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It's sooo interesting and not what I expected to see at all!! Has anyone else watched? What do you think?!
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I just watched this! Definitely cute. Reminds me of the fact that Cuphead tv show is coming out soon. Tbh, if I hadn't seen this appear on my Youtube feed, I probably wouldn't have even known it existed. ;; Scraggy in old timey animation was really cute, also. I hope they make more of these!
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A friend of mine pinged this to me because of my love for the pantslizards and it's actually really cool! I love the style and the charm of the classic cartoon style and I would also love to see more.

Poor Scraggy though, just got tempted by Pokébeans and lead to mayhem.

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This short was an interesting concept. It's not often that we get to see Pokémon involved in slapstick. Pretty alright, but I felt it could be better without Mimikyu vocalizing. It just sounds kinda odd in a rubberhose-style animation.