Get-Together on Discord!

Started by Alex July 8th, 2016 8:07 PM
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what will it be next?

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Get Together 14 on Discord!
Come and hang out with your fellow PC members on Discord!

What is Discord?
Discord is a chat client similar to IRC, where users connect to servers and chat with other users within those servers. It supports both text and voice chat. The PC server is constantly active with plenty of different channels for varied discussions.

How can I join?
Discord has both a web-based app and downloadable app. It's up to you to choose how you want to use Discord. After that, all you need is a link to our server!

Click here to join PokeCommunity's Discord server!


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Rid yourself of the evils of skype and join D I S C O R D.

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Rid yourself of the evils of skype and join D I S C O R D.
Haha! I'd suggest using Discord alongside Skype instead of just jumping ship from the latter, as there's still a few things Discord can't do or do elegantly, though for most people Discord should be more than fine enough.

Be seeing you all in the Discord GT channel.

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I certainly will be joining! There's something that I am aware of though, Skype and Discord have their differences. And the thing is, they both have their pros and cons. Even though the Discord website does say that it's "better" than Skype, it's not... in fact they're both equal, since Skype has things like Group Video Calls which Discord does not and while Discord has some things that Skype doesn't and so fourth.

I'll always be using Skype and Discord alongside each other, since they're both handy.

Anyways, if you need to know which user I am, my ID is #9600 and my username is "Platinum Lucario", same as on the forum.
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So the discord is just a place to talk about the get together, right? Just makes communication easier?

also yes please stop torturing yourselves and ascend from skype. The dark days are over
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Congratulations on the Discord. Man that sounds weird to say when out of context. Good work on the clich villainy, etc! :p

Will be joining there to peek and chat every once in a while.
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I've never used this windows application, but I have AndroIRC which I use time to time...
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Loving how there's a Discord channel entirely dedicated to this event. I'm the same name as here by the way.
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Discord > Skype yessss

been chatting on and off for a bit 8) just not when I'm overly busy