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Started by erik destler April 1st, 2020 1:45 PM
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Princess Diana

the people's princess

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Posted August 7th, 2020
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Old username: Sverige
New username: Princess Diana
rip lady diana
people's princess
gone but never forgotten


~ free falling

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old username: Meyling
new username: Emilia

tyvm!! :D


LUVjacob99 & TWINTAO

Age 21
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Posted 1 Week Ago
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Old username: GrimySmash & D-CYPHR
New username: LUVTAO

Notes/reason: We changed our aliases and made a joint alias
- LUVJacob99 & TWINTAO, creators of Pokémon Catalyst (when we make the announcement thread it will be linked here)

Follow the official Pokémon Catalyst Instagram page for updates and more on the ROM hack: Pokémon Catalyst Instagram (will be active once we've announced the hack / when the hack has started development)

Also please check out TWINTAO's rap music and follow him on any of the platforms below:
SoundCloud | Spotify | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Supporter of:
Pokemon Insurgence | Pokemon Infinite Fusion | Pokemon Adventure: Red Chapter | Complete FireRed Upgrade | Pokemon Unbound


Wild Gamer Appeared!

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Old Username: minelol5
New Username: Figment

Reason: my current one is a stupid name i came up with when i was like 9 and most people on Discord (not the pokecommunity one though) call me Figment anyway, so it will just make things simpler for me.
Uh, hi, I used to be minelol5 btw, but I just changed my username.
VPP: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10009135#post10009135


something primal

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Old username: Glitch
New username: Hunter


^ This user already has the username but they haven't posted in 12 years and only have 7 posts. Not sure when their last login was as it's private but a mod should be able to tell. If I'm unable to take this username that's fine, I'll think of a new one.

starseed the auticorn

unicorn in a human disguise

Age 31
she/her or he/him
the land of magical unicorns
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Not sure if I can or not but...

Old username: starseed
New username: starseed the auticorn


erik destler

would like to battle!

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reposting cos I'm assuming you guys missed my last post ;~;

Old username: Yuuiii
new username: soupercell
Eep! Sorry about that! Consider it done.
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Old username: The Only God
New username: Godlike
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