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Best and worst things about the SV DLC


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So here is where you list the stuff you liked and didn't like about the DLC for the games. For me…

As for stuff I didn't like, I personally thought IndDisk's plot was kinda barebones. It was all weird stuff at the academy or constantly reminding you about area zer and whatnot and the ending was also pretty lame. And anyone else who noticed the bad sound quality on the credits? I thought my earphones got spoilt but then I found an online thread with the same complaints.

And the good part is… well, at least I enjoyed it overall. It's not awesomesauce or anything but I wasn't a huge fan of the previous gen's DLC, was largely worried this one would get similar to that one, and then turns out it's not and actually good and I'm just grateful for that. And yes, I legitamately don't seem to have any complainst for the first wave of this gen's DLC, only for IndDisk for some reason.


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Story just cut little short and it's center around kieran, sure the battle was challenging as every elite four equips an item even Cyrano was really tough to handle feels like just slap the ending of a terra turtle that controls tera energy, BBQ is tendious grinding game you just have to do lots of quest to expand the terrarium and eventually able to catch the legenadries. Indigo disk is fun but not fun when you really grind BP
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Best: A toss-up between a less trash uniform and going around and finding out what Pokemon were there.

Worst: Teal Mask storyline. Forces you down a dumb path. Did not like the human characters.
Teal Mask, best:
-Ogerpon and Fezandipiti
-The new outfit. I could finally stop wearing the dumb school uniform.
-Some pretty much forgotten Pokemon returning.
-Solid story for Pokemon standards, when it comes to the new legendary Pokemon anyway.

Teal Mask, worst:
-Exploration wise it didn't really stand out. There were some nice locales, but overall it just felt too samey to basegame SV to me.
-Ogre Oustin'. You give us a repeatable minigame and then force us to do mp to complete normal and hard difficulty without an option to play with randoms? Blegh, garbage.

Indigo Disk, best:
-Although very unnatural looking, the exploration of the Terrarium was very fun to me.
-Archaludon and Iron Boulder.
-Some pretty much forgotten Pokemon returning.
-Lots of double battles... though this is also a con, because...

Indigo Disk, worst:
-All the double battles have trainers with competitive like teams with dumb items like Focus Sashes. I lost count of how many opponents lived a hit that should've just straight up fainted them due to a Focus Sash.
-Gouging Fire.
-The BlueBerry Tasks (I refuse to call them quests =P)
-After you become the academy champion, the 'story' bit with Terapagos just feels like an afterthought.

Mochi Madness Epilogue, good:
-Pecharunt. Caught an initial glimpse of it before actually playing it. Did not expect to like the thing's design after fighting it.
-The overall silliness. The chicken dances had me laughing multiple times.
-Pretty solid backstory as well.

Mochi Madness Epilogue, 'bad':
-Some needless running around imo. Could've skipped a couple stages in the sequence of events before you go to Kitakami with your 'friends' imo.

Overall worst: Nothing repeatable to do that's actually fun. Crown Tundra had Dynamax Adventures which was actually fun to do. SV has little replayability to me.


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thank you very much for this thread, i'm not very far into the game yet but will be buying the dlc when i finish!
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I didn't explore every aspect of these two DLC because I was, and still am, busy with another game. I basically "finished" them and not much else, didn't spend much time on things like Ogre Oustin or BBQs beyond the required to proceed with the game, so from what I've played:

Teal Mask
Best: The Legendaries story line
Worst: Kieran

Indigo Disk
Best: The Trainer battles
Worst: The Terapagos quest
On the whole, I think the Scarlet/Violet DLC was pretty great.

I'll get the very worst out of the way: there were no noticeable improvements to performance. They seem to've made peace with the game engine as it stands, and that was immediately clear upon booting into the Teal Mask DLC. It's a shame, because while the games are fun, they simply have to lose some points for being so badly optimized.

But, as I said, they're fun as hell, and the DLC added so much fun and gripping content.
I loved Kitakami. It's just a little rural Japanese-themed region, and I've been longing for more Japanese themed content from Pokémon basically since HGSS, after which the regions were all based on areas other than Japan (America/New York, France, Hawaii, the UK, Spain).

Honestly, probably the biggest strength of the DLC was its story - I know the community is divided on this. But since the player character is essentially a blank slate, it can be hard for Pokémon games to have a storyline that is engaging on a personal level, and most emotionally significant moments happen through characters close to the player, rather than the player directly.
Kieran was the avatar this time around; we see him go from a cripplingly shy kid to an absolute tyrant over the course of both DLCs, for him to eventually get his redemption, but still keep all the strength he gained along the way. He didn't revert to the meek child who Carmen pushed around, he was just contrite and wanted to keep strviing to be better, and make up with all his friends. It was really well told, and I think I'm not alone in saying I stood up in shock when he whipped out a Master Ball to catch Terapagos. My bro learned from his experience with Ogerpon lol.


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The worst aspect of it to me was having no improvements to performance. The idea that it'd been many months after the game's release and I was paying extra money for something that did not run any better was a hard pill for me to swallow. It's why I didn't buy Teal Mask when it released and only decided to go through it once I had decided if I really wanted to or not, only using the money I gained from the holidays. It's really hard for me to agree with the idea that it was worth the amount I paid for it and even with how enjoyable SV as a whole are, it does feel like there are aspects that feel like they don't have that effort or care put into them. Ogre Ousting was the worst experience in performance the entirety of SV had, for me.

The best aspect of it was probably seeing the new areas and learning about what they were and how they worked. Things like the folk story of the legendaries of Teal Mask or learning how Blueberry Academy worked, how different students attend their classes and all the details of the Terarium. Despite them not being too large of areas I genuinely enjoy both of them and I wanted to learn more about them. I don't think I would've cared about the story for either DLC if I wasn't enjoying my time in the areas I got to explore. I also think having an extra bonus episode of any kind at the end was cool and something they should continue doing. I didn't really enjoy Mochi Madness but the idea that exists felt like an extra little gift we got, and the gesture made me happy.
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Indigo DLC Best: actual having a competitive champion

Worst: 😞 not implementing a Ace Double battle tournament in Blueberry Academy and a double team double battles tournament like we got in Sword and Shield.
Best: Ogerpon is cute, new uniforms, I like the BB sibs
Worst: Idk why we lied to Kieran? It's established right off that he's a fan of Ogerpon and he's just a kid. We should have let him know the truth and get to know Ogerpon from the start.