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    Official Pokémon Claim Thread

    Originally written by Lightning, updated and edited mostly by EternallyAnna

    w e l c o m e

    First things first: the basics. A claiming thread is basically the place where you stake your "claim" on something. For example, if Pansage is your favourite Pokémon for the obvious reasons that it Cilan has it and therefore it is fabulous, you would claim Pansage. You can put the fact that you've claimed something in your sig or in the appropriate sections on your profile. There's not much more to it than that. A few things have changed since the last thread, but for the most part it is the same~

    other claim threads: bishie

    r u l e s
    1. No more than 6 claims per person. This is the size of a proper team in the game so it should be good enough! If you can't choose and end up listing more than 6, you won't get any of them.
    2. No more than 12 claims per Pokémon. If you want to claim Pansage and 12 people have already claimed it, tough luck. You'll have to choose something else or check if they are following the next rule...
    3. If you are banned for any amount of time or inactive for more than one month, your claims will be forfeited.
    4. You may not claim any Pokemon if you have less than 100 posts.
    5. If it has been 10 days since anyone updated the thread, feel free to prod myself, Brendino or Adventure. If you want to contact me, DO IT BY VM. PMs are a hassle lol.
    6. If you cannot follow the guidelines below, I may not add your claims. Also, I will not add the claims of people who cannot even spell the names of their favourite Pokémon.

    c l a i m i n g

    When making your claims, all you have to do is follow these simple guidelines. If you can't do this, your claims might not be added at all!
    • List your claims in alphabetical order.
    • Use the proper format: Pokemon ★ Username
    • Read the list to make sure none of your Pokémon have been claimed 12 times. (If a claim is full, there will be a icon next to it.)
    • Check the last updated time at the top of this post and make sure no one who has posted after that time has filled up your Pokémon's claim slots.
    • If you want to change your claims and I have NOT updated since you originally posted them, edit or delete your first post instead of posting again.
    • If the Pokémon you want to claim is not anywhere on the list, that's okay! That just means no one has claimed it before and you're the first.
    • Formes do not count! So if you claim Shaymin in sky forme, I will only give you normal Shaymin. Same with Giratina, Rotom, Deoxys, etc.
    • If you would like to remove a claim, just specify it in a post.
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Abomasnow ★ Rednael
    Abra ★ JalordaSerpent7
    Absol ★ Hiiro, TwilightBlade, Garet, TornZero, Nakuzami, Kitori, Daughter of Dawn
    Accelgor ★
    Aegislash ★ Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
    Aerodactyl ★ Mr Cat Dog, Spinosaurus, Snowdrop
    Aggron ★ tajaros, Airbourne Bubblun, Darkrai666, Seattle
    Aipom ★ o3o, mimimahboul
    Alakazam ★ donavannj, DarkAlucard, LividZephyr, warship, Dangelitus
    Alomomola ★
    Altaria ★ Fireworks, miju-kun, SelenaStar, Sydian
    Ambipom ★
    Amoonguss ★ jsziede
    Ampharos ★ Kenshin5, AWSquared, EGKangaroo, synerjee
    Anorith ★
    Arbok ★
    Arcanine ★ Cid, Garet, Avishka, gunnerpow7, Sakura Rain, Rainbow Arcanine, Eeveon, BlahISuck, ChocoboCam
    Arceus ★ Mewtwolover, Taposa, Sayan, Rainy Garden of Fire
    Archen ★
    Archeops ★ archeops14, sherreamethyst, elarmasecreta
    Ariados ★ Rednael
    Armaldo ★ Spinosaurus
    Aron ★ Brendino
    Articuno ★ Cosmotone8, Limanya, Meganium90
    Audino ★
    Axew ★ AshPikastar, droomph
    Azelf ★ Classic Sonic
    Azumarill ★ BinaryPeaches, TwilightBlade
    Azurill ★

    Bagon ★
    Baltoy ★
    Banette ★ ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~, Cacturne4512
    Barboach ★
    Basculin ★ Spinosaurus, NecrumWarrior
    Bastiodon ★ Magnetic
    Bayleef ★ Karpman, Altomare
    Beartic ★
    Beautifly ★ Hiiro, Jubilation
    Beedrill ★ vaporeon7
    Beheeyem ★ Elgyem
    Beldum ★
    Bellossom ★ BinaryPeaches, gunnerpow7
    Bellsprout ★ Ayselipera
    Bibarel ★
    Bidoof ★ Dyl-icious
    Bisharp ★ Pikapal642, Otherworld9), Kenshin5, JollyRoger25, Shadowraze
    Blastoise ★ SelenaStar, NecrumWarrior
    Blaziken ★ Kenshin5, donavannj, InfernoRogue, Aryan143, glitchguy, Zorogami, warship, BlahISuck, Twihiki_Amias
    Blissey ★ 2cool4Mewtwo, Simmy93
    Blitzle ★
    Boldore ★
    Bonsly ★
    Bouffalant ★
    Braixen ★ chuckleslucifer, Daughter of Dawn, Hooh54, ZachLMedia
    Braviary ★ AshPikastar, Yo Face Here, Simmy93, Sakura Rain, XanderO, RoreyG, Shadowraze
    Breloom ★ elarmasecreta, EGKangaroo, Elgyem
    Bronzong ★ Otherworld9), AlexOzzyCake
    Bronzor ★
    Budew ★
    Buizel ★ AWsquared, AlexOzzyCake
    Bulbasaur ★ kosuke
    Buneary ★ Xeberos, Belldandy
    Burmy ★
    Butterfree ★ Brendino

    Cacnea ★ mimimahboul
    Cacturne ★ Cacturne4512
    Camerupt ★ Magnetic
    Carnivine ★
    Carracosta ★ Vrai
    Carvanha ★
    Cascoon ★
    Castform ★ Twihiki_Amias, Michonne
    Caterpie ★ Breezy.
    Celebi ★ tabor62, Mokoko
    Chandelure ★ Mr Cat Dog, BinaryPeaches, donavannj, tente2, Diamond1304, Sweet Candace, Blue Nocturne, MuffinPaula, Dyenguard, glitchguy, DeltaSalamence
    Chansey ★
    Charizard ★ 2cool4Mewtwo, dragon456, assassinjay1229, Avishka, Ninjagon, mavy42, Aryan143, RoreyG, BlahISuck, World King, Shadowraze, Twihiki_Amias
    Charmander ★ Dratizard, Mac, Eeveon
    Charmeleon ★ Mew~, Shining Raichu, TheOperaGhost
    Chatot ★
    Cherrim ★ Lightning
    Cherubi ★ Lightning
    Chespin ★ AlexOzzyCake, Hikari10, Rainbow Arcanine, warship
    Chikorita ★ chef30, miakalina, blackmorale, KagamiChan
    Chimchar ★ Olli97
    Chimecho ★
    Chinchou ★ elarmasecreta
    Chingling ★
    Cinccino ★ Cirno, Syltti, Mokoko
    Clamperl ★
    Claydol ★
    Clefable ★
    Clefairy ★
    Cleffa ★
    Cloyster ★ Yoshikkko
    Cobalion ★ Rainy Garden of Fire
    Cohagrigus ★ Zeffy, ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
    Combee ★
    Combusken ★ imevil
    Conkeldurr ★ Zeffy, Lunis
    Corphish ★
    Corsola ★
    Cottonnee ★
    Cradily ★ Mr Cat Dog, Rednael
    Cranidos ★
    Crawdaunt ★
    Cresselia ★ Sector Revenge, Dyl-icious
    Croagunk ★
    Crobat ★ Fireworks, Simmy93, Kotowari, MrKyurem, miltankRancher
    Croconaw ★
    Crustle ★ EternallyAnna
    Cryogonal ★ Jellicent♀
    Cubchoo ★
    Cubone ★ Gymnotide, assassinjay1229, kosuke
    Cyndaquil ★ DarkAlucard, Dratizard, Chaos11011, synerjee, Twihiki_Amias

    Darkrai ★ Otherworld9), clacla$$$, assassinjay1229, Avishka, dragon456, MidnightShine, Drakow, mavy42, MidnightShine, Darkrai666
    Darmanitan ★
    Darumaka ★ ~Ryukaa
    Deerling ★ miakalina
    Deino ★ Brendino
    Delcatty ★ Limanya
    Delibird ★ dragonqueen0210
    Delphox ★ ZachLMedia
    Deoxys ★ Otherworld9)
    Dewgong ★
    Dewott ★ Hikari10
    Dialga ★ olih, miju-kun, DarkAlucard, Zeroblivion, Rainy Garden of Fire, ChocoboCam
    Diglett ★ jsziede
    Ditto ★ Gymnotide, Taposa
    Dodrio ★ SNOR(es)LAX
    Doduo ★
    Donphan ★ Unknown#
    Doublade ★ Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
    Dragonair ★ Alexial357, Limanya, Mononoke Hime, LadyScatach
    Dragonite ★ sherreamethyst, Lunis, MrKyurem, Sakura Rain, EGKangaroo, blackmorale, Element0, Elite Four Lucian, warship, Dangelitus
    Drapion ★ CptSwaggerPants
    Dratini ★ Chiar, Dratizard, zephyr6257
    Drifblim ★ JP, Magnetic
    Drifloon ★ Breezy., Narnia
    Drilbur ★
    Drowzee ★
    Druddigon ★ WeightyWillBill
    Ducklett ★
    Dugtrio ★
    Dunsparce ★ Para-Dox
    Duosion ★
    Durant ★ Chiar
    Dusclops ★
    Dusknoir ★ solarowl, Althea
    Duskull ★ EliteBeats
    Dustox ★
    Dwebble ★ EternallyAnna, sherreamethyst, AlexOzzyCake

    Eelektrik ★
    Eelektross ★ Jellicent♀, synerjee
    Eevee ★ .Eevee-Chan, Quickster, Outkin, Iloveeevee, Eeveon, dcjboi, Belldandy, Mokoko, Darkrai666
    Ekans ★
    Electabuzz ★ elarmasecreta
    Electivire ★ Cosmotone8, FrostPheonix, Zorogami, RoreyG
    Electrike ★
    Electrode ★ Chessiekinss
    Elekid ★ mimimahboul
    Elgyem ★ Elgyem
    Emboar ★ Requility, Aryan143, CourageHound
    Emolga ★ Destiny Demon, Cirno
    Empoleon ★ dragonqueen0210, Cosmotone8
    Entei ★ Snowdrop
    Escavalier ★ Vrai
    Espeon ★ BinaryPeaches, donavannj, Roswell, Mewtwolover, Turn-it, blackmorale, Iloveeevee, Mentalii, .Eevee-Chan, Belldandy, SkittishHeart
    Espurr ★ Seattle
    Excadrill ★ PlatinumDude, Diamond1304, MrKyurem
    Exeggcute ★
    Exeggutor ★
    Exploud ★

    Farfetch'd ★
    Fearow ★ GoldenRayquaza
    Feebas ★
    Fennekin ★ Wind Heart, BLOOOD-La-ti-, Hikari10, Elite Four Lucian, ZachLMedia, GoldenRayquaza, chuckleslucifer, Michonne
    Feraligatr ★ MuffinPaula, Mentalii, RoreyG, classiccartoonsftw
    Ferroseed ★
    Ferrothorn ★ Toujours, Dyl-icious
    Finneon ★
    Flaaffy ★ destinedjagold, Jellicent♀, Rainflower
    Flareon ★ ~Ryukaa, destinedjagold
    Floatzel ★
    Florges ★ Sector Revenge
    Flygon ★ Regeneration, Miss Doronjo, Fireworks, clacla$$$, sherreamethyst, hiinotama, LividZephyr, Mononoke Hime, Fenneking, Chessiekinss
    Foonguss ★ Sassy Milkshake
    Forretress ★
    Fraxure ★
    Frillish ★
    Froakie ★ XanderO, BLOOOD-La-ti-, Hikari10, Curious., Shad0wChas3r
    Froslass ★ tente2, Althea, Syltti
    Furret ★ Sydian, Xyrin, destinedjagold, Rainbow Arcanine, Mokoko

    Gabite ★
    Gallade ★ Kenshin5, Regeneration, PlatinumDude, Garet, Sayan, FrostPheonix, Tman109ner, Urugamosu, GoldenRayquaza
    Galvantula ★ Requility, Alternative, Diamond1304, o3o, DarkAlucard, Urugamosu
    Garbodor ★
    Garchomp ★ Garet, Karpman, Bourne-Mouth, Elite Four Lucian
    Gardevoir ★ 2cool4Mewtwo, gameplayer56, Mewtwolover, TornZero, vaporeon7, Nakuzami, Simmy93, Cacturne4512, Limanya, Syltti, KagamiChan
    Gastly ★
    Gastrodon ★ Mac
    Genesect ★ Unknown#, Tman109ner
    Gengar ★ Kenshin5, JP, Blue Nocturne, miltankRancher, Cacturne4512, EGKangaroo, tajaros, CourageHound, Darkrai666, classiccartoonsftw
    Geodude ★
    Gible ★
    Gigalith ★
    Girafarig ★ destinedjagold
    Giratina ★ ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~, Althea, Zeroblivion, glitchguy
    Glaceon ★ Roswell, TornZero, Taposa, Iloveeevee, KagamiChan, Daughter of Dawn
    Glalie ★
    Glameow ★
    Gligar ★ mimimahboul
    Gliscor ★ Cacturne4512
    Gloom ★
    Golbat ★
    Goldeen ★
    Golduck ★
    Golem ★
    Golett ★
    Golurk ★ Alternative, Foxrally
    Goomy ★ synerjee
    Gorebyss ★ vaporeon7
    Gothita ★
    Gothitelle ★ Gothitelle.
    Gothorita ★ Airbourne Bubblun
    Granbull ★ Luke
    Graveler ★
    Grimer ★
    Grotle ★
    Groudon ★ Spinosaurus, Crystalized
    Grovyle ★ Regeneration, Grovyle42(Griff8416), Taposa, mineox100, droomph
    Growlithe ★ Sakura Rain, Narnia
    Grumpig ★
    Gulpin ★
    Gurrdurr ★
    Gyarados ★ gunnerpow7, Kotowari, Jellicent♀, FrostPheonix, World King, Shadowraze

    Happiny ★ Jellicent♀
    Hariyama ★
    Haunter ★
    Haxorus ★ SNOR(es)LAX, Cid, Elite Four Lucian, DeltaSalamence, Shad0wChas3r
    Heatmor ★
    Heatran ★ Sector Revenge
    Helioptile ★
    Heracross ★ Mr Cat Dog, Quickster, Yoshikkko, Zorogami
    Herdier ★ Requility
    Hippopotas ★
    Hippowdon ★ Sector Revenge
    Hitmonchan ★
    Hitmonlee ★
    Hitmontop ★ Munchlax11
    Ho-oh ★ DarkAlucard, FrostPheonix, Hooh54
    Honchkrow ★
    Honedge ★ CoffeeDrink, Michonne, Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
    Hoothoot ★
    Hoppip ★
    Horsea ★ SelenaStar
    Houndoom ★ Patchisou Yutohru, Ninjagon, JollyRoger25, Zorogami, BlahISuck
    Houndour ★
    Huntail ★
    Hydreigon ★ Toujours, Gothitelle., InfernoRogue, Drakow, Ninjagon, Bourne-Mouth, JollyRoger25, Elite Four Lucian
    Hypno ★


    Igglybuff ★
    Illumise ★ Ciax
    Infernape ★ InfernoRogue, Aryan143
    Ivysaur ★ Shining Raichu, Chaos11011, Shrew

    Jellicent ★ Jellicent♀, Michonne
    Jigglypuff ★ Breezy.
    Jirachi ★ mzmingle, Alexial357, assassinjay1229, Belldandy, LadyScatach
    Jolteon ★ donavannj, Roswell, Zeroblivion, Iloveeevee
    Joltik ★ Requility, TornZero, Chaos11011, synerjee
    Jumpluff ★ Classic Sonic
    Jynx ★ Luke

    Kabuto ★
    Kabutops ★ Cacturne4512, FrostPheonix
    Kadabra ★ JalordaSerpent7
    Kakuna ★
    Kangaskhan ★ EGKangaroo
    Karrablast ★
    Kecleon ★
    Keldeo ★ Mew~, Taposa, MidnightShine, Rainy Garden of Fire, Rivvon, GoldenRayquaza
    Kingdra ★ Mr Cat Dog, Patchisou Yutohru, LatiasSoulDew, Halcyon, blackmorale
    Kingler ★ Magnetic
    Kirlia ★
    Klang ★
    Klefki ★ Hikari10
    Klink ★
    Klinklang ★
    Koffing ★ CoffeeDrink
    Krabby ★
    Kricketot ★ ~Pokemoll~
    Kricketune ★
    Krokorok ★ Astinus
    Krookodile ★ Spinosaurus, Eeveon
    Kyogre ★
    Kyurem ★ MidnightShine

    Lairon ★
    Lampent ★ Foxrally
    Landorus ★ Dyl-icious
    Lanturn ★ Pikapal642, Rainbow Arcanine, Cid
    Lapras ★ gameplayer56, Dangelitus
    Larvesta ★ Molivious
    Larvitar ★ Alexial357, kosuke, Curious.
    Latias ★ LatiasSoulDew, gameplayer56, TwilightBlade, Alexial357, Sector Revenge, Cosmotone8, Syltti, Altomare
    Latios ★ justinrpg, TornZero, Halcyon, Sayan, BLOOOD-La-ti-
    Leafeon ★ Roswell, ~Pokemoll~, Iloveeevee, SkittishHeart
    Leavanny ★ Hiiro, tente2, Yo Face Here, Meganium90
    Ledian ★
    Ledyba ★
    Lickilicky ★ tente2
    Lickitung ★
    Liepard ★ -ty-
    Lileep ★
    Lilligant ★ o3o, Sweet Candace, miakalina, -ty-, Rainflower, Syltti, SkittishHeart
    Lillipup ★ Tman109ner
    Linoone ★ Dangelitus
    Litleo ★ Brendino
    Litwick ★ Classic Sonic
    Lombre ★
    Lopunny ★ -ty-
    Lotad ★ EliteBeats
    Loudred ★
    Lucario ★ PlatinumDude, Astinus, Cid, chef30, Garet, Avishka, warship, ChocoboCam
    Ludicolo ★ Dyl-icious
    Lugia ★ JP, Garet, justinrpg, Mewtwolover, Limanya, World King, Seattle
    Lumineon ★ Patchisou Yutohru, Suicune™
    Lunatone ★ Suicune™
    Luvdisc ★
    Luxio ★
    Luxray ★ Galukxy, Zeroblivion, glitchguy, LadyScatach, Darkrai666, SkittishHeart

    Machamp ★ tabor62
    Machoke ★
    Machop ★
    Magby ★
    Magcargo ★ Para-Dox, o3o
    Magikarp ★ tajaros
    Magmar ★ Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu
    Magmortar ★ Dangelitus
    Magnemite ★
    Magneton ★ Element0, Magnetic
    Magnezone ★ Mr Cat Dog, Drakow
    Makuhita ★
    Mamoswine ★ CourageHound, jsziede
    Manaphy ★
    Mandibuzz ★ Luke
    Manectric ★ Vrai, -ty-, Cid, Fenneking, Hooh54
    Mankey ★
    Mantine ★
    Mantyke ★
    Maractus ★ Sweet Candace
    Mareep ★ Destiny Demon, Rainbow Arcanine
    Marill ★ Classic Sonic
    Marowak ★
    Marshtomp ★ Shrew
    Masquerain ★
    Mawile ★ mucus
    Medicham ★ InfernoRogue
    Meditite ★
    Meganium ★ Zupplu, justinrpg, .Eevee-Chan, Meganium90
    Meloetta ★ Syltti, Altomare
    Meowstic ★ Hikari10
    Meowth ★ Mew~, SNOR(es)LAX, Yo Face Here
    Mesprit ★ Andrew1989
    Metagross ★ Bourne-Mouth, DeltaSalamence
    Metang ★
    Metapod ★
    Mew ★ Mew~, Mononoke Hime, Belldandy, Kitori
    Mewtwo ★ JP, donavannj, 2cool4Mewtwo, dragon456, Mewtwolover, miltankRancher, mavy42, Seattle, ★Hoenn★
    Mienfoo ★
    Mienshao ★ gameplayer56, Sweet Candace, TornZero, Cirno, Meganium90
    Mightyena ★ Element0
    Milotic ★ Miss Doronjo, gunnerpow7, -ty-, Sakura Rain, Fenneking
    Miltank ★ miltankRancher
    Mime Jr. ★ KagamiChan
    Minccino ★ Alternative, o3o
    Minun ★ Sweet Candace, Mentalii, Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu
    Misdreavus ★ Althea
    Mismagius ★ Brendino
    Moltres ★ justinrpg
    Monferno ★
    Mothim ★
    Mr. Mime ★
    Mudkip ★ Regeneration, Galukxy, assassinjay1229, Outkin, mineox100, LividZephyr, Darkrai666
    Muk ★ CourageHound, CoffeeDrink
    Munchlax ★ TheFattestSnorlax, Munchlax11
    Munna ★
    Murkrow ★
    Musharna ★ JP, Cirno

    Natu ★
    Nidoking ★ Para-Dox
    Nidoqueen ★ Para-Dox, Snowdrop
    Nidoran♀ ★ Shrew
    Nidoran♂ ★
    Nidorina ★
    Nidorino ★
    Nincada ★
    Ninetales ★ ~Ryukaa, assassinjay1229, gunnerpow7, Dyenguard, Mononoke Hime, Element0, .Eevee-Chan, GoldenRayquaza
    Ninjask ★ Rednael
    Noctowl ★ clacla$$$
    Noivern ★ Daughter of Dawn
    Nosepass ★
    Numel ★
    Nuzleaf ★

    Octillery ★ Simmy93, Luke
    Oddish ★
    Omanyte ★
    Omastar ★ Chiar
    Onix ★
    Oshawott ★ AshPikastar, Hiiro, Astinus, solarowl, miju-kun, Destiny Demon, chef30, Xeberos, Sakura Rain, droomph, Ashketchum24, Shad0wChas3r

    Pachirisu ★ Xeberos, Twihiki_Amias
    Palkia ★ Xeberos
    Palpitoad ★
    Pancham ★ synerjee
    Panpour ★ MuffinPaula
    Pansage ★ EternallyAnna
    Pansear ★
    Paras ★
    Parasect ★
    Patrat ★
    Pawniard ★
    Pelipper ★
    Persian ★ Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    Petilil ★ Sydian, KagamiChan
    Phanpy ★ EliteBeats
    Phione ★ Destiny Demon
    Pichu ★ Lightning, Mew~, LatiasSoulDew, Quickster, droomph, Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu
    Pidgeot ★ Shining Raichu, zephyr6257, XanderO
    Pidgeotto ★
    Pidgey ★ Olli97
    Pidove ★
    Pignite ★
    Pikachu ★ Sweet Candace, Galukxy, chef30, dragon456, mineox100, Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu, Twihiki_Amias, Ashketchum24, classiccartoonsftw
    Piloswine ★
    Pineco ★
    Pinsir ★ NecrumWarrior
    Piplup ★ Xeberos
    Plusle ★ Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu
    Politoed ★ Seattle
    Poliwag ★ Galukxy
    Poliwhirl ★ Alternative, tente2
    Poliwrath ★
    Ponyta ★
    Poochyena ★
    Porygon ★ EliteBeats
    Porygon2 ★ Chiar, Rednael, Mac
    Porygon-Z ★ PlatinumDude, solarowl, Cosmotone8
    Primeape ★
    Prinplup ★
    Probopass ★ Lightning, Luke
    Psyduck ★ Breezy.
    Pupitar ★
    Purrloin ★ Galukxy
    Purugly ★ CptSwaggerPants

    Quagsire ★ Yoshikkko, zephyr6257
    Quilava ★ Crystalized, Shrew
    Qwilfish ★

    Raichu ★ Miss Doronjo, Shining Raichu, SelenaStar, Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu, mimimahboul, ChocoboCam, Shad0wChas3r
    Raikou ★ InfernoRogue, BLOOOD-La-ti-
    Ralts ★
    Rampardos ★ Dradier234, World King
    Rapidash ★ -ty-, Rainflower, Fenneking
    Raticate ★
    Rattata ★
    Rayquaza ★ atif, mavy42, DeltaSalamence
    Regice ★ tabor62
    Regigigas ★
    Regirock ★
    Registeel ★
    Relicanth ★
    Remoraid ★
    Reshiram ★ gameplayer56, justinrpg, Mewtwolover, Dratizard, Rainy Garden of Fire, Laugh
    Reuniclus ★ Patchisou Yutohru, Pikapal642, Hiiro, Diamond1304, miju-kun, Karpman, Classic Sonic
    Rhydon ★
    Rhyhorn ★
    Rhyperior ★
    Riolu ★ SelenaStar
    Roggenrola ★
    Roselia ★ Hikari10
    Roserade ★ Simmy93, Suicune™, Foxrally, Fenneking
    Rotom ★ Vrai
    Rufflet ★ chuckleslucifer

    Sableye ★ Fireworks, ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~, hiinotama, JollyRoger25, Munchlax11
    Salamence ★ dragonqueen0210, JalordaSerpent7, Bourne-Mouth, CourageHound, BLOOOD-La-ti-, Elite Four Lucian, DeltaSalamence, classiccartoonsftw, ChocoboCam
    Samurott ★ PlatinumDude, Diamond1304, Eeveon, Meganium90
    Sandile ★ AshPikastar
    Sandshrew ★ AlexOzzyCake, Shrew
    Sandslash ★ destinedjagold
    Sawk ★
    Sawsbuck ★ Snowdrop
    Sceptile ★ Grovyle42(Griff8416), Blue Nocturne, Cosmotone8, BLOOOD-La-ti-, RoreyG
    Scizor ★ Vrai, MrKyurem, imevil, elarmasecreta, Dangelitus
    Scolipede ★ PlatinumDude, dragonqueen0210, Kotowari
    Scrafty ★ Patchisou Yutohru, Vrai, Drakow, Rivvon
    Scraggy ★ SNOR(es)LAX, Crystalized
    Scyther ★ imevil
    Seadra ★
    Seaking ★
    Sealeo ★
    Seedot ★
    Seel ★
    Seismitoad ★
    Sentret ★ EliteBeats
    Serperior ★ gameplayer56, clacla$$$, JalordaSerpent7, Cirno, Kotowari, Limanya, Shad0wChas3r
    Servine ★ ZachLMedia, JalordaSerpent7
    Seviper ★ Miss Doronjo, CptSwaggerPants
    Sewaddle ★ AlexOzzyCake
    Sharpedo ★
    Shaymin ★ ~Ryukaa, Taposa, Chaos11011, Wind Heart, LadyScatach
    Shedinja ★
    Shelgon ★
    Shellder ★
    Shellos ★
    Shelmet ★
    Shieldon ★
    Shiftry ★
    Shinx ★
    Shroomish ★ Outkin, Elgyem, Shrew
    Shuckle ★
    Shuppet ★ Althea
    Sigilyph ★ Tman109ner
    Silcoon ★
    Simipour ★ MuffinPaula
    Simisage ★
    Simisear ★
    Skarmory ★ miju-kun, destinedjagold, Outkin
    Skiploom ★
    Skitty ★ MuffinPaula, Kitori
    Skorupi ★ Molivious
    Skrelp ★ jsziede
    Skuntank ★ CptSwaggerPants
    Slaking ★
    Slakoth ★
    Slowbro ★ Gymnotide, EGKangaroo
    Slowking ★ hiinotama
    Slowpoke ★
    Slugma ★
    Smeargle ★ Sydian
    Smoochum ★
    Sneasel ★
    Snivy ★ Regeneration, Destiny Demon, ZachLMedia, JalordaSerpent7S, Nakuzami, Dratizard, Ashketchum24, Chessiekinss
    Snorlax ★ SNOR(es)LAX, miltankRancher, Sayan, TheFattestSnorlax, mavy42
    Snorunt ★
    Snover ★ Foxrally
    Snubbull ★
    Solosis ★
    Solrock ★
    Spearow ★
    Spheal ★ Airbourne Bubblun
    Spinarak ★
    Spinda ★
    Spiritomb ★ Althea, Crystalized
    Spoink ★ Destiny Demon
    Squirtle ★ Cid, Avishka
    Stantler ★
    Staraptor ★ LividZephyr
    Staravia ★
    Starly ★
    Starmie ★ Shining Raichu, miakalina
    Staryu ★
    Steelix ★ Patchisou Yutohru, dragonqueen0210
    Stoutland ★
    Stunfisk ★ Spinosaurus, Alternative, Fireworks, Tman109ner, EternallyAnna
    Stunky ★
    Sudowoodo ★
    Suicune ★ Galukxy, clacla$$$, mineox100, Mononoke Hime, Rainflower
    Sunflora ★
    Sunkern ★
    Surskit ★
    Swablu ★
    Swadloon ★ pinta77
    Swalot ★ NecrumWarrior
    Swampert ★ Otherworld9), Mentalii, Rivvon, Urugamosu
    Swanna ★
    Swellow ★ Suicune™, Tman109ner
    Swinub ★ Rainbow Arcanine
    Swirlix ★ CoffeeDrink
    Swoobat ★ InfernoRogue
    Sylveon ★ Wind Heart, Classic Sonic, Mokoko, Hooh54

    Taillow ★
    Talonflame ★ Daughter of Dawn
    Tangela ★ vaporeon7
    Tangrowth ★
    Tauros ★
    Teddiursa ★ Nakuzami
    Tentacool ★
    Tentacruel ★
    Tepig ★ Lunis
    Terrakion ★ Sector Revenge
    Throh ★
    Thundurus ★
    Timburr ★
    Tirtouga ★ archeops14
    Togekiss ★ Pikapal642, Miss Doronjo, JP, .Eevee-Chan, Wind Heart
    Togepi ★
    Togetic ★
    Torchic ★ Nakuzami, Chaos11011
    Torkoal ★
    Tornadus ★ 649
    Torterra ★ Xeberos, Sakura Rain, NecrumWarrior, Foxrally, warship
    Totodile ★ BinaryPeaches, ZachLMedia, dcjboi
    Toxicroak ★ Yoshikkko
    Tranquill ★
    Trapinch ★
    Treecko ★ Grovyle42(Griff8416), AWSquared, Dratizard
    Tropius ★ Snowdrop, Sassy Milkshake
    Trubbish ★ tente2, Fireworks
    Turtwig ★ MuffinPaula, droomph, Munchlax11
    Tympole ★
    Tynamo ★
    Typhlosion ★ Pikapal642, TwilightBlade, Nakuzami, Kotowari, Aryan143, Eeveon, Shad0wChas3r
    Tyranitar ★ Kenshin5, Pikapal642, Yoshikkko, DarkAlucard, Drakow, Bourne-Mouth, NecrumWarrior, RoreyG, Shadowraze, DeltaSalamence, classiccartoonsftw
    Tyrogue ★
    Tyrunt ★ chuckleslucifer

    Umbreon ★ Sydian, ~Ryukaa, Roswell, miltankRancher, AWSquared, JollyRoger25, Meganium90, Avishka, SkittishHeart
    Unfezant ★ Sassy Milkshake
    Unown ★ Brendino
    Ursaring ★ Olli97, CourageHound, Zorogami
    Uxie ★

    Vanillish ★
    Vanillite ★ Lightning, LadyScatach
    Vanilluxe ★ Diamond1304, miju-kun, Suicune™, Chaos11011
    Vaporeon ★ Roswell, vaporeon7, Iloveeevee, Mononoke Hime, .Eevee-Chan, Alexial357, Kitori
    Venipede ★ Chiar
    Venomoth ★ Chiar, Yoshikkko, Luke, 60
    Venonat ★
    Venusaur ★ Element0
    Vespiquen ★ Suicune™, Fenneking, Molivious
    Vibrava ★ Molivious
    Victini ★ Otherworld9), clacla$$$, zephyr6257, Wind Heart, Sydian, Kitori, Dyl-icious
    Victreebel ★ Shining Raichu
    Vigoroth ★ Rednael
    Vileplume ★ gunnerpow7, hiinotama, KagamiChan
    Virizion ★ miakalina
    Volbeat ★ Ciax
    Volcarona ★ TwilightBlade, Toujours, vaporeon7, Bourne-Mouth, Urugamosu, Alexial357, classiccartoonsftw
    Voltorb ★
    Vullaby ★
    Vulpix ★ Quickster, miakalina, Foxrally, Belldandy, Kitori, GoldenRayquaza

    Wailmer ★
    Wailord ★ tabor62, jsziede
    Walrein ★ 60, Element0
    Wartortle ★ hiinotama
    Watchog ★
    Weavile ★ AWsquared, LividZephyr, JollyRoger25
    Weedle ★ Olli97
    Weepinbell ★
    Weezing ★ CoffeeDrink
    Whimsicott ★ Toujours, TwilightBlade, o3o, Lightning, Cirno, Mokoko
    Whirlipede ★
    Whiscash ★
    Whismur ★
    Wigglytuff ★
    Wingull ★
    Wobbuffet ★ Miss Doronjo, World King, jsziede
    Woobat ★
    Wooper ★ solarowl
    Wormadam ★
    Wurmple ★
    Wynaut ★

    Xatu ★
    Xerneas ★ Wind Heart, MidnightShine
    Yamask ★ Zeffy
    Yanma ★
    Yanmega ★ Magnetic
    Yveltal ★ MidnightShine, glitchguy, AWsquared, CptSwaggerPants

    Zangoose ★ elarmasecreta, 2cool4Mewtwo, Seattle, ChocoboCam
    Zapdos ★ Daughter of Dawn
    Zebstrika ★ Kotowari, Snowdrop, LividZephyr, Rainflower
    Zekrom ★ Requility, justinrpg, Zeroblivion, Drakow, mavy42, Rainy Garden of Fire, Laugb
    Zigzagzoon ★ Urugamosu
    Zoroark ★ 2cool4Mewtwo, dragon456, tajaros, glitchguy, Zorogami, mimimahboul, World King, Shadowraze, CptSwaggerPants
    Zorua ★ Mew~, ~Ryukaa, mzmingle, chef30, droomph, zephyr6257
    Zubat ★ EliteBeats
    Zweilous ★

    A final hit knocks the Steelix out. With your combined strength you manage to push some of its humongous body aside - enough to head back through.

    Just as you're leaving you notice a strange growth on the back of the Steelix's head.

    You retrieved the King's Rock. Continue your exploration, free style.
    i want to believe
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    Emboar ★ Forever
    Galvantula ★ Forever
    Herdier ★ Forever
    Joltik ★ Forever
    Zekrom ★ Forever


    so it's gonna be forever ... or it's gonna go down in flames
    Pokemon Go & Mobile Games Moderator

    ... make your dreams come true :heart:

    Two Time Get Together Winner - Lele & Gloria!

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    Yamask ★ Zeffy
    Cohagrigus ★ Zeffy
    Conkeldurr ★ Zeffy
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    so, so glad to be rid of this thread. ♥ Thanks for taking over. Good luck. You'll need it.

    Cherrim ★ Lightning
    Cherubi ★ Lightning
    Litwick ★ Lightning
    Pichu ★ Lightning
    Probopass ★ Lightning
    Vanillite ★ Lightning
    paired with erik destler, ryoutarou, & disturbed.

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    Ampharos ★ Kenshin5
    Blaziken ★ Kenshin5
    Gallade ★ Kenshin5
    Gengar ★ Kenshin5
    Shiftry ★ Kenshin5
    Tyranitar ★ Kenshin5

    Brian - 0089 1621 6313 - White

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    Ooh, very important work Anna! :D

    Bisharp ★ Pikapal642
    Lanturn ★ Pikapal642
    Reuniclus ★ Pikapal642
    Togekiss ★ Pikapal642
    Typhlosion ★ Pikapal642
    Tyranitar ★ Pikapal642
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    It's Question Time!
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    It's great to see this back up. Good luck with it TheSmartOne.

    Braviary ★ AshPikastar
    Axew ★ AshPikastar
    Sandile ★ AshPikastar
    Oshawott ★ AshPikastar
    Lucario ★ AshPikastar
    Umbreon ★ AshPikastar
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    la lune
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    Furret ★ Sydian
    Petilil ★ Sydian
    Quilava ★ Sydian
    Rotom ★ Sydian
    Smeargle ★ Sydian
    Umbreon ★ Sydian

    Thanks! :)

    the fear has gripped me, but here i go.
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    good night, night vale
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    Herdier ★ Akita
    Mightyena ★ Akita
    Altaria ★ Akita
    Sawsbuck ★ Akita

    More work for you.
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    everything is purple
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    Bisharp ★ .EJ
    Pichu ★ .EJ
    Vigoroth ★ .EJ
    Wartortle ★ .EJ
    Wooper ★ .EJ
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      Charizard ★ Stormer07
      Eelektross ★ Stormer07
      Krookodile ★ Stormer07
      Samurott ★ Stormer07
      Haxorus ★ Stormer07
      Hydreigon ★ Stormer07

      Thanks ; )
      My YouTube Channel - PkmnTCG07
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      ||Sweetie Belle~
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        Cacturne ★ RHCP
        Mareep ★ RHCP
        Reshiram ★ RHCP

        That is all. x3
        Thank you!

        EDIT: Added Cacturne!
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          Luxray ★ Bikki-Chan
          Sableye ★ Bikki-Chan
          Wigglytuff ★ Bikki-Chan
          Shadow Sneak Sableye
          + unpaired
          + mommy
          + brothers
          + sisters

          + credit
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          Articuno ★ Meganium90
          Luxray ★ Meganium90
          Meganium ★ Meganium90
          Milotic ★ Meganium90
          Oshawott ★ Meganium90
          Umbreon ★ Meganium90

          Thanks in advance! :)
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          Frasier says it best
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            Aerodactyl ★ Mr Cat Dog
            Chandelure ★ Mr Cat Dog
            Cradily ★ Mr Cat Dog
            Heracross ★ Mr Cat Dog
            Kingdra ★ Mr Cat Dog
            Magnezone ★ Mr Cat Dog

            Thanks... I guess?
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              Butterfree ★ Tw
              Daddy- .little monster
              Sisters & Brothers
              Nephew & Daughters
              Pair & Credit
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                Cinccino ★ .Eevee-Chan
                Eevee ★ .Eevee-Chan
                Espeon ★ .Eevee-Chan
                Hydreigon ★ .Eevee-Chan
                Milotic ★ .Eevee-Chan
                Umbreon ★ .Eevee-Chan
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                Ferrothorn ★ Toujours
                Hydreigon ★ Toujours
                Whimsicott ★ Toujours


                Theme * Pair * VM * PM

                Not all men...

                Are all men stupid?

                That's right.

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                My absolute favorites, can I claim these?

                Breloom ★ elarmasecreta
                Donphan ★ elarmasecreta
                Heracross ★ elarmasecreta
                Flygon ★ elarmasecreta
                Swampert ★ elarmasecreta
                Zangoose ★ elarmasecreta

                Now that I think of it, all of them have high ATK.
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                I guess I shall claim some Pokemon too. ;D

                Flygon ★ Regeneration
                Gallade ★ Regeneration
                Grovyle ★ Regeneration
                Mudkip ★ Regeneration
                Snivy ★ Regeneration
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                ^ is awesome!
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                  Posts: 38
                  OOPS. NEVER MIND. I DON'T HAVE 100 POSTS lol
                  This signature has been disabled.
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                  Please review and fix the issues by reading the signature rules.

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                  see you good kids on the other side
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                    Those of you with less than 100 posts- thanks for checking the rules. ^_^

                    Others seem to be having a spot of trouble with ALPHABETICAL ORDER. I mean, I work around it, but it's hella convenient for me.

                    Up to date so far.
                    i want to believe
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                    THE HOST IS BROKEN
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                    Awsome another new thread...

                    Charmeleon Mew~
                    Keldeo Mew~
                    Mew Mew~
                    Meowth Mew~
                    Pichu Mew~
                    Zorua Mew~
                    There was nothing. Followed by everything. Swirling, burning specks of creation that circled life-giving suns. And then we reached to the light.

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                      I'm going to edit in my claims too. <3

                      EDIT: Almost forgot to alphabetize. :x

                      Flygon ★ Miss Doronjo
                      Milotic ★ Miss Doronjo
                      Raichu ★ Miss Doronjo
                      Seviper ★ Miss Doronjo
                      Togekiss ★ Miss Doronjo
                      Wobbuffet ★ Miss Doronjo

                      Hawthorne Guardian
                      Moderator of Video Games
                      Paired to: Perdition Haze

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                      Posts: 2,153
                      Drifblim ★ JP
                      Gengar ★ JP
                      Lugia ★ JP
                      Mewtwo ★ JP
                      Musharna ★ JP
                      Togekiss ★ JP

                      Pretty sure I did that right. :D XD
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