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[Question] Any thoughts on the music of Scarlet/Violet?


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Title says it, but more specifically, I'm curious to hear opinions on how each of the different provinces in Paldea are given their own theme that plays throughout the whole province (instead of having different route themes throughout the region) and how the wild battle themes are just amped up versions of those songs. Do you like the change, or would you rather have more varied route music?

Are there any particular songs you listen to often? I enjoy a lot of the battle themes, I think Arven, Penny, and Nemona all have great ones, I've been listening to the BB League Elite Four theme more, and Area Zero both in and out of battle has grown on me.

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I miss the old style of Pokémon music, where most cities and towns had their own unique theme. A lot of the music in these games is just too bland and sounds the same. The only music I can say I really like is the theme that plays when you're in Area Zero. Also, the theme in Medali grew on me too. I used to hate that theme when I first heard it, but the more I went there to feed my Pokémon Tera Shards, the more it grew on me I guess. Lol


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Area Zero theme is so good! I also really like Carmine's theme, as well as the wild battle and ambient themes in Kitakami! I didn't expect Kieran's BB league theme to be so menacing, sort of like an inverse-wally's-Alpha-Sapphire-Omega-Ruby-theme situation hehe
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The default town and exploration theme gave me a headache honestly, it wasn't particularly catchy and marks the first time in the franchise history that I've played with my own background music instead of the in-game music. Sound design in the games wasn't particularly strong, and a lot of it felt very half-baked due to the lack of variety. I kept waiting for something a bit more memorable and atmospheric to materialise, but it never did...and they re-introduced that accursed cheering from Sword and Shield into the Gym battle themes. They didn't have much of a melody as it was, but having it drowned out by that just made it worse.
I haven't played the 2nd DLC yet, but so far the music has been decent. Not really any standouts be it positive or negative (except for one). Like, the Area Zero music just fits the area imo but I don't particularly like it as far as the actual music goes.
The only standout for me is the Ruinous Quartet Battle Music. During the first one I fought I actually just sat there for a while listening to it instead of actually fighting Chien-Pao xD
I adore Geeta's battle theme its amazing, I also like the Academy Ace Tournament theme, Penny's battle theme, Area Zero music, Treasures of Ruin battle theme and the South Province theme that for me defines Paldea the way Route 206's theme defines Sinnoh and the Casseroya Lake theme is beautiful in fact the entire soundtrack is amazing.

I love the music in Mossui Town and the Crystal Pool and the Area Zero Underdepths
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The music is the one area free of fault in these games. They absolutely nailed it, and in both DLCs too.

Since Black/White, Game Freak dabbled with dynamic music - where characters in the overworld would add to the soundtrack when interacted with, or extra tracks would be added depending on the player's movement. Then you have the Pokémon League Gate where they add a track at each badge gate, and the full track kicks in when you finally reach Victory Road.

Scarlet/Violet took a leaf from this book, thankfully. The soundtrack calms down when you're stationary, and kicks into life seamlessly once you start running. In Paldea, the battle themes merge perfectly with the overworld themes, so the new battle system doesn't jar the player.
Then you have special battles like Nemona, leaders, Elite 4, Geeta, the Pokemon of Ruin and Area Zero - all absolute bangers.

And this went on to be the case in Kitakami and Blueberry. Kitakami had the lovely traditional touch, and the Easter egg of Legends Arceus music for the Ursaluna fight. Blueberry gave us PERFECT remixes of the Unova wild/trainer battles. My sole gripe might be the BB Elite Four theme; it goes a little too far into the obscure electro territory and doesn't have a stand-out melody. It would've been wonderful for that to be a remix of the original Unova Elite 4 or Gym Leader theme - but what we got is by no means bad.

Anyway, I like music, and these games did it well.


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My favorite music is the Tera Raid Battle Music, the Gym Battle Music, and The Starfall Street Music. Although the final boss Music was ok, I prefer these tunes the most.

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Honestly I loved the music in SV! It's one of the only things that I strongly believe game freak nailed correctly. My favorite songs would have to be: Carmine's theme, All of Kieran's themes, Nemona's final battle theme, Cassiopeia's Battle theme, and the final boss theme.

Songs I didn't really like are: Gym battle theme (It just doesn't sit with me at all. It feels lazy and it doesn't really pump me up in any shape or form. It also doesn't help they reused the cheering from SwSd to make it feel forced.) Elite four theme (Paldea) (Same reason as the gym leader theme.)

Overall the music in the game is pretty good! And like I said it's one if not the only thing they did right in SV.


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Overall, a mix of good tunes, and forgettable tunes.

Base game has some good bits, like the Wild Battle theme - dynamic theme! I thought it was done great in that one part of Legends Arceus, so it was nice to see it here. Great bass in the south area theme too. Some battle themes were good too, like Nemona's theme, Team Star (and Penny). Area Zero was also fantastic.

DLC had some more of the same. I think the standout was the Unova remixes.

Gym Battle theme though... not a fan, especially with the Tera. Town themes are fairly forgettable, and Arven's battle theme is also hard to recall really. Poor Arven.


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I'd say like the post above there is a good balance of good and bad tracks.

To be honest, unlike other generations where I have a bunch of favorites I don't have has much in SV but I do have my favorites.
For base game it's the gym leader theme, Area Zero, Nemona's theme, Medali, Levincia, Casscarafa, and Cortondo. As for the dlc, well, there's the entire Terarium, VS the blueberry e4, Vs the loyal 3 and Carmines theme.