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Have you ever rewritten a work you wrote previously?

I honestly have not, but have changed some things in the first to second draft. I've never thought "I want to rewrite this entire thing" yet, tbh.
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I have not, and I don't think I ever will. I get annoyed just making large edits to a story during the editing process, I'm not re-writing an entire story from scratch. I'd rather abandon something that needed that much reworking and start something fresh.
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I've rewritten a few chapters of a long work, but never entirely. I tried to do that with one of my very first fanfiction but only posted two chapters of the rewrite haha. Pretty much like GP I rather move on to a new story.
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I haven't rewritten anything, and I doubt I would rewrite anything I've published and considered to be finished. No one-shots, no RP posts, nothing like that- but I put out the first few chapters of a couple epic multi-chapter fics out long ago, and I think I'd fully rewrite those if I came back to the stories with intent to finish them. Which I can see myself doing eventually :) I like the ideas still~

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I'm on the fourth drafting of Shattered Crests. The current version on this site is the third since it's the furthest and the one I want to finish so I can have a complete draft of book 1. The fourth is the improved version plot, scene, and edits wise. I plan to do a fifth and final version for grammar and all that.

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