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Info: Have 500+ posts? Request Supportership here!

You may be have known that PokéCommunity had a Supporter rank people could attain via donating a small amount to the site. After our software update in November 2023, we've decided to move away from this donation requirement and allow anyone to get access to the Supporter role - as long as they meet the requirement of 500 or more posts.

We are planning for this to be automatically applied upon reaching that post threshold, however, for now we still have some other things we need to iron out with the site first that will take time. So for now, this thread will remain here as a way to remind people who may have 500+ posts that they can get access to the Supporter rank.

What does the Supporter rank allow you to do?
  • Use images in your post flair
  • Upload attachments to private messages and profile messages
  • Have a colored, italic name on the online list
  • All forum ads will be removed
More coming soon!

If you meet the requirements, either send a private message to any Administrator or post here, and we will apply the benefits to your account!