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Trailer with the music in the article above!

It doesn't sound bad imo - but not what I expected to associate the game with first off.

Noticed the violin show up a decent bit too, maybe it'll be key for other tracks...?

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Well I suppose not every track has to fit the game thematically, but I certainly hope that this is an exception to the rule and not an indication of the quality of the soundtrack overall, because if it isn't then I am probably going to spend the majority of the time playing this with the volume muted...

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Seemed like a fan made track laid over the trailer so I was surprised to see it was real. Doesn’t really fit the theme/setting for the game and sounds like a DS song to me. But I’ll probably get used to it?

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Not what I was expecting... not necessarily a bad track though.
Mixed feelings I guess.


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don't really get what was the point in putting up the trailer

but part of it kinda sounds like something from DPPt? or something that would be in DPPt? (which I guess is to be expected since the game takes place in Sinnoh)
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It reminds of one track from SM/USUM. Not really something I would expect in a samurai-themed game not taking place in a tropical setting.


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I imagine this being the theme of a specific area, rather than a general route/exploration theme? Because it's weird and not something I'd imagine as one of the core themes. That said, I like it~ and my favourite theme in Pokemon, the village bridge soundtrack, is similarly one that's a bit of a break from the style of the main tracks. So I won't complain!