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Started by CloysterOyster November 15th, 2016 6:56 AM
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What type would you like to see Eevee evolve into next?


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normal/flying, keep w that lame tradition ;P


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Surprised flying got so few votes so far. But I would really love to see one, I can imagine it being very pretty and elegant, especially after the fanart I've seen online. No matter what I am sure I'd want it on my team.

Ghost would also be super cool. <3


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We need and eeveelution for every type, every type combo, and each eeveelution has a Mega.
JK but seriously, they usually introduce eeveelutions in pairs, with one having the type advantage over the other, but Sylveon was introduced solo, with no counterpart, so I would say dragon, or ghost(Since ghost types are cool)

Turns out an eeveelution for every type and type combo would give us atleast 171 unique eeveelutions :O (Bulbapedia says there are 171 unique type combos)
We would need a separate Eevee dex!
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Oooh, thinking of it that way... what about next gen bringing a Steel type and a Fighting type to make a trio with Sylveon?


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you know i kind of want to see how they would make a bug type but keep the essential, you know, eeveelution-ness? how do you reconcile such a mammilian pokémon with a bug concept?


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Steel and Ghost are my top two types I want to see Eevee evolve into. I've seen some amazing fanart as to what those evolutions would look like, and I really want them to be real!
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turn ya 3DS upside-down to drop ya eevee into Hell and make it a Ghost



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I agree with OP. :D I want to see a Poison or Ground type Eeveeloution.

My idea for the Poison one is it's called Letheon or Toxeon. Letheon for Lethal or Toxeon or Toxic. It would have Poison Point and evolve if you level up Eevee while it holds the Black Sludge.

My idea for the Ground type eeveelution is it's called Cruseon or Deseon. Cruseon in reference to the earth's crust or Deseon in reference to the desert. It would have the sand stream ability (The one that summons the sandstorm) and it would evolve if you leveled up Eevee in a desert or for games with no desert, after battling against/alongside a pokemon that had summoned a sandstorm.


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I really want to see a Steel typed eeveelution! Maybe evolve it in some type of factory?


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poltergeist eevee pls

spoopy ghost

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I voted Flying, because it'd be nice to see a non-legend pure Flying-type...
A possible idea would be to name it Aethereon (Aether refers to the sky) & I'm imagining it to look a lot like Flareon but it light blue instead of red & has light grey clouds instead of fluffy yellow flames.
Stats wise, it'd excel at attack, special attack & especially speed while having poor defenses.


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Been waiting on a Dragon type Eeveelution since Gen II, and every time that we've gotten new Eeveelutions since then, my hopes go up just a bit more that it'll actually happen. Dunno what I want it to look like, but it's hard to pass up a cool name like Draceon/Drakeon.


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I am a undead fan so a ghost type

But a bug type would be cool too (as long as she doesn't look like a vasp-dog-cat)

But i want ALL eevees having all types
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I would love to see the rest of the types get rounded out, but the top three for me are dragon, ghost, and rock. The ghost one could be gotten by exposing eevee with a dusk stone, the rock one with a rock stone, and the dragon one with a dragon stone. And the ghost type one could be called Morteon. Morteon as Mort translates to Dead in the English language. In fact, I plan on featuring these three types within a Fire Red hack I am making, but I am no good at spriting. If you have expertise in spriting and want to help me make these three eeveelution types I mentioned a reality, please go here https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=438083 Do note they need to be in 64x64 size.
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Voted for Normal type eeveelution.
But want to see a ghost type one too.

I'm actually hoping for a Eevee regional form that starts Normal/Ghost and evolves at max happiness into either a Normal (Day-Time) or Ghost type (Night-Time) eeveelution =D

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Since all Eeveelutions have the same stats but located differently, I think the only role we haven't seen yet is an all-out offensive mixed attacker.

So I would say Rock type:
Name: Meteoreon
Ability: Sand Force
Hidden Ability: No Guard (enjoy not missing Stone Edges :))
BST: 130 Attack, 110 Sp. Atk, 95 Speed, 65 Defense, 65 Sp. Def, 60 HP

So this would be literally the opposite of Umbreon, a fully offensive mon that can hit fast and is suitable as physical and/or special attacker, but a complete trash defensively :P

Also, meant to be used in Sandstorm (at least with its normal Ability), since we have at least one Eeveelution that benefits from each weather but none from Sandstorm.
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A Fighting type would be lovely to see. Plenty of folks also voted for Ghost it seems, which would also be cool. I can't help but think that Eevee would need to undergo something gruesome to achieve it though, lol.
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the morbidly curious part of me wants to know the lore reason for eevee evolving into a ghost-type, so i'm kinda going with that.