What do you do for money?

Started by Steven August 15th, 2011 9:19 PM
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Do you have a job?


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I'm tech support, basically. I've had a few family members call me for computer support and I get paid depending on the work I had to do. Repairing computers also counts as well.

I *used* to have a job, though. When I was a senior in high school, I got a front office job at a middle school. I loved my job, I was sad to leave it because of college.
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The 20€ I used to get per month as pocket money ever since the introduction of the Euro exceed the amount of money I spend by far. That fact didn't keep my parents from increasing it to 50€ recently because that's apparently the average at my age.
So, if from now on everything goes as I'd like it to and I manage finishing school and don't change my decision that I'm not going to study, I should get some kind of job in about a year. Provided that I can.



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I used to work in one of my dad's shops, that was pretty good experience and it got me up to saving until I could afford a 3DS. (which I went to the midnight release for :3)
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Am in school, so no actual jobs yet...
But i do small jobs here and there, for some money.
Lawn care, at my grandpa's farm i take care of the livestock, fixing computers...
Generic stuff.
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What don't I do.

I'm still in school, so no real job yet. ;; I do babysit a few times a month for my sister, which I get paid well for. My cousin also randomly pops in and gives me money as well. C:



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I'm looking to move to LA after college so saving up money now is absolutely essential. Right now I'm a teacher assistant at my school, but since hours have been decimated by a massive budget cut, I'm looking for a second job. On top of that I've also been trying in vain to get art commissions, but unfortunately my loyal fans all have about as much disposable income as I do >.>


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I work 37-40 hours per week in a full time technical support career.
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Posted November 8th, 2021
Although the thread doesn't ask about chores, there's a topic about jobs. It's too similar to keep open.

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