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Television Tv Shows you Miss

Started by Palamon June 21st, 2019 5:13 PM
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Plenty of tv shows come and go in our lives, but what is a particular tv show that's ended/cancelled that you miss? Try to exclude anime from this, though.
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Shining Time Station. It was the original "Thomas & Friends", based mostly on the stories though. I grew up so much with this show, and I really wish it was more appreciated than the crap they show today for Thomas the Tank Engine. :c
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Friends, I felt so sad when it ended
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Hey Arnold and Jimmy Neutron


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The original Teen Titans. I miss the heck of that hsow.

Codename: Kids Next Door, and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.
YO I LOVED KND!! idk what it was even though the whole premise of the show looking back was silly but it was still super fun to watch as a kid.

also really loved Fosters! good ol' Blooregard Q Kazoo.

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i'm still not over pushing daisies getting cancelled :( i just need some closure

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I wish Top Gear would come back. It's a shame Clarkson punched that guy cause they'd probably still be filming. And their Amazon stuff just.. idk it doesn't have the same appeal to me. :(


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Kids next door, teen titans, and Danny Phantom, Xiaolin Showdown, and Psych. All shows i wouldnt want to come back (two of them kinda did and was both a mistake imo) but all shows i miss dearly.



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I miss the original Teen Titans so much... why not make another season of that instead of the Teen Titans Go garbage they have now ;-;


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Part of me also really misses Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was really impressionable on kid me because I wanted to to do magic like she could in everyday life.


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omg I miss Glee idc idc
It’s absolutely iconically horrible as I’m rewatching now but it also reminds me why I was obsessed as a teen - dorky characters with love/hate personalities in over exaggerated situations


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Amazing world of gumball (it deserved more seasons or at least a movie)


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I really miss Angel...much as I liked Buffy, Angel was just the better show, and god damn that ending was AWFUL. But Angel did a lot more with its characters in a much shorter space of time - I mean, it made freakin' CORDELIA likeable - and it was a little more...grounded, maybe? I mean, it was still ridiculously out there - even moreso than Buffy at times - but Buffy's seasons felt very self-contained, whilst Angel told a more cohesive and satisfying story...which ended on the worst cliffhanger ever. Unless you read the comics, anyway. Which I haven't yet. I may do at some point though.

Stargate Atlantis, too. I felt that SG-1 ran its course after season 8 - which made seasons 9 and 10 extremely painful to sit through - but Atlantis...Atlantis was just getting started. They could have easily gone for a sixth season, and I really wish they had, because as much as I hated the Earth-based episodes of SG-1, with Atlantis actually on earth at the end of season 5 it could have been verrrrry interesting to see what they did with it. Plus I wanted more Rodney. You can never have too much Rodney McKay.

Also generally I miss the days when cartoons were actually good, i.e. the 90s. I've seen modern day superhero shows and they don't hold a candle to X-Men, Spiderman, or Batman: The Animated Series. Imagining what the team behind the Marvel shows in particular could do with some of the better modern day comic book storylines is an exciting prospect. I find myself missing Batman: The Brave and the Bold sometimes too though, if only because it was more light-hearted and it actually nailed it pretty well at also gave us the Music Meister, the greatest character in DC's history, ever. We need more characters like the Music Meister.


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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

A show that had four seasons and only 45 episodes, but was amazing and well made. Because I really enjoyed that show, I went on to search for any similar shows, but, unfortunately, ended up coming up short. I found shows with a similar concept, but none of them had what BBFF had... The dramatizations of the stories always had a narration over most of the story, including the parts where people talk (BBFF never had this, the narrations existed, but they never drowned out the voices). The only show that was remotely like BBFF is Night Visions, but that's only due to the weird story (not the fact/fiction concept) with no annoying narrations.
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