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Looks kinda neat!

Does it come with an audio book by Ryan Reynolds though?

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Not gonna lie, I kinda want to pick this up after I see the movie myself. :o


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Definitely interested in this. Love the idea of a Pokémon graphic novel and very interested in seeing a new take on the movie I already enjoyed!!
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This is a very interesting interpretation of the movie. I like the art style for this one...but uh, reading manga so long, just to make sure... this is read left to right & not right to left?
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Oh hey, it releases on my birthday! Would be a nice gift to myself if it becomes available here.

Loved the movie, and I'm liking Tim's look. Hope it sells well.


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Definitely think I’m going to need to pick up a copy for myself! Looks adorable. (´∀`)♡
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