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Time to kick off the league with a warm-up tournament!

• Each clan is given an opposing clan to fight. A basic clan war. There is only one round, so the bracket you see will be all there is.
• All battles are to be done in the OU format on the PC Battle Server.
• All matches are best of one. You only have to do one battle.
• Please post the battle replay of your match in this thread. Clan members can use these replays as a chance to either give advice to their cohorts on how to play better or learn from them.
• Please post the updates regarding your match in this thread.

Try to do your best, but don't worry too much about winning. Plenty of you are still new to the game, so it's understandable if you don't play too well.

Need help with team building? First off, you're in a clan now, so you can ask for help in your clan's thread in addition to its battle server room and Skype chat (if your clan has those yet). You could regularly visit the battle server and ask for help there, especially if one of your clan mates are online. Definitely check out PC's Battling & Team Building Resources, as well as the Team-Building Workshop. You could grab a team from Smogon, but you should really make your own team.

The match-ups

Copy this link:

Then replace "wolf" with your opponent's username. Now you can contact them to schedule a time for your match!

The deadline is Thursday, April 2nd. (Also note that some of the following clan names are prototypes because they aren't all finalized.)

Team Orb vs Team Wolf
Castform vs wolf
Eight.Bit vs SleeplessUmbreon
oocyst vs Daniel327034
Kingdom of Tea vs Nakasu
Christos vs Alpha King
Thoughts vs Vrai
Cayo vs Hopeless Masquerade

Majestic Milotic vs The Royal Pain
rob_thijs vs BadassWolf
Chikara vs NeonGeaso
Holy Demon vs destinedjagold
Dragon vs apocalypseArisen
Illusione-Tempus vs Nakuzami
JatinGupta vs Spartacus
Yoshikko vs Archer99

Ghosts of Perdition vs Team Sector
Astraea vs User 101
Anti vs Sector
Deceptio vs Dusclops101
Nolafus vs Altairis
EvanGalea vs Herbalist
Vinny Vidi Vici vs Sphealo
Pepperton vs Zehn

The Technicians vs Divine Libra
srinator vs revere
Zeffy vs Rabinov
ARKA9 vs elcaptino
Peitharchia vs Exile
R.F. vs Bidoof FTW
Sonata vs ShinySquirtleSquad
pixie^.^forest vs mimimahboul

The Swolebro Nation vs The Draconian Empire
BreederShax vs ANARCHit3cht
AmourPearlShipper vs Chocolate™
Zekrom vs antemortem
Eros vs pompadoodle
Anrin Das vs Void.
H.A.N. vs punkysaur
soulcleaver vs Mueez


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Updated the bracket with the following as new match-ups:

Zeffy vs Rabinov
Peitharchia vs Exile

It was originally swapped, but I changed it due to popular request (heads vs heads).


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Dragon vs apocalypseArisen = Dragon!
very good game!

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dis gon b gud !



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Was NOT expecting Flash Cannon Klefki. And apparently I can't make teams that are not weak to Mega Lopunny.

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Should've saved a Lando check so Exca could kill the rest with EQ without getting locked in by it, gg.


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From trenhoj
Bad news. I can't participate anymore. I'm busy trying to complete projects and going and getting groceries. So I'm dropping out. I'm putting that on the forum too.


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The following match-ups were changed:

Sonata vs trenhoj ShinySquirtleSquad
Jake♫ Anrin Das vs Void.

trenhoj dropped out and Jake♫ is inactive. Chocolate™ is on a LoA so King Syn will be taking his place as a free agent.