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Which evil team would you join?

Started by Sheep August 17th, 2019 11:36 AM
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Posted 3 Hours Ago

Suppose you were given the option to join one villainous team. Would you accept or decline the offer? Which team would you pick?

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Posted 17 Hours Ago
Heh Heh Heh Rocket, of course, I wanna go on adventures with James and Jesse and get blasted off with them.
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Team Magma, because their uniforms are red. Team Flare may have red uniforms, but they suck, so no thanks.
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Probably Team Magma; their goals actually make a lot of sense to me - like, let's imagine Team Magma never existed in the games, but Groudon still did. As a viewer, I'd probably think, "there's a Pokemon that controls the land? Couldn't something like that pretty much end overpopulation in the Pokemon world??"

...The dark part of me, though, wants to join Team Galactic. I mean, I can't say the idea of a world where everyone acts rationally all the time isn't at least a little tempting...


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going for a cop-out answer and saying the Aether Foudation.

sure, they may not be inherently evil; and they were made to do what they did because it's mainly Lusamine's fault. i care a lot more, however, about providing a safe area for Pokemon so that's the first place that immediately comes to mind. so yeah, i'd be a part of the team that was once bad, but does good things in the end. ^_^


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whichever one would even want to have me

but beyond that, whichever one is least likely to get psyducked over by a child
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faint attack

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Posted 1 Hour Ago
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but beyond that, whichever one is least likely to get psyducked over by a child
might have to temper your expectations a bit, here. xD


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team skull i wanna be a runaway punk on a hawaiian island
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Team Plasma. Rather than a criminal organization you end up in out desperation, you could actually feel good morally about working with Team Plasma. They publicly supported a very noble cause that I would immediately sympathize with. I love animals irl, and am a member of the Humane Society, Arf, Defenders of Wildlife and all sorts of environmental conservation groups, and what Team Plasma advocated on behalf Pokémon would be a very close parallel to animal rights activism. Also N is an attractive, nice, intelligent young man who had a sad life, and I would like the opportunity to befriend him. He would be my king if I served in Team Plasma.

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Posted 1 Day Ago
Team Galactic. I want to make Sailor Moon references.

I mean, they're all basically identical in their ideologies, just going after different Legendaries. Might as well go after my favourites and have a good time whilst I'm doing it.
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Posted August 23rd, 2019
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personally i'd either join magma or galactic, magma because not only did they have a smart leader, or atleast one that knew that his plan was flawed near the end. but also cuz of Courtney. ngl i'd gladly work under her or beside her if i reached the admin level. and galactic just cuz of the idea that you get to rewrite history if you succeed, and if you don't i still would rush up to dialga and try to get sent back to medieval times or even classical times like around Babylonian, rome, or even Greecian times, lets face it either way any of those times would be fun to see filled with pokemon and how that would effect them. then again that's assuming they had the same timeline of events. that or just teleport back to before the plan gets foiled by a kid and have everyone cheat the battle system and challenge them at the same time, after that just send the kid years into the past so that they cant pose a threat and then rewrite history.


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If I'm going to join an evil team, I want to do it for the sake of being evil, not just a team with reasonable intentions going about things the wrong way.

That's why I loved Ghetsis' original idea of Team Plasma- pretending to be good and caring about Pokemon. And while some members of the team truly believed that, it was a great facade from the leaders of the group, getting trainers to release their Pokemon, while keeping their own, and using them to rule over Unova.



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It would be Team Plasma, because they were actually nasty, convincing people that their intentions were for the better of pokemon and humans,but wanting rule Unova in the absence of pokemon with the everyday folks. If I'd be a member, I'd be thinking that I'm fighting for a good cause. Also, the leadership's ultra twisted plan was a well kept secret even within the organisation, in fact it was hidden from the leader's son, N himself.

Speaking of N, he's an awesome anti-protagonist. His childhood was tragic. He doesn't want to be evil, but due to his innocence, ends up performing such actions. His vision was to change the world without force as using force would cause resistance to the change. He was ready to stand for his pokemon friends.

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Not so much a bad guy team but an antagonist in the games. I’d be a member of Roxie’s band! And probably be kicked out immediately since I’m not musically gifted.
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Easy choice. Team Miror B! The team lead by a guy with a good taste of music and an army of Ludicolo. :V

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