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Old 5 Days Ago (6:15 PM).
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I was watching the anime yesterday and had an interesting thought. I wondered who my starter would have been if my age corresponded with the newest generation at the time. For example, I was 11 in 2009, which would put me in the Sinnoh region. My starter would have been Chimchar.

I think this is interesting as the three available to you when you were 11 may not have been your favourites, but nonetheless those were the starters made available to you. What about you guys? Who would your starter have been?
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Old 5 Days Ago (6:39 PM).
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I was 11 when the show began in the US in 1998 actually. I would've chosen Bulbasaur, even though I do consider Squirtle to be my favorite since Bulbasaur is loyal and a tough fighter.
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Old 5 Days Ago (8:12 PM).
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I was 11 in 1999 so I guess it still falls under 1st Gen. Can't say I have a favorite when it comes to Gen 1 starters so I think I'd go with Squirtle just because having an early water-type is always handy.
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Old 4 Days Ago (10:50 PM).
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I was nine when the games were first released, so I would have had a few months of agonising wait. I probably would have picked Bulbasaur though, because I picked Charmander in Red and the first two Gyms gave me one hell of a time, and I wouldn't have wanted that to happen on my actual journey. xD
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Old 4 Days Ago (3:17 AM).
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I was 11 in 2001, so I would have picked Cyndaquil as my partner.
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I was 11 in 2010 so Snivy would have been my starer :)
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Old 4 Days Ago (10:16 AM).
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Why 11 and not 10?

Anyways, at 11 I would've been either in Sinnoh or Unova; it was right between the two. I would've picked either Piplup or Oshawott. Personal preference is Sinnoh.
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