water rinse away the flecks of Stun Spore yet sticking to his skin. Goes through the motions.

Reality edges back in as Casey sits on the edge of the bed and stares at the still PokéBalls. He doesn't know what emotion this is. He's too tired to figure it out. Reaches towards them, hesitates. Would they help?


He clicks off the light. Presses his face into the pillow.

Lets himself cry until he falls asleep.


Where is Jordan?

Casey's eyes snap open and dart wildly around his rented room before his brain fully catches on to being awake. A spike of adrenaline ain't a great way to start the day, he thinks as he lets the tension drop from his frame and sinks back into bed, scrubbing hands over his face.


Casey knows himself, and therefore knows he's more inclined to focus on his own problems. Yesterday was long and difficult and scary for him. Being thrown around by Vine Whip. Unknowingly battling side-by-side with a Jellicent. Being paralyzed, sapped of energy, unable to lift a finger to help himself...

So why'd he wake up worryin' about Jordan?

Jordan, clever and levelheaded Jordan, who held his own against every Pokémon they ran into. Jordan, who braved a hostile mob and found a cure to rescue Casey from his own personal hell. Whose only struggle yesterday wasn't even his fault. Who could've died in a cave-in nonetheless…

Casey hugs his pillow, staring at nothing. He hadn't been able to do anything. If the Geodude hadn't been there- if their baby hadn't been caught up in it- Jordan woulda been… stuck. Alone, for a long time, if he and Vera had to go get help- no. He wouldn't have left. But Vera couldn't have gone alone; she can't deal with Zubats. If she got scared, with him and Jordan waiting for someone that would never come…

Casey slaps his own cheeks. Stop that! This is why he doesn't sit around thinking about what-ifs. Too many variables. He swings himself out of bed and finds his workout clothes. He'll just… he'll just be there next time. Yeah. Nothing can happen to Jordan if he's always there!

He pauses, one leg through his shorts. That's a ridiculous solution, and therefore not actually a solution. He's good at a lot of things, sure, and he's strong, yeah, but he can't prevent every bad thing that might happen. Obviously. Yesterday is proof enough of that. He can't always be with Jordan, anyway. It's not logistically sound, or realistic, or anything. And Jordan doesn't need protection.

Besides, Casey knows himself. He knows he can't just hang out with one person all the time. There's too many people in the world! Too many things to experience! Can't just spend all his time with one guy.

Even though Jordan's really great.

They'd get sick of each other. Probably end up fighting and stuff. Maybe not being friends at all.

Casey's suddenly a bit nauseous.

He's probably hungry.
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Lulu grew to Lv 13!
Lulu is able to learn Mega Drain! Forget a move? Answer in OOC.
Eric grew to Lv 20!
Eric is able to learn Protect! (for real this time) Forget a move? Answer in OOC.

Florian grew to Lv 25!
Florian is able to learn Growth Forget old moves? Answer OOC.
Stella-Luna grew to Lv 14!
Stella-Luna learned Double Team!
Stella-Luna is able to learn Bite! Forget an old move? Answer OOC.

Also check this post: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10144871#post10144871
I forgot to mention some moves and add some levels to the OP before, as I was quite stressed when making it. Edited that now. Ensure everything looks as it should now, thank you! :why:


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Bruno Dillinger
May 23, Thursday

Chapter 4, Part 4: The Hall

Afternoon, Rock Tunnel

They walked through a long, narrow path. It was surrounded by stalagnates and stalagmites from one extreme to the other one, mostly, which could make one feel as if they were walking across the main hall of an old castle by the way they were ordered. The ceiling was full of small but still notorious stalactites from which the Zubat hung, resting or simply sensing the two trainers walk, occasionally fluttering their wings or flying to a neighbouring rock. At this point, the heartbeat of the kid was strong and the hunger of adventure was rising by each step.

That’s how Deborah would feel like. The girl popped into Bruno's mind after he thought of how much she’ll bother him after seeing that all of his clothes were completely wet. She wouldn’t stop bothering him for it for the rest of their journey, so he could only wish not to run into the girl until tomorrow since his spare clothes also got wet the moment he fell in the Orb Room. In that sense, he felt safer with the purple-haired woman.

“We’re stopping here.” the woman said after many minutes of nothing but the sound of the Zubat squeaking and the shoes of both trainers stepping on puddles, leaning against one of the stone columns and putting her backpack on the ground. Since they got out of the Orb Room, she was much calmer and not in an intimidating way. Bruno actually felt she had eased up to him for reasons as simple as not having Sableye holding a blue flame on his back anymore. It was also hard treating her as some kind of kidnapper now because this time she was actually helping Bruno get outside of the cave. However, Bruno still couldn’t help but get a little nervous when she suddenly said to stop there.

“W-what are…?”

“Eating.” she answered. “We still have a long way to go before we reach the exit, and it’s been long since lunchtime. If we don’t eat something soon, we’ll collapse and don’t think I’ll take you on my arms if you pass out.”

Oh, right. Food. He was too concentrated on getting to Lavender soon that he forgot he didn’t have any breakfast except for a can of lemonade… which he could hear Casey’s reprimand on even if he wasn’t here at the moment. He totally forgot about looking for the electrolyte ones while he was stocking on food in Rock Village. Maybe in Lavender.

“What’s with that face of yours, kid?!” she asked annoyed. “Don’t you have any food on you or something?!”

“I- N-no. I mean, y-yes! It’s just that…” I forgot I was hungry. It was a miracle that he didn’t collapse before.

“You should work on that stuttering of yours. I can’t understand a thing of what you’re saying.” she said. Bruno didn’t answer, as expected. “Sit.” Maybe she wasn’t in that much of a good mood as he thought.

Both of them had water, many bottles of water. The woman also brought dried fruit, nuts and a few sandwiches. Bruno only had sandwiches and some cereal bars. His food thankfully didn’t get wet because his clothes absorbed all of the water. He also had one last lemonade left, but if Casey was already scary enough with them, he didn’t want to imagine her.

Bruno was a bit shy with the food at first but it wasn’t until the woman yelled “Are you going to eat something or not?!” that he started to eat until he was good enough. He didn’t want to eat too much either. The three Pokémon were also very hungry, it seemed: Shiinotic was eating some of the dried fruits while Bumblebee took Bruno’s last can of lemonade and a cereal bar. Sableye, on the other hand, was trying its best to take some of the gemstones the woman had inside her bag, just to be pushed away in each attempt; in the end it ate a single cereal bar and a bit angry, it also ate a big part of the Pokémon Food the others were supposed to eat too.

“You know, kid? I like you.” she said. “I thought you were a weak, dumb one at first, but you really proved yourself out there. Turns out you were only weak.”

“... T-thanks?” was that supposed to be a compliment? Because it felt like it at first, but that last remark made it feel like it wasn’t. She wasn’t lying, but it was still rude.

“You can call me Amber, by the way.” she said. “What about you? Since we’re going to travel together for the rest of the day, I think it’s safe to know at least each other’s names.”

Bruno raised an eyebrow, and frowned. She was weird. He couldn’t understand how someone could be… no, he couldn’t even find a way to describe her personality. He just knew she didn’t hate him. Bruno snapped back out of his thoughts after seeing how Amber stared at him with a serious expression as she waited for an answer, realizing that he made her wait for a long time.

“I- B-Bruno… Bruno Dillinger.”

“Dillinger? All right.” she said “Are you finished eating? We still have a long way to go, so don’t eat too much either.”

Bruno nodded in response with a low “mhm”. He found her attitude very puzzling to even answer correctly. It would probably take him more time to get used to this.
Amber and Bruno kept walking in silence to the other end of the path he liked to call ‘The Hall’. The Hall eventually opened into another square room with weird shaped rocks.

For a moment there, Bruno thought they ran into another trap, but there was none of those in The Hall. However, what was there wasn’t better than being stuck with another puzzle: Camouflaged within the rocks, a wild Tyranitar was resting. Weren’t it because of its heavy breathing, the two trainers wouldn’t have realized it was there. Around five Larvitars were by its side, all of them in a deep slumber as well.

Amber blocked the boy’s trail with her right arm, and with a finger over her mouth, she whispered: “Watch your step. It would be very bad for us if we woke up that Tyranitar.” to which her Shiinotic agreed shaking its head vehemently.

They walked in a slower pace, Bruno behind Amber, trying not to make a lot of noise. Bumblebee’s bouncing was the strongest noise right now, but the sleeping Pokémon didn’t seem to be bothered by it. It was probably used to louder noises. They had no problem reaching the other side of the path, in fact, the problems started then. There was a weak tremor inside the room and a deep groan coming from behind. Bruno shook, feeling shivers down his spine, shocked because of the sudden noise and made the mistake of looking behind him. He saw that the Tyranitar started waking up, and immediately, the boy froze.


The Larvitar were starting to wake up too, one by one.


Their movements were slow. Bruno had his chance to run or at least walk away unnoticed. If only his legs answered now.

“Dillinger!” Bruno snapped. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Someone was calling him. It was Amber. She didn’t leave him as she explained before. “We are at the exit of this gate already! This is no place to stay in!”

“I- I’m sorry…” he answered. He could barely take those words out.

“It’s okay.” she said, but her expression said otherwise. “Can you move?”

Bruno nodded. He lied. He didn’t know why, but that’s what he did.

The boy tried to turn around, but since he was unable to raise one of his legs, he tripped and fell. Amber was quick to crouch and grab him before he hit the ground. Sableye held tight to her bag before falling, and there was also a desperate, loud squealing from a scared Bumblebee.

“Shut up!” the woman shouted at the bouncing Psychic-type. Bumblebee’s squealing wasn’t loud enough for the Tyranitar to notice them, but her shout was enough for the Pokémon to turn its head at them.

The Pokémon’s growl echoed inside the whole room, and the deep sound of the weak tremors rumbled for each step it took forward, as it cluelessly glanced around the whole room, looking for where that shout came from.

Bruno didn’t know what was happening. He tried rising his head from Amber’s shoulders, but she locked it there with her hand.

“Don’t move.” she whispered. “It knows we are here.”

Bruno's Party:

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Richard Wolstenholme
Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Afternoon

Chapter 4 - 4
Mysterious Tremor

Richard carefully looked left and right, even with the help of his trusty flashlight he wasn’t able to find anything that could be an object for interest for either him or Gordon. There were only several small Pokemon passing by in the tunnel that considerably getting darker and darker as much as they go.

“Are you okay, Mr. Gordon?” Richard turned his back towards the old man walking behind him, the constant panting he heard from behind him made him warier of his condition.

Gordon immediately tried to look strong when he realized that Richard was looking at him. “I… I’m fine… It’s just been quite a while since I... Exercised properly. Phew, do you find anything yet?” Gordon tried to quickly change the subject, but it was so easy to see that he’s completely frazzled by the terrain.

“No, although I think we should just rest again. I don’t think it’s wise to continue in our current condition.” Richard glanced towards the road ahead of them, it’s pitch-black and with the trail kept descending downwards, he was not even sure that they could get out of this cave easily.

“And… Delaying our progress? You knew well that we… Need a lot of time… To arrive on the other sid-” Gordon’s words were cut off by his own coughing, the man immediately wiped the dripping sweat from his forehead.

Seeing the miserable state Gordon was in, Richard was more than eager to take another quick rest on the place they were in. But he also realized that Gordon might be too stubborn if he said that he wanted to take a rest due to the old man’s condition. Fortunately for him, a seemingly great idea had suddenly appeared in his head. Unwilling to waste more time, Richard quickly sprung to action.

“Argh…” Richard crouched while holding his ankles.

“W-what? Are you okay!?” Gordon rushed to Richard’s aid.

Richard was flustered at how fast Gordon came to his aid, but he quickly composed himself so his ruse didn’t get blown. “I.. I’m fine, I think I just sprained my ankle… Um… Can we take a lunch break here? It seems safe and I think I need some time to apply some medication...”

“Of course, there’s always time to rest. Let’s stay here for a bit.” Gordon put his bag down to the ground and rummaged his bag for his lunch.

“Yes” Richard muttered happily, he couldn’t believe that the only thing he needed to make Gordon do a 180 on resting was moving the concern from Gordon to himself. He even fist pumped in the elation of his success.

“Did you say something?” Gordon glanced back as he overheard that Richard was saying something.

“O-oh nothing... I’m just speaking out my own thoughts… Don’t mind me…” Richard immediately took a cold spray from his bag and sprayed it on his ankle to maintain the act.

Both of them took out their lunches, due to the ‘lackluster’ cooking ability he had in his disposal, Richard brought out the Curry Breads he already prepared as his meal, just as he about to chomp down on his favorite bread he heard a weird noise from Gordon’s direction. Curious, he immediately turned his gaze towards the direction of the sound.

“Uh... Mr. Gordon, isn’t that?”

“Cup Noodles, yes… This is my connoisseur pick, based on my 32 years of eating these, this one is the best from the 12 available variants. You know why? It's be-”

Gordon’s enthusiastic lecture about the wonders of the noodle word was cut off when the ground suddenly shook.

“What was that!?”

Not long after the tremor, a lot of Pokemon ran through their resting area. What made the pair even more worried was that it was clear that the Pokemon were running from something, one Pokemon even hid behind Richard’s body.

“Yikes…” Gordon gritted his teeth, expecting the worse… He immediately rushed his eating just in case

Meanwhile, Richard turned his attention towards the scared Pokemon. “Hey, little guy. What’s wrong?” Richard asked the Pokemon while rubbing its head.

The Pokemon was barely able to compose itself, it was still shaking even after Richard tried to calm it down.

“You must be terrified... Do you want this? Relax, you can take your time.” Richard held out an Oran Berry he took from his backpack.

The Pokemon initially hesitated, but it eventually accepted the berry from the young man. While the Pokemon busy munching down on the berry, he pulled out his Pokedex to scan the Pokemon.

Ah, so this is Bronzor… Interesting. Although I can’t help but wonder, why the hell all of those Pokemon ran away from that direction… I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

With his curiosity triumphing his hunger, he couldn’t help but want to explore inside. However, he was also worried that Gordon wasn’t in good enough shape to continue venturing inside. With not much of a choice, Richard eventually stood up.

“Mr. Gordon, I think I’ll go and check what’s going on..."



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Chapter 4: Daybreak // May 24th
ft. Casey Holt

Plink. Plink plink.

Jordan hungrily eyes the selection of candy bars and chips inside the vending machine as he drops his coins in. He’d had nothing but trail mix, water and other bland, healthy food during their time in Rock Tunnel. He deserves some real snacks, after all they’d been through.

Let’s see… A2, D1… he frantically punches numbers into the keypad, and one by one, the snacks fall into the receptacle below. He grabs a few extra bags for when his Pokemon finally wake up, too. And maybe something for Casey… He hesitates, holding the coin up to the machine, as he looks up and down the glass display. No, Casey definitely doesn’t want chips for breakfast. He cocks his head to the side, thinking.

But Vera might.


Satisfied with his selection, he grabs his haul and plops himself down at a window seat. The Pokemon Center is fairly empty at this hour - just the way he likes it. Jordan leans back and opens a bag of chips, gazing out the window to watch the sun rise. He would have waited for the others to join him, but he is starving. He looks at his watch. I’ll give them another half hour.

Minutes tick by before he hears something other than the crunch of his own chips. A quiet clinking from the breakfast bar catches his attention. Casey has somehow snuck by him- or maybe he was down here already?- and that’s kind of strange. Casey takes every opportunity to talk, and Jordan can’t think of a time in the last two years he hasn’t been bothered as soon as the boy entered the room.

So Jordan watches curiously for a moment. Casey has his back turned, quickly selecting a variety of much healthier foods than Jordan's pile of snacks. Given his delicate closing of containers and shushing of cutlery, he seems to be deliberate in his attempt at silence.

Does he… not know I’m here? Jordan glances at the path between the rooms and where they were - there was no way he missed him getting to the breakfast bar. As he tries to make sense of what he is witnessing, Casey glances around, and they unmistakably lock eyes this time. Casey stiffens and very slowly swivels on his heel to face Jordan, one arm full of breakfast goods.

“Um. Hi?” Jordan smiles and waves slowly, unsure of what to make of Casey’s strange reaction. Casey's cheeks flush when his voice cracks on his own greeting.

"Uh- yes. Hi. Good morning. What're you… doing? Here. Now."

He seemed a lot more… jittery than usual. Very unlike Casey. But Jordan shrugs and chalks it up to him recovering from the day before still. “Breakfast,” he responds, shaking his bag of chips in Casey’s direction. “Care to join me with your… that?” he gestures towards the food Casey is holding, and kicks out the chair opposite of him at the table. Casey takes a step in his direction but shuffles to the side instead, aiming toward the door while still fully facing Jordan.

"I would love to- uh- except- I have to go. Run. Not away but, uh. Running. I still wanna hang out with you! Of course! But. Later? Yes? We'll talk- we'll do things later. After… other things."

He's walking completely backwards now. Drops an apple and curses under his breath as he swoops down to grab it.

Jordan leers suspiciously at the boy fumbling out of the room. “I- okay… later.” he had a few questions, to say the least, but Casey has already retrieved his apple and is again making for the exit. That was weird. He looked like he had seen a ghost or something when he looked over. Well, we are in Lavender Town. Wait a minute… Jordan quickly glances around himself, as a slight chill runs down his spine. No, wait- that’s just a draft from sitting next to the window. He shrugs and cracks open a can of soda.

"That's disgusting." Casey says bluntly. He's nearly out the door, but health-consciousness has apparently overridden whatever else is going through his head at the moment. "It's five in the morning. Go get a fruit."

“Ah-” Jordan replies, holding up the can and squinting at the back of his ‘Watermelon Fizz’. “It’s ‘infused with real fruit’, it says.”

"Poured over a fruit salad and dumped into a can, that's what that means." Casey grumbles, then abruptly remembers what he was doing. "Anyway-" he starts backing up again- "get something real and, uh, eat it before I come back. 'Cause I'm coming back in a little bit. So I'll… see you then. Don't go anywhere. Uh, well, you can go where you want, obviously, but. Don't… do anything? No, I mean…"

The whoosh of the automatic doors saves him from coming up with anything else. "I'm going! Goodbye!"

“Oh. Bye-” Jordan responds, several moments too late, as he processes the bizarre exchange. Huh. Did I do something? ...Did he do something? He shakes his head, unable to come up with an explanation. He glances back at the breakfast bar, considering Casey’s ‘suggestion’. Hm. I’ll think about it.


Pokemon on hand:

Tangela // "Tangles"

Vine Whip
Sleep Powder
Poison Powder

Pidgey // Hop

Sand Attack
Mirror Move

Cubone // Spirit

Bone Club

Skiddo // Sage

Vine Whip
Play Nice


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Casey Holt
Friday, May 24, 2019
Lavender Town
Early Morning, Day 5
5-03: is "fine" something?

What was that?!

Casey furiously presses palms into his heated cheeks as he leaves the Pokémon Center behind. Since when can't he talk to Jordan like a normal person? Why'd his brain just give up? He's usually so good at showing what he wants to show! Did he just completely forget how to filter?

Maybe. He's been having issues with that lately. Wednesday mostly. When he and Jordan were-

Oh, a common factor.

He's forgotten how to filter around Jordan?


Because he hasn't felt the need to for a long time.

That's something to think about. Not the current issue, though. The current issue is… what? That he forgot? Yeah. But that's not the question. The question is- why's he trying to put up barriers again?

What changed?

Well, that's an easy answer. He's been thinking about it all morning. That's weird, in the first place, thinking about Jordan all morning. And he wasn't done thinking and therefore wasn't ready to say anything. In retrospect, he probably should have resolved that before going downstairs. He knows Jordan's morning habits. They're basically friends because of them.

But that's not entirely it. He's been thinking about Jordan all morning because Jordan almost died. And that's unsettling. Not because Casey's suddenly realized that there's a potential for death on this journey- he'd started thinking about that in Cerulean, almost getting his head taken off by a Hitmonlee and all. Thought about it again under the terrifying effects of Stun Spore. That’s not new. No, what’s new is being unsettled because it's Jordan who almost died.

He doesn't want that.

Casey rolls his eyes at himself. Of course he doesn't want his friend to die. That's not the weird part here. The weird part is the nausea every time he thinks of it, the heart-pounding adrenaline spike, the sudden, intense desire to protect, defend, keep close...

Keep close?

Wait, but- he decided this earlier- they can't just be together all the time. Jordan would get sick of that.

...Only Jordan would?

They've seen each other almost every morning for the last two years. Plus classes, plus… whenever else. He hasn't ever gotten tired of spending time with Jordan.

That's weird. Everybody gets sick of each other sometimes. Don't they? Well, maybe not if they're in love. But everyone else does.


No, nope, he's not in love with Jordan. That's ridiculous. There's more to "being in love" than enjoying their company. Like…

That does seem to encompass a lot of it, actually. Maybe there's… wanting to do romantic things? Like… holding hands? They did that yesterday, walking out of Rock Tunnel. It wasn't romantic.

Was it?

Casey frowns around the bagel in his mouth. It wasn't. He knows that, at least. There's gotta be something else, something bigger, he knows it. ...Oh! Physical attraction. Yeah. He’s gotta be physically attracted to Jordan if he’s in love with him. And he’s not. So he’s not. Jordan’s pretty and all, with his bright blue eyes and fluffy red hair and constellations of freckles, but…

But he can’t finish that thought. Because he doesn’t have anything to finish it with. Because he thinks Jordan’s pretty, no caveats. Uh.

That might’ve thrown his argument out the window.

Well, no, thinking someone’s pretty and being attracted to them are two different things! Attraction is… well, wanting to… uh. Kiss them?

He tries to picture himself kissing Jordan.

It's… fine.

Is "fine" something?

He pictures himself kissing Vera for comparison. That's also fine. So if that's not different, then… he’s probably not attracted to Jordan. Unless he’s attracted to Vera, too? Is that something?

Does it make things different, if it is?

Casey shakes his head quickly, as if doing so helps to dismiss this whole train of thought. This is weird and embarrassing to think about, and he's not getting anywhere with it anyway. He can't spend the whole day wrapped up in his own confusion! Gotta pay attention to the rest of the world!

He would have benefited from having that thought about ten seconds earlier.

It's a good thing he’s out so early. Nobody's around to see the dirty look he shoots at a tree root as he dusts himself off.
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Casey Holt
Friday, May 24, 2019
Lavender Town
Early Morning, Day 5
5-04: good pokémon

His flustered escape from the Pokémon Center has overridden several other things that should have been on his mind. For instance, that for the first time since being attacked in Cerulean, he is fully on his own. He's letting his Pokémon out even before the thought finishes crossing his mind, and wonders as well: is this paranoia? Or is this reasonable caution?

It's hard to define, he thinks, watching Ginger settle herself on Parsley's back. He'd been ambushed twice in Cerulean, a place known to be fairly peaceful. And the second incident hadn't been an isolated one. An argument could be made for reasonable caution, but adding in the idea that these things that happened in Cerulean and he is now in Lavender, it looks more like paranoia.


"We're in Lavender," he says out loud. Pepper looks at him inquisitively. "There are Ghosts here." The Charmeleon seems to understand. Parsley doesn't. Ginger gives no indication either way, but Casey knows she's aware.

So maybe his… wariness isn't paranoia. Because this is Lavender, and Casey knows what Ghosts do. To him specifically. He shouldn't be out here on his own. Yeah, his Pokémon are here, but they can't handle everything. If he'd been thinking instead of reacting then he'd have asked Jordan to come because Jordan knows what Ghosts do and Jordan knows what Casey does and Jordan can handle all of Casey's nonsense with a certain amount of grace and Casey turns on his heel and starts back toward the Pokémon Center.


Parsley runs into him, not expecting the sudden halt. Casey presses his palms to his cheeks and sighs.

Turns back around.

He'll be fine for an hour or so. He has to be.

He jogs amongst the hills at the northwestern edge of the city, Pepper and Parsley keeping pace, until they find a nice little clearing. The morning sun drops down through leaves and branches to bathe a sheer rock wall in warm light. Ginger immediately directs Parsley to said wall and they lay down to doze. Casey rolls his eyes. Parsley’s not lazy by any means, but boy, does he like to snooze. And Ginger… well. It’s hard to tell what she wants from life. Control, maybe. She seems to be enjoying bossing Parsley around.

Casey faces the sun and closes his eyes. Shoulders back, palms out, core engaged.


Pepper mimics him, and Casey recalls Kel's advice. To figure out the limits of their physical abilities… He knows a lot, a mix of formal education and observations of the last four days. But he needs to know more. He… doesn’t exactly know where to start. He folds forward.


Watches as Pepper copies, the crown of his head completely on the ground. Proportions are very different, obviously.

Lift. Inhale.

Step into plank.


Pepper can't get his hips in line with shoulders; his legs aren't long enough. Arching the back, he doesn't flex very well that direction… and again, a struggle with hip positioning…

"I don't think yoga works for you," Casey says, releasing his last pose. Pepper makes a disgruntled noise. "It's not your fault. Yoga's designed for humans. And human-shaped Pokémon. Ginger can prob'ly do it when she evolves."

Ginger makes deliberate eye contact from the sunny patch of grass she and Parsley have settled in. Her expression clearly says "even if I could do that, I absolutely would not." Casey shrugs. Pepper complains loudly and genuinely. That's unexpected. He's usually good-natured. Casey stops himself before he gets too lost in wondering why. Now’s not the time to go spiraling into another tangled mess of what-ifs. Besides, Pepper can just tell him. In a way.

"Let's find out what does work for you! You don't know yet either, do you?" Pepper shakes his head, refusing to make eye contact. "Oh. You're frustrated 'bout that?"

It takes Pepper a moment before he nods a sullen admission, shifting his weight from foot to foot self-consciously. There it is, there’s the “why”. Gaining a foot and a half in height and doubling your weight in an instant- yeah, that's gotta be disorienting. Pepper will get comfortable in his body quick enough, it's only natural, but he hasn't had much time outside his PokéBall since evolving. Just dozing two nights ago at camp and being abruptly tossed into battle yesterday. Casey sits down and drags Pepper backwards into his lap. Pepper complains briefly but accepts being pet.

"Look," he says, gently scratching Pepper's neck, "we just gotta take a minute to figure it out. Let's see… you got sharper teeth, longer claws on your hands and feet, and a horn on your head now." Casey pokes at them as he speaks. Pepper huffs, but tolerates it. "You're heavier, but less squishy. You're less flexible, but more powerful. You can prob'ly move better on two legs now. Which means you can use your sticks more effectively! That'll be fun."

Pepper considers this. Casey considers his education, and immediately realizes that many of the things he’d like to know have never been addressed.

“Hey, how’m I supposed to use you effectively in a fight if I don’t know what you can do?” Pepper looks up at him with an inquisitive noise. “I know how fast I am. I know how high I can jump and how far I can reach. I know the right distance to maximize the impact of a punch. Stuff like that. I dunno any of that about you. Or Ginger, or Parsley. I’ve been gettin’ by with uh, estimations. But if I know more, then we can do better!”

Pepper nods once, slowly, then a few more times as he scrambles off Casey’s lap and turns to face him, bouncing in place. Casey laughs. “Yeah! Let’s figure it out! Starting with… whatever you did yesterday.” He consults his PokéDex. “Dragon Breath? That’s got some range on it. How ‘bout you… just blast it that way, see how far it goes?”

It goes far.

Casey tells Pepper to stay put as he jogs alongside the trail of freshly-tilled dirt. Forty feet, sixty, eighty… about a hundred is where it trails off, flattened grass proving it went further than that, but the hundred-foot mark is where it seems to have lost most of its force. Right…

“Pepper! Do that again, same direction!”

From this angle he can see the shape of the attack- it’s more of a cone than a beam, surrounded by whirling wind that drags more dirt up with it as it goes. He braces himself and sticks his hand into its path. The wind slaps his wrist and pushes his arm back a little, but it doesn’t even unbalance him. The next time, he stands fully in the way. It’s kind of like cycling into the wind. Annoying to make headway against, but nothing more.

They test again around sixty feet. Here, Casey can walk forward, but it’s difficult. At forty he can only take a few steps. Twenty he can’t move at all, and ten is where he’s finally knocked over. Pepper scampers over worriedly, but Casey’s already on his feet. “No, don’t worry about it! I wouldn’t be doin’ it if I was gonna get hurt.” He brushes himself off. “That’s where it knocks me over, but I’m heavier’n a lot of Pokémon. But I have more surface area, too, and that prob'ly makes a difference. We’ll try that on Parsley later… and Ginger, but she’ll prob’ly only let us do it once. Gotta make that count.”

He hums, thinking. “I got a good sense for how your Ember works but we'll have to see 'bout its new range. Smokescreen is what it is; just gotta figure out the best way to use it. You’ve got more range and power on Scratch, now. Hey, can you put that power through your back claws?” Pepper kicks at the nearest plant, glowing claws severing it easily. “Cool. That's more options. Fire Fang… show me that, will ya?”

Pepper opens his mouth to show off the flames licking across his teeth, creating a shifting illusion of longer fangs. “That’s good when things get close. Same as, as Bone Rush. Do we get to call it Bone Rush? You don’t use a bone.” Pepper shrugs. “We’ll just call it Bone Rush, I guess. ‘Cause you can basically use it with anything. It’s just energy channeling.”

“...Staff Rush, maybe,” Casey says after a pause. “That’s cute. We should find a good, sturdy staff for your size. ‘Cause your sticks keep breaking and my walking stick doesn’t work for that.”

“That’s it for your actual moves, I guess. How 'bout you just… play around for a while? Try climbing, and switchin’ directions quick, stuff like that. You still gotta put in the work to figure out how your body feels now. Then you can show me what you can do.” Pepper complains even as he goes off to comply, but this time it’s got his usual theatrical tone behind it. And that’s really nice to hear, because Charmeleon are notoriously unruly and prone to aggression. But Pepper seems to have retained his cheerful personality. That’s really good, actually. He doesn’t know what he’d do with another “problem child”, as Jordan likes to call them.

Speaking of.


The Skiddo bolts up and Ginger tumbles off his back, chattering angrily, but Parsley isn’t swayed by her argument. Instead, he trots over to Casey and noses at his hand. “Hello, my sweet boy! You’re gonna have to learn to listen without the promise of treats,” he coos, petting Parsley’s snout. The Skiddo huffs into his hand. “Hush. You get fed plenty at meals. I’m not gonna have you gettin’ fat. We got stuff to do.” Since Pepper's training and all. May as well do something with the others while he's at it.

The bruises that criss-cross his ribs twinge. Right. There's that. Casey sighs, running his hands through Parsley’s mane for a moment before committing. “I don’t like bein’ tied up. Or pinned, or paralyzed… that kinda stuff. So pullin’ me around with Vine Whip… that’s, uh. Very scary for me.”

Parsley looks up at him. Looks upset, ashamed. Casey winces. “No, baby boy, I’m glad you pulled me outta there. Both times. Better scared than actually hurt. You did a good thing. I know you’ll listen if I tell you to let go. But that doesn’t stop me from bein’ scared. I guess…” Casey hesitates. He doesn’t wanna say it, let alone do it, but… “we gotta practice. I gotta practice. Bein’ moved around like that. ‘Cause if I’m in trouble, I want you to help me. And I don’t wanna be scared.”

Parsley butts his head into Casey’s stomach, which is very cute. Casey sighs again, then shakes himself. “Okay. We already know you can fling me. But it was hard, right? You had to brace yourself and put a lot of force behind it. I don’t think it’d work if it was a controlled lift… and you all had to work together to get me when. When, uh. The second time. So you can rescue me like that if you have to, but it’s hard on both of us. Maybe… go up on top of that ledge? Can you lift me from above? Like we had to with Jordan?”

He refuses to think any more about Jordan right now. He’s busy.

The wall is a few feet taller than Casey, which means that they should be able to do a decent test here. Parsley trots above and Casey takes measured breaths as the vines wrap around his ribs again. The pressure on the bruises is not good, but figuring this out will only take a minute. Parsley firms up his stance and pulls; Casey’s feet leave the ground and it’s hard to breathe, he really really doesn’t like that at all, especially not after spores, paralysis, helplessness and he barely registers that his eyes come level to Parsley’s hooves before he’s abruptly lowered, vines retracting and letting him gasp for breath as he slumps down. Parsley doesn’t bother with coming all the way back around, no- he jumps the ten feet down to get to Casey as quickly as possible, shoving his face into his trainer’s neck so Casey can clutch at him for what comfort he offers.

He didn’t like that.

Parsley whines and nuzzles him. “It’s okay,” Casey assures shakily. “Told you- gotta practice. Flingin’ me is good enough. ‘S over quick. You don’t have enough weight behind you to lift me well. That’s fine. You will when you evolve, so we’ll try again then.”

“For now,” he says, getting to his feet and shaking his arms as if that will oust the tremors from his body, “we’ve got other things to figure out. I pretty much know how fast you are. And you get an extra burst when you use Pursuit, which is cool. Growth… that works better in sunlight, right?” Casey pulls his PokéDex out of his pocket again. Takes longer than he should to hit the right buttons. “Yeah. And you learned Razor Leaf yesterday, which is- wait, you know Leech Seed too? When did that happen?”

Parsley shrugs, as much as a goat can shrug. They’d found out about Razor Leaf some time after meeting Harper and Emmy- Parsley started to shed leaves as they walked, which Casey had been too deep in conversation to notice until Jordan and Vera complained about “treacherous footing”. Figuring out why hadn’t been too hard; a Skiddo’s body produces different leaves for Razor Leaf than their regular leafy pelt, ones that are both sharper and sturdier. Using the move a few times had gotten Parsley’s body used to understanding when to make those secondary leaves.

But he’s still not especially good at aiming. Which isn’t so much a problem when there are a bunch of targets, like with yesterday’s Aron horde, but for future use…

Wait. Leech Seed first.

“The way Skiddo do Leech Seed is… you make it with your mouth, right?” Parsley opens his mouth and lets a spherical seed drop from his mouth with a “bleh”. It bursts when it hits the ground, little vines creeping along the grass. “Right. So you gotta… spit them?”

Parsley spits one with as much force as he can. It doesn’t land very far away.

“Okay, well-”

Casey is cut off by Parsley forming another seed and this time firing it; it goes a good twenty feet before hitting the ground and bursting open. These vines are much thicker; they could probably restrain a small Pokémon. “Huh. So that depends on how much power you put in to start. Maybe you’ll be able to fire ‘em further with practice? Guess we’ll find out as we go… uh, what else was I thinkin’- oh, right, Razor Leaf. Aiming. Just show me a regular Razor Leaf, will ya?”

Parsley complies, pelt rustling as some twenty or so leaves are flung towards the wall. “Now aim for uh- that reddish rock?”

One leaf clips the edge of the target, but the rest… not a great spread. Kind of a horizontal pattern, which is interesting and potentially useful. Maybe the move is better on a moving target than a stationary one, but maybe… “Is it easier to aim with less leaves? Well, actually, can you make less leaves in the first place?”

Parsley rustles, and Casey counts. Sixteen. “Again?” Fourteen. Then eleven, then thirteen, then ten. No, nine? It’s harder to tell now for some reason- oh! “Fewer leaves go faster! They prob’ly hit harder too, ‘cause of y’know. Physics. Can you do even less?”

Seven, and they’re getting really fast, but Casey’s forgotten the original point of the exercise. “Do that but aim,” he says, and Parsley whips eight leaves toward their target. Three hit and the other five cluster fairly close around.

Nice. That’s what he was looking for.

“I want your usual Razor Leaf to be uh… between eight and twelve leaves. That’s a good speed an’ a good spread. I think there’s more we can do with it but for now you should just make that a habit. You practice that while I, uh…” Casey glances to Ginger, sunning herself pretty much where Parsley had dropped her, and purses his lips. “Well.”

She acknowledges him with a lazy glance as he sits down next to her, leaning against the wall. “Ginger.”

She doesn’t respond. Casey opens his mouth again, but hesitates. It’s weird. Parsley and Pepper are easy to talk to, easy to handle. Easy to get along with. Most people are, for Casey. But Ginger’s... difficult. Difficult to work with, difficult to manage. He knows she didn’t appreciate being caught. He thinks he knows why. And she’s still volatile and willful, even if she’s less angry. It’s hard to tell if she’s warming up to him at all, actually-


He chuckles quietly. Ginger looks at him, cool eyes tinged with mild curiosity.

It’s not hard to tell.

“We’re really gonna have to figure something out soon,” Casey says, trying very hard to keep a straight face. Ginger makes a small noise, a reluctant question. “With your moves, y’know? You don’t have much range or variety.”

Ginger’s body language says I’m bored, but that curiosity lingers in her eyes. She’s paying attention, wondering where he’s going with this. “You’re agile and you jump really well, but,” and Casey can’t fight the grin finding its way onto his face as he continues, “you’ve lost a lot of power off Frustration.”

Ginger bolts upright and starts yelling, fueled by Casey’s giggling. He holds his palms out to accept her demonstration, her attempt at convincing him that no, Frustration’s still powerful! It hits way harder than Pound! He can tell the difference in the energy by now; Casey’s right arm takes the former and his left the latter and he still laughs. “They’re basically the same!” Ginger stomps her feet, turns her back on him and rants to the sky, kicking pebbles and tearing up the remnants of some Razor Leafs.

Casey waits.

Eventually her shouting dissolves into grumbles and she plops down next to him with a huff, little arms crossed and ears curled in. It’s very cute, but they do have to face the reality of the matter- Ginger really doesn’t have much power at her disposal. They’re gonna have to figure out how to maximize what she does have, and that’s gonna take some testing. And testing is going to take some convincing. At least he's gained something by taking those hits. “Frustration’s still more powerful, but not by much.”

Ginger radiates smugness until the conversation takes a sharp turn.

“I basically know what you’re sayin’ all the time. It’s like I can almost hear human words. And that’s… I mean…” Casey sighs. It’s necessary, but that doesn’t make this any less difficult. “You communicate way too well to have lived in the wild your whole life.”

Ginger flinches, refuses to make eye contact.

“No, look at me." She doesn't, so he picks her up. "Stop that,” Casey says placidly, taking her punches and kicks in stride. She sinks her teeth into his wrist and is vindicated when he winces, but he doesn’t drop her. Instead, he sticks her comfortably in the crook of his opposite arm and waits until she gets sick of tasting blood.

It takes a few minutes.

She lets go, finally, and sullenly stays put when Casey rests his freed hand on his knee. “I’m not gonna make you tell me about it.”

Ginger flicks her ears and glares at him. Then why did you even bring it up?!

“I’m not gonna tiptoe around it. Only fair that you know that I know. And it was an important part of your life and prob’ly uh, influences you. What you do. How you do stuff. How you think about stuff? Y’know.”

Ginger gives a single, cautious nod. Go on.

“Workin’ together as close as we have to doesn’t work real well if we don’t know those kindsa things.”

She crosses her arms, jerks her head to the side, and huffs. We don’t have to work together at all.

“Stop that. I already know you like me, at least a little bit.” Ginger looks incredibly upset, but he plows on before she can retaliate. “And I like you too, and I’m not gonna give up on bein’ a team.”

Ginger stares at him, and for the first time since he’s met her she seems at a loss for words.

Maybe she’s having trouble processing.

That’s pretty heartbreaking.

He swipes his thumb across her mouth. She’s gonna need an actual wash. So will he, though. He has a topical antibacterial in his bag. Will that be good enough? Maybe he’ll just leave it ‘til they go back to the Pokémon Center. It’s probably fine.

Casey relaxes as best he can, bathed in morning sunlight with Ginger cradled motionless in his arm. Pepper joins Parsley in dutifully focusing on the target he’d chosen earlier. Pepper finds the point where Ember’s aim starts to struggle and stays there, practising. Parsley’s playing, perhaps, but in a way that’s close enough to training that Casey doesn’t bother to redirect him. An Ember flies and a Razor Leaf follows, usually bursting against the rocks just after the fire dies. Once in a while, though, a leaf is fast enough to catch the flame. Those are fives or sixes, Casey notes, and Parsley struggles with throwing so few. That’s okay. They've got plenty of time to learn. No need to perfect a move in a day.

He wonders how quickly Aurelia's Pokémon learn things. Her expertise is in the technical side of moves, according to Kel. And her TM collection is extensive. She's gotta be good at teaching them, right? Maybe her Pokémon do perfect things in a day. Maybe he should…

No. Even the thought of asking his sister for advice is uncomfortable.

Besides, he should figure it out mostly on his own. That's part of being a trainer. And leaning too heavily on others who can leave you at any time… that's a recipe for disaster.

Jordan and Vera, though, they said...

A lack of motion catches Casey's attention- the drills have stopped. But Pepper is hopping excitedly from foot to foot as he explains something to Parsley. A cluster of leaves- twenty?- fly toward the wall. At the slower speed, Pepper can burn seven or eight before they fall. Both Pokémon dance and cheer before starting another round of their new game. Cute.

Ginger shifts and Casey glances down, but her only goal is to turn her face in and curl into his chest.

Casey grins.

He's got good Pokémon.
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Lavender Night Race
Arianne, Courtney and Coralie
Lavender Town - Day 4 - May 23rd

Joint post with MysticalNinetales

♫ - Blink-182 - Darkside
“U-um.. miss Courtney, I-I just w-wanted to let you know… that you battled incredibly well.. and, well, it w-was an h-honour to battle alongside you.” Francis croaked, playing with the collar of his shirt and looking down anxiously, a pink blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Hey, I already know I’m good! It’s you who should have been more careful. But…” Courtney replied, grinning. “But thanks for battling with me, it was fun in the end.” she got closer to him and playfully pushed his head up with her finger.

Francis’s blush deepend and fell to the ground as Courtney pushed his head up. He recovered quickly and hopped to his feet and seemed to be in some sort of romantic daze.

Coralie giggled. “Oh, Francis! You’re a peculiar one, aren’t you? Now, let’s go get some ice cream! Remember, you two are buying!” With that, Coralie excitedly skipped off in the direction of the ice cream parlour, beckoning the others to follow her.

Arianne didn’t speak for the time being, but just followed her battle partner with a smile. Courtney, on the other hand, seemed to have almost forgotten their agreement. “Oh, right… this could be a problem.” she whispered, shuddering at the thought of spending who knows how much for a lost bet of all things. After a moment of reflection, though, she followed Coralie as well.

“D-don’t worry, miss Courtney, I-I’ll pay… I can b-buy you ice cream, too.” Francis stuttered, avoiding Courtney’s gaze as he followed a ways behind the group.

Upon reaching the ice cream parlour, Coralie could barely contain herself.
“EEK!! Look at all the flavours! OH, there’s so many to choose from?! How am I supposed to pick?” She studied each flavour carefully, her eyes dazzling with joy. She was a kid in a candy shop! “What are you thinking of, Arianne? Rocky road? Cookies n’ Cream? Butterscotch? The possibilities are ENDLESS!”

“So true!” Arianne looked at the assortment of flavors with sparkling eyes herself. “There’s also peppermint, lemon, strawberry… anything really! We just need to make the perfect match!”

Courtney arrived as well and started to examine the flavors as well. “I already tried a small ice cream from here today… but now I wanna go bigger!” she whispered to no one in particular. If her ears didn’t fail her, Francis was really willing to buy her the ice cream too. So, why not go for it and get the best ice cream of her journey so far?

Arianne, meanwhile, raised her head enough to notice all of the available decorations. “There’s cream and sprinkles too!? Amazing! Right Coralie?” she chuckled.

“OOOH! Sprinkles!?!? Ok, I’ve come to a decision!” Coralie proudly announced, smiling at the ice cream worker, an overweight man who seemed inconvenienced by the group’s presence. “I’ll have a scoop of Bubblegum and a scoop of Cotton Candy, too, with extra sprinkles on top and in a waffle cone, please!” The ice cream man scooped both ice cream flavours into a large cone and dashed it with colourful sprinkles, before handing it to Coralie who seemed as if she was about to burst like a firework from pure exhilaration. “Thank you.” She cooed as she took the ice cream before giving it a taste. “OHHHHH, IT’S FABULOUS! SO YUMMY!” She screamed, giving her icy treat another lick.

“Next!” The parlour shouted, casting Courtney and the others an impatient glance.

“Alright, a cone with Dark chocolate and sour cherries! And some cream on top, please.” Courtney exclaimed confidently, before eyeing Francis who stood still beside her… just to make sure he wouldn’t suddenly change his mind, perhaps. She then received her rather unstable ice cream and started to eat rather quickly. “Yes, it’s even better than last time!” she cheered.

Now it was Arianne’s turn. “Peppermint and chocolate, with sprinkles!” was her order. She also had a taste, and quickly agreed with Coralie and Courtney. “It’s really a great place you’ve found! This is SO good!”

“I’ll take mint chocolate in a waffle cone. I’m paying for everyone.” Francis handed his card to the ice cream man who ogled him skeptically before processing the payment and handing him his cone and his card. Francis fumbled with his card, nearly dropping it, and took his ice cream. He then turned to face the group and eyed Courtney admiringly. “H-how does it t-taste, miss Courtney?” He asked, hiding behind his own cone anxiously.

“Thank you for paying Francis! Maybe I should battle you everyday to get a never ending supply of ice cream!” Coralie teased, giggling. “Anyways, we should probably head back to the pokemon center, it’s getting dark out.”

“True… plus, today has been quite rough, as you know!” Arianne grinned, replying to Coralie.

“No rush, there’s still people out after all! Plus, we can finally stay out at night without having our parents complain, isn’t that exciting?” Courtney chimed in, before turning to Francis. “It’s just great! A match made in heaven, as they say!”

“Sounds like fun!” Coralie commented. Arianne, not as keen on that proposal, just shrugged it off instead. "Is there anything interesting we can do during night time? Because I don't think I can resist much longer…" she said, before chuckling one more time.

"I didn't remember you being this boring!" Courtney shut her friend up with a laugh. "We're all a bit tired, I suppose, but this will be worth it. Because… this town is haunted!"

“H-haunted!?!? Miss Courtney.. a-are y-you sure?” Francis questioned, nearly dropping his ice cream out of fear.

Coralie took another lick of hers frozen delight before chiming in. “I’ve heard the rumours that this place was haunted. Apparently there’s a tower here where the souls of departed pokemon are said to linger.” A gust of wind picked up suddenly, blowing about a few leaves from a nearby tree. Coralie shuddered.

“P-pokemon s-souls!?” Francis yelped and began to shiver as he looked about suspiciously.

“I’ve heard those rumors too, yes, and now I want to find out!” Courtney answered confidently. “Plus, there’s just something special about going around at night, don’t you think?”

“Heh…” Arianne rolled her eyes. “It can’t be that different, just more dangerous! Brrr…” she whispered, as the gust made her feel slightly cold and uneasy. Luckily, there were still a couple lamp posts giving out an orange, faint light. “Can’t we just hang out near the… Center?” she finally asked. To tell the truth, she was already hoping that she wouldn’t have to stick by Courtney for much longer.

“Someone sounds scared… should I sing you a lullaby to help you sleep?” Courtney teased the other three trainers.

“Well, i-if you insist.” Francis blushed deeply, taking Courtney’s words literally.

Coralie giggled. “Oh please! we’re not scared, right, Arianne? We can stay up all night if we want to.” Coralie wrapped her arm around her friend and challenged the redhead.

Arianne’s eyes spoke a thousand words already, and there was no way she could hide it. And in spite of that, after thinking about it for a while (or at least, that’s what it seemed), she nodded her head. “I’m coming with you, yes!” she said, with a fairly unsteady voice. “Just… where are we headed?”

“Anywhere we want! The whole place is haunted anyways! But I really wanna start from the tower.” Courtney eagerly announced. “Follow me!” she added, walking further away from the Pokémon Center.

Coralie turned to Arianne and whispered into her friend’s ear. “It’s ok. Let’s just go with it for now. Maybe we can scare Courtney and teach her a lesson!” Coralie giggled, a mischievous smile written on her face, before heading after Courtney.

“M-miss Courtney! I advise that we return to the center! I-i don’t think t-this is a good idea.” Francis stammered wringing his hands together anxiously before adding. “I’ll take you up on that lullaby!”

Coralie’s idea actually did not entice Arianne as much as the younger girl was probably hoping. Getting on her bad side even more than she was already wasn’t really desirable either. “Thanks, Coralie! But I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Let’s just see what we run into…” the girl whispered back to her previous classmate.

“What good would my lullaby do if we don’t scare you a bit first?” Courtney giggled in the meantime, as she finally took the last bite of her ice cream (which admittedly she had gone through quite quickly). “But even then, how bad can it really be?”

Francis hung his head in defeat, as he realized that reasoning with Courtney was futile.

Coralie sighed before gobbling up the rest of her waffle cone. “Oh, Arianne! You’re such a bore! But, maybe you’re right. We may not need to be the ones scaring her. Who knows what kind of ghost pokemon we’ll run into?” Coralie was a tad afraid herself but tried her best not to show it. She continued on behind Courtney as the group was moving towards the outskirts of town. She turned around to glance at Francis, who was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. “Poor Francis! If he sees anything remotely scary, he’ll jump out of his skin.” She murmured.

Courtney took a quick turn into a narrow staircase, then stopped for a bit and waited for the remaining three trainers. “Just a couple steps and we’ll be even closer to the tower. Let’s keep going!” she cheered as soon as they caught up, before starting her unrelentless ascent.

“Wait, please!” Arianne called out. “A staircase!? Really?” she pouted, the tiredness starting to get the best of her. “Can’t you at least slow down or find another path?”

She eventually realized that splitting up wasn’t so bad of an idea… it still was one more little moment without Courtney, and by how things were going, it was better to take the chance.

“What’s the problem? Think you’ll trip and fall?” Courtney made a sneer, only making the older girl even less inclined to follow her.

“Let’s take another path.” Coralie suggested, gazing at the staircase wearily.

“I-I’ll come with you, m-miss Courtney.” Francis blushed at the thought of being alone with Courtney.

“I’m alright with that!” Arianne chimed in, loud enough so that Courtney could hear. She also replied immediately. “Looks like it’s another Safari versus Cape run, then! First team to the Tower wins!” she grinned, already smelling the victory.

Coralie giggled. “Sounds like fun! You’re on! Get ready to lose twice in a row!” She then turned to Arianne and flashed her a determined smile. “Alright, let’s go Ari!” With that, the petite bubblegum-haired girl headed in the direction of a winding path surrounded by rolling hills and tall, dark trees.

“D-don’t worry miss Courtney, there’s no way we’ll lose. We have the power of love-I mean, f-friendship!” Francis stumbled over his words and tried to play off his blunder by chuckling nervously.

“Do you also have the power of climbing? Because I sure do!” Courtney teased the boy once again before resuming her climb, trying her best not to care about the darkness, the cold breeze, the steepness of the staircase.

Francis was struggling to keep up with the red-haired girl and was huffing and puffing as he ascended, though the stairs were never ending and his legs were beginning to feel like noodles. Francis wasn’t exactly the most athletic individual yet he didn’t want to show any weakness in front of Courtney and so he pushed himself onwards. “Oh, t-this is nothing!” He declared, breathing heavily.

“N-now, miss Courtney..”

“Huff- yes?” the girl turned around, eventually giving in for a moment and stopping in the middle of taking another step. “For your information, we’re not slowing down.”

“O-oh, of course not, miss Courtney! Why would we do such a thing!? What an absurd suggestion.” He was somewhat startled as he didn’t expect her to respond so abruptly. “U-um, anyways, I-I just w-wanted to s-say…. that I...I-uh, is it just me or is it getting chilly out?” He shivered suddenly, breaking out in a cold sweat. It surely wasn’t caused by any sort of breeze.

“Is it all you have to say? You’ve just discovered hot water.” Courtney turned around once again and kept climbing the staircase.

“N-no! Oh, m-miss Courtney, wait!” Francis squaked, hurrying after his fellow Safari Academy graduate, stumbling as he went. “I-I have a confession…”

A confession? Courtney’s eyes brightened up as she tried to imagine what Francis could have wanted to tell her. Another cold gust made her shiver as she stopped once again and turned around, waiting for the boy who was still a couple steps below her. “What is it this time?”

Francis yelped! She’s intense, he thought. Courtney was like a raging Gyarados and he was a lowly Sunkern. Yet, he had to be bold! It was now or never. He read somewhere that women were attracted to ambitious, assertive men, anyways. “M-miss Courtney… from the m-moment I first saw you….. I-I…” He stuttered, his heart beating a million miles per second. He closed his eyes and then gave Courtney a determined look, his eyes aflame with passion. “IlikeyoumissCourtneyyouarebeautifulgorgeousandfunnyandi’vealwayswantedtotellyoubutyou’resoscarythatIcouldntworkupthecouragebuthereIamconfessingmyadorationforyoupleasedon’tbitemyheadoff.” His words came out all in one long incoherent slur, as he was so nervous that he had forgotten how to structure a basic sentence and spoke as fast as a jet plane.

“You… you what?” Courtney stared back at him, visibly puzzled. She couldn’t quite understand what Francis was saying, but at least had an idea of what it could have been. After all, him nearly falling to the ground before was surely enough of a hint!

The girl though, had never really taken a stance on the matter. She thought back at her own comment about, well, “Cinnamon girls getting all the boys”, but still unsure how to react. Say yes or no, yes or no, yes or… well, why not both yes and no at the same time?

“You’re too far Francis! Say that again when you get closer to me!” she shrugged. But instead of waiting for him on the staircase, she dashed up the steps as fast as she could, laughing. No more trying to save energy for later: the race she proposed was still her main focus, after all.

Francis, deflated as a result of his failed love confession, hung his head. He dragged himself after Courtney, now feeling more exhausted than ever. But even she was very tired by that point. Or at least, much more than she expected. By the end of the staircase, the boy was able to catch up with her.

Francis observed how fatigued Courtney externally appeared and was a bit taken aback by this. His perception of the redhead was that she had a never ending amount of energy. He gazed at her boldly. “I-I like y-you.” The words came tumbling out of his mouth and his face turned tomato red as he awaited her reply.

"Uhm, thank you Francis." was all that Courtney could say, in between heavy breaths. She smiled slightly. "Let's keep going together then, alright?" she added, essentially giving in to her own body’s complaints, as her smile turned more playful once again.

“A-alright.” Francis stuttered, pushing up his glasses. He took a deep breath and moved onwards. She didn’t flat out reject him, which was a bit reassuring, he thought.

The race was no longer Courtney and Francis’s main thought at that point. Even the girl, the one who proposed it, realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea. But, luckily for the two Safari trainers, this was also how Arianne had been feeling since the start.

“A race after all we went through today? Can’t we just… I know you want to win, Coralie, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.” she complained to her former classmate, once her opponents were just out of earshot.

Coralie giggled. “But isn’t it exhilarating? Oh, Arianne, this has been such fun! Who knows what we’ll discover?”

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t go but, do you really wanna race to the tower, Coralie?” the older girl sighed. “I’d rather just go at our own pace.”

Coralie smiled at her friend. “Sure! I’m sure those two will get lost anyways!”

“Alright then! I… suppose we need to go this way instead, don’t we?” Arianne smiled back, pointing not towards the staircase, but at the road they were already in. “I can check on my Pokégear to be sure.”

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Richard Wolstenholme
Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Afternoon

Chapter 4 - 5
Disaster Behind The Beauty

“Wait! Your legs i-” Just before Gordon finished talking, Richard already stood up before realizing in horror that he had just revealed that his injury was just a mere act.

“Umm… Mr. Gordon, I can expla-”

Gordon closed his eyes in irritation before throwing the spoon he used to mix the cup noodles. “Whatever, little rapscallion! How dare you deceive me!”

With the hot spoon thrown at him, Richard eventually was irritated enough to raise his tone “Well, what choice do I have!? You wouldn’t stop at all costs, yet your hips were trembling even worse than an erupting volcano! I couldn’t just stand by and watch that!”

Gordon looked at Richard’s eyes, before breaking out in laughter. He couldn’t believe all it took to make Richard spoke casually with him was only a hot spoon. However, he also realized that this tremor was no laughing matter.

“Fine, fine… But only a peek. You see what’s going on then return and plan here with me, alright? No crazy decisions made on a whim, alright?”

The boy tried to hide his nervous smile. Looking at the track record of his journey, the possibility that this was nothing to be worried about is second to none. Besides, even if it’s trouble ahead, he wanted Gordon to take as much rest as possible. With no choice, he relented even if it’s just upfront with Gordon “Okay, I promise.”

“Good… And before you leave, you better take that Bronzor with you! Traversing this deep without a Pokemon would be suicidal.”

Richard turned his head toward the ground, Bronzor looked at him expectantly seeming to be eager to follow him. “...Fine, I guess it’s up to you and me, Pal.” He smiled towards the Bronzor.

With flashlight and a handy rope in hand, Richard quickly grabbed his backpack and left the temporary camp towards the source of the tremor alongside his newfound partner. The road forward declined even further, Richard didn’t know what to expect but he had to go there as quickly as possible. Maybe he could even find clues about the whereabouts of both Uri and Eileen.

After walking for quite a while, Richard found something interesting on his walking path. There was a hole in the tunnel that didn’t fit quite right with the rest of the tunnel.

“Strange… This hole doesn’t seem natural to me at all, there must be something that caused it.” Richard gazed towards a big hole with cracks surrounding it. However, the branching path caused him to be unsure about his choice of path. Should he took the larger tunnel path? Or should he took this unnaturally made hole?

As he mulled over his final decision, Bronzor decided to help Richard by entering the hole first.

“Ah, I forgot you’ve already known what is going on… It’s a bit unfortunate that I can’t understand what are you saying. But I guess we can handle anything we found in the end, maybe…”

Richard walked together with the Bronze Pokemon through the smaller path, unlike what he initially thought the road was apparently much easier to traverse. Not only that but the beautiful cave scenery caused him to gawk in awe.

“Woah…” The small tunnel was filled with multiple beautiful gemstones surrounding the insides. Blue, green, red, and even purple gemstones were abundant in the ceiling and walls of the cave.

“I guess not many people knew about this, otherwise they would’ve mined it all.” The young man continued to gawk over the natural beauty, however, it didn’t last long as another tremor could be felt from ahead. On one side, he felt relieved that he managed to choose his route correctly, but whatever lies ahead would not be so easy to surmount.

Just before he managed to steel himself, Bronzor stood in front of him, still shaken due to fear. It wouldn’t let its new friend face the terror he had experienced before, it tried to dissuade Richard from going further.

Richard understood what the Bronze Pokemon was trying to do, however, it was not the time to hesitate, even if he decided to run away now, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t hinder their journey out of the tunnel. Richard sighed accepting his fate.

“Sorry pal, I don’t think I can turn back now. I know whatever up ahead might not be able to be handled by us but whatever happens, I’ll be with you, I promise.” Richard pat the head of the Bronze Pokemon while wryly smiling, in an effort to calm his own nerves.

Bronzor hung it’s head down, realizing that there was no way to persuade the young man to stop moving forward. It was tempted to flee instead of risking its life, however, it didn’t have the heart to let Richard march alone to his demise. Bronzor decided to follow the man to face the very thing it's fleeing from.

After running at full speed, Richard quickly reached where he suspected to be the source of the tremor. He arrived at a beautiful cave chamber, adorned by beautiful gemstones everywhere he looked. It was a majestic sight that he never saw even once in his lifetime. However, his gaze was locked elsewhere when he saw familiar faces standing on the corner of the huge chamber.

“Uri! Eileen!” Richard screamed at the sight of his partners. However, little he knew that he just did a horrible mistake as he didn’t realize that they were fighting the source of the tremors. The Pokemon in question turned it’s back towards Richard with its mouth firing a Hyper Beam.

“Oh No...” Richard’s eye opened wide as the powerful beam approached him, in that split second he realized that his travels might be over for good.




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Important notes, please read before continue reading.
So, those who've read this chapter before, might realize that this notice wasn't here before. And it's 100% my fault, obviously haha. Well, why I decided to put this notice up here, is because I realized that not all people knew about the decision to nerf Uri's Teleport. So yes, after some considerations with the others in the RP, we've come to the decision to nerf the move because of how overpowered it is without limitations, and so Uri's battle style from this post forward will no longer gravitate towards Teleport-based style. The nerf here is to make the move drain much more energy, in top of the already existing only can Teleport to where he can see. Does this mean Teleport will no longer see uses in this RP? Heck no, it's an interesting move that I still intend to use, however it will be less frequent and would only be used during important times only. So that's it, just in case anybody is wondering why Uri no longer use Teleport to his advantage, now you have the answer. Although Teleport will be less frequent in use from now on, please expect further Shenanigans from Richard and his Pokemon Partners. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Richard Wolstenholme
Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Afternoon

Chapter 4 - 6

Just before the beam hits, Bronzor shot a Confusion powerful enough to launch Richard away from the blast zone. The beam hit the ground and exploded causing chunks of rock to flew everywhere.

“Arghh!” Richard winced in pain due to the stone shards, he slowly looked back in terror as he saw dust clouds surrounding the place where Bronzor once stood.

“No way, right? T-that was a Hyper Beam…” Richard couldn’t believe that the attack would instantly knock out Bronzor, he knew that Bronzor had the advantage in typing to tank the attack since it was a normal-type attack, not to mention that it was a Pokemon that highly powerful in its defense. To be knocked out in one hit is…

Thankfully, Richard managed to shake away some of his terror when he saw that Bronzor was still on the battle. However, it was still apparent that Bronzor is definitely affected by the powerful move.

Seeing his partner in danger, Uri dashed using his psychic powers towards Richard with Eileen in his clutches.

“I’m glad you all save… If you didn’t then…” Richard smiled in relief seeing both of his partners save from danger, to make things even better both of them seem to have reconciled. He didn’t know what happened to make things that way, but the fact that it happened makes him very happy.

However, reality soon smacked him hard. The reunion was indeed joyful but it would be all for naught if he couldn’t stop the Pokemon in front of him. Using the time he obtained from the Hyper Beam, he suppressed his fear as much as he could and used his Pokedex to scan the data of the said Pokemon.

Tyranitar!? This was the Pokemon the townsfolk warned me about. Darn it… No Richard, you can still win, no… You have to win this! The young man steeled his nerves, as strong as a Pokemon could be, there must be something he could exploit to turn the tide to his favor.

Richard didn’t have much time to think, as the Tyranitar had finally recovered from shooting the Hyper Beam earlier. This time it launched Stone Edge towards the party.

“Bronzor, Gravity!” Bronzor erected a gravity field in front of the party causing the stones to plummet downward, helping them to be unharmed.

“Now, scatter!” Uri, Eileen, and Bronzor spread out their position to split the raging Armor Pokemon’s attention. Seeing this the Tyranitar instead opted to use Earthquake, but before it managed to land after jumping.

“Uri, Disable! Bronzor, launch Eileen now!” Uri canceled the move, causing the Tyranitar to land without causing any damage towards the party all while Eileen was launched by Bronzor’s Confusion. “Double Kick!” With the extra velocity, Richard expected the Tyranitar to flinch and create another opportunity to attack, alas…

“Rawrr!” To his complete surprise, the Tyranitar was almost unaffected by the attack, instead, it quickly conjured a circle of rocks around its head which it quickly launched towards the prone Eileen.

Sensing this, Uri dashed with his psychic powers to shield Eileen from the Stone Edge, he used Confusion to bounce the rocks away from both of them, but not all of them managed to be dealt with as several rocks hit Uri who stood in front of Eileen, hurling him backward crashing to the nearby wall. Seeing this, Eileen desperately fired a Thunder Shock to protect her and Uri to no avail.

“No...No...No!” Richard screamed in horror seeing the bleak sight, his strategy should’ve been perfect. Tyranitar had a quadruple weakness against Fighting-type moves, but the fact that Eileen couldn’t even flinch the Armor Pokemon was not what he expected at all. He was at loss at what to do, his body was completely shaken with fear that there was nothing he could do to defeat the Tyranitar especially with the current condition of his Pokemon.

The poor boy closed his eye and took a deep breath, in his mind, there was no way they could all flee from the rampaging Pokemon, left with no choice he sadly smiled as he prepares to execute the best scenario he could possibly think off.

I guess in the end, I couldn’t even redeem myself at all. But at least, If my sacrifice meant their survival, then so be it... Richard gritted his teeth to gather his courage.

“Uri! Take Eileen and Bronzor with you and run! I’ll hold the fort here...”

Uri who was barely standing at this point was shocked beyond belief, he and the others screamed as loudly as possible to dissuade their trainer to no avail, he was already resolute in his choice.

“It’s an order, damnit!!” Richard raised his voice even higher, silencing his Pokemon’s cries. “I’m sorry Uri, but please take good care of them...” He smiled towards his first-ever partner.

The Tyranitar attempted to launch another attack towards Uri, but this time it was interrupted by a small pebble thrown by Richard.

“Your enemy is me alone, you little-” Richard threw another pebble to distract the Armor Pokemon’s attention towards him.

The Tyranitar was totally pissed, it was determined to put an end on Richard’s antics once and for all. With a blazing mouth and a strong killing intent, it ran towards the young man as fast as it could.

Richard wryly smiled, accepting his fate.

Sorry Keith... But I guess I was indeed destined to die as a horrible person.

As he was readying himself to buy some time for his Pokemon to escape, suddenly a bright yellow flash struck the Armor Pokemon before it managed to gnaw on the trainer, it was powerful enough to send the Tyranitar crashing backward. Surprised, he turned his head towards the source of the flash which apparently came from the entrance.

“Idiot… Do you really don’t understand what scouting means?” Said Gordon fuming, standing beside his Lurantis.



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Coralie Summers, Francis Beauregard, Arianne Chandler, & Courtney Nair
Lavender Town, May 23rd

  • Coralie's team:
    • Florian the Bulbasaur
    • Stella-Luna the Noibat

    Theme song:

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    A Late Night Fright

    The dimly lit screen of Arianne’s Pokégear displayed a small route with a dotted line perpendicular to it. Further ahead, the road continued, relatively straightforward, until it merged with another path. Looking more closely at the map, one could see…

    “Yes, we’re totally on the right path!” Ari whispered, gesturing Coralie to come close and watch with her. “The dotted line, this road and that other path make some kind of a… very rough triangle. We’ll just follow these two sides while Courtney is on the dotted side, which is the staircase, and we’ll meet up! Right Coralie?”

    Coralie beamed, somewhat relieved to know that the two of them were not completely lost, wandering about amidst a void of darkness. “Sounds good! Ari, look above us! The constellations are dazzling tonight.” She gazed up at the bright stars that were scattered about the night sky, her eyes wide with a sense of wonderment. “There’s the big dipper! Oh, it’s magnificent, isn’t it! I could stare at this view all night!”

    “I wonder if Courtney and Francis are marvelling at them, too.” She giggled, as she considered this. “Most likely not, I bet Courtney’s too preoccupied with bossing Francis around.”

    “Oh, it’s… stunning…!” Arianne timidly said. She wasn’t really a stargazer herself, and was somewhat struggling to find the big dipper Coralie was talking about, but that wasn’t necessary to appreciate the beauty of the night sky. “Oh, Courtney? You may be right.” she chucked.

    Coralie smiled. “You know... Elliott, Amika, and I used to observe the constellations together late at night. We’d all sneak out and sit on this grassy hill on the outskirts of Cerulean. It was our hangout spot and it made for a wonderful place to lay out beneath the stars.” Coralie recalled the fond memory. “Anyways, let’s go! I want to see this tower up close and personal!”

    “Sure, let’s get there! And… return to our rooms at a reasonable time…” Arianne replied, before giving in and letting out a yawn, all while trying to hide it from Coralie. “I’m… not exactly a stargazer myself, but that sounds great!”

    “Amika, our friend sure was. Her dad was an Astronomist and he taught her all about the stars and the millions of galaxies. Naturally, she shared some knowledge with us and she showed us many different constellations. From Cassiopeia to aquarius, you name it.” Coralie felt proud talking about her childhood companion. Amika was not only adventurous but she was brilliant, too. Coralie missed her deeply.

    “It’s reassuring to know we’re under the same night sky.” She added envisioning where Amika was, where Elliot was, and if they were thinking of her as much as she was thinking of them.

    Arianne kept listening to her friend, fascinated by her words. “Being outside at night is something I’m not really used to. I used to hang out with my friends mostly during the day, so that we could go swim or play on the beach without really getting in trouble…” she reminisced. “And yeah, while most of them are very far from here tonight, they can see the same stars we see.”

    “Were your parents strict about you going out late?”

    “As long as I was hanging out with my friends, not picking fights in dance clubs and stuff, and coming back at a reasonable time… it was alright! But even then, going out late at night wasn’t something I was so keen on doing myself!” Arianne explained. “The Cinnamon girls’ island is also unlit, just saying!”

    “That makes sense. My mom is an anxious sort and if I was out she always wanted someone accompanying me, so, Elliott for the most part. We’d sneak out sometimes, too. We’d hop on our bicycles and ride to Amika’s place and we’d go adventuring around town,” she explained. “Although, as far as I’m aware, there’s nowhere haunted in Cerulean, thankfully.”

    “Bicycles? Cinnabar was too small and uneven!” Arianne chuckled. “But living on Cinnabar meant I could never get out of there so easily! When I wasn’t home, my parents were still sure that I was somewhere in Cinnabar. I think I’ve explored most of the coastline by now!”

    “The coastline! Oooh, I’m sure it’s beautiful!” Coralie beamed. “I’ve never seen the ocean before! I’ve always wanted to just dive into the ocean and float around and gaze at the clouds! I’ve swam in lakes, ponds, even rivers, but the ocean is foreign to me.”

    “It’s really something else…” Arianne laughed, more memories of her hometown coming back to her, before pausing and stopping. She pulled out her PokéGear once again.

    “We were supposed to turn there, weren’t we?” the black haired girl turned around and pointed at a different road, which merged with the one they were on with a sharp angle. “Sorry, I’ve missed the intersect- Wait, let’s see here…” Arianne’s mind had a different idea. “Lavender should be quite close to the ocean now that I think about it! You won’t have to wait much longer, Coralie, look here!”

    The PokéGear’s map was now zoomed out, and displayed the entirety of Lavender Town, plus a small patch of blue on a corner. “Let’s… let’s get back on the correct path too, actually.”

    “Oh, I think I can hear the waves crashing in the distance!” She gazed intently at the pokegear. “I see it! Wow, we are quite close! I can’t wait to see it up close one day!” She squealed.

    “That’s right! We should almost be at the tower!”

    “Finally…“ Arianne sighed, still slightly embarrassed. At least she noticed her mistake before it was too late! But… “Well, this means it’s already time to meet up with Courtney, right?” she pouted.

    “Well, if Courtney and Francis haven’t wandered off somewhere.” Coralie giggled.

    The pink haired girl was actually proven wrong as she and Arianne arrived at their destination. The tower overlooked a grassy hillside, with a couple dusty paths and ornate lamp posts, with some houses further away from the building. Some fences were scattered around the area and, sitting beside each other on one of them, were Courtney and Francis.

    “It’s definitely them…” Arianne stated, turning to Coralie, before shaking her head. “A-alright, let’s go!”

    “Hey, guys! I’m surprised you managed to get here before us!” Coralie waved cheerfully, catching the attention of the duo.

    “O-of course we did… we tried, you know what I mean?” Courtney raised her head as she heard the other girl’s voice, her breath still heavy.

    Francis was so exhausted from the trek that he was on the brink of collapse, yet he tried to conceal how fatigued he truly was. “Yea… M-miss C-courtney and I got here in a flash.” He sounded so out of breath that Coralie silently questioned how true his statement was.

    “We had a lovely little stroll, didn’t we, Ari? We were appreciating the stars, too! OH! They’re so beautiful at night!” She looked upwards once more and spun around, her arms raised to the heavens above, emphasizing how grandiose it all was.

    “Yes, definitely!” Arianne chimed in from behind her former classmate.

    “Well, we haven’t climbed that staircase just to see some stars, did we? Stars are cool, yeah, but that is cooler.” Courtney commented as she slowly got back up, pointing at the imposing tower nearby. “Come on, let’s get c-closer!” she suggested, as another cold gust made everyone shiver.

    Coralie followed behind Courtney but turned to Ari and offered her a reassuring smile and the two walked alongside each other, as Francis scampered to keep up with his redheaded love interest.

    As they neared the old building, Coralie saw the silhouette of a person, leaning against the entrance. “T-there’s someone there!” She stuttered to Ari. The group came to a halt as the individual was now glaring at them with amused, dark eyes.

    He took a drag of a cigarette, a cloud of smoke concealing his porcelain face. He flicked the cigarette to the ground and crushed it with a sandaled foot.

    “Well, well, well, who do we have here?” He drawled, smirking at the group. Coralie looked at him carefully and saw that he wore a simple black yukata and had flowing jet black hair that trailed down his back.

    Arianne didn’t say a word and stood still somewhere behind Coralie, her hand slowly reaching for a Pokéball. Too bad there was a certain other person in her group. “We’re people. Now, who are you and why are you dressed like that?”

    He chuckled loudly, which caused Coralie to shudder. “Who the hell am I? Well, since you asked.. I’ll tell you.” He stood up and walked towards Courtney, and he grinned at her mockingly. “Name’s Mav. Now, I wouldn’t talk about clothing when you look like that.” He retorted, laughing in Courtney’s face. “Now, scram, I don’t have time to babysit children. Go home, I’m sure your mommies are worried about you.”

    “My home’s a bit further than you might expect, dearie. Looks like you have no choice.” the girl replied, a smug expression still on her face… somehow. Arianne still kept quiet, looking at Coralie with a puzzled look.

    “Well, in that case, let’s have some fun, shall we?” He laughed mischievously before walking towards the tower’s entrance yet again. He turned to the group and scowled. “Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t start crapping your diapers now! You haven’t even come inside yet.” He thrust the door open with a slam and entered the building, a gust of wind howling as he did so.

    Courtney was the first of the group to enter the tower. “I’ve heard this place is haunted… haunted by annoying people, I suppose.”

    “Well, this is what we came for, right?” Arianne echoed as she followed her, before turning to Coralie and Francis. “Let’s do this quickly, I guess?” she asked to the pink haired girl.

    Coralie nodded as she gazed into the tower’s entrance. She stepped in hesitantly, leaving Francis on his lonesome.

    “M-maybe I’ll s-stay out here and be the lookout..” He suggested, his voice shaking.

    “Yeah, cold and alone… in a town full of ghosts!” Courtney said menacingly, ending her sentence with her best impression of a maniacal laugh.

    “M-miss Courtney, I-I….”

    “Suit yourself.” Mav chuckled. With that, the door slammed shut as if on command.

    Coralie gasped audibly in shock and clamped a hand over her mouth.

    “You see this tower is exceedingly old and has a lot of history in this town.” Mav began as he led them into the centre of the room. This floor serves as Lavender’s pokemon gym, the real gym.” He added, a hint of bitterness present in his tone.

    Both Arianne and Courtney looked at him perplexed. “But what about the Elec-” the red haired girl began, only to be interrupted.

    “I said this is the real one. The only valid gym.” Mav replied sternly.

    “Alright. But that doesn’t explain what you are doing here.” Coralie asked, trying her best to sound affirmative. Truthfully, she was quite anxious. Between Mav and the dark, supposedly haunted tower, she was unsettled.

    “Good question, pinkie. I guard this tower, see? I make sure no stupid kids come, such as you three, and vandalize the place.”

    A turbulent breeze could be heard outside and the entrance door shot open before slamming shut again. Coralie jumped in her skin and huddled close to Arianne.

    Mav laughed boisterously. “Scared, hmm? It’s nothing but the wind.”

    “Then your door is bad, have you ever heard of locks and keys?” Courtney giggled.

    In the meantime, Arianne hugged Coralie. She was scared and uneasy as well, but tried her best not to show it, and instead started to look around the place restlessly. “Wait, are you also the Gym Leader maybe?” she asked.

    “I think you need to lock that mouth of yours and throw away the key. The sound of your voice is like nails on a chalkboard, it’s unbearable to listen to you yap.” He glared daggers at Courtney before scoffing. “I’m not the gym leader but I am related to her.” Mav then moved towards a staircase tucked in the corner of the room. Mav began to head up the staircase, beckoning the others to follow his lead. “Come up, if you dare..” With that he disappeared into the darkness, the creaking of the stairs fading as he ascended.

    “Those stairs look like they’d collapse from underneath you.” Coralie observed, still holding onto her friend. “I don’t know about this.”

    “They held up Mav, so if we’re careful…” Arianne reassured Coralie as she examined the steps. “I could try first and see where he’s trying to take us.”

    In the meantime, Courtney let out a growl. “Have you heard yourself!?” she muttered, but the boy was already too far. “I’ll be going first if you don’t mind, I have someone to catch.”

    “Ari, I think I’m going to stay here. I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.” Coralie whispered to her friend as she gazed skeptically at the stairs.

    “It’ll be ok, we are a great team, Coralie…” Arianne replied as she held onto the staircase. Courtney was also coming, sure, but leaving Coralie on the lower floor not only didn’t seem right, but made her more scared herself.

    “Are you really going to stop now, girl?” Courtney added from above, after overhearing the Cape College trainers.

    “S-sorry, I’m just a tad nervous is all.” She smiled at Arianne and clutched onto her hand as the two approached the stairs. “Promise you’ll stay by my side?” She asked, her ocean eyes filled with worry.

    “Of course, of course! Together, we can do anything.” the black haired girl replied. “Except climb this staircase, it’s too narrow! Sorry…” she added, as she got up onto the upper floor herself.

    Coralie was overcome with fear and she froze midway up the staircase. She clamped her eyes shut and tried to regain her composure. “It’s ok, I’m ok.” She murmured aloud as a means of self-reassurance. She finally forced herself up the stairs and instantly cowered behind Arianne, fearfully. “W-where did Mav g-go?”

    “He’s still-” Arianne turned around, expecting to find him close to her, but he wasn’t in that spot. “W-what?”

    Courtney instead walked further away from the staircase, trying to follow the boy. “It’s you who wants me to follow you so why make it so difficult? What’s wrong with you?”

    Just then a loud creaking could be heard, though the direction in which it was coming from could not be deciphered. “W-what was that?” Coralie whimpered, as she peaked from behind Arianne’s back and gazed around the room anxiously.

    “Yeah, w-why’d you bring us here?” Arianne - this time - asked timidly. There were no lights on that floor, except for the faint orange light from outside breaking through the tiny windows. Definitely not enough to spot Mav’s silhouette. “It can’t be... “ she whispered, keeping an eye on Coralie behind her.

    “Don’t tell me, even the lights are faulty here! Is this how you take care of this place?” Courtney asked with poison in her words. Given what Mav had said earlier, given the girl’s tone... it was easy to see that being fun was the last of her priorities.

    Just then a shadow appeared on the floor across the room, illuminated by light from a window. The shadow disappeared momentarily.

    The group fell silent. Just then, Coralie looked up and saw a horde of ghost pokemon floating near the ceiling, waiting to spook the unsuspecting girls below. She froze in horror as she brought a shaky hand to her mouth, wishing to alert her friends but failing to do so, she was unable to make a sound. Fear had stolen her breath. A Misdreavus screeched and the gang of ghosts launched themselves in the trainers direction, all wailing eerily in what sounded like an orchestra of terror.

    “AAAAAHHHHH!” Coralie shrieked, as she regained control of her body and raced down the stairs without a second thought.

    Courtney also dashed for the stairs as quickly as she could, letting out a “Nooooo!” that made her sound like a Ghost type Pokémon herself. Arianne tried to assume a defensive stance at first, but soon realized that it was completely futile. She let Courtney pass in front of her, but immediately climbed down the staircase after her, stumbling clumsily as the creaking wood added one more instrument to the creepy orchestra.

    Coralie was tempted to turn around to ensure that her friends were following her, though the pounding of their footsteps against the creaky stairs was enough reassurance for her. She booked it to the door and attempted to thrust it open, but to no avail. It wouldn’t budge.

    Courtney immediately ran up to the door and started to help Coralie, trying her best to get the door to open. “This is way too haunted of a place, not fair!”

    What other choice do we have? Arianne thought, her fear skyrocketing after noticing that the door was immovable. She fiddled with her bag in search of a Pokéball, this time trying her best to pick someone useful, and eventually called out Mulan. She couldn’t hear the thud of another item of hers landing on the stone floor, nor see what it was, and in a situation like this, she had no time to think about it.

    “Oh, I have an idea!” Coralie yelped excitedly before banging on the door with as much force as she could muster, which all things considered, wasn’t a lot. “FRANCIS, FRANCIS! Please open the door!”

    The boy had returned to the bench, though he heard Coralie’s cries very faintly and stood up curiously before jogging towards the door. He pushed up his glasses as he now understood the situation. “They’re in trouble! M-miss Courtney..!” He huffed as he pulled on the door until it flung open.

    Courtney was still pushing the door with all of the strength she had left. So, as soon as the boy succeeded in his effort, he was rewarded with nothing but his love interest ramming onto him. They both fell down on the ground, as the other two girls tried their best to avoid them as they ran out of the haunted tower.

    “Uh-uh, M-miss Courtney, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?” He asked the redhead as he hopped to his feet and reached his hand towards her to help her up.

    "Could be worse, but at least I landed on you! And, thank you." Courtney smiled lightly as she got back up with Francis's help.

    "The question is, are you ok, boy?" Arianne asked, once she got to a safe distance from the tower. "But even then, all that matters is that we all made it out." she added, as a startled Mulan slowly jumped towards her.

    “I’-I’m fine. I was just worried about Miss Courtney. I do advise that we return to the pokemon center at once. Although I’m confused as to what exactly happened in there!”

    “Oh! There were a bunch of ghost pokemon that were chasing us! It was TERRIFYING! It was like something out of a horror movie!” Coralie cried dramatically before she gazed back at the tower in the distance. “I wonder what happened to Mav? Do you think those pokemon belonged to him?”

    “Either that or…” Arianne shivered. “Mav was an illusion made by them… Ghost types are really that powerful?” she continued whispering, as if she was talking to herself.

    "Hmm, now that you mention it, something about him was a bit... off, you could say. He was quite a character. Perhaps he is the spirit of someone who perished in the tower long ago and is now guarding it?" Francis speculated, his hand on his chin as he considered this theory.

    “I… don’t wanna know, ok? We’ve found out the hard way that the place is haunted, that’s more than enough for now.” Courtney chimed in, still trembling.

    “An ILLUSION?! A FALLEN SPIRIT?! EEEK! How scary to think about!” Coralie squealed. “Pokemon center, HERE WE COME! I want to get as far away from these ghosts as possible! Come on, Arianne!” She grabbed her dark-haired friend’s hand and began to pull her in the direction of the pokemon healthcare facility.

    “Yes, let’s go and not look back…” Arianne reassured her friend as she pulled her arm over her shoulder. “Let’s talk about something else.”

    Meanwhile, Mav was watching from the entrance as the four began to disappear over the horizon. He snickered to himself before closing the tower’s door and vanishing into the darkness.



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    Richard Wolstenholme
    Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Afternoon

    Chapter 4 - 7
    Final Tactics

    “Mr. Gordon, I-”

    “Shut up, do you actually think that you had to sacrifice yourself for your Pokemon to survive? How would they feel after that, huh? You almost put a lifetime of burden on the shoulders of those poor Pokemon.”

    “But, it’s…”

    “Impossible!? Bullmuk! If there’s one thing I learned all this time, it’s that those who gave up too soon will always lose in the game of life. Besides, you’re not alone, Richard, you have your trusted partners with you. Trust them and trust yourself, they agreed to be your partner for a reason, Richard… Don’t throw the towel like that…”

    “You’re right, it was foolish… I’m sorry Mr. Gordon.” Richard hung down his head in embarrassment.

    “You shouldn’t apologize to me, just apologize to your Pokemon... Also, I don’t think it’s the appropriate time to mop around and be all sappy.” Gordon smirked seeing the Armor Pokemon who managed to recover from Solar Blade. The Tyranitar roared once more, this time while whipping up a powerful sandstorm with its ability, Sand Stream.

    “Okay genius! I know this is irresponsible after all that speech, but strategizing is not my forte! I’ll try and buy some time, I leave the final planning to you!.” Screamed Gordon, all while covering his mouth with his jacket sleeve.

    The sandstorm heavily roared on, obstructing the view of all parties involved. However, it was not enough to stop Richard and his reignited determination. The Tyranitar was visibly more aggressive than before, but in Richard’s mind that could be easily exploited.

    Before Richard finished formulating a strategy, Tyranitar mounted another offensive by launching another Stone Edge.

    “Welp, I guess it’s the time to do my part! Petal Blizzard!” Lurantis conjured pink petals around its body, the petals circled the Bloom Sickle Pokemon before it was launched toward the rocks, blowing up the rocks to smithereens. “I only have one Pokemon, Richard, and that Tyranitar is definitely much stronger, so make it quick! Lurantis, X-Scissor!”

    The Bloom Sickle Pokemon lunged towards the angered behemoth with both sickles glowing green. Both of the Pokemon seemingly clashed pretty evenly at the time.

    Stay calm, Richard… Nothing is invincible, not even that hulking beast. Even if Eileen couldn’t hurt him, there must be a way to temporarily put it out of commission. Richard squinted his eyes, he looked carefully at his surroundings for any clues.

    Unbeknownst to him, the Armor Pokemon was starting to overpower Lurantis, much to the fear of Gordon.

    “Richard!” Gordon yelled at the young man, putting more pressure on the man who was trying his best in finding a solution.

    Urgh… We don’t have enough resource to escape successfully, beat it into submission is not an option, either... If only- Wait… Darn it, why didn’t I think of this earlier. Richard’s face brightened up, as a plan finally showed up inside his head.

    “Mr. Gordon! I did it!”

    “Do you have the plan to escape already!? Great! Because Lurantis won’t hold up much longer at this rate!”

    “Yes! We’ll have to bring down the cave!”

    “We need to what!?”

    Richard pointed at the ceilings of the cave. There was a large gemstone embedded in the cave ceilings above the Armor Pokemon, and with the visual cue, Gordon finally understood what Richard was planning.

    “Okay! Now, buy me some time! Lurantis, pull back and charge your Solar Blade!” Lurantis dashed as fast as it could to safety, but the Tyranitar wouldn’t let it fleeing scot-free and was preparing to use Hyper Beam.

    “Oh no, you don’t! Uri, Disable, follow up with Kinesis!” The Psi Pokemon’s eyes glow blue, preventing the Tyranitar from shooting its most devastating attack. It then threw its magic spoon using psychic powers, which caused a loud noise when it bent behind the Armor Pokemon’s back.

    “It’s your time now! Eileen use Quick Attack, then follow up with Thunder Wave!” With its head turned back, Tyranitar couldn’t anticipate Eileen’s attack. Eileen ran through the powerful gust of wind laden with sand to shoot yellow rings of electricity at point-blank range, paralyzing the Armor Pokemon.

    “Great! Mr. Gordon, now!” Richard desperately yelled towards Gordon.

    “Lurantis, aim for the ceiling!”

    However, the paralyzation wasn’t enough to immobilize the Tyranitar, soon enough it slammed its tail with full force, smashed Eileen hard towards the wall.

    “Eileen! Gah, Uri, freeze it!” Richard wanted to rush towards his poor Pokemon, but he had to be patient. One more mistake would be fatal to his and Gordon’s safety.

    Uri conjured a light blue ball of energy that shot out freezing beams, locking the Armor Pokemon’s torso down in a chunk of ice. While the launched Solar Blade destroyed the cave ceilings, dropping down the giant gemstone right on a collision course with the Tyranitar below it.

    Desperate to survive, the Armor Pokemon conjured another array of stones using Stone Edge to try and break free from the ice.

    “Oh no, you won’t! Gravity!” Bronzor conjured another gravity field around the Tyranitar, rendering it’s last attempt to resist futile, as the Stone Edge fell straight to the ground instead it’s intended target.

    With no further resistance from Tyranitar, and the acceleration caused by the gravity field, the gemstone crashed hard on the Armor Pokemon, seemingly ended up the fight.

    “Did we do it!?” Richard was waiting with anticipation, Eileen was definitely knocked out and both Bronzor and Uri were visibly struggling to stay in the battle.

    But soon his questions were answered, the sandstorm finally stopped roaring, dropping the young trainer to his knees in relief, signaling that the terror was finally over for good.



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    Pepper grew to Lv 20!
    Pepper is able to learn Fury Swipes! Forget a move? Answer in OOC.
    Parsley grew to Lv 15!
    Ginger grew to Lv 15!

    Uri grew to Lv 21!
    Uri is able to learn Psybeam! Forget a move? Answer in OOC.
    Eileen grew to Lv 17!
    Eileen is able to learn Feint! Forget a move? Answer in OOC.



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    Richard Wolstenholme
    Rock Tunnel, May 23rd, Evening

    Chapter 4 - 8
    End of The Tunnel

    “We won… Yeah! We did it! Wooo!” Gordon celebrated in pure joy, he pumped his fist while jumping around before his hips reminded him to act like his age.

    He eventually came to Richard who was still sprawling on the ground.

    “You okay, Richard? Dang that was rough.” Gordon busily patting his clothes, cleaning the sand from his outfit.

    Richard sat up, holding his left rib. “I’m fine, just feeling a little uncomfortable, that’s all.”

    As the adrenaline wore off from his body, Richard started to feel the pain on his ribs. He was told to be careful about his last injury, but he guessed that he forgot to be careful during the heat of the moment. If he had to guess, it must because the rock splinters from Hyper Beam’s aftermath.

    “...Lurantis, Aromatherapy!” Lurantis released soothing fragrance towards the air around them. “I don’t know much about medical treatment, but I hope this helps…. Darn it, I should’ve watched closely when Craig treated Stu…” Gordon muttered the last part, lamenting the fact that he was too lazy to learn first aid back then.

    “Haha, it’s okay Mr.Gordon, honestly it’s not my first time dealing with bruised ribs, I’ll be fine.” The boy slowly stood from the ground, while cleaning the sand from his pants.

    “If you say so, don’t push yourself, alright?”

    “Hahaha, it’s me who supposed to say that, Mr.Gordon. After all, I don’t want to see another display of belly dancing from you again.”

    “You little rascal.” Gordon shook his head before both of them shared a hearty laugh.

    Uri and Bronzor both came towards the pair, with Uri holding the unconscious Eileen in his arms. Richard immediately pulled Eileen’s Pokeball to gave some needed rest for the Mouse Pokemon. Then he’s looking eye-to-eye with the cause of all of the fiaschi that had gone down.

    “Dabra…” Uri hung down his head in shame, his jealousy had blinded his judgment and caused Richard to be dragged to another dangerous situation. He was prepared to be left behind by the young man, even if it’s hard for him to forget the trainer that had been with him for years. He immediately closed its eyes in fear.

    Instead of a reprimand it expected, Uri was utterly surprised when he was at the receiving end of a hug from his trainer.

    “I’m sorry Uri, I was clueless… I didn’t try to understand you at all… I’m really sorry.” Richard hugged Uri tightly to express his remorse.

    Uri reciprocated the hug while shaking his head to express that it’s not Richard’s fault.

    “Ouch…” Richard jolted out of the hug due to his bruised ribs, eliciting a concerned look from Uri.

    “Haha, I’m fine… A bit of rest will suffice.” Richard smiled, trying to hide his injury. Realizing they’re not completely in the clear yet, he quickly turned his sight to Gordon.

    “No need to worry about me, just finish your business first.” Gordon was checking the pulse of the Tyranitar, he was quite happy that it was in a safe enough condition to leave it alone.

    “I’ve already done with everything, I think we should leave now.”

    “You sure? We can take more time resting if you want to.”

    “Haha, I would love that, but…” Richard shifted his gaze towards the fallen Tyranitar. “I’m not willing to take my chances, haha…”

    Gordon sighed, “I bet you won’t take no as an answer, huh? But before that, catch!” Gordon threw a colorful rock towards Richard, who was bewildered before barely catching it.

    “What was that for!” Yelled the young man in irritation, before realizing the real identity of the stone. It was an important item he read on a book during his free time back at the school. “Mr.Gordon this is!?”

    Mr.Gordon smirked as the young man fascinatedly stared towards the beautiful rock enveloped in light blue light.

    “I think you already know what is it. It’s a Dawn Stone… I don’t have much use for it.” Gordon used his hand gesture to tell Richard to just take the stone.

    “But I didn’t do anything, do I? We didn’t find any archeological remains that you wanted.” Richard felt that he couldn’t accept the stone until he helped Gordon finding something that would be useful to his research.

    Gordon tilted his head in confusion. “I couldn’t believe you’re this oblivious with your surroundings.” He opened his phone gallery app to show a picture of an ancient scribbling of some sort.

    “But how!? We didn’t find anything whe-”

    Gordon coughed before pointing out the wall near them. “Does that seemed familiar?”

    “Ah… Well… Uh…” Richard tried hard to find an explanation for his negligence.

    “Geez, lighten up would you? You don’t have to feel responsible for everything. Just take it easy,” Gordon playfully ruffled Richard’s hair which still had a lot of sand stuck on it.

    Both of them immediately started walking again, but this time they decided to use the normal tunnel road instead due to the risk of following the random path. After a bit of detour, they continued to walk through the tunnel into what seemed to be the exit.

    Just before they walked away however, Richard remembered that he forgot to do something important.

    “Argh, silly me. I forgot to give you a name... Or do you want to go back to inside the tunnel? Sorry, I forgot to ask, it was kind of hectic haha...” Richard rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed that he forgot something so important.

    The Bronzor shook its head vehemently.

    “Yeah, I thought so… I’m not a very good trainer, but I promise I’ll take care of you. About your name, how about Victor? That’s should be good enough, no?”

    Bronzor smiled before rushing towards Richard, accidentally ramming its sturdy metal body on its trainer’s shin.

    “Ouch! Sheesh… I’m counting on you from now on, Victor.” Richard gently patted the head of the newly named Victor, much to his delight.

    “Hey, come on! How long are you going to keep me waiting?” Gordon yelled from outside the tunnel.

    “Coming!” Richard walked towards the exit, right beside the new addition to his party, Victor.



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