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Yep, that's me
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So some facts about you as a person? This took me 3 hours to write, PM me your resonance to it


Im 22 Years Old

I live in New Zealand

I work as a Database Server Manger for Telecom

I get paid to write this and play Pokemon RP Battles and De-Bug SQL syntax's


I love IRC's and Computer Programming forums

I have more training in computers then anything else

I have a Diploma in Chemical Science

I have been using computers since I was 2

I have no life at this time

I will never touch alcohol -since it causes cancer

I do not smoke tobacco

I smoke "legal" highs <--Legal, yeah riiiight

I have 1743 Pokemon cards, with a rare Mew (the one that has all that old writing on it)

I am in no way capable of NU battles

I am enjoying writing this BTW

I am humble, go happy and kind to people if they are kind to me

If I get into trouble I say "My dog ate it" <-- Really I do!

I have over 3453 movies that I got from.................

I have every single English Pokemon episode on my computer

My computer is my life, if I lost it I would have no reason to live

I have to spend countless hours DE-bugging SQL

If my boss walks in and sees me on a forum, he says "Dale, your STILL on a Pokemon forum?"

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and FRIGGIN LOVE IT!

If my code does not execute in the right way, I tell it to get ****** and start smashing the keyboard (JK)


If someone tells me I stuffed up I say "Thats a good thing, coz without imperfections nether YOU or I would be here"


My favorite plane is the Boeing 747-400

Easter Egg For YOU!
I have never left New Zealand

If I can get away if it, I will do it (I wont here though mkay?)

I am a very good HTML Guru

My favorite food is a Beef and Onion Pizza with a BBQ sauce base and Top


I have been told I am a very random person, and have to agree


If anyone trolls on my forums I ban them for 5 days

I cant stand kids screaming

I hate making mistakes

I hate being a Newb on games

I love YouTube and spend WAY to much time on it.

At any given time I have around 23 tabs open in FireFox


If I cant get in a movie, I sneek in, coz its easy at the one I go to.

I love rooting Android Phones

I once cracked a 10 CHAR password in one minite fifty four seconds

I have 12 forums of my own, that are busy, that I never use.

I am such a funny guy

My fingers are sore now

If you have me at your house you need to remind me thats it not my house

I love jumping on my bed and im 22yo

I search day and night for good torre......

We are allowed to download pretty much anything we want at work YAY!

No one is allowed to come inside my house if they smell.

Any person that makes me angry is in for a BIG surprise


I adore cute little Minun and Plusle

If I want a munch, I eat a mince and cheese pie

I am 100% Kiwi Mate!

If you ever come to New Zealand tell me

I have every single kind of operating system hack tool there is

I enjoy using my crap of crap 128MB flash drive from 2001

I have a Sony home entertainment system hooked up to my computer so I can watch my Pokemon on my 42" and have incredible sound!


Serve and protect the Internet, it's truly our Savoir right now

It's my job to make sure that all SQL syntax's are correct before they can go into the web server

I love money $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I dont drive a car, since cars are killing the planet

I try go out of my way to help people

I love the song Gangnam Style

I can open a new jar of jam easy

I go hyper speed on IRC's if you are ever on a IRC I am pretty noticeable

I cant stand anyone that uses the <align> tag in HTML

If you hack my computer I WILL DESTROY YOU. BEWARE!!

Poker is my favored card game

I friggin love chocolate

If the world was going to end tomorrow, I would try to find the nearest doomsday forum. LOL

I still think we are in WWII

The Germans

I have so much free time on the weekend, I just sleep

If I could have ANY Pokemon, I would have Marshtomp

Anybody is welcome at our dinner table (Beef stir-fry tonight!)

If I cant beat em', I join em'.

I have $218 worth of rolling papers

If you want to PM me about anything, GO HARD BRO!

I dont care about the outside world

I cannot connect your call at this time

I love playing with my cat

If you visit me at work, I will be more then happy to show you our VERY BIG server(s)

<--My workstation computer, yes the guys say it looks odd......idk

I am not allowed to take cameras or my phone into the server room at work

I have written about 325 Java Applets, that got deleted when a virus I made was executed on my old Windows 98 Computer. (Going back to like 2000)

I have so much more stuff to add:

I put this text in red just to make it hard for you to read it.

I love having ice cream for breakfast and do it on a regular basis.

I weigh 82KG

I am 6'8

I am a male

I love using the Internet to MY advantage and I encourage you to do the same, the Internet was built to SERVE US HUMANS

If I appear offline, IM ONLINE!

I love MSN

Anybody is welcome to open a PM debating thread about Windows XP to me.......

I drink way too much coke

I have 7 sisters that all live in the US

No one at work REALLY likes me coz

If I am unable to de-bug my code, I just try again and again and again

I have a lot of story's about "how the internet really works" ooooooooo I could freak you out!

If I want a new computer component, I buy the crappest ones first then the better ones

I only wear white colour shoes

I live in Hastings, New Zealand

I hate going on the bus

If I am going to eat any kind of onion it will be a red one

I know how to peel a potato without a peeler or knife

I can cut a hamburger bun in half PERFECTLY

If you are still reading this, thank you

I have no way of knowing what SQL I will have to de-bug tomorrow

I hate my current lifestyle

I dislike going out

I dont have a girlfriend

I have 17 different kinds of monitors at home

I am a hoarder with Pokemon Trading Cards

I cant stand going out on a Friday night

I love a rainy night

I love the sound and smell of rain

I hate Pikachu haters

I love when I can get "free" Wi-Fi from the naubour -hehe

Take a little break, more to come!! THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG!

I enjoy using the Internet for just nothing at all.

I love wasting water

I have an unhealthy attachment to Facebook -I need to see someone.

I have lots of diffrent ways of saying Hello

I love the Nek Minite video. I left my scooter outside the Dairy, Nek Minite (scooter got smashed up)

Anyone can tell me to shut up in any kind of way, and I wont be offended

I can cook

I have 10 rare computer games

I play so much Counter Strike Source, that my Steam Account is always logged in.

I never do Tiwweterrrrrrr

I hate the fact we are still burning oil -FOR GOD SAKES IT'S KILLING THE EARTH PEOPLE STOP IT NOW!!!

I love going to the beach

I have a thing with flash drives..............

Anyone is able to shake my hand

I dislike any movie with Johnny Depp in it

I sometimes enjoy talking to myself...........meh

I can drink two liters of milk and not throw up

I have over 3500 GBA games on my phone

If anyone was going to tell me how I look, I would say "Take a look at yourself"

I hate the fact that the US runs the world in a corrupt and evil way

I am a hard core computer hardware debater

I enjoy going out on a Sunday night

I hate waiting for old lady's at the supermarket

I sometime do things that would FREAK you out......hehe

I WILL only say the world "International" is "Airport" is going to be on the end

I never ever want a girlfriend or wife, im happy to die alone

If I eat to much bread I get well......sick

I bite my fingernails <--You have no idea how hard this was for me to admit!

Anyone can do computer programming, the only thing you need is training.



My favorite evolution series

Kiwi Land|Thunder Bolt Forums|ProBoards After Dark|New Zealand

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I live in Pennsylvania [United States]
I'm a particularly unsocial person, but only offline
I own (by my own standards) too much Pokemon stuff
I have yet to play any Pokemon game prior to Gen III
I've been able to learn how to shrug off people disliking me
Someone I know thinks that classmates don't talk to me because they're afraid of me
My taste in music varies a lot.
I can type faster than nearly anyone else I know
I have a tendency to get angry more quickly than I should
I specifically dislike discussing religion. I find it to be an awkward topic and it really is just asking for arguments to break out
I've never lost a fight, but was thrown around (almost literally) once because I didn't want to hurt the guy who was doing it (who wants to punch their own friend?)

My hair is an odd reddish-brown color and I've been asked several times if it's dyed
I'm a lot more outgoing around friends and/or my sister
I currently am procrastinating getting work done as well as starting on a specific drawing

There. Now you guys know some stuff about me. I:
I can't think of a good signature.
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*Looks at first post* Welp, can't top that .-. guess I can just start something and edit it when I think of more interesting info xD I will also put it in a spoiler to save you guys some scrolling time if you are one of the vast majority that couldn't care less about me ;p


My name is Morgan

I am a female

I am have been a thing for 19 years now

I am from the cold and boring but overall above-averagely friendly state of Wisconsin

I was genuinely surprised that averagely is in fact a real word

My favorite colors are teal (because it's easier to spell than turquoise) and purple

I actually went through the trouble to spell turquoise for you people (twice!) feel special

Sleep is fun, and I like it

I live perpetually in sweatpants when I am not at work

I am allergic to New Orleans. Or jambalaya at least

I was able to spell jambalaya right on the first try

I fall in love too easily

Tell a lame(awesome) pun and you will be my new best friend

I am really shy. More so in person than online of course, but still

I am currently going to school for Political Science, and I hope to one day tax all of you. Mwah ha ha

I have always wanted to go to Legoland

If you bring me to Legoland I will like you even more than the punny person

I like boys and girls. Woah

If someone asks me to share a french fry I will give them all of them because I can't handle disappointing people

I have blue eyes and brown hair, but the hair changes a lot

If you call me names I will most likely cry for three hours

If you compliment me I will most likely smile for 0.3 seconds and then go back to crying

I can't stay awake during movies

Please don't leave me a voicemail that only says 'call me back'

I use ' instead of " because my life is a lie

Funnel cakes are good

Chocolate is good

Burritos are good

Pasta is good

I eat too much

Cuddling is nice and I like it

Sing me to sleep and I will love you forever, even if you can't sing

I get nervous for any sort of social interaction, even something as simple as answering the door and paying for a pizza

I think I am a really annoying person

I am currently going to the gym every day to get in shape

I'm not good with computers

I'm kind of crazy, and anyone who wants to be with me will have to put up with a lot but I have a lot of love to give and I guess I am just waiting for someone who thinks it's worth it

Come over and bring junk food and cuddle and watch Disney movies with me and I will marry you

I just realized none of these end in periods and that really upsets me but I don't feel like going back and adding them

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I'm new, so, read about me

People call me josh or Rick, whatever works
I'm 23
I love a game of golf followed by a Guinness and steak, no day is better
I enjoy wearing shirts and ties
I've studied political science in school
I'm libertarian
I love hockey
I've lived in almost every region in America
Pizza is amazing
I love texting anyone and everyone. I'd even text everyone of you guys if I could.
I help everyone I know with every problem ever
I enjoy forums, hope to be friends with every one of you.
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the pretender
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Eh I'll give it a shot.


1. I love animals. Animals, animals, animals. They come in all shapes and sizes and their strength is amazing overall. In general they're great creatures to come into existence and I guess my favourite is the fox, sneaky and cunning.

2. I tend to like experimenting silly recipes as in putting peanut butter on my rice or tomato sauce all over my cucumbers. I'm just weird like that.

3. I love imagining some farfetched things and living in a kingdom of my own. I also enjoy books revolving around fantasy and adventure.

4. I've wanted to go to Hogwarts ever since I was 6, still haven't got my letter yet.

5. I could fly if I wanted to, all I have to do is believe.

6. I make strange statements about myself, ehehe.

7. I enjoy puns and in general witty statements!

8. Favourite generation of Pokemon is the fourth, I guess it had this spark the others didn't. Plus the fact that it was my first generation also helps.

9. I'd say I'm a decent gamer although I never end up finishing my games because I'm lazy like that.

10. I'm lazy as mentioned before.

11. I'm horrible at starting conversations.

12. I've started 10 Pokemon games years back and have only managed to finish two.

13. My dream is to go see the stars some day, not just the specks in the sky but real stars. It would be great.

14. I enjoy writing and drawing as hobbies and interest. When I grow up I'd say I would be either an author or a journalist, in general doing something that I'm passionate about.

15. Oh I also like purple.

16. And wow forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sophie but you can call me Soph or whatever suits you best. I also previously went under the name Rainbow Arcanine around here.

17. I get bored halfway through most films for some reason.

18. Ice-cream is the most amazing food in this galaxy for me.

19. I like food. Have I ever told you how great it is? No? Well it's great.

20. I enjoy talking to the air, I'm strange like that.

21. I live in Australia, down in Sydney specifically.

22. It takes me five minutes trying to open a jar of jam.

23. I procrastinate quite a bit.
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Lets see

I am Kerri
I am 20 years old
I have a three year old daughter
I live in Scotland in the UK
I enjoy reading creepypastas
I have Swedish family members
I have Special needs
I like ranting

that's me in a whole.
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I suppose I should share a bit about me lol.

  1. My name is Nichole, with that particular spelling.
  2. I'm 20, turning 21 in October.
  3. I love Australian TV and satirical comedy, which is odd because not many females like it.
  4. I'm a Catholic convert.
  5. I also love anime and cute Japanese things.
  6. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was 7.
  7. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Ruby Version on GBA.
  8. My favorite Pokemon is Oshawott, hence my username on PC's Battle Server (OshyHikari).
  9. Generation 5 is my fave generation of Pokemon.
  10. My fave Pokemon type is Water.
  11. I share a birthday with Julie Andrews. who you may know from "The Sound Of Music"
  12. I love looking on YouTube, Tumblr and TV Tropes.
  13. My fave YouTuber is Marriland, and I have watched his videos since 2007.
  14. I work 3 days a week at a factory, packaging stuff.
  15. I am still looking for a permanent job.
  16. I have a very big taste in music, but if my mother loves a certain band/singer don't expect me to like it as well.
  17. I'm very anti-social in reality but not when online.
  18. I have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  19. I often never reveal my face to online communities.
  20. I never like drinking alcoholic drinks because I always fear having a hangover.
  21. I love food, mainly anything that's hot or sweet. I also love anything with herbs and spices.
  22. I love drinks that have any fruit flavor in it, and also lemonade.
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I just love ham jerky.
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Sure, I'm up early and I have nothing else going on today.

My name is Joe although I never went by Joe until about last year.

I'm 20 years old.

I have a daughter named Beryl. Her full name is Raspberyl because it was the one name that her mom and I really liked (she wanted some pretty weird stuff).

I work as a housekeeper for an old people community.

I am afraid of heights, umbrellas, time travel, and cloning.

My favorite game is osu!

One time I brewed my own beer and it came out horribly.

I really really really love seafood. Like, I have yet to come across seafood that I wouldn't eat. My friends rip on me for eating octopus and stuff like that but I enjoy it so much.

My favorite tv show is starting to be Storage Wars and my favorite movie is The Girl Next Door.

I have a red Ford Taurus that's a real piece of junk.

I live in an apartment between one of my bosses and some dude who I rarely see but I think he's got a desk job.

I want toys.
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Here we go! (Mario's voice)


My name is Jerry

I live in Montreal, Canada

I work as a part time car mechanic aid & graffiti artist

This is the 3rd forum I've been to

I am skilled in different forms of combats

I've already smoked and drank alcohol

I'm a very quiet person irl, but I'm a very nice person if you get to know me

If I hold a grudge against you, It'll take a heck of a while before I'll ever 'forgive' you about it

I dislike fighting outside of my gym, and only use my combat skills when absolutely needed

My interest in Pokemon died in the beginning of high school and recently gained it back last year when I bought HeartGold

I'm a big movie connoisseur

I'm a big animal lover

I love nature

I only traveled to USA & Philippines until now

I could eat anything, if it's food, I'll eat it

If someone tries to troll me, I'll actually counter back your trolling and turn it against you. I'm a troll myself.

I hate being around excited little kids

When I used to steal stuffs, I never got caught stealing them

I look up to James Rolfe a lot

I'm 19 years old

My birthday is on August 24

I don't like bringing people to my house if my parents are home

My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu

If you ever come to Montreal and want to hang out with me, I'll be more than happy to do so

I have a 8GB ipod but I never even used more than 3 GB of it's memory

Even if I got tons and tons and tons of money in my bank, I'm still cheap

My first car will be a Mazda MX-5

I play Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Vanguard & World of Warcraft TCG

I used to breakdance and c-walk

I prefer MSN chat over Facebook chat

I got 3 brothers and 2 sisters

I'm the youngest one in my family

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years now

I love rain

I finished Mario 2: The Lost levels

I currently have a win/lose ratio of 26/5 in my fight records

I'm a very fast texter

I was one of the best receiver in my football team in high school

I have a huge collection of movies

I like any kind of music, as long as they sound good

I have a fear of heights which is ironic since I'm a traceur (someone who does Parkour) and used to be a street graffiti artist

I got to the same gym as Georges St-Pierre
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I'll give this a shot:


1. I was born in Albania, a small country in Europe right above Greece
2. I love weightlifting. I usually weight lift 5 times a week but haven't really done any lately; that'll change tomorrow.
3. I do a little parkour/tricking/movement stuff. Basically I'm into flips/tricks/jumping over stuff
4. Played football at high school. Would like to play it somewhere as an adult (no way in hell will I go pro, or even college, but I'll definitely give semi-pro a try one day)
4. Sports fanatic. Like pretty much any sport out there and follow most of the main sports to an extent.
5. I'm interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate and would like to take classes on them someday
6. I never watch TV outside of sports and news
7. I'm an Xbox gamer and a former Nintendo fanboy
8. Interested in law enforcement
9. Love nature and observing the world around us
10. Been a Pokemon fan since 1999, around the time I moved to the states. I started with the anime first but got into the games in 2003.
11. Senior in high school
12. Live in Tennessee
13. Love driving. I would be driving way more if it weren't for gas prices
14. Favorite series is Mario Bros.
15. Favorite videogame characters are Solid Snake and Mario
16. Been posting in online forums since as early as 2007, but didn't start doing it frequently until I joined Serebii. As much as I dislike the forums there, it was a gateway for me joining other forums, including this and IGN, which are the only forums I post in nowadays.
17. Love pizza. I would eat pizza every day if it wasn't so bad for you
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- My name is Andrew, but I prefer people to call me Andy.
- I'm 22 years old and I'll be 23 in October.
- I'm left-handed.
- I will go to my grave thinking that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the greatest TV show ever to be created.
- I'm the assistant manager of a liquor store by day and Shining Raichu by night.
- I'm gay.
- I've never been in a long-term relationship.
- Chelsea Handler is my idol.
- I'm addicted to 7Eleven Slurpees.
- Satay chicken is my favourite food on Earth.

"So this is why God bombed us."

Moderator of General Chat

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Let's see.

-I'm 20 atm and will turn 21 in November.
-I can be really funny at times when I feel comfortable enough.
-I'm a natural when it comes to swordplay.
-I love weed.
-I love video games even more.
-I love Pokemon most of all.
-I'm a music nut.
-I stay away from politics for the same reason why I stay away from truckstop bathrooms.
-I work at a Christian camp where I help keep the place tidy.
-I've had a girlfriend for around 2 years now.
-I want to get into a computer class in college later this year.
-I like pie.

That's what comes to mind right now.
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-I'm an expert snowboarder
-I'm addicted to LOL and CoD
-I'm a Mormon
-I have a blonde hair
-I like power metal and I play it everytime I go snowboarding(risky but worth it) or taking a bath
-Which means I can drum well
-I love ice cream and mangoes
-I can be too conservative
-I'm a registered Med Tech, although I regret taking that course
-I'm a pro sketch artist and practicing photoshop at the moment
-My 1st name is Antonov
-I'm ambidextrous, I practiced my left hand for at least 4 years
-Currently enrolling Graphic Arts and Media
-I don't like interruptions, especially having a girlfriend
-I'm a nerd, although my appearance doesn't say so
-I suck at debating
-I used to love Pokemon very much
-I was once a missionary
-I'm sad that countries are now legalizing same-sex marraige
-I love My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, which means imma brony. So deal with it
-I'm now working only this summer
-I'm using a tablet while typing this.
-I accept defeat as another lesson

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don't you remember?
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-I am almost 15 years old
-I am a girl
-I am lesbian
-I can play the guitar pretty darn well
-I can write basic HTML
-I can use adobe photoshop (image editing and creating) and flash (animation, scripting)
-I am a freshman
-My favorite brand of shoes are the Converse brand
-I like wearing comfy hoodies and skinny jeans
-I like Van Halen, Green Day, Coldplay, Catching Your Clouds, Pierce the Veil, MGMT, Weezer, Jack Johnson, Best Coast, and tons of other bands/musicians
-I have four brothers (now because my dads girlfriend has two sons)
-I am bored
let's meet again
in the next life
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Some of this stuff can be considered overly-personal, but since it's the Internet, w/e lol I'd be less comfortable telling strangers this in real life.

1. I'm a 20-year-old Canadian
2. I speak French and English
3. I have a 95.2% 12U Academic Average
4. I'm incredibly social online / at work, but prefer being alone otherwise
5. I have a worsening case of hypothyroidism
6. I'm a Muslim convert and therefore do not eat pork (and prefer to buy halal)
7. I started playing Pokemon in '98 (I was six)
8. I was molested by a family member when I was seven years old
9. I have cut myself with broken glass before
10. I have already seriously considered suicide, but luckily am far past that phase
11. I have a subscription for long-term anti-depression pills I never ingest
12. My favourite animals are bunnies, birdies and kitties
13. I prefer the cold to the heat (at least if I ever get cold, I can cover up)
14. I'm a Muslim and therefore do not eat pork (and prefer to buy halal)
15. I ran away from home at the age of fifteen
16. I have been a victim of domestic violence
17. I have been admitted to counseling three times - twice at school, once doctor recommended - for depression / suicide
18. I have never been fired from a job
19. At one point, I considered myself bisexual. I even showed my best friend my breast at church when I was eleven years old
20. I do not have any :known: allergies
21. I currently work at Maxi Masson in Montreal, QC
22. Continuing from #8, my brother once convinced me to bend over and show him my buttcocks when I was seven (he was eleven)
23. I pee in the shower (yay!)
24. I started menstruating when I was ten. I didn't understand what it was at first, but it smelled bad
25. Some favourite Pokemon: Arcanine, Eevee, Teddiursa, Jirachi, Vulpix (but there are more)
26. Besides Pokemon, I play Resident Evil, Harvest Moon, Assassin's Creed, Ragnarok Online, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Series, Sonic Series, and much, much more
27. Continuing from #26, I spent over 2,000$ on video games in 2012
28. Favourite Foods: Pizza, Shepherd's Pie
29. Favourite Pokemon Game: Pokemon Crystal / HGSS
30. Favourite Sport: Hockey/Soccer (tie)
31. My Hockey Team: Montreal Canadiens
32. Favourite TV Shows: American Idol, The Big Bang Theory
33. Favourite Cartoons: South Park, Family Guy, Archer, American Dad
34. Favourite Animes: Ah! My Goddess, Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Blue Exorcist
35. I plan to major in English and minor in History & Geology or History & French [Education] in order to become a teacher
36. I picked my nose (and ate it) until I was seventeen
37. I was in love with Link from the Legend of Zelda for about eight years. Fanatically in love. Telling people about it fanatically in love
38. I wrote two novels when I was thirteen. Both handwritten. The first is lost; the second was fully typed on the computer when I was fifteen. It was 88,000 words - about the same length as the first Harry Potter novel

That's enough info' for now I guess lol

Polaret | Fourette | Ecuret | Axew | Zorua | Nanette [Shiny]
"My scar makes me sassy, child!"
The Big Bang Theory Fan Club - Click To Join!
The French Club
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Here it comes!
  • I am from Algeria.
  • I am 11 years old and I'm turning twelve in August.
  • I speak French,English,Arabic and a bit of Spanish.
  • My favorite pokemon is Gligar.
  • I live in Dubai,United Arab Emirates
  • My favorite food is pizza.
  • My name is Aymene
  • My nickname is Mimi
  • My main language is French
  • I am a boy
  • I have two brothers
  • My favorite colour is red
  • I've been a pokemon fan since 2009
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  1. My name is Kevin Wieling.
  2. I think that's an ugly name.
  3. I'm a maaayuhn!
  4. I'm 17 years old.
  5. My birthday is on 20 July.
  6. I am still single.
  7. I'm about 1.68 metres tall and weigh only 50 kilogrammes.
  8. I've a ridiculously fast metabolism that makes it hard for me to gain some weight.
  9. My eyes are grey-blue.
  10. My hair used to be dark blond but has darkened to black now.
  11. It's also quite long, and usually kinda unkempt.
  12. I have one and a half brothers. (Half-siblings for the win.)
  13. I rarely have contact with my extended (and half-) family anymore though.
  14. I live in the Netherlands, over in Tilburg.
  15. I was born in Spijkenisse.
  16. I somehow feel homesick, even when I know I should be at home already.
  17. The farthest I've ever been abroad was 5 kilometres over the Dutch-German border.
  18. I'm atheist, but used to be a protestant.
  19. My parents are both christian, and it creates a lot of tension in the family.
  20. I'm homosexual.
  21. I haven't told my parents yet, because I'm afraid they'll never forgive me.
  22. I'm a libertarian, social progressivist, and a panarchist.
  23. I'm an existentialist.
  24. I'm very introverted.
  25. I'm emotionally sensitive to other people's problems.
  26. I've a very British taste in humour.
  27. I'm in high school, following a VWO course.
  28. Some of my best school subjects include: History, Mathematics, English, IT, and Business Econ.
  29. I'm learning how to program in my IT class.
  30. I know HTML and some PHP so far, but want to learn a full-fledged programming language sometime.
  31. I'm alright with mathematics, and always wanna know more about it, but the notation I find on the internet often confuses me.
  32. I want to study in Australia.
  33. I aspire to become a game programmer later in life.
  34. I speak English and Dutch fluently, and I am learning French.
  35. I speak English a lot better than Dutch.
  36. I think and dream in English.
  37. I maintain commonwealth spelling overall.
  38. I use the Oxford comma.
  39. I completely self-taught my Australian accent.
  40. I absolutely suck at French, but less than at German.
  41. I still want to learn a Nordic language some time.
  42. I've been coping with an intense wanderlust most of my life.
  43. I want to cycle transcontinentally after I finish high school.
  44. I want to visit Sweden someday, somewhere far north enough to witness the northern lights.
  45. I also want to visit Canada, the UK, the USA, Japan, and New Zealand someday.
  46. I'm determined to emigrate to Australia when I have the chance.
  47. I do act and talk more like an Australian than a proper Dutchman.
  48. My favourite animal is the Eastern Grey Kangaroo.
  49. I know more about kangaroos than about any other non-human animal.
  50. I've memorised the anthems of the Netherlands, Australia, the United States, Scotland, and Canada.
  51. There was no reason at all for me to learn the latter three.
  52. I think I'm a mediocre singer.
  53. I'm very concerned for the well-being of animals.
  54. I'm a vegetarian.
  55. I don't smoke tobacco.
  56. I want to try weed someday.
  57. I haven't drunk beer yet, but want to.
  58. I have been into pokémon since the first episode aired here in 1999.
  59. I cannot decide between Ampharos, Breloom, Kangaskhan, Lucario, and Slowbro as my favourites.
  60. I want to learn the pokérap by heart.
  61. The only pokémon game I ever finished remains pokémon Silver, thanks to procrastination and stuff.
  62. I am a chronic procrastinator, by the way.
  63. I read a lot, but it wasn't always like that.
  64. I really, really, really wanna read Philip Pullman's His Darkest Materials trilogy some day.
  65. I read so I will never again find myself unable to express myself when something or someone harms me.
  66. I want to write a novel some day, and have decided I should participate in this year's NaNoWriMo for that.
  67. I always write posts with a thesaurus at hand.
  68. I love to play with language, and I like constructing languages.
  69. I enjoy roleplaying.
  70. I once thought up an entire country inhabited by sapient kangaroos, and devised a whole history, political system, culture, language, and geography for the country.
  71. I'm into the furry fandom.
  72. My fursona is an eastern grey kangaroo.
  73. I have species dysphoria, and see eastern greys as a significant part of my identity.
  74. I'm weird, weird, weirder than weird, and I'm glad I'm not just a boring normal man.
  75. My favourite food is this Indonesian dish called Gado-Gado.
  76. I like punk rock, and rarely some techno kinds of music.
  77. Some of my favourite bands are: Millencolin, Lagwagon, NOFX, Bad Religion, Rise Against, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd.
  78. I love roleplaying games.
  79. My favourite game series include Pokémon and The Elder Scrolls.
  80. I don't play video games that often anymore.
  81. I don't practice any sports, but I get most of my excercise by commuting per bicycle.
  82. Cycling is just about the only typically Dutch thing I do.
  83. I used to be a big fan of the Crocodile Hunter.
  84. Most TV I watch nowadays is only Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Animal Planet.
  85. I'm excessively afraid of spiders.
  86. I've let a snake coil around my neck once, but never could I let a spider walk on my hand.
  87. I'm a synesthete, and 8 is definitely maroon.
RP's I am in:
Pokemon: Journeys Through Novia - Glyn Schaffer

"And they tell me there are people who are normal, but I don't know what they look like because I've never met one. And neither have you, so why not compare yourself to real people instead?"
"Three lives of a gamer: the first'll be your best, because you can always restart if it isn't; the second pales in comparison, and the game will cheat you out; but the third one's going to be better, because it gets do or die from then."

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I want to try to top OP so I might come back and edit this o:
  1. My name is Ashley
  2. I am 19 years old
  3. I'm Virgo, my moon sign is Pisces and my rising sun sign is Libra
  4. I really like astrology and believe it, but sometimes I'm skeptical
  5. My favorite color is pink, although I used to hate it
  6. I don't like listening to a lot of music, maybe I'm not listening to the right kind
  7. Except when I do like bands, I LOVE them, my favorites are Studio Killers, Gorillaz, and Yelle
  8. I speak English and a little bit of French
  9. I have a lot of love for Michigan even though I want to move out of state
  10. The Midwest is my favorite region in the USA because it's home for me
  11. I don't have one specific favorite Pokemon but I do have a lot that I really love
  12. My favorite animals are tigers, specifically Siberian tigers
  14. I love to draw although sometimes I feel like I only draw to fit in with 'artsy' people
  15. I'm obsessed with lists, I make to-do lists for things to do when I have days off like 'organize Pinterest', 'queue blog posts', etc
  16. One of my greatest treasures is an imported art book from Japan that my boyfriend bought me, but I rarely look at it because I'm terrified of bending the spine or pages
  17. I once read the entire Harry Potter series in less than a week
  18. I hoard books, I go to library sales and will buy 20+ books that I'll probably never read
  19. I love all kinds of weather in different ways, but my favorite is probably sunny weather
  20. I would love to tan but I'm extremely pale and afraid of damaging my skin
  21. I haven't worn a bathing suit in like three years
  22. I love outdoor grilling and summer nights
  23. I like to cook although I'm not as good as I think I am, for the most part
  24. I'm obsessed with my Amazon wishlists
  25. Everything on my wishlists together costs $10,000+
  26. I have arachnophobia, I've actually hyperventilated from being by a spider once
  27. I have two cats and a 125 gallon saltwater aquarium
  28. One of my cats is a pedgiree ragdoll that if bought would easily cost $500+ but we got her for free
  29. I love Hamtaro
  30. I collect plushies, and have a collection on a glass shelf above my desk that I want to expand
  31. I've been with my boyfriend for over two years, and love the fact that we've managed to keep a LDR relationship going strong for so long
  32. I once paid $300/month for medicine to have a permanently perfect complexion, at least it worked!
  33. I was a full on weeaboo in middle school and used to write Naruto fanfiction back then
  34. I still love anime but I don't do much else than wear my Madoka t-shirt outside of watching it
  35. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my favorite anime and I get really annoyed when LGBTs jump to the conclusion that the girls are all lesbians
  36. But, I do support LGBT and one of my best friends is gay
  37. We swear up and down that we're Karen and Jack from Will & Grace
  38. I love using Tumblr but I actually have a deep loathing for like 85% of the community
  39. I'm addicted to Twitter
  40. I feel obligated to have a Facebook to communicate with my family
  41. I actually hate some of my friends
  42. I'm a 'trophy hunter' on PS3
  43. I do a lot of budgeting for myself and my family
  44. I hate meat, but I love hot dogs
  45. I feel guilty for wanting to be 'dA famous'
  46. I can't handle having unpolished nails, they need at least a clear polish
  47. My nails grow insanely fast, the tips grow 1/4" in less than a month
  48. I don't know my natural hair color because I always dye it dark brown or get blonde highlights so it's muddled in between
  49. I have beautiful eyes - long lashes and baby blues :9
  50. I still have my GameBoy Color (purple)
  51. I love interior design and probably spend too much time decorating and fixing up my bedroom
  52. I'm addicted to Sims 3, I once played it for 10 hours straight thinking it was only two or three hours max
  53. I kinda hate Hello Kitty but I LOVE Marie from The Aristocats
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Ok lets go:
  1. My name is Aaron and I'm 20 years old.
  2. I will be 21 in 2 weeks, May 14th to be exact.
  3. I love anime and manga and all Japanese culture.
  4. I'm an artist and I love to draw.
  5. I'm Catholic and attend Church weekly.
  6. I admire all music made by Adam Young, aka Owl City.
  7. I'm currently obessed with the show Adventure Time and even own a club for it here. (see signtaure)
  8. I have yet to have any relationship.
  9. I'm currently looking for work.
  10. My tatse in music is rather versitiale. I like anything from electronic-pop to indie to rock to hardcore and metal and even some pop songs every so often.
  11. I tend to make a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes and I'm constantly finding myself correcting/editing posts.
  12. I have a Macklemore song in my head right now as of typing this. (Can't Hold Us.)
  13. I've been a fan of Pokemon since 1998 when the anime aired here in the US.
  14. Speaking of the US, I'm from St.Louis, Missouri.
  15. My first Pokemon game was Red version.
  16. Gen III is my favorite generation.
  17. My favorite Pokemon is Treecko.
  18. I never have a favorite song it flucuates from one song to another.
  19. My favorite type is Dark.(explains the club I own on PC.)
  20. I consider myself funny and some people agree.
  21. My friends have told me I'm nice and I can be humble at time. And I know what to say at the right time.
  22. I don't really have a best friend, only a bunch of really good friends who I hang out with occasionally.
  23. I used to go to a Catholic church youth group when in high school every Wednesday and Sunday.
  24. I failed high school and it took me a year and a half to get a diploma. (Long story that I might explain in my blog sometime.)
  25. I am not proud of that last fact and it's one thing I regret the most: screwing up high school.
  26. I hope to be better and improve myself when I finally go into college.
  27. I have 2 brothers, one older on who's 22 and one younger one who turned 18 today as of typing this.
  28. I don't get along with the older one that well.
  29. I lost my mom when I was 8. Miss her lots.
  30. If I have more facts, I'll either update this list or make a new post.

I'll edit this when I think of more.
United we stand, divided we fall.
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Well I haven't been on here very long but let's rock it!


My name is Conor, with one n! lol

I'm 19 years old

I live in Ireland

I'm a student in College studying Computer Games Develpoment

I love to work with computers

I'm very lazy

I have never had a 'long term relationship'

I have a secret crush on Emily Osment ... shhhhh

I get very worked up when I get nervous

I have loved Pokemon ever since I watched an episode when I was a kid

My first Pokemon game, was Pokemon Red on the Gameboy Color which she bought me (Thanks

My music tastes vary quite a bit. I am loving Daft Punk's new album now

I prefer to watch a movie over a TV show/shows

I do not smoke nor will I

I do have the occasional beverage

The coolest thing I own right now, is a batman statue I got with Arkham City

For some strange reason I always call my rival in the games 'Gary' not sure why?

I play a tiny bit of guitar

I have uploaded videos to YouTube before

Among my three friends, I figured out how to get all 3 Red/Blue starters into Silver/Gold

My favourite Pokemon is 'Blastoise' every time

I still own a Gameboy SP

I still own a Link Cable

I like to talk a lot, so be warned

I am a very happy person

I always love making new friends

That's about it! Seeya

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No aim to beat anyone, but here.

- My name is Sydian. You can also call me Alli, but that's not my real name.
- I'm 20. I'll be 21 in August.
- I love simple surprises or gifts, like figurines or plushies or candy.
- I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper and Taco Bell.
- I didn't break 100 lbs till I was 19.
- I have a pet peeve about my fingers being dirty, so I constantly wash them.
- I have social anxiety, but when I'm around people I'm comfortable with, you wouldn't really know it.
- My favorite color is pink, but I hated it in middle and high school.
- I play the tenor saxophone, but I'm switching to the baritone saxophone. It's almost my height.
- I have trouble seeing numbers in my head, making it difficult to do mental math. It's a bit embarrassing.
- Although I'm not sure I want children of my own, I love kids, which is why I'm majoring in elementary/special education.
- I've done a lot of growing up on this site.
- My favorite Pokemon is Umbreon. Petilil is second.
- I like blond characters a lot. Joey Wheeler, Alphonse Elric, Guy Cecil, Lucas...yeah. Blonds.
- I don't look people in the eyes when I talk to them. I have to remind myself to at least try, but it feels terribly awkward.
- I cannot pick a favorite food. It's too difficult.
you see these trees, man?
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•12 years old
•Born in Tom Brady's b-day (August 3)
•I love the sound of peoples shoes tapping
•I love rolling pencils down my feet xP
•Music helps me concentrate
•I'm a huge fangirl
•I sometimes lie to be nice or just say 'Yea' since I pretty much think everything is beautfiul X3
•I love guys older than me by 1-4 years ;P
•I'm in track and fastest girl in school
•I swim because it's cool gosh!
•My best friend died 4 years ago and I miss him ;~;
•I'm really hyper
•I never liked loud noises or mean rap D:<
•I love animals!
•I need to have surgery but I decided not to so I never told my parents I needed surgery or else I can die of suffocation when I swim since I hate surgery >.< But i'm still living today! :D
•I love Harry Styles!

Come here silly, silly, silly! o3o Nya!
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here ya go

am sexy and i know it! ;3 xDD
A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.
Brock – Pokemon

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Lets see now;

My name is Kitty.

I'm 21 years old.

I was born in Wales, in the U.K. and still live there today.

I speak welsh to a high degree, but English is my first language.

I work at both a nightclub and a pub.

I'm a natural redhead.

I'm 5'1 which is pretty darn short

I'm underweight, last time I checked I was 96lbs. Trying to gain weight.

I've played Pokemon since the original games came out.

I drink water, coffee, cider or whiskey mainly. So healthy, amirite.

I love to cook.

I'm bisexual.

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 long years.

I enjoy writing and drawing.

I go running pretty much every day.

I drive this and ride this

I was born on March 7th, which makes me a Pisces.

I've suffered from severe insomnia on and off for the past four years, but it's been getting steadily better over the last two.

I mainly listen to metal / rock / punk music, both classic and newer.

I'm an only child, but pretty close with my brother-in-law, he's awesome.

I have four tattoos.

I have four piercings, two of which are my ears.

Well there you are, you now know all about me. I feel naked in front of your judgment.
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Because there's a bazillion things y'all don't know about me and they are inside this spoiler. Totally not topping OP.

~my name is Ani
~but online-wise, call me Megan
~I'm 22 years old
~My birthday is November 19
~I was born in Mexico
~I speak bilingual English/Spanish, and currently learning Italian
~I live in a deserted town right by the Mexican border in California
~I have two sisters
~I went to college for IT, graduated with a certificate.
~I am in college right now working towards an associates degree.
~I am recently starting to take an interest in psychology.
~My personality now is nothing compared to high school.
~I ditched classes a lot, fought random people, and went to detention almost every day.
~I didn't say my first word until I was four. The doctors were about to diagnose me with a speech disability until one day I said to my mom "no".
~I moved a lot when I was young.
~I had my first and only boyfriend at 17. Single since 2009 and prefer to stay that way.
~I am a female brony. Fan of My little pony since 2011
~I don't give a damn whatsoever on what people think of me. Judge me all you want, your words won't change me.
~NASCAR fan since 2012.
~Favorite driver is Tony Stewart
~I love technology.
~I am a fan of linux, even though I use windows mostly.
~PC keeps me away from the boredom monster.
~I used to be a moderator of the welcome lounge (was called new users/welcome at the time)
~I adore the outdoors. Gardening is something I like to do.
~Meganium is my favorite pokemon.
~Silver is my favorite game
~Generation 2 solidified my interest in Pokemon
~I love writing stories.
~I generally prefer writing this in a notebook rather than on here.
~I can be old-fashioned sometimes.
~In first grade I was crowned teatherball champion.
~I am a person who will meet her deadlines 99.9999999% of the time.
~I am 45% crazy and evil, and 55% nice and sweet.
~I am a person who won't read the rules until I break one
~I was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder because of my constant anxiety problem. I worry about everything and everyone.
~I don't like the tv shows of today. I find myself watching Full House and George Lopez and Friends all the time.
~I keep my promises no matter what.
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