Second Generation Following the success of Red, Blue and Yellow, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal introduced fans to an exciting new world full of new Pokémon to find, catch and train. Reminisce about your favourite moments in the Johto region, share your adventures and argue about the Johto master race.

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Johto has the cutest Pokemon. Hands down. You really can't deny it.

Look at this for example:

How can you NOT want to cuddle it?? What about you guys what's the cutest to you? Note: it doesn't have to be baby Pokemon!

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First thing that comes to mind is Togepi. The anime made it a very cute and lovable Pokemon. It never even completely left its egg.

It even stays cute throughout all of its evolutions, so I always have one on my team in HGSS.
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    Togepi wasn't lovable to me, they tried to make it super cute as it was a baby but I honestly found it annoying. Ash's Cyndaquil was way cuter with being sleepy all the time or Cyndaquil in general.
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      Togetic gets my vote.

      I remember flicking through strategy guides for Pokemon Gold and Silver when the game was released and just being enchanted discovering the second stage of Togepi's evolution. It was the first Johto pokemon I vowed to add to my team, the second was Espeon. Togepi was a very mysterious pokemon, introduced in the first season of the anime before we knew anything of Johto. So it was a big deal to find out more about the foundling pokemon.

      With togetic's long neck and the angelic little wings that sprouted on its back, its almost like there's a hint of some whimsical swan trying to come out of the egg. Second stage evolutions can be an awkward looking adolescent time for Pokemon, but I personally think togetic is the cutest of all 3 forms. I like the serenity Togetic's facial expression omits.

      Togepi and his line hold a very special place in my heart because he was the first Pokemon I ever hatched from an egg, as well as the first pokemon I learned to evolve through friendship. Believe it or not this delicate creature battled its way through the elite four with me. Togepi is still my favorite baby Pokemon, Togetic is still my favorite happiness-based evolution and Togekiss is an all time favorite pokemon, one of the most reliable battleships that I have. I never say no to raising another togepi.
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      Igglybuff is pretty damn adorable. In fact, now that you mention it, it might actually be the cutest! Cleffa is pretty cute too. Personally, I think Bellossom is pretty high up there. She's really nice to look at :3

      Also re: all the togepi discussion, I think Togetic is cuter somehow.
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        Espeon, Umbreon and Azurill are my cutest.
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        Definitely Forretress. Look that those beedy little eyes peeking out from that metallic shell. *squeals*

        Haha just kidding. Of the baby Pokémon I think it's a contest between Pichu and Smoochum, but overall I'll be going with Bellossom. ^_^
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          I'm going with Teddiursa. Such a cute little bear :3
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            I will say Pichu. They took the already very cute Pikachu (Especially in his Gen 1 form) and gave him an adorable baby pre-evolution. The Pichu brothers were also very cute in the anime.

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              Marill is pretty cute.
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                Mareep is so fluffy! And yes, she's cute! :D
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                  Mareep, Cyndaquil, and Marill are all very cute

                  I'm totally not biased lol

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                  Pichu squad roll thru
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                  help me, list is too long

                  When it comes to naming cute Pokemon I always struggle, because there are lots that I find really cute.
                  However for this one my nominations are: Pichu, Mareep, Totodile, Cyndaquil and obviously Espeon and Umbreon.
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                    Houndour is very cute, and skarmory is also cute.
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