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[PKMN FULL] Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Monthly Update #5

    Available Pokemon

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Crimson Mirelands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Optional Prompts

    - Someone in the village has managed to lose a Pokemon.
    - A bunch of Psyduck are blocking the road.
    - A troop from the Survey Corps has been involved in an accident.
    - Some of the local crops have developed a fungal infection.
    - There has been a poison gas outbreak in the Crimson Mirelands.
    - A house in the village has caught fire.
    - There is a thief in your midst.

    Alpha Catch Opportunities

    There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

    Special Catch Opportunities

    There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

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    - A troop from the Survey Corps has been involved in an accident.

    The orders are clear. A Staravia came into the village late in the afternoon with a message tied to its leg. The bird turned out to be the partner of a scout who got ambushed when exploring in the Mirelands and is now injured out there with only his other scout companion to keep him alive. Few usually feel comfortable venturing out as night was soon falling, but Michael didn't hesitate to volunteer himself. He was sent out together with Mirana, a member from the Security Corps with a pokémon partner deemed strong enough to be able to protect them all: a Misdreavus. Mike's own partner wasn't really counted into their protection, as no one had ever seen them battle. He didn't argue.

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Truth be told, Michael has never before gone outside of the village when he knew that it was going to be night before he returned, at least not past the farms. His companion now is a stern woman with a large pointy hat and several braids reaching down almost to her knees. He has seen her several times around town - that particular appearance is hard to miss - but they have never talked before. A full hour of their evening trek passes by without a single word passing between them, only the injured scout's Staravia returning once to keep guiding the rescuers, before it takes off anew. As the terrain becomes more difficult to traverse though, Michael finds that he needs to break the ice somehow.

    "I wish we could have taken a pokémon to ride on," he says simply.

    "Do you?"

    "Yeah! Imagine, something like a... That big thing with horns. Wardeer?"


    "Yeah! We should keep those around; I bet they run really fast and can jump over these - huff - hills like they're nothing."

    "You can't even handle an overgrown berry without putting her into a magic ball, and you think you could handle a full grown wild pokémon?"

    He stops at that and looks up at the woman who is trudging up the darkening slope ahead of him. In a few hours, he'd barely be able to see her at all.

    "Well... It wouldn't be wild if we tamed it."

    "You don't know anything about pokémon, Med Corps," Mirana says and doesn't even stop to glance back at him.

    Michael furrowed his brows, but continues to walk. He manages to keep silent for a full ten more minutes, before...

    "How did you become like this?"

    At that, she stops to turn towards him. They've reached the top of a hill now, and he can see the Crimson Mirelands stretch out behind the woman, with its numerous shallow waters gleaming in the last streak of light.


    "You seem like you don't care if I get upset or feel intimidated by the things you say," he explains casually, catching up with her.

    He's a lean young man, not someone who would win any fistfights, but he's tall enough to slightly tower above her, forcing her to tilt her head up to meet his gaze from under the wide brim of her witchy hat. Her eyes narrow.

    "It doesn't matter how I act, Med Corps, and I don't care if people get upset," she says bluntly.

    "That's... Uh. My name is Michael actually-"

    She keeps walking before he can say anything else, and he just shrugs and follows. But he gently pats the pouch on his belt where Bounsweet's pokéball lies, knowing that its inhabitant might already be soundly asleep at this hour.

    Over the next few hours, Michael doesn't try to converse again. Mirana just marches on as night eventually falls and makes their surroundings uncomfortably dark, until they reach a literal marsh and she has to slow down to be more careful about where they're going. Michael keeps a little closer and hopes she doesn't mind. He doesn't tire very easily (he does keep fit, after all) but darkness doesn't entice him and he generally feels happier in the mornings than the evenings. Still, he volunteered for this and he isn't about to give up and go back. Even if he did suggest that, he doubts that Mirana would accompany him.

    When it is nearly pitch black around them, Michael decides that he can't handle the darkness anymore, and takes the orb out of its pouch. With a click, it releases its inhabitant, who yawns up at him from the ground with a grumpy look.

    "Good morning, Bounce!" Michael says and tries to sound happy, but is just met with a whine and a pout. He feels more than sees Mirana roll her eyes at them.

    A sudden noise in the tree next to them makes Bounce literally bounce up though. Instinctively, she flings a couple Magical Leaves in the direction of the sound. Those leaves' mystical nature, as Michael has become aware, makes them almost always hit their target - darkness or not. This time is no different, and a startled Staravia pops out of the tree screaming.

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    "That's the scout's bird," Mirana says. "Get your blob under control!"

    Michael nods and scoops the pink creature up securely in his arms before she can jump up and try to smack the bird in the face (probably without much success). She thankfully stops squirming within seconds and resumes her pouting. Michael notices that Mirana was watching him handling his pokémon, while calming the Staravia almost nonchalantly (with success). When he looks up at her with a smile, she goes blank again and looks away though.

    Seems he's surrounded by unfriendly ladies. That's okay though, he probably deserves it.

    After making sure that the woman walks in between it and the pink ball, Staravia leads them onwards to a clearing nearby, where Mirana almost walks head first into one of the scouts.

    "Ah! I heard some commotion? Glad you're here!" the scout says as soon as he regains his balance. Michael can't see what he looks like, only that there is a big beard governing his face. "Cal couldn't really walk and I don't have a pokémon partner to help us out."

    "Sure," Mirana says and waves a hand dismissively. "Med Corps?"

    "Yeah?" Michael responds with alert, letting go of Bounce who lands softly in the dark grass.

    "Do your thing so we can get out of here."

    "Ah... I'll get right on it, Sec Corps!"

    "Nope," she decides at that nickname, and just walks off to sit on a rock.

    The first scout shrugs. "Don't worry about her," he says. "I've worked with Mirana before. Just gotta know how to handle her. I'm Jim! And over here is poor Calandar."

    After exchanged pleasantries, Jim leads Mike to the fallen scout, who's lying down under a tree near a campfire (thankfully SOME LIGHT!). His leg looks quite bad, Mike can tell even before beginning a thorough examination. He sits down next to Bounce, who's already scurried over there. A faint whiff in the air tells him she's already instinctively started to let out her Sweet Scent to calm the patient down. He smiles but doesn't say anything. She might act stubborn and grumpy, but he had been able to tell from the start that she had a caring heart underneath that barbed surface. She inspired him.

    "What ever happened to you?"

    "Didn't you read the letter Staravia delivered?" Jim asks, glancing over towards his partner who has decided that Mirana on her rock a few tens of yards away is the best company around for now.

    Michael kicks himself internally as he begins to investigate Calandar's leg, hearing the victim hiss in the process. "Ah, I just meant, recount it for me so I can better understand the nature of the damage here?"

    "Wow, you sound like a real doctor," Cal huffs through his wincing.

    Mike shakes his head but smiles as Jim begins to tell the tale. A wild pokémon had simply ambushed them, out of the blue, and punched Galandar in the leg. Staravia had managed to chase it off, but they feared it would return. They had still taken the risk of sending the bird back to the village to get help, and hoped to fend the attacker off with fire from their temporary camp if it returned in the night. Thankfully, it hadn't yet, so perhaps all is well now. Mike finishes wrapping up the injured leg after putting some cooling ointment onto the most swollen part.

    "We've got company," Mirana suddenly says, and as the others turn to her they see Staravia take off high up into the air as the woman stares at something behind them.

    "What do you mean?" Jim asks, but both he and Mike follow her gaze, to see three people walk out from the shrubberies behind them, only visible thanks to the dim light from the campfire.

    But it's not just three people - there are also three pokémon. And all of them look like they're ready to punch legs. Or worse.

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    oO --------- M i k e

    The air suddenly feels thick, it's harder to breathe. Mike stays crouched next to the injured scout, while Jim steps up. Mirana is slowly moving closer as well, Mike can hear rather than see, as he barely dares to look away from the intruders.

    Two of the newcomers step into the orange firelight, their pokémon staying behind menacingly, and he can see that they are both men. One is tall and round, the other crouched together and thinner. He briefly wonders if they are part of one of the native clans, until the large man speaks up.

    "Take off your clothes."

    Jim nearly laughs in surprise and looks from his allies and back to the two men. "What?"

    "We have spares you can have. We just need yours. They're looking mighty fine like Jubilife garbs, see. We wanna blend in."

    "Shut up, stupid!" the thinner man says. "Don't go spoiling our plans just like that."

    "They won't make it back in time anyways," the first man shrugs.

    "We won't give you anything," Mike says and stands up, hoping his glare comes across as defiant even though he's turned away from the fire.

    The person still in the shadows behind the two men gives out a huff. "Suit yourselves," they say, and make a gesture.

    Which apparently meant 'attack', because the thin man immediately barks out some sort of order. From the bushes next to Mike, a pokémon leaps out - he has forgotten to keep track of them as they stalked around in the shadows, he has been too focused on the humans. The attacker goes straight for his belly-

    But gets suckerpunched, for lack of a better term, by a pink blob jumping up from below. Bounce Tackles the Machop straight in its own belly and sends it flying into the tree near Calandar, who welps and stumbles away.

    "Leave this to us," Mirana's voice suddenly comes, her hand on Mike's arm for a brief second, before she's dashed forward.

    From her pokéball, her own partner emerges in a bright light, cooing in an eerie way as she taunts the Machop away from the Bounsweet - much to Bounce's chagrin. Mike has to once again scoop her up and hold her hard to get her out of harms way. Luckily, Machop is successfully distracted by the ghost.

    But the larger man has not been standing idly by; as soon as Machop was tackled, he sent forward a pokémon of his own - a Timburr. It is easy to tell that Jim isn't a fighter, but also that he won't back down when he's needed. Staravia appears by his side and easily fends off the pesky enemy, earning angry shouts from its trainer.

    "What do we do?" Cal asks, terror in his voice.

    "They've got this, they've got this," Mike reassures him, or himself, as he tries to support the scout and hold onto Bounce at the same time. He should get her back into the pokéball, he really should try to be more quick-thinking. "Hold on a second," he tells Cal and lets go of them both for just a moment, just to pick the ball up from the pouch.

    A shriek reaches them then, causing Mike to turn back around. Staravia has fallen down, lying in a crackling mess next to the campfire and a crestfallen Jim not daring to go close. Because walking up towards them is a new pokémon, and it's one Michael has never seen before, barely heard of. Tall, purple and yellow, a glare that looks bored more than anything, but terrifying when you know that the creature is not on your side.

    "A Toxtricity..." Mirana gasps, but recovers quickly and sends Misdreavus back in. "Jim, get back to the others, I'll handle this!"

    Mike has forgotten what he's doing; Bounce is out of his arms and somewhere else, Cal is hopping away from the fire on his own, clearly in pain doing so, and Jim looks frozen on the spot as the electric pokémon looms closer and the bandits are laughing behind it. Mike just knows, somehow, that Misdreavus has not got this.

    His pokémon has the same idea, because suddenly he sees where she is: standing defiantly between the fallen bird and the approaching enemy, chittering angrily.

    "Oh no..." Mike says, and runs back towards them.

    He sees Misdreavus' eyes glow where it floats in the sky above and ahead of him - she's assaulting the electric pokémon with some psychic or ghostly power. But the enemy is barely slowed, shrugging at most, and without warning spits up a heavy spray of something at the ghost. It winces, but keeps trying to force its powers into the enemy's mind, it seems. Toxtricity is still looking at it, rather than at Bounce, despite her noise-making.

    Mike decides the risk is worth it, and leaps towards the campfire, grabbing both the grass type and Staravia and tries to get back up. But the latter which is heavier than it looks, he discovers, and Bounce slips out of his grasp again. Mike groans, shoves Staravia into Jim's arms and practically shoves him away towards the direction Cal's gone off in.

    He turns back again just in time to see Misdreavus fall into a similarly crackling mess, only to get returned to its pokéball by Mirana... And Toxtricity finally turning to face the small grass pokémon. Bounce keeps yapping at the enemy.

    How does she completely lack fear? What is wrong with her?

    "Stop! Please!" Mike calls out as he runs towards them. "We'll do what you want!"

    He ignores Mirana's disapproving gaze as he runs past her. Of course they have to give up now. What else can they do?

    "Please," he repeats, stopping just in front of Bounce, and realizing only then that Toxtricity is only a couple of meters away. And much taller than he'd expected. How is it so tall?

    "Bit too late to be polite now, I'm afraid," the third person from before says, still in the shadows. "Toxtricity? Belch."

    Poison types really are the worst. So insidious, so difficult to counter or avoid. So dangerous. Mike feels the color drain from his face as Toxtricity's mouth opens.

    But then there's a strange shift in his surroundings, like a shimmer... And he's no longer standing with the campfire behind him.

    He blinks and spins around. Bounce looks up at him from his feet, looking just as confused as him for a change. Then she yelps and jumps in surprise, and he spots the reason a microsecond later.

    Next to them is someone entirely new. It is very dark here, the fire nowhere to be seen, but this creature is almost entirely white, and has a mysterious glimmer coming from it. Michael's brain finds the information soon enough.

    "A Ralts?"

    The wild creature nods silently.

    "You... Rescued us? Somehow moved us with magic?"

    It leans its head to the side.

    Mike shakes his head. "No... No, no, you have to get us back! We can't leave them! Can you go back and rescue them too?"

    Ralts looks unsure, takes a hesitant step back. It doesn't seem to... want to do it?

    That's right, Ralts are peculiar pokémon. They only ever appear to humans with certain emotional dispositions, or something like that. Michael has only heard about it in stories, he barely thought Ralts was real, to be completely honest. Maybe it doesn't care for the others, and somehow decided that Michael was worth more than them.

    "You're wrong," he thinks out loud, and then realizes that he really does want to say it. "I'm not worth rescuing. I'm never the one who should be saved! Others always are. I don't deserve it. So whatever sense you use to decide whom to save and not? It's broken. I'm sorry. Thank you, but... No."

    And he takes off, running. Bounce is not as fast as him and yells until he stops, lets her catch up, and picks her up in his arms. This time, she doesn't try to get away.

    He has seen an orange light downhill that has to be the campfire from before. He keeps running towards it, not a full sprint, but a good pace. He can't spend all his energy. He's not entirely sure what he has to do once he gets back there... Not even what he can do. But he has to try something. It's the way he has to live now, no choice.

    He finally reaches the camp, and tries to remain hidden while he assesses the situation. His Jubilife companions have been rounded up, even tied up. Their jackets or outer shirts have been removed, and the bandits are discussing something. Machop and Timburr are licking their wounds, but Toxtricity is standing guard... It might spot them too soon if he's not careful enough. Toxtricity's trainer sits on the same rock Mirana occupied earlier - it took Mike a while to spot them. He still can't make out what they look like.

    "Okay, so... Okay..." Mike breathes so only Bounce next to him hears. He's sure she's raring to go and slap the electric enemy in whatever way she can, but perhaps she senses how serious he is now, because she actually sits tight for once in her life and keeps her attention on him. "We can't fight them... We're no fighters. We've never battled, we've just... been playing around. Maybe we can, um, we can use your powers, your techniques, I can maybe throw some punches, eh probably not. I can lure some away? But what's the use, they'll just beat us up and then tie us up too, and then sneak into Jubilife. Ah, who are they anyways?"

    Unexpectedly then, Mirana screams. Mike peeks back out from his hiding place and sees the large man having taken her hat. He's pulling her braids now, and laughing.

    And all of Michael's control is gone.

    He picks Bounce up and runs out from his hiding place, far enough away from Toxtricity that he can reach Mirana before it can react, and he tosses his pink blob at the large man.

    "Rapid Spin!"

    It works. Bounce obeys - eagerly - and starts spinning mid-air. She hits the man's face hard and he falls over flat on his back, letting go of Mirana's hair immediately.

    "Bad move, boy!" the thinner man says, walking towards him from the tied up Jim and Cal near the fire. He raises his hand as if to punch the younger man, since his pokémon is still injured from before.

    "Uh, Razor Leaf!" Mike calls out, and Bounsweet almost gleefully fires off a stream of sharp leaves at the man, who has to throw himself to the ground to avoid being shredded.

    But then, Toxtricity is there again, and Mike doesn't even see it charge up an attack before the crackling Shock Wave hits him and Bounsweet both. Pain courses through his body and he feels grass and dirt against his face without even registering that he's falling over. He's blinded by pain more than light, and he isn't sure what is happening, where is Bounce...

    But Toxtricity doesn't attack him again. Instead, he realizes after a few dazed seconds that it is moving away, staggering even. Someone else has appeared in between him and the purple monster, a small, white frame.

    "Ralts?" Mike says weakly. Is it here to teleport them away again? Maybe they can somehow make their way to Jubilife, or find another Survey or Supply group, maybe they can get help after all.

    But Ralts doesn't appear to try to teleport. Instead, it lets out a single small puffing noise, before it starts to shine brightly. Michael's pained nerves catch up to him then and he is forced to hiss from the sensation and doesn't quite see what happens from then on.

    Until Mirana is helping him back up on his feet with a worried look on her face.


    "What? How long was I out?" Mike asks dizzily.

    "A minute or two. The bandits are gone. Your friend chased them off surprisingly effectively. Although I suspect it took a bit more damage than it wants to show."

    He looks around, sees Jim and Calandar untied with their own shirts back on, sees Bounsweet yap at him from his feet, and behind Mirana stands someone new. Mike just blinks for a moment.

    "Seems like it evolved to protect you. That's... That's amazing," Mirana says with a nod, and actually sounds impressed. "You know they only come to people with positive disposition, right? Ralts, that is. This one is now a Kirlia."

    Mike kneels in front of the newly evolved pokémon, and his trained eye can indeed see that in whatever battle he just missed, it did take some damage. But it is holding it together, for some reason. Maybe it doesn't want to look weak?

    "Thank you," he says earnestly. "We wouldn't have made it without you."

    The Kirlia manages a smile. Bounsweet immediately looks annoyed.

    The group doesn't stay there. Together, they are able to half-carry Cal back until sunrise comes. Then, they finally let the men sleep for a bit, while Mirana keeps watch together with Mike's pokémon. When they wake up, it's daytime, and they try to convince Mirana to get some sleep too, to no avail. They push on.

    Eventually, they see Jubilife Village and dare to smile again.

    "Is life outside the village gates always this dangerous?" Mike can't help but asking as he watches Jim lead Cal downhill, Staravia flying ahead above them.

    "Nah," Mirana says. Her hat is back on, and she actually looks just like she did when they set out on this mission. Maybe she had already been looking a bit dreary then, but Mike just hadn't been able to tell since he didn't know her yet.

    "So we were just unlucky?"

    She raises an eyebrow at him then, before nodding to his side. "You really think you were unlucky, Med Corps?"

    He follows her gaze, to the Kirlia who is still walking beside him with a strange air of serenity about it. Bounsweet kept trying to make the fairy stumble or otherwise rile it up (to no avail, thankfully), so she is back in her pokéball as a precaution. He smiles, and even laughs a little.

    "I suppose not."

    When Kirlia follows him into the village too, it dawns on him that it has chosen to stay by his side. Its Ralts-compass really must be broken. Because he is not the kind of person who deserves to be rescued and followed like that. But for now, he'll accept it and see what the future holds for them.

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      [tab=kenji-2][/tab] [tab=kenjipkmn-2][/tab] [tab=kenjijournal-2][/tab] [tab=haruswagon-2][/tab]

    2 - Duty

    🌲 jubilife village farm 🕙 morning

    His energy level at this hour was not appreciated by all; fellow Agriculture Corps member and noted non-morning person Kalina exhaled sharply—and deliberately, it would seem—as Kenji strolled into the Jubilife village farm with a jaunty tune on his lips. He turned in the direction of the loud sigh to meet her glower.

    He had the briefest of intentions to just keep walking and let it go, but decided he was in the mood to be a little insufferable today. He felt the devilish grin spread across his face as he sidled up next to the poor girl, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Beautiful morning, isn't it, my lady? The brisk, autumn air is so invigorating. Come on, breathe it in with me, breeaathe…" He gestured wildly with his other arm.

    "Oh, for goodness' sake, stop—it's far too early for your antics." She begged, but the smallest of smiles tugged up the corner of her lips, even as she playfully jabbed him away with the blunt handle of her spade. "Why are you like this?"

    "Productivity goes up 34% when you tackle the day with optimism and cheer!" He had absolutely no idea if that was true or not, but it sounded like it could be. Didn't seem like she was buying it, though.

    "Yeah, yeah." She waved him away dismissively. "Why don't you put that extra 34% to good use and give us a hand around here, then?"

    "Yes, m'am." With a quick bow, he finally left her alone and headed on over to gather his equipment. "Alrighty. So, what are we doing today?" He mumbled to himself as he rolled up his sleeves, but his question was quickly answered by Haru, who dutifully wheeled out a small selection of nursery plants. "Oh, you're right—those are ready to come out of their pots." He knelt down to pull one out, gently prodding the soil. The roots had grown so much that they had practically taken the shape of the container. These are definitely ready for a new home. "Thank you, friend, what would I do without you?" The Skiddo's tail wagged at his praise, and they got to work transferring the nursery berry trees into the field.

    Carefully removing each one from their pots to preserve as much of the roots as possible, they spent most of their morning planting the baby trees into neat rows. Once they were all properly transferred, he inspected each one a bit more closely.

    "Hm. Little overwatered here. Haru, do your thing." He snapped his fingers, and the Skiddo sprung into action. A light mist of water gently showered the plants. And Kenji. "No, no! I said they're overwatered—do the other thing—" Haru's bleat sounded almost like a laugh, and the rain quickly shifted into sunlight. "Oh, I see. Think you're funny, do you?" He reached over to ruffle his fur, but he was glad the Skiddo was in a playful mood. Inside the safety of the village walls, he seemed much less guarded. As Kenji laughed along with his partner and shook the water droplets out of his hair, he noticed Kalina had come back around and was staring at them.

    "What's it doing?" She stepped over cautiously as Haru went back to work. He'd started moving down the field to spread his generated sunlight.

    "Oh! Well, my brother calls it 'Sunny Day'—he can basically conjure a bright, temporary sunlight. Pretty cool, huh? Really helps with the plants. Especially now, as it's getting colder and the sun's not out as long." He smiled at Haru and gave him a thumbs up as he trotted back in their direction to attend to the next row of trees.

    "Conjure?" She whispered back in a hushed tone. In his eagerness to talk about Haru's abilities, Kenji barely noticed how pale Kalina's face had gotten.

    "He can make it rain, too! Wanna see? Hey, Haru—"

    "No! No, it's okay. Really." She responded quickly, clutching her spade to her chest as she backed away.

    "Oh, okay—aaand she's gone." He shrugged apologetically at Haru, who'd moseyed on over to answer his call. He was looking up at him with shiny black eyes now, awaiting his next command. Kenji smiled, patting his head. "Sorry, boy. She's not ready to witness all of your greatness yet." The Skiddo cocked his head to the side. A lot of the village's residents were a bit wary of Pokémon still, so Kenji thought it best to not push it.

    When he and Haru had finished with their task, they rested against a large tree and snacked on some berries until Colza shouted at him to go and pick up another assignment. It was a short walk to the Galaxy Hall; Haru could not get up the steps with the wagon hitched, but also did not want to leave it unguarded so he waited outside as Kenji made his way to the Agriculture Corps office on the second floor.

    "—don't really want to go there, those things creep me out—" Two other Agri members were there already, discussing the assignments as they looked through them. Rishi stopped mid-sentence as Kenji walked in. "Oh! Kimura! Are you busy?"

    "Ah—well, I came up to take on a new task, actually—"

    "Excellent! Report to Marie at the pastures at once. I have—other important duties to tend to today. If you could take over there for me, that would be greatly appreciated." He mustered up a lot of authority in his request, even though Kenji knew he held no rank over him. But he accepted with no fuss all the same.

    "Yes, sir!"

    The relief that flooded Rishi's face confirmed Kenji's suspicions that he just didn't want to go, but he didn't mind. He really didn't share the fear a lot of the Jubilife folks had for Pokémon. Perhaps it was the livestock they'd kept in Johto that had him feeling familiarized with the creatures, even in a foreign land. Haru was a small remnant of that life he'd cherished, and he was glad he got to take the Skiddo with him.

    Even Miyu—Kenji's smile faltered as he recounted the troubling news of her absence earlier. Stop it, she'll be back soon. He pushed away any unsavoury thoughts—not that he could imagine much being an issue for the Skarmory. But despite how strong and fearsome she could be, even she had always been relatively gentle around his family.

    Perhaps the only thing keeping her from tearing into him like prey was family; she was quite attached to his brother, after all, and they seemed to share a special bond.

    But maybe there are tougher and stronger Pokémon yet, even more so than Miyu—he hadn't really met that many different kinds of them, after all. It's partially why he really enjoyed pasture duty; he'd met and befriended so many new kinds of Pokémon there! He couldn't help but wonder what else is out there, though. As he stepped back outside and was reunited with Haru, Kenji looked out into the horizon, trying to imagine what lied further out into the Obsidian Fieldlands than he'd wandered. And beyond, even.

    What's beyond the Obsidian Fieldlands? He pondered.

    He supposed there could be scarier Pokémon out there. It was a thought that was as exhilarating as it was terrifying, but that'd never be something he would have to concern himself with. He continued to whistle his tune as he skipped towards the pastures with Haru in tow.


    Skiddo ♂ // Haru

    Rain Dance
    Sunny Day
    Leech Seed
    Razor Leaf


    1 - Daybreak
    2 - Duty

    Haru's Wagon

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    Available Pokemon

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Crimson Mirelands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Optional Prompts

    - An illness has broken out among members of the Diamond Clan.
    - A Munchlax has been raiding the village's crops.
    - A rush job done on a building in town has caused serious problems.
    - The Gingko Guild would like help on a supply drop for the Pearl Clan.
    - There has been a poison gas outbreak in the Crimson Mirelands.
    - Professor Laventon would like some help with his research.
    - The Survey Corps has struck gold. Literally.

    Alpha Catch Opportunities

    There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

    Special Catch Opportunities

    There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!

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    oO --------- M i k e

    It was nice to be back in the village, safe and sound, of course it was. The adventure outside of the gates in the middle of the night had been quite terrifying.

    But Michael couldn't deny that it had also been exhilarating. Not that he would admit it to others. Although... He suspected that Curl knew.

    Curl, it's what he named his new companion, the clever Kirlia that followed him around the village for all of the next day. Bounce kept being annoyed with the newcomer, so Mike reluctantly returned her to the pokéball again. He made a mental note to make it up to her later, by keeping Curl in a pokéball for a while instead, perhaps. For now, he felt that he needed to get to know his new friend, and Bounce didn't seem to want to make that easy when she was around.

    The Kirlia was calm and kind, it seemed. She tried to help Mike with his daily duties, stood by his side as he delivered his mission report to the leader of the Medical Corps, Pesselle. She had been impressed with his skilled dressing of scout Calandar's wounded leg, but said that Mike had used a bit too much oil and could have blended the oil differently. Mike took the criticism with stride; he had always been ready to improve, and getting critique meant that he still had things he could work on. That was good. It kept him busy.

    He was still tired from the wild night before, but in the afternoon he finally got some time off from his duties and decided to take Bounce out from the pokéball again. It was clear that she wasn't going to cuddle up to Curl any time soon. But after watching the two for a while when sipping on an afternoon coffee, Mike had another idea.

    He thought that he had once heard someone say that sparring could be a way to get to know someone. Or battling them, but after last night he wasn't really keen on letting his two pokémon companions start an all out fight in the village. He found a secluded enough spot at the edge of the town and suggested some light hearted sparring between the two, formatted as trying to get a feel for the Kirlia's abilities. To his (delighted) surprise, both pokémon seemed keen on the idea off the bat.

    They actually kept it up for over an hour. Bounce pretended to hold back - he could tell - but it was pretty clear that she had to use a lot of her strength to try to match Curl's skills. Even as newly evolved, the Kirlia seemed to have a good grasp of what she was capable of. When it seemed like she had showcased all of her various offensive techniques, Mike began to try to direct her. Being untamed, it seemed tricky for her to understand what he meant at first, but eventually they seemed to reach an understanding about the names Mike wanted to use for her different powers (names that had already been chosen by other humans, for this Kirlia was not the first one to display such powers).

    When Bounce actually started crying, Mike finally realized that they had been going at it for too long. It was dinner time, and exhaustion suddenly crept over him. He scopped his fruit pokémon up and made his way to the dinner hall to get some fuel into himself and his companions before they all fainted from exertion.

    That night, Mike slept strangely. He awoke feeling well rested enough, but he couldn't shake the thought that he had been having very vivid dreams... He just couldn't remember them. Bounce had been sleeping at his feet the entire night and was still snoring softly when the boy began to sit up. Curl was nowhere to be seen at first, but then he spotted her... Gently levitating a decimeter above the ground by the window in his room. When she sensed him stirring though, she opened her eyes and fell back to the ground soundlessly. He hoped that she too had gotten some sleep. But at any rate, this day wouldn't really be worse than last night; from what he knew, all they had scheduled today was to go out and check on some Agri Corps worker conditions just outside of the village gates. Not far out into the Mirelands again, and it would be in broad daylight. They'd be fine.


    The day was beautiful, and the people Mike was sent to check up on seemed happy enough. He checked their general health and asked them about their work - it was a routine checkup to make sure that all workers in the Galaxy Expedition were treated fairly, and this was the first time he was trusted with this rather important task.

    There was one oddity however. A girl with short blonde hair who kept nervously looking towards the nearby patch of forest. Curl picked up on it first and nudged Mike to get his attention. He kept her in his field of vision until it was finally her turn to be interviewed. They sat down on a bench outside of the farms, the trees of the nearby forest looming rather closely, which seemed to make her nervous.

    "So, anything else on your mind?" Michael asked after the usual questions were over.

    "Uh..." she began, looking around as if her superiors wouldn't like what she was going to say. "I... I don't feel safe here."

    Bounce was at her side all of a sudden, and Michael recognized the Sweet Scent coming off the pokémon. Smiling, he put his hand on the girl's arm. "How come? There's plenty of people and some pokémon here, all on our side. Or... is a person or pokémon here making you feel unsafe?"

    "Um... Well, no, everybody is really nice! They just... Well, my supervisor doesn't want me to say..."

    Mike had to remove his hand to prevent from gripping her harder then, but his face hardened. "What's going on?"

    "Oh, it's just... There's a monster in the forest! But my supervisor doesn't believe me, so I'm not allowed to go to the Security Corps about it... Oh, I'll get into trouble for saying this to you! You won't tell anyone, will you?"

    Mike and Bounce both glanced into the forest at that. The trees looked unassuming and calm in the very light morning breeze. It wasn't dark at all; it seemed improbable that something monstrous would hide in there. Curl was focused on the girl though, as if assessing her hard with her silent eyes. Mike took note.

    "Is the telling the truth?" he asked the Kirlia. "She really believes there's a monster in there?"

    "I am!" the girl assured him, and Curl nodded to Mike.

    "Alright. Hm." He stood up from the bench and glanced over at the other Agri workers. They had already gone back to work and weren't nearby; the girl was the last one to be interviewed. "Alright. How about this? I will head in and take a little look among the trees, and then I'll come back and decide what to do, alright?"

    The girl looked more nervous. "Be careful! The monster was really tall and broad, and it had glowing eyes and a huuuuge mouth!"

    That actually sounded terrifying. But what pokémon could look like that? No particular species Mike had been taught of sprung to mind. "I'll only take a small look. See you soon!"

    Bounce and Curl joined him, and the trio slowly entered the gathering of trees at the edge of the Agri Corps farms. This patch of forest was by no means dense or dark, and the stroll was very pleasant, to the point of Michael letting his guard down after only a few minutes. Bounce apparently did the same, because she started nudging Mike's leg until he relented and picked her up. The only one who seemed to really still be into the 'mission' was Curl, walking silently just ahead of her new trainer.

    "I wonder what she did see. Maybe somebody pranked her? Made a costume or a doll of some sort."

    Bounce giggled at that. "You little devil," Mike said and tickled her. "Laughing at others' misery! That's not cool in Hisui - this isn't Johto."

    The noisy antics of the pair made Curl shake her head and walk faster, making her get slightly further ahead. She had sensed the distress of the girl and knew that she was serious. If there was something out here, they needed to find it. And if there wasn't, then at least they could conclude that there was something else going on.

    Curl walked into a small clearing with a very large pile of leaves and some shrubbery around a nearby tree. It all looked a bit unnatural. She stopped and tried to figure out why for a moment, until the noisy duo entered the clearing as well. Bounce leapt from Mike's arms and gleefully landed in the middle of the pile of leaves. Just then, Curl realized why it was odd, and Mike voiced it at the same time too.

    "Hey, wait a minute, this isn't the season for heavy leaf fall. What's..."

    Leaves everywhere. A huge growl. Something rising fast, unfolding, becoming several meters wide. A strange fruity breath whafting towards him, and two glowing eyes opening up, above him.

    "The monster," Mike breathed, as everybody seemed frozen for a second or five. Mike's brain worked at a speed it usually didn't. Should they run? Fight? In the end, it settled for a third, probably really stupid option. "Hello," it said through his mouth.

    Curl looked at him and blinked. Really?

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    The monster didn't lounge at them. Now that Mike had gotten a few more seconds to actually look at it, he could realize what it was. A Golbat, of all things! A pokémon that was usually cave-dwelling, or hiding in really dark places, and usually sleeping hanging upside down during the daytime. This one had been sleeping in an artificial pile of leaves, on the ground, and they had woken it up. It was all very strange.

    Also, it was enourmous. Maybe as big as the Mudsdale that was helping the Agri Corps lug around things.

    "Hello!" he tried again, and at the same time attempted to motion for Bounce to stay hidden in the leaves where she was currently barely visible. Maybe the monster didn't know that she was there yet. "I'm sorry that we woke you up!"

    Golbat turned its suspicious glare to the Kirlia, who honestly looked ready to spring into battle at any time. Mike sloooowly moved towards her and put a gentle hand on her head.

    "We had heard that you were here, and you were apparently scaring one of the humans in the farm..."

    To his surprise, Golbat's stance seemed to shrink a tiny bit at those words. As if it was... Saddened? Mike instinctively glanced down to Curl to see her reaction. She looked intrigued, and no longer as battle-ready as before. Interesting. Maybe he was on the right track here.

    "I'm sure you didn't mean to scare her though. You're just very big and impressive. You look fearsome."

    Golbat's wings were lowered, and its glowing eyes fell to the ground as well.

    "Which you don't like... You don't want to be scary. Huh. Okay. You're a very large pokémon... Who sleeps alone on the ground. Away from other bats."

    Golbat now started sitting down - but it sat right on top of where Bounce was! In the last second, she darted out and began to yip, which caused a whirl of leaves to be spun up once again by unfolded wings and a gaping mouth below glowing eyes. Fearsome indeed. But the huge pokémon still didn't move to attack.

    Unfortunately, Bounce was too offended by nearly being crushed by a bat butt that she didn't take the hint. She bounced up and Rapid Spun straight into the much larger pokémon's face. That made it growl loudly and slam one of its wings back into the grass pokémon, who was sent flying. Mike ran to catch her, successfully, and then looked up in time to see Curl slowly walk up to the newly startled monster. She briefly glanced back at Mike and saw his worry, before continuing her approach. He hoped that she had picked up on the same clues as he had. He knew she was smart, but as seen with her wanting to teleport them away when she was a Ralts, she didn't always have the same idea as he did of what the best course of action was. At least not before she evolved.

    ... How much about a pokémon changed when they evolved? How much more alike or different from their peers and family did they become? He knew that they didn't entirely stay the same, much like how humans changed a lot between being a child, a teenager, adult and elder...

    Curl didn't use her Psybeam in this encounter. Instead, she started to gently sway back and forth, while murmuring something soothing. It almost made Mike doze off, and the Golbat - who was in Curl's focus - finally sunk down among the leaves, the wide wings relaxed at last and the gaping mouth closing somewhat. Mike ran through the abilities they had tested yesterday and remembered that this had to be Curl's Hypnosis. It seemed to calm the insecure monster down quite effectively.

    Gingerly, and while securing Bounce harder in his arms, Mike walked forward. He knew of at least one more trick that could help making the Golbat trust them, or at least let its guard down even more.

    "Try to use your Life Dew," he told Curl.

    Without looking back at him, she stopped her murmuring hypnotic work and instead gathered her hands in front of herself while her red horns started to shine blue. Curl's movements were much slower than during their training yesterday, so Mike assumed that she was still aware of the need to be calm in front of the big wild pokémon. Proud and impressed of her tact, he watched the Golbat to see what happened next.

    She swooped out her hands in a gesture that sent glowing droplets all around them, landing on herself, on her allies, as well as straight into the Golbat's slightly open mouth. It was startled and stood back up, but seemed to realize very soon that the move was only benevolent.

    Finally, the glow in the Golbat's eyes faded away, and it peered down at them with something Michael couldn't help but interpret as happiness.

    "Feeling better?" he asked it, and received a very low gurgling noise in return, but the raised wings now seemed to be excited rather than hostile. "That's good, I'm glad! Thanks, Curl," he added and patted her head again. She just smiled calmly.

    "Now, what do we do with you..."

    As he thought hard, Bounce dropped from his arms and wobbled up to Golbat's big foot. Curl rose up, seemingly ready to intervene if the small one did something reckless again, but the two other pokémon just seemed to stare at each other silently for a moment. Then, Golbat's mouth curved very oddly into... A smile? Another low gurgling noise. Bounce huffed at that and turned around, as if to leave without really giving the big lump anything friendly in return. But after a second, she stopped and shivered a little... And a lovely calming smell filled the air. Curl relaxed and turned her attention back to the human.

    "Can you fly?" he asked Golbat. "Do you think you could just, kind of, fly off to wherever you came from, back to your family?"

    Golbat suddenly looked incredibly distressed at that.

    "Oh, okay, that's a no, I see. For some reason you can't go back. You..." His heart fell as a sudden kinship overcame him. "You're an outcast, too."

    Curl leaned her head to the side as she studied Mike's face closely. It had completely changed in the span of seconds, and so had his aura of emotions. There was something deep here.

    The huge bat met Mike's eyes for several long moments (Curl grabbed Bounce and held her in place to prevent her from butting into the sensitive moment). Finally, Mike dug into his bag and pulled out something that he held out towards the big pokémon with a straight arm. It was a pokéball.

    "Come with me," he said. "I'll teach people to not be afraid of you... Until you want them to be."

    Bounce squirmed, but Curl smiled. She had known there was something special about this human. Her instincts had told her so, and she had listened to them the night before last. It would be interesting to see where their combined instincts would take them next.

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    oO --------- M i k e
    The group of small pokémon, one young man and one giant bat hidden in a pokéball managed to find their way back to the farms before too long. The blonde farmer girl was not waiting for them, but after looking around for a while Mike found her working on some fruit trees. She was catching glances in his direction though.

    "That supervisor probably put her back to work rather than letting her wait for me. That's probably bad for her stress," Mike thought out loud. "I suppose we shouldn't show her our new companion anyways... People think it's weird that you and Bounce follow me around already," he continued with a small laugh at Curl who was tip-toeing next to him on the path. "And this one, well... Let's just say he's a step or five scarier."

    Curl nodded. Couldn't disagree with that assessment.

    Michael still sneaked up to the blonde and told her that the monster was gone. She seemed hesitant, maybe not completely believing him, but before he could try to begin to explain further, the angry voice of the supervisor reached them. Before Mike knew it, he was teleported away.

    "Curl! You can't keep doing that without asking first!" he immediately blurted out as he spun around in his new location.

    Then he blinked. They were inside of The Wallflower, the big cafeteria in the village. People went silent around them and blinked at the sudden appearance of Mike and two pokémon in the middle of the big room. He laughed awkwardly and excused himself as she shoved his companions out before anybody could stop them.

    "Did you not even know where you were teleporting to?" he asked the Kirlia as soon as they had snuck around the corner of the building. "What if we'd ended up inside of a wall or something?"

    Curl just looked at him with her usual serenity, as if she didn't at all see the problem. The Bounsweet however yipped at the psychic pokémon, to Mike's defense.

    "Alright, all is well that ends well," Mike sighed and gave them both a pat on the head. "Now... I have to figure out how to handle our new big friend. He's... Huge. I don't think we should let him be seen in the village quite yet. We have to hide him and, like, feed him where nobody sees."

    Curl nodded again, but Bounce seemed disappointed at that.

    Now, apparently today was fated to be very eventful for our young medical worker, because just as he prepared to go back to the Med Corps HQ and report his previous mission at the farms as complete, he heard screaming from a few buildings away. Like any good (or curious) person, he instantly took off towards the sounds to see what was going on.

    A building was on fire. Michael's stomach sank as soon as he saw the light and the smoke. Uncontrolled fire was always catastrophic - especially inside of the village. This was just a small house, but it was close to other buildings and it could easily spread. Several people were shouting in the street around him already, but it didn't seem like anyone was stuck inside of the increasingly fiery house at least.

    "Does anybody have a water spirit?!" somebody called out, and Mike knew that she meant a water type pokémon. He knew there were such around, but nobody immediately seemed to be able to help right now, and he himself couldn't see a way his small or his new huge pokémon could help either.

    Instead, he returned Curl and Bounce into their orbs and joined the group of people who started carrying water to toss onto the growing inferno.

    Come on, come on, he thought as he ran back and forth with buckets. If the fire did spread, it would be a complete disaster and extremely dangerous. How had it even started?

    Suddenly, new voices joined the chaos - determined and commanding. It was the Security corps! And whoever they had managed to find that controlled a water pokémon. They started dousing the house as well as they could, and within a few dozen minutes things finally seemed to be under control. Mike was sweating from the stress, and saw many around him feeling the same way. His dutiful sense kicked in at that though. There was no time to worry about himself now when others were shaken.

    Taking Bounce and Curl out once more, the young Med Corps member began walking around to check on people, letting Bounce give off her calming scent and having Curl use her powers to heal those who had gotten too close to the fire or stumbled in the streets. Using the pokémon spirits and their powers kind of felt like cheating, to Mike. Some skeptical villagers had said as much before, too. But now, after this close call, nobody really protested when the young man and his monster duo approached and soothed them. Mike decided to count that as a victory.

    After a while, he felt Bounce's familiar nudge on his shin. She wanted his attention, so he crouched down to her level... But she almost instantly darted off around the corner of a nearby building.

    "Where's she going?" Mike asked out loud.

    Curl made no motion to respond in any meaningful way, so Mike sighed and the two of them snuck off from the crowd and followed the grass type down the street.

    When they turned the corner, they were met with a surprise. Bounce had aggressively cornered a creature in a dead end and was yipping vividly at it now. The creature was about the same size as her and almost equally round, but it had dark and beige fur. Just as it caught sight of Mike, fire suddenly shot up on its back, making Bounce gasp and jump back. The creature looked very terrified, as well.

    It only took seconds for Mike to start forming a theory about the situation. From this scared and confused creature, to the recent fire behind them.

    "You're a pokémon," he said gingerly, walking closer to try and grab Bounce before she did something stupid. "We don't want to hurt you, alright?"

    It hardly looked convinced, so Mike did scoop up Bounce and held her tight since she didn't seem keen on using Sweet Scent in this situation for some reason. The fire on the new pokémon must have spooked her - not strange, considering she would definitely be flammable.

    "And I won't let anybody else hurt you either," he continued, realizing that the Security Corps would definitely want to deal with this pokémon in some way if they realized that it was the one responsible for the fire, which seemed quite likely now. But also most likely an accident. The pokémon had fire coming off its very body. It was probably not always easy to control it.

    Curl poked him, and then poked his bag. Mike shook his head. "I adopted you yesterday, and took in a huge scary looking pokémon earlier today... If this continues, I'm going to have an army of strays within the week..."

    Bounce blinked up at him, having stopped struggling, and Curl's stare grew intense. The fire pokémon's flame flickered a little bit...

    He sighed, and dug out yet another empty pokéball from his bag. He'd have to get more now, this was the last one. He'd only carried them for emergencies, but hadn't counted on events happening like those in the past few days.

    Crouching down with his two smaller companions close to him, he held out his hand with the orb towards the poor new creature.

    "Hi, I'm Michael. I take care of those who need me. Would you like to join us?"

    It took almost a minute, but eventually, the flame dwindled fully.

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    Monthly Update #7

    Available Pokemon

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Crimson Mirelands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Optional Prompts

    I've decided to stop doing these as a long list per update. Instead, I'm going to make a channel on the Discord where you can request prompts if you're stuck and anyone in the sever can drop a couple for you.

    Alpha Catch Opportunities

    There is only one of each of these, so whoever claims first gets to make the catch!



    Funni lil’ fella
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    Endri Voights
    Current Team:
    Member of the Medical Corps

    Endri is sitting down in front of the Galaxy Team Headquarters, knitting a scarf, when they see someone from the Medical Corps running over to them. "I'm busy." He looks focused, and he obviously doesn't want to be bothered. His Misdreavus floats down and starts making faces at the Medical Corps member. "But there's an entire troop of the survey corps that's been injured!" She says. "So? Get someone else to do it. We have an entire corps, don't we?" He seems done with the conversation. The Corps member looks at him frustratedly. "Fine! But this is why you don't have any friends!" She runs off angrily. Endri looks up and sighs, staring at his Misdreavus. "Do you think she's right, Dreavy?" Dreavy laughs and nods. "…You're my only friend, but you can be real mean sometimes, y'know." Endri continues his knitting, mostly ignoring everything and everyone, besides Dreavy messing with him every once and a while.
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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Liliana Collins
    ch 3. "A d r i f t"
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    The sun had set, and Liliana was sat on the ground, hidden from view, against the northwestern wall of the Galaxy Team Headquarters. All day, she had been on her feet, asking nearly every Corps if she could be of use... only to make a fool of herself just about wherever she went.

    She first sought to join the Medical Corps, but when asked to do something as simple as remove bandaging, she managed to reopen the wound and make the patient yelp so loudly, all of Jubilife probably heard. Second was the Security Corps, where she joined a man on guard duty, but in her eagerness to help chase down a thieving bird Pokémon, she let a pair of Bidoof sneak right by her to gnaw on the gate. Next, she attempted the Agricultural Corps, but trying to carry a heavy bag of fertilizer, she fell against the plough-pulling Donphan, startling it into a rampage and ruining half of the field it was on. The Construction Corps didn't even let her get started after that, but at least the secretary girl was kind enough to let her down easy.

    Liliana hugged her knees, and rested her forehead upon them. She was exhausted. She wasn't normally a clumsy type of person even, but she'd never done any of this kind of work, and if anything her desperation to make something, anything work, probably impeded her more than it helped. She sighed, frustrated... and at this point, all the stress of the day was catching up to her enough that tears began to well in her eyes.

    Beside her, Pearl had been sitting anxiously, a few feet away from Liliana. She'd only been glancing over occasionally, likely frightened by the tumult of emotions that had been swirling in her companion ever since she'd gotten that terrible news. When Liliana started crying, Pearl let out a quiet, uncomfortable peep. At this, Liliana looked up at her.

    "Oh no, Pearly... I'm sorry, you must hate to see me this way too. Don't worry, it'll be fine, I... I promise."

    She smiled weakly and gingerly reached out a hand towards Pearl, but Pearl only watched it with trepidation. After a few seconds, Liliana's smile faded, and she slowly retracted her hand again.

    "Right... I should know better than to try and rely on you. You've always only run and hidden when I've been hurting..." she muttered, lowering her head onto her arms again.

    In the end, she really was alone now. Bereft from her husband, far from home, travelled for weeks to a foreign land, at risk to be thrown out of the encampment if she didn't find work soon... There were two corps left, but both of those involved going outside of village limits, into the wilds, fraught with danger, and if she couldn't even do okay at a job inside, she was all but dead out there. But if she couldn't make things work, she'd be thrown out there as well! Was there really no other option than going back home? Returning to her parents, alone again, having to live on as a widow...

    The dread setting in to her mind pricked at the back of her eyes again, sadness and frustration now mixing with fear. She hugged her knees tightly, squeezing her fingers into her arms, in some deranged attempt to physically hold herself together. She tried her best to stay quiet, too afraid anyone would hear her sobbing, and tell her to just go home again.

    The next moment, a shuffling noise came from beside her. She looked up in fear, but rather than something approaching, she could only catch a glimpse of Pearl as she dashed away from her, into the darkness. She thought she should yell after her, to stop, wait, don't leave her, but in the end, she couldn't muster it. If Pearly couldn't stand being near her that much,

    then maybe this was for the best.

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    oO --------- M i k e

    Mike had managed to find a secluded spot just outside of the town walls under some trees, where the wall guards probably wouldn't see them. Here, he could finally let out Gale and Quake - his new little Cyndaquil addition - to feed them and look them over properly. They both looked a little worse for wear, honestly, Gale looking overall tired and Quake looking roughed up. Not that the latter let him get very close. He only managed to spray a little potion onto him once the mouse was busy with eating. While the Ralts he met the other day looked quite well - now a prime Kirlia helping to soothe the still seemingly anxious huge Golbat again with her powers - these new two family members didn't seem to have led the easiest lives in the wild. Or who knows, maybe Quake hadn't even been wild before... But in somebody else's "care" and had been neglected? Mike shuddered at the thought. No matter the case, he was safe with Mike now.

    After this, Mike finally returned to the Med Corps HQ to replenish his stock of supplies - as an excuse he claimed to have used them when he was out with the Agri Corps earlier (which technically wasn't fully a lie).

    "Oh, Michael?" a voice came just as he was about to leave.

    The soft, slow voice belonged to none other than the very leader of the Medical Corps. She approached the teenager calmly and gave a gentle smile at the Kirlia by his side, who actually curtsied slightly. She's so polite, Mike found himself thinking briefly.

    "Yes, Miss Pesselle?"

    "We had a new Galaxy Team member stopping by just now, potentially looking to sign up for the Medical Corps. I was wondering if you could show her the ropes? Just let her help out for a bit and see if she's a good fit for the team?"

    "Um..." Mike looked around, to no avail. "Are you sure there isn't someone more experienced who should better do this?"

    Pesselle smiled, her head leaning to the side slightly. "You are more experienced at this point than you admit, Michael. I'm sure you'll know what to look for!"

    "Alright... I'll do my best! Where is she?"

    The young woman in question was waiting in the main hall. She introduced herself politely as Mrs Lilliana Collins, and Michael introduced himself in return. He couldn't help but look her over as he did. She looked... Frail, somehow. Light and young, even though he was sure she was older than he was, especially considering she was apparently married, too. But she seemed eager, she had a small pokémon with her so she was probably capable enough to care for one of those at least, and the Med Corps were always happy for more help. Well, any Corps was, honestly. There was always a lot of work to do here on the frontier.

    There were some people who were seeking care now from burn wounds or other injuries they sustained during the firefighting earlier. Mike led Lilliana to the Galaxy HQ's infirmary part, and showed her how to dress a burn wound before moving to another patient and leaving the recruit and the silently watchful Hattenne to try for themselves.

    It wasn't more than a minute however, before a yell tore through the rooms loud enough to cause Curl to grab hold of Bounce and Mike by instinct and teleport them outside before Mike himself could react.

    "Curl! No! Not again!" he sighed as he found himself in the backyard. But he couldn't help giving the Kirlia a little pat on the head before he returned her to her pokéball and ran back inside through a backdoor, the Bounsweet bouncing along behind him.

    "What happened?" He asked the first person he saw when he reached the infirmary. That first person happened to be Pesselle herself, standing over a very disgruntled patient.

    "Oh, nothing bad, just a guy being a little sensitive is all-" she said gingerly, but was brutely interrupted by the patient himself.

    "A little sensitive? My wound was oozing through and I just needed a change of bandages, but that girl practically ripped it off! Now it's bleeding again-"

    "There there, all good!" Pesselle now interrupted, having just finished re-dressing the wound and now giving the grown man a pat on the head. "Off you go!"

    The man relented but grumbled as he went, and Pesselle turned to Mike.

    "You look worried, Michael," she commented.

    "Where did Li- Mrs Collins go?" he asked, looking up.

    "Oh, now that you mention it, I don't know... Wasn't she with you?"

    "No, I, uh... Had to run off for a bit. I'm sorry for that. I should have been watching over her and not leave her alone with patients," he said, an embarrassed redness creeping up on his cheeks.

    "Oh, no, don't feel bad about that. This guy might have wailed even if I was the one doing the care. Some people are just like that, you know," the leader reassured him and smiled warmly.

    "Yeah but... I don't think Mrs Collins knows that."

    He and Bounce finished their duties, but all the while Mike felt a growing lump of guilt in his stomach. He hadn't shown Lilliana how to properly re-dress a wound, only how to put a new one on. It was his mistake. And even if it somehow was just that old guy being grumpy and sensitive, Lilliana was nowhere to find now. Mike was worried that she had ran off, ashamed or even afraid. He didn't really know her, but it seemed like she might have taken it that way. Maybe. Arghh, the not knowing gnawed at him, too.

    When he finally could leave, it was getting very late, and the sun had already set. There had been a lot of people who needed help after today's event - he made a mental note to actually head out into the wild away from people and train the Cyndaquil soon enough; they needed to make sure his fire didn't come out unexpectedly again. He exited the Galaxy HQ and started on the path towards the outer gates. Might as well get the training done now when fewer were out to see them.

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Liliana Collins
    ch 4. "C a r r i e d a w a y"
    The path was dark and deserted, as the sun had long set, but the faint glow from behind each of the shoji paper windows was barely enough to guide her along. Teetering slowly down Canala Avenue, Liliana tried to make her way to the empty room she'd been allowed to stay in. Her eyes were still swollen. She felt empty, drained even of the energy to care. Right now, all she wanted was to sleep.

    The door of the building was stuck. It was a sliding door, and shouldn't be locked, but the wood was caught on something. Of course it was. Lily couldn't take this - even this minor inconvenience at this point was enough to fill her eyes with tears again. She forcefully squeezed them shut, and steeled herself to start pulling on the side of the door. Finally, the door began to budge, but not beforeー


    It was faint, but unmistakable. A young boy's voice, from the south. Liliana instantly turned to the direction of the sound, and then to her surroundings. Wasn't anyone around? No night watch to investigate? She was near the edge of the settlement, but then surely there were guards at the gate…

    In the few seconds she debated going to bed, the voice called out again. Liliana let out a groan, but then took off running in the direction of the noise, leaving the door at the crack she managed to open. She darted through the street and out the gate, but quickly lost track of where to go next.

    "Where are you?!" she shouted, looking around desperately to find a sign of a struggle in the darkness.

    "Heeere! Over here! Please, I can't hold on anymore!"

    Lily immediately sprinted in the direction of the voice, diving into the trees. It was definitely close by, so surely...

    The first thing she saw was a dangling leg, attached to the body of a child holding onto a tree branch. The second thing... two red, shining eyes floating above. A Drifloon larger than Lily had ever seen was pulling the boy's arm, eager to take him away. Lily gasped, and slowed down for a moment, but seeing the boy's frightened expression steeled her resolve. She ran up to the tree and started to try climbing it, despite her clearly less than ideal gear. Dirt clung to her white dress, and her shoes struggled to find purchase on the bark, but she managed to pull herself up to at least reach for the boy's leg.

    "Hold on, I'll get to you!"

    At that moment, there was a loud snapping noise. The branch the boy was holding onto had finally given out. He screamed, and in that instant, Liliana leapt. She pushed off the tree with all her strength, and stretched out her arm, hand wide open - and somehow, luckily, grabbed hold. She now too dangled from the Drifloon's leg, and the Pokémon wasn't having it. It huffed, and tried to blow a gust of wind at her to blow her off, but she held on tightly, adding her other hand to strengthen her grip. With the weight of two humans hanging from its feet, Drifloon started to sink to the ground. The Pokémon protested loudly, but as her feet touched the ground, Liliana swiftly got to work trying to undo its grip on the boy's arm.

    "It's okay, I've almost got you," she hissed, gritting her teeth as she clawed at Drifloon's feet with her fingers. It was all she could do to pry it away, as aggressive gusts kept flying in her face. At this point she was just glad it hadn't launched anything scarier in her direction yet. Finally, its grip loosened, and the boy's small hand slipped out. He landed on the ground with an 'oof', but seemed mostly unharmed.

    Liliana breathed a sigh of relief, but their victory was not to last. Drifloon was furious that its target escaped its grasp, and let go of her as well. It rose up into the air, clearly preparing an attack. Lily shouted a "Run!", and grabbed the child's hand to run off immediately. The Pokémon behind them had lost its patience, and shot a ring of ghostly fire after them, that they only narrowly escaped by dashing to the side. It let out a frustrated cry, its red eyes flashing brighter, and it began to give chase. For each attack it flung, it seemed to get more erratic - and more focused on Liliana rather than the child. They ran with all their speed, Lily's longer legs making it tough for the boy to keep pace, but the gate was in sight— until Liliana was stopped in her tracks.

    She gasped for air, and the boy almost stumbled. Her body was held in place. As he looked back, Drifloon too was floating still, but its red eyes had shifted to a pinkish hue. Confusion. It wasn't a strong enough psychic move to lift her up, it seemed, but Liliana could barely move. She managed to get out a strained "keep running!", and the boy nodded in fear. "I-I... I'll get help! I promise!" he responded, before darting off towards the village.

    A chill went down Lily's spine as she couldn't turn her head to look at Drifloon. She heard it approach, swooping down, and grabbing each of her arms with its feet. Only when she was lifted off the ground did it release the confusion. Drifloon huffed and puffed itself out to be even larger. Lily screamed and struggled, and so did the Pokémon as a result, but having her arms spread made it impossible for her to try breaking free of her own. They took off into the air, and soon they got to a height that falling became too dangerous.

    Lily screamed, but held on to the Drifloon's legs of her own as well now. At least it hadn't been the boy... but in this state, she could only pray that she could somehow make a getaway when they landed.
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    oO --------- M i k e

    It had sounded like a scream. But no… It could just have been a wild pokémon. Although…

    In the end, Mike felt obliged to go and check. He had only the Cyndaquil, Quake, out of his pokéball as they trudged apprehensively back towards the gates. Their training session hadn't been long at all, but he had at least confirmed that Quake possessed some techniques and powers that they could quite easily apply terms and names for.

    A boy came running to meet them, face pale and looking as if he had seen a ghost.

    "Please! Mister!" he begged. "You have to help! It took her!"

    "Calm down," Mike said, crouching to get down to the child's level. "Are you hurt? What took who?"

    "The lady! The weird balloon monster!"

    As the boy talked frantically, words stumbling, he at least had the presence of mind to point in the relevant direction.

    Mike got back up and squinted to try to see anything against the darkening sky. He almost wouldn't have caught it, if the moon hadn't lit them up faintly in contrast to the darkness.

    The reaction was purely instinctual. He didn't even say anything more to the boy before he started running, assuming Quake would follow. He did, and kept up too, speedy as the little mouse was.

    Mike's thoughts started catching up to him as he realized that the tiny speck that was the abductee and abductor above them was getting smaller and smaller.

    "Oh no, oh no. What can we do, if only I could-"

    He stopped out of sheer shock at his own idea. Gale was big, easily big enough. But… Yeah, they had to try. He only hoped the large Golbat was truly as kind as he seemed, and would let him. He took the Golbat out of his pokéball, not caring if the boy was still looking in their direction and saw it.

    Gale stretched his wings out before looking down at the young man and lighting up into a smile, which looked quite terrifying with its enormous mouth agape.

    "Gale… I need your help. Can you carry me into the sky? I don't know if you can hold me in your, uh, feet or… Can I ride you?"

    The Golbat seemed to consider it for a moment, during which Mike's gaze darted anxiously forth and back between the creature and the increasingly small dot in the sky.

    Then, Gale bent down, clearly to let Mike try to climb on. The man didn't hesitate; he quickly returned Quake to his pokéball and scrambled to find a seating and hold in Golbat's thin fur or around his ears.

    Before he was quite ready to go, Gale took off without warning. His huge wings flapped with speed that seemed unreal for such large bodyparts, telling Mike just how strong the muscles controlling them must really be. He made a mental note of that, before reality once again caught up with him a little bit too late.

    The ground was disappearing beneath them at an alarming speed, and Mike didn't really have anywhere to put his feet. Thankfully, Gale was leaning slightly forward when he flew straight ahead, but Mike definitely felt like this was a Really Unsafe Idea that he would not have done in a rushed unplanned fashion in any other situation. He could fall at any moment, and he didn't dare to hope that Gale was graceful enough - or even willing - to try to dive and catch him before he became a splat in the dirt.

    He clung on for dear life and forced himself to gaze forwards instead of downwards. To his relief, they were rather rapidly closing in on their target. They were soon close enough to see that it was a peculiar, purple pokémon that Mike vaguely recalled as a Drifloon. But it was way larger than any he had come across before. Sort of like how his own Golbat was unusually huge, actually. But he had to think more about that later. Right now, his eyes widened as he finally could identify the person clasped in Drifloon's long appendages.

    "... help!" she squeaked when she spun around and spotted him - Gale's silent bat wings having not given them away sooner.

    "Mrs Collins!" Mike couldn't help but gasp, as Liliana of all people was the nervous person looking back at him.

    But the abductor had heard that gasp, too.

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Mina Yan
    Construction corps
    Location: Jubilife Village
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Komala ♂ Yawn / Snore / Play Rough / Substitute / - / - / Comatose

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Mina sat in the bustling dining hall of the Wallflower, surrounded by the lively chatter of her fellow corps members. Her gaze was fixed intently on the plate of food in front of her, but her thoughts were far away, lost in a maze of worries and doubts. The voices around her blended together into a meaningless buzz as she struggled to shake off the heavy weight of her own mind and the events of the day.


    She continued staring at her plate absentmindedly. Her world as she knew it was over; the safety of civilization a lost dream now. Her life was on a timer, ticking down ever so slowly until the day the wilderness would abruptly take it from her. After that, she would just be another "poor, brave soul" lost on the frontier to a new land… lost with a Pokemon. A fuzzy little devil clinging to her leg like a shackle on a death row prisoner-

    "Mina!" She felt a tap on her shoulder and jumped.

    "Wh- What…?" she mouthed, snapping out of her trance and looking to the side. Someone was passing around a plate of berries. "Oh! No thanks… I'm good."

    "Suit yourself." The colleague shrugged and turned away.

    "Actually…" Mina interjected. "I'll have two, please. Thank you."

    She grabbed a couple of Oran berries from the plate and glanced down at the sleeping Komala under the table. The Pokemon was still nuzzled against her sock, its face buried into her shin like a pillow. A sigh left Mina's lips and she closed her eyes. She gingerly held the berry between two fingers and tapped the Pokemon on the head with it.

    "H-hey. Eat up."

    It took the Komala a moment, but a few sniffs of its large rectangular nose immediately stirred it from its deep sleep and it took a large bite, using one of its claws to skewer the berry and hold it in place. Mina held her breath the entire time, praying to Arceus the thing wouldn't take her fingers with it. Why was she even doing this? What demon of empathy was possessing her to care for this creature?

    Her thoughts were again interrupted by the loud entrance of a familiar face, a welcome sight for once. Makoa, clad in his blue survey uniform and covered in dirt, popped himself down across the table and pounded his fist on it with a large grin.

    "Alola, office girl!" He glanced under the table at the grey Pokemon, "Still hanging on, lil' hiamoe?"


    "Beni! I'm havin' doubles tonight, ha!" the man cheered, calling for the Wallflower's owner.

    Despite her stress, Mina managed to fake a smile as she greeted her friend. "You're in a good mood tonight."

    "Oh, we all ought to be!" Makoa laughed. "Survey corps landed our biggest catch yet-"

    As a plate of mochi slid between her and Makoa, Mina cupped her head into her hands and exhaled,

    "You would not believe the day I had." both of them said at the same time.

    "Oh, my bad-" Makoa began.

    "No no, you go first." Mina shook her head. "I need some good news today."

    "Okay, okay, so- me and the boys have been tracking this MASSIVE Staraptor on the field for weeks; you know the one that broke into the silos last month? That one! And guess what- we finally caught her! We tracked her hunting and flight patterns all around the Obsidian Fieldlands; Staraptors fly crazy fast so we nearly lost sight of it today. Clever one, that bird-" The Alolan swung his arms wildly as he spoke, barely chewing his food. "But at the end, it looped us right back to the Sandgem Flats, and that's where her nest was! After that, it was like riding a wave in springtime, one heavy ball and the uha was caught. Perfect mission."

    "The Sangem Flats…?" Mina mouthed, her face going pale.

    "Well, not exactly perfect," Makoa added. "We didn't manage to catch her mate, but I would've considered that bonus points anyway. The male ones do less hunting and more territorial-defense stuff. Would be a hard sell getting any of the squad to go near it after today, hah."

    The girl's heart dropped.

    Makoa snapped his fingers, "Oh! And here's something you'll be happy to hear, I chatted with the brass about your Komala situation and she says we take him off your hands! Just gotta hand him over to Sanqua and she'll take care of it. You can sleep soundly tonight, hahah!"

    Mina buried her face deeper into her hands, her fingers running through her hair as her breathing picked up.

    "Mina? You good? Thought that was good n-"

    "No, that is not good news!" she snapped, looking back at him, "Sanqua just assigned me to a field job, with this thing!" She gestured at the Komala still eating its berry.

    "Oh." Makoa paused. 'That complicates things."

    "You think?! I'm gonna die out there! I don't know the first thing about surviving out in the wild, and you just told me there's a rabid bird living in the area I'm stationed at?!"

    "Wait, you're being sent to…"

    "Sandgem! Yeah!" Mina replied. She felt the panic wash over her again, her eyes welling up with tears. "I'm not ready for this…"

    "Hey, hey-" Makoa hopped over the table and landed by her side, putting a hand on her shoulder. "It's alright! You're okay!"

    Mina shook her head wistfully as her voice trembled. "What am I gonna do…?"

    "You went through the same basic training all of us did - don't sell yourself short! This is Hisui! The new frontier! If you've survived this long, you're ready for anything… you're stronger than you think you are." Makoa reassured her. "So stop underestimating yourself, girl."

    "But I've never done anything like this…" the young woman replied, wiping her eyes. Her gaze turned to the Komala under the table, "It's all this stupid Pokemon's fault! I didn't ask for this, I should've never…"

    "Never what? Saved his life?" Makoa gave her a comforting smile. "Mina, fate brought him to you… and you answered that call."

    The young woman back looked down at the Komala, as it nuzzled back against her leg now that its food was gone. She'd spent her whole life in Hisui running away from responsibility, running away from fate. That feeling she'd gotten when saving it from the fall… it was the first time she felt like she wasn't running.

    "Now you have to answer it again." her friend added. "You never know where it'll take you both."

    Mina sighed. She leaned down and nervously picked the Komala up with two hands, facing little resistance as the Pokemon wrapped his limbs around her forearm instead. Its grip was firm enough to hold on but gentle enough that she didn't immediately recoil, and its terrifyingly-sharp claws didn't feel so scary up close. It let out a soft growl.

    "I guess we're in this together." she managed to crack a smile. "Now I just have to figure out how to take care of you..."

    "Hey, for a first-timer, you got a pretty good one!" Makoa patted her on the back. "You know what food he likes and you don't have to worry about sleep schedules! Plus, he already loves you, so the hard part's over."

    The Komala yawned and stuck its tongue out, giving Mina's arm a slobbery lick. "Or he's plotting to eat me." she answered half-jokingly.

    "Now all you're missing is one of these..." Makoa pulled out a red Pokeball from his satchel. "...and a name."

    Mina held the Pokeball, its shiny red dome catching the light of the lanterns around them and reflecting the Komala's image. "A name… hm. What was it you called him earlier…?" she turned to her friend. "That word in your language?"

    "Oh, hiamoe? Heh, it means 'sleepy' in Alolan."

    Mina chuckled. "I like it. What do you say… Hiamo?" she asked the Komala.

    "Maaaah." The Pokemon let out a soft cry as it opened its mouth hungrily and reached out for the Pokeball.

    "I think that's a yes!" Makoa grinned.

    Mina held the ball in her hand and pointed it at the Pokemon. "So… how do I do this?"

    "Just tap him on the head with it. Not too hard, but firm enough to activate it."

    Mina bonked the Pokeball against its forehead and held her breath. A blinding light pulsed from the device and coated the Komala, obscuring it entirely before retracting back into the ball. When Mina opened her eyes again, it was gone. She felt the ball rumble slightly in her hand, threatening to jump out, before finally settling with a puff of steam.

    Mina caught a Komala!
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Hiamo ♂
    Yawn / Snore / Play Rough / Substitute / - / - /
    Ability: Comatose

    "Woo! You just made your first catch, girl, that's a huge deal!" Makoa cheered. "We got a new member on the Galaxy Team!"

    Mina held the ball tightly and smiled nervously. "Welcome to the team, Hiamo."

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]



    Me but more fabulous
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    Felicity Cadieux

    Supply Corps

    Location: Jubilife Village

    With every new journey came new opportunities. That was a mantra that Felicity's father had instilled into her daughter from a young age. For her father, it had been about the trade routes to lands near and far, carrying all manner of goods and people. For her, it had been about the wonder of the lands the routes would travel to: their culture, their natural splendor, their peoples. Despite everything that she had been through —- or maybe because of it — she couldn't help but still hold her father's words close to her heart in this new land.

    The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon as Felicity walked out the door of her quarters with her trusty and loyal Rookidee companion perched on her shoulder. She let out a contented sigh as she breathed in the fresh morning air. Every day that she could enjoy a simple pleasure such as that was a good day, and something she wouldn't take for granted ever again.

    Roi stretched out his wings and puffed out his chest, letting out a loud chirp as if he were trying to assert dominance against the other avian Pokemon in the area.

    Felicity put a hand to her mouth and lightly chuckled. "Yes, my friend. You truly are the most fearsome beast in these parts."

    She started making her way up Canala Avenue, the imposing figure of Galaxy Hall straight ahead. Fellow members of the Galaxy Expedition Team along with the other villagers filled the street, cheerfully chattering amongst themselves and getting themselves ready to face the day just as Felicity was. Compared to the busyness of the major cities back in Galar, Jubilife Village was positively quaint. It was quite a change to the life she was used to, but Felicity wouldn't have it any other way. This was a real chance to remake her life out of the darkness it had been in, and to prove to herself and others that she was an independent and capable person.

    All of it, to prove she didn't need him.

    Even as enthusiastic as she was to start the day, however, there was a slightly more pressing matter that Felicity had to attend to: breakfast. A lady could never work on an empty stomach, bereft of mochis and tea. The very thought was simply too ghastly to ponder!

    She headed toward The Wallflower along with some other Galaxy Team members. When she first arrived in Hisui three months ago, the sight of Roi on her shoulder had startled some people, especially as a Pokemon unknown to these parts. She had made sure that Roi remained on his best behavior — which wasn't terribly hard, considering the fact she had gone through the same song and dance when she had to appeal to her parents to be able to keep him back when she was a child. Eventually, the two of them, foreign human and foreign Pokemon alike, had gained acceptance amongst formerly skeptical patrons, with some even finding her Rookidee quite cute. Though it was a sentiment she wholeheartedly agreed with, his pride bristled at being seen as such.

    When Felicity stepped inside, she found a very familiar face sitting at one of the tables. She couldn't ever forget Kaito if she tried. He was the man that had been there in her hour of need and helped her escape the clutches of her husband. He was the one that Felicity would forever be indebted to for his help for getting her here to Hisui.

    The grin on Felicity's face widened and her stride quickened as she got closer to him. As Kaito looked up from his drink and noticed her approach, he smirked and said, "Well, someone's excited to see me."

    Felicity took her seat next to him and sat down in a prim and proper pose: hands clasped on her lap, legs crossed, and back straight as an arrow. She sighed, replying, "Really, now? Is it simply too much of a bother to greet an old friend with a 'good morning' without a smart remark, Mr. Ueno? On that note, though, a good morning to you."

    Kaito snorted. "It sure is a bother. Gotta save the energy for the construction sites, princess." He put his hands and put them behind his head, accentuating his strong and muscular arms. Not that Felicity had noticed. That would be most improper.

    Suddenly feeling her throat dry up, she cleared her throat, poured herself a cup of tea from the pot already on the table and took a sip. She looked over at Beni and got his attention. She said to him, "The usual, Mr. Beni."

    Beni nodded, and made his way back toward the kitchen to start preparing the mochis. Felicity, meanwhile, took another sip of her tea before setting the cup back down gingerly. She went back to looking at Kaito, looking at her friend as intently as she would a map of the seas. How could she not, after all, given that the seas were how the two of them met? When she was a girl of only fourteen, he was a deckhand under her father's employ in his company's docks in Vermillion City. When her father had brought Felicity along for a business trip to the port town, he was among the crew docking and unloading her father's ship. It was quite remarkable to think that all of the events that had connected the two of them had all stemmed from something as small as catching her when she tripped on the dock. Two different people, two vastly different walks of life, and yet —-

    She was startled out of her train of thought when Kaito drawled, "Earth to Felicity, are you still there?"

    Felicity put a hand over her chest and let out a small gasp. "A-Ah, my apologies, Mr. Ueno. I was simply lost in thought for a moment there."

    "No need to apologize, madame. Just wanted to make sure you weren't falling asleep on me or anything." There was a mischievous glint in Kaito's eyes as he added and a hearty chuckle, "Otherwise I would have had my old buddy Roi here help you wake up."

    Felicity scoffed. "As if my beloved Roi would betray me at the drop of a hat to a scoundrel like you."

    Kaito raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" He whistled and the bird Pokemon hopped off of Felicity's shoulder and onto Kaito's. He scratched Roi's chest plumage, earning an upturned expression of pleasure from the Rookidee. "I find that I can be a persuasive man. After all, as I seem to recall, there was that one time on the ship where you overslept and —"

    Felicity's cheeks immediately reddened like a Cheri Berry and she hurriedly stuttered, "Th-that's quite enough, you've made your point! I do not need a reminder of that incident here in public." She huffed as she crossed her arms, turned away from him in an exaggerated manner and pouted.

    "Ah c'mon, that was months ago, and it wasn't entirely my fault. You would have had my head either way if I hadn't woken you up for breakfast."

    "It was an utterly juvenile prank crafted from an immature hooligan."

    Kaito chuckled. "C'mon, like I said, months ago. Besides, you were laughing about it last time we brought it up."

    With a facsimile of scorn in her voice, Felicity replied, "Well, maybe a lady is wont to change her mind on a whim."

    "Is that so," Kaito asked playfully. "Because I think I have something that might make the lady change her mind again."

    Beni was starting to come over with their plates of mochi, to which Kaito asked, "Could I get a manju as well, Beni?"

    "Sure, I'll be right back with it."

    Felicity turned her head back around to face Kaito with her arms still crossed and asked, "Do you seriously believe that I am so easy to curry favor with by bribing me with sweets?"

    Kaito crossed his arms in turn and answered with a toothy grin, "Yes, my friend, I believe that you are very easily swayed whenever sweets are thrown your way."

    Felicity picked up her cup of tea and took another sip, a demure smile spreading across her face. After she finished her sip, she said, "Well, I do believe I have been thoroughly outmatched, then."

    From there, the pair dug into their mochi, the rest of their breakfast continuing along much of the same vein of lighthearted banter and talk about their work in their respective corps. Beni came by to deliver the manju to Felicity's delight, Kaito relished in his "victory", and Roi demanded more attention befitting a royal from his partner.

    With Felicity being so delighted to spend time with her dear friend, she had neglected to keep track of the time until she realized that she and Kaito were among the last of the Galaxy Team members left in the canteen. She held the pendant watch that she wore around her neck and unclasped it to check the time, her eyes widening when she realized that she only had ten minutes to get into her office.

    Felicity exclaimed, "Oh dear! I've spent far too much time here, I'm going to be late!"

    Kaito gave Felicity a puzzled look as he said, "But it only takes five minutes, if that, to get to Galaxy Hall. You'll be right on time."

    "That's simply not good enough, Kaito! I can't merely settle for being on time, I have to be there early, otherwise my schedule will be in all sorts of chaos, and I don't want to set precedent for the rest of the week —"

    "Alright, alright, I get the picture," Kaito said, putting his hands up in a placating gesture. "Just don't be too hard on yourself, okay?"

    Felicity took a deep breath and replied, "I will…try."

    Just as she was getting up, Kaito exclaimed, "Wait, before you go."

    Felicity stopped and tilted her head. "Yes?"

    His usual easygoing expression had morphed into one of sincerity. "Thank you, for sitting down and spending time with me. It eases my mind to see that you're fitting in well around here. If you ever need anything, you know that I'm here, right?"

    Felicity beamed. "But of course."

    Kaito laughed and said, "Alright. Go on, vanquish the mighty inventory forms!"

    Felicity shook her head and scoffed as she made her way out the door, but there was a smile on her face.
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    You can now explore the Cobalt Coastlands. Six posts until Star Level 5.

    Update #8

    Available Pokemon

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
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    Crimson Mirelands
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    Cobalt Coastlands
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    Felicity Cadieux and Bo

    Supply and Medical Corps

    Felicity took a deep breath, trying to calm her ever-present nerves. An expedition in the service of the Galaxy Team, just herself and one other person, another opportunity to better herself and the burgeoning community of Jubilife Village. As always, she had to be in the absolute best form. Everything had to be perfect.

    Even with only a few months of experience as a member of the Supply Corps, Felicity had done everything in her power to apply the skills that had come from years of being at her father's side. From a young age, she had been involved with the intricacies of her father's shipping business. Along with the usual education afforded to the well-to-do of society, her father had been right there educating her on matters of cartography, shipmaking, and logistics. She had even been by her father's side at times observing business deals, serving tea and assisting her father with organizing the paperwork. It was one of many eccentricities that had made him stand out among those in the business world, and one that had endeared him to the young Felicity. It was more time to spend with her beloved Papa, after all, and it made her feel so important to be in the same room of such powerful people.

    Whether she liked it or not — and she rather abhorred the idea after everything that the man had put her through — Felicity had been molded by the past she shared with her father. She couldn't afford to let herself wallow in it, though. She had to be thinking only of the present and the future if she was going to be successful in her new life in Hisui.

    On the matter of present success, Felicity's current task seemed fairly straightforward. She was to have a member of the Medical Corps and have them assist her in identifying a peculiar plant that someone from the Survey Corps had found while adventuring out in the Obsidian Fieldlands. According to the notes, its bright coloring and peculiar features seemed to indicate that the plant might be poisonous in some way. The Medical Corps member was apparently well-versed in the field of toxins, hence the necessity of their involvement. It might have seemed somewhat counterintuitive to have such an expert in the Medical Corps, but there surely had to be some sort of medical applications for such dangerous substances. To that end, not only was Felicity excited to get the chance to explore more of Hisui, but she would potentially be doing a great service for the Medical Corps by providing and supplying them with this mystery plant.

    Felicity clapped her hands together. Oh, how exciting it was to go on an expedition! Everything was set to go. Felicity was carrying her trusty brown satchel containing a few small terra cotta pots as well as notes and maps that would aid her in the expedition. All that remained was waiting on the mystery Medical Corps member.

    As she waited and the time came for them to arrive, however, her excitement started morphing into concern. She unclasped her pendant-watch and looked at the clock. They were supposed to have arrived at precisely eight o'clock. It was already a few minutes past that.

    A few minutes turned to five. Where on Earth could that blasted expert be? Perhaps if they had already shown up, it would have been a somewhat acceptable lapse in propriety — far from ideal, but excusable if they had a valid reason.

    She waited some more, the pit in her stomach growing. She started fidgeting with the hem on her kimono and looking around anxiously. Ten minutes had already gone by, and still the layabout had not shown up!

    Now, her concern had escalated into outright irritation. Fifteen minutes, and not so much as a sign that they were on their way. She shook her head, expressing her displeasure by venting to Roi, who dutifully listened but had little to add.

    The Medical Corps member in question happened to be approaching at that moment, running a hand through messy dark hair while their other arm was preoccupied by the admittedly minimal weight of a Spinarak. Neither the person nor the Pokemon seemed particularly bothered by the fact they were at least ten minutes late.

    "Honestly," Bo said, addressing Skit on their upper arm, "I don't know why they didn't just leave this to the Supply Corps. Or at least they could have sent one of the newbies. This is a little beneath our talents and I was very interested in those toxic spores we were looking at. I'd stick you in the boss' drawer as a bit of a surprise but you've already done that twice this week."

    Of course, Bo said this knowing full well they were usually practically begging for an excuse to go out and research new and interesting toxins and medicines. They considered it some of their most important and - more importantly - interesting work. But that did not mean they welcomed being forced into such an excursion with the Supply Corps when they were already working on something interesting. They didn't even know where the spores were from. It was fascinating stuff. Being torn away from that was an insult.

    Skit made a chattering noise, somewhere between acknowledgment and laughter.

    "You'd have to be an absolute moron to pick up the wrong plant or something. Such a waste!" It was at this point in their rant, Bo realised that they had just arrived at the gate and were standing only metres away from the Supply Corps member. "You're not an absolute moron, right?"

    Just when Felicity's anger was tempting her to march back to Galaxy Hall to personally hunt them down, the sudden intrusion of a rather disgruntled person jolted her out of entertaining that thought. Startled, she whirled around and put a hand over her chest, breathing heavily. They towered over her, their displeased gaze boring into her as she tried to recompose herself.

    That brief spell of fear turned into dismay as she realized that with the pink kimono that they were wearing, this was the person she had been waiting on. Before Felicity could even begin expressing her displeasure at them for giving her a fright and showing up late, they boorishly asked her if she was a moron. The audacity! Taken aback by their absolute lack of tact, Felicity said aghast, "I-I beg your pardon?!"

    "I was simply wondering if you were capable of recognising a plant you had already been shown before or not. I normally wouldn't mind the excuse to investigate some interesting specimens but being sent out on a Supply Corps mission that shouldn't really need my help in the first place when I'm already busy with something else is a touch irritating. Can you blame me for being curious?"

    Bo smiled casually at Felicity and gave a shrug as though they were asking a completely normal question. "What do you think, Skit?"

    Once more, the Bug chattered something incomprehensible, although he didn't take his eyes off of Felicity.

    "A compelling point as always," Bo remarked with no idea what the Spinarak was getting at - and likely vice-versa.

    As soon as the bug Pokemon locked eyes with Felicity, she flinched and took several steps backward, shrieking, "B-bug! Get that skittering thing away from me!"

    Her movements startled her Rookidee partner into action, immediately sensing that this unknown creature was a threat. He flapped his wings and started diving toward Bo and their Pokémon.

    Before Roi could properly attack the duo, Felicity shouted, "W-Wait, Roi! Stand down!"

    He hovered menacingly over the duo, leering at them but stopping short of an actual attack.

    Taking a shaky breath, Felicity said, "I-it's alright, my friend. I was just startled. They're…allies." She added the last part with a lot of hesitancy while glowering at them.

    Roi continued staring down the two of them for several more tense moments, but finally relented and returned to his perch on Felicity's shoulder. He was still ill at ease, however, as his sharp gaze watched them for any more sudden movements.

    This reaction only served to make Skit do something resembling a mad cackle. Bo shook their head at the Spinarak. "One day that attitude is going to get you killed and I will not be blamed for it."

    Then, with a slight chuckle of their own, they shrugged and turned back to Felicity. "Well you're hardly the first but that wasn't encouraging. I'm sure we're short on time though, so perhaps we should be off?"

    This person! The gall of them to act as if they hadn't been the reason she was idling! With her fists clenched at her sides, she stomped her foot down and met their gaze with a fiery glare. She shouted, "It's your bloody fault we're short on time! And you dare laugh at my distress on top of that?! Have you no sense of professionalism or even basic manners?!"

    "None whatsoever I'm afraid," Bo remarked. "I find pleasantries and professionalism to be irrational and dull. Why waste my time on something like that when I can be focused on all the interesting things killing people that I can fix? If people don't like that, they are under no obligation to remain in my company… well I suppose you are but this is hardly a permanent arrangement."

    She huffed, her glare still unrelenting. As angry as she already was, they somehow had managed to get under her skin even more with their smarmy and dismissive responses. How uncouth, how loathsome, how discourteous, how despicable, how barbaric they were! It beggared belief that this was a person that claimed to be so committed to the vital field of medicine while seeming to hold such absolute disregard for everyone around them.

    Taking a breath to compose herself, she turned back around and said tersely, "You are quite right in saying that this will not be a permanent arrangement. The sooner we get out there and collect this plant, the sooner I will be rid of you."

    "That's the spirit," Bo said. "Lead the way."

    With a deep sigh, Felicity did precisely that and started walking toward the gate. Oh, how Felicity wished she could have told the Medical Corps member to sod off!

    But, alas, it was just as they said. For the time being, she was stuck with the insufferable brute until this expedition was completed. She had to keep herself together, not lose her temper in such an unbecoming way again, and find a way to work with them for the greater good of a successful expedition.

    May the deities have mercy on her.


    After being transported by wagon to the field camp, most of the journey on foot toward the site had passed in mostly awkward silence save as Felicity occupied herself with navigating and admiring the scenery, pointedly ignoring her newfound companion - although that did nothing to stop them incessantly talking at her. The part of the Obsidian Fieldlands that they were headed to was known as Nature's Pantry, an area located in the hillier southern reaches of the Fieldlands.

    She looked down at her map, the location of the curious plant marked on it as well. Based on the pace the two of them were making, she figured that it wouldn't be too much longer until they would find it and be on their way back, thank the heavens. All of the walking was making Felicity rather tired, and she would hate to have to spend more time with them then was absolutely necessary.

    "It shouldn't be too much longer before we've reached the location, erm…" Felicity said, trailing off as she realized that the whole time that she had been at their side she never did actually get their name.

    Bo peered over Felicity's shoulder at the map she was reading. "Right you are. Seems you are completely capable. There's quite a lot of interesting plants and Pokemon around here. We may well find even more new species around the grove."

    They continued on a little ahead of Felicity, paying close attention to the assorted life around them and either not noticing that the Supply Corps member had failed to get their name or not caring.

    Felicity scoffed and replied haughtily, "Well of course I'm capable. I did not spend years working in the shipping industry only to be completely unable to read a map. You would be best to remember that considering you seemed to be doubtful when we were back at the village."

    "I wasn't aware they allowed children to work in the shipping industry," Bo quipped, "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though. Even members of the various Corps' seem to be getting younger and younger."

    Even more incensed, Felicity protested, "I am not a child! I am a young lady of twenty one years, and I am not about to have my age or credentials mocked by someone who doesn't even have the maturity to properly conduct themselves as an adult."

    "Touchy subject?" Bo asked, shrugging. "You sound like some other people I've known. Luckily enough though, I'm well and truly over caring about what other people think of me. Have you considered that perhaps following protocols, procedures and etiquette would hamper my work and therefore endanger people's lives? What's more important? Doing what I'm told, or doing what I'm good at?"

    Felicity sped up her pace to match her companion's and looked up at them. "Considering you're under the employ of the Medical Corps and you have certain duties to them as well as the rest of the village, doing what you're told is of vital importance. Besides, is it not already your desire to search out more plants and Pokemon to research? We are doing precisely that, so I haven't the faintest idea how being a rude and unpleasant person to be around factors into all of this. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how they all deal with you. How does one even get into medicine with such a flagrant disregard for people?"

    "People were never really a factor," Bo replied. "Things like venoms, medicines and poisons are just incredibly interesting. People, by contrast, are horribly boring most of the time. Don't get me wrong of course, I'm glad that what I do is helping people and saving lives. I wouldn't ignore someone in need just because they weren't intriguing enough. But I didn't get into my field because I'm a humanitarian. I don't think that matters though. I'm still doing good in the long run. I may as well enjoy it."

    Felicity furrowed her brow, mulling over their response. Pursuing an interest for the mere sake of it was never something that was really afforded to her, at least later in life. She couldn't very well say that what she was doing here in Hisui was that much different in that regard. They were undoubtedly doing a good cause — no, that was the understatement of the century. Anything that pushed medicine forward even just the smallest bit was something Felicity believed wholeheartedly was a great boon to society. The things people could learn, the ways people's lives could be improved.

    The people they could save…

    Felicity looked away, letting out a shuddering breath. No, she didn't want to delve into that Bunnelby hole at the moment, least of all with someone like them watching. She straightened herself up again and said wearily, "With all of my heart, I sincerely hope you mean every word of doing good with your work. Just as you had your doubts with me, however, my doubts still remain with you. Hopefully, you can prove at least some of them wrong."

    "I expect my work will speak for itself." Bo scritched Skit, the spider Pokemon not overly interested in the discussion.

    Felicity let the conversation die down from there as they both continued walking deeper into the grove. The area marked on her map where the plant was spotted was directly due north from their location near a pond.

    As the two of them started hearing the flowing of water nearby, she remarked, "We're nearly there. The plant should be quite easy to spot."

    She took out her notes from her satchel and glanced at them while looking at the surrounding scenery. She hummed as she said aloud, "Let me see…bright purple coloring, spade shaped petals, yellow anthers, about fifteen centimeters in height, spotted on the water's edge."

    Before long, she found several of the flowers in the distance and exclaimed, "Aha! I reckon we have found our plant!"

    Despite the previous tension from her interactions with the Medical Corps member, she managed to let out an airy laugh. "Had this flower not been suspected of being poisonous, I might have been tempted to take it for myself and start a proper garden in my abode. I am quite partial to beautiful plants."

    "You would be surprised how many people end up horribly ill doing things like that," Bo replied. "But we already checked and it most certainly is not poisonous. It is medicinal in nature though, but mostly for pain relief. Almost a shame. Oh, and that is the right plant."

    Though it was a bit strange to hear how they were disappointed that the plant was not poisonous — considering that most people naturally wanted to avoid them — it was by far the least egregious thing they had said up to this point. A small part of Felicity could even relate to them, given how intense her own varied interests could be.

    She took out the pots and a pair of spades out of her satchel and said, "I imagine you already have ample experience gathering plants, so if you would please, help me gather some samples."

    "Well, I suppose I might as well since I'm here." Bo took their share of the equipment and set about digging up one of the nearby plants. "Be sure not to take too many. We don't want to do damage to the ecology here."

    "I know," Felicity replied curtly. Even if, clearly begrudgingly, they were cooperating with her and not being overly unbearable. Still, she couldn't just forgive them so easily, not when they had given her such a hard time up until this point.

    As she started putting the flowers into the pots and started scooping soil into them, though, the thought occurred to Felicity that she could make the most of the relative peace by asking them pertinent questions, even if for no other reason than to satiate her lingering doubts. "How long have you been studying venoms…erm…I never did get your name, did I?"

    "Studying officially or unofficially?" Bo said. "I've always found that sort of thing interesting. Started looking into it with more depth in my early teens and studied it officially in my late teens and early twenties until I became qualified. And my name is Bo, the little nuisance dangling off of you right now is Skit."

    Felicity screamed and reeled backwards onto her hindquarters, feeling the dastardly creature skitter and crawl about on her arm. She squirmed as she instinctively tried flinging it away, only to have him persistently stick to her arm. This time, Roi was spurred into action once more, only he did not even wait for Felicity to give out a command. As soon as she had fallen over, Roi flew up and started diving toward the bug Pokemon, a vicious Peck attack awaiting the other creature.

    Another Pokemon might have fought back. Skit had his own methodology. The Spinarak simply scampered down Felicity's arm onto its underside, putting her body between himself and the bird's beak.

    "Like I said," Bo said, "He's a nuisance."

    Though Roi tried to dive out of the way at the last second, he was too close to properly dodge the spot on Felicity's arm where Skit had once been. He unleashed his Peck attack as a glancing blow to Felicity's forearm, causing her to cry out in pain.

    Undeterred, Roi tried for another Peck as Felicity flung up her arm, once again exposing Skit to the bird Pokemon.

    Very much not enjoying the nasty Peck he had just taken, Skit shot a line of silk out to wrap around Bo's upper arm and launched himself back to his owner with it, moving to hang off their back.

    Bo simply shook their head and resumed their work. "I don't know what you thought was going to happen. Of course you nearly got pecked to death."

    Felicity, meanwhile, had dropped her pot in the midst of all of the chaos. Since she had already been squatting down, however, it did not break and instead merely tipped over and spilled a little bit of soil. That was small comfort, however, given the ordeal that the mischievous spider Pokemon had put her through yet again.

    She picked up her pot and glared at both Bo and Skit. Roi had returned to Felicity's shoulder, noticeably puffing himself up as he shared his partner's scowl. Felicity fumed, "Keep that thing under control, or if you cannot, put him in a Poke Ball. I have absolutely had it with the likes of you two!"

    "That's a bit rich for someone whose bird just went on the attack for the crime of a Bug existing in the same space as you," Bo responded. "Skit might have been asking for it, but he didn't exactly deserve to be skewered just for climbing on you."

    Bo finished up with their potting and got to their feet. "A bit hypocritical, don't you think? I'll be ready to leave when you are."

    In response, all Felicity could do was seethe as she searched for any sort of rebuttal to Bo's point, but could not find any. Instead, she huffed and with an upturned expression of utter disdain, replied, "I have been ready to leave for quite a while now."

    Without saying another word or bothering to see if Bo was following her, she hurriedly took the map from her satchel and started walking back the way they had both come.

    Bo shrugged again and followed behind, unbothered.


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    Arthur Crane
    28 Years
    Agricultural Corp

    > Good, Honest Work

    Arthur put a hand to the back of his neck, rubbing an old pain away as he straightened his back. His black dusters sleeves wee tied in a small knot around his waist and he could easily roll his shoulders passed the loose fabric of his sleeveless black top in order to relieve some of the stiffness in them. His gloves were covered with freshly tilled soil and the sweat on his brow glistened gently in the light of the sunset. His muscles almost seemed to sigh with relief as he straightened his back and pulled a loose rag from his back pocket, the other gripping a leather water-skin tightly. He threw his head back and doused himself with the cold water, refreshing and frosty, Pa always said to throw a few ice cubes in when the morning breeze was still chilled, kept the water cool until it was time to head home. Freshly doused he wiped the slick mix of cold water and warm sweat from his brow and neck with the rag. Eight hours just done, tilling the soil under the brilliant sun of a far off land, time of year aside, it always worked up a sweat. It wasn't a good day's work until he needed a shower, that was for sure.

    Cooling off and feeling the ache from hours of work he sighed a little and glanced around the area. It was easy to hyperfocus on the task at hand when working, taking a moment to see, hear and touch the world around him every few hours helped Arthur stay grounded in the here and now. He watched the people of Jubilife village go about their daily lives, living moment to moment, exploring a new frontier. Until that is, his gaze caught a pair of girls, late teens by the looks, staring at him something fierce. With an awkward smile he waves in their direction... though the sudden acknowledgement serves little purpose but to send them running off in a fit of giggles. "...shucks, well. The more things change eh?" Shaking his head he pulls his hoe up from the now loosened soil and rests it over his shoulder.

    The Agricultural Corp of Jubilife village, Arthur had arrived only a week or two prior to find it woefully understaffed. Made some sense to him, not many people eager to travel the world just to start farming on slightly different soil. No matter where you went, farming wasn't all that different. Of course, most folk wanted to traverse the land, see the sights, explore a whole new world. He got all that, he really did, but there were other factors that had him keeping things at arms length. Those little monsters most of all. People were getting too cozy with pokémon back home as is, at least some people in Jubilife seemed to have the good sense to stay away, but members of the security corp and beyond were starting to catch and use them like... like weapons.

    And hell, don't even get him started on the locals.

    Still, what business was it of his he supposed? Stepping down from the elevated farmland he traversed a grassy slope down to the road beside, moseying his way on down to the agricultural corps fieldside building. Arthur had needed to get away from the past, to find something new, somewhere very far away. Somewhere where all the bad memories just couldn't find him anymore. Doing what he loved, what he was good at, with a new backdrop to let him just... move on. That was what he wanted. If he was allowed to do that in peace, let them fools sharing the village throw their lives away by getting themselves in danger. Bygones would be bygones, life would go on, weren't none of his business.

    He sighed as he pushed open the door. Dark thoughts, bad thoughts, made him upset, made him want to stop caring, he had to keep those well and away. He came here to leave the anger behind, not let it haunt him.

    "You all good Crane?" A soft voice spoke up and shook him from his ruminations. A woman nearly two and a half feet smaller than him had her hands on her hips and was looking with concern at his big, dour face. Her brown uniform was loose and her white scarf sat undone over her shoulders. Everybody tried to show up prim and proper to work 'sides him, wearing their uniforms and such, but by the end of a long day on the fields they all looked the same, tired and messy. This little firecracker, shock of red hair tied in a ponytail, was named Rita, she came from Unova just like him, so when he started working the fields with her they became fast friends. "You look like someone stepped in your mochi huh? Bossman give you hassle for not wearin' uniform again?"

    His massive shoulders twitched in a quick shrug as he moved to a small board mounted on the wall, marking his hours worked to clock out for the day. "Naw, ain't nothin' like that..." His voice was deep and coarse like gravel, rumbling out his chest with just the slightest hint of a Southern drawl. It was a personable accent, but not one so drenched in local specifics that the fine folk of Hisui couldn't understand him. "Then what's it, big guy?" Rita slapped his thigh, eliciting a sigh from Arthur as he glanced down at her. She was persistent for someone so small, though, he had to admit it was nice to meet someone so nonchalant about his height and build, she hadn't ever cared for how supposedly intimidating he looked. That thought alone seemed enough to get him to answer.

    "Just stuck in my own head a bit, dangerous thing in the fields, not much else to do but think sometimes." He mumbled the words, almost embarrassed to admit he was dwelling on something like hurt feelings. Rita seemed to understand a little though, at least, leaning against his tree trunk legs like a wall as she huffed a response. "Too much thinkin' for a head as big as yours y'know? Listen..." She stood up straight and crossed her arms, glancing up at Arthur from below. "I'm tellin' ya, come with me on ranch duty tomorrow. I know you got yer exemption for it but honestly, I think-"

    "You know I don't do that work." He growled, shooting her a quick glare, but Rita didn't flinch. Though, she did go quiet... and he huffed a little in response. "I'm good at what I do, I like it too, just got a bit caught in my own thinkin' today that's all. I don't need to go and hope a little monster can cure my headache."

    Rita sighed a little herself in response. "There you go with that little monster schtick again... what'd they ever do to you?" To this, Arthur smirked. "Them? Y'sure I wasn't talkin' 'bout you?"

    Rita narrowed her gaze in frustration, then smiled in turn and slapped his leg again. "Well now, he's got jokes huh?" Her gaze softens a little. "Why don't we get some drinks tonight big guy? Not much else to do in this town when work is all said and done, right?"

    "Raincheck." He answered a little too quickly, she flinched in response. "I need a walk for now, then a shower y'know? I'll let you know though, swear, alright?" With a small wave and smile he stepped away abruptly after that, pushing open the door to the building and stepping back out onto the streets of Jubilife. Rita frowned, unsure of how to feel.

    "You said that yesterday too, y'big lummox..."



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    Arthur Crane
    28 Years
    Agricultural Corp

    > A Lakeside Encounter

    Arthur's hand clasped a rock at the cusp of his climb, sweat dripping down his brow and the wind catching the tail of his jacket, the fabric flapping gently in the wind. He was some few dozen feet above the ground, stubbornly scaling the side of a rocky edifice in... what did the locals call it? Almighty Sinnoh? In Sinnoh knows where. His destination was a place called Lake Valor, or well, the high stone cliffs that for some reason surrounded the damnable place. The question on many peoples minds and at the time, the question that was on Arthur's mind, was most likely this. Why was he, a member of the Agricultural Corps out in the field at all, let alone doing something so dangerous? The answer lay in a conversation Arthur had found himself caught in just that morning.

    "So that's the situation big man, we're going to be falling behind on food production next harvest if we don't do find ourselves a solution. Well, that, or we start rationing now." Rita's hands were placed firmly on her hips and she sighed tiredly while looking over a manifest of supplies. "This new style frontier life, I tells ya, it's running us folk ragged when we only have as many hands as we have."

    "...I can't get this at all." Arthur grunted, moving to look over her shoulder. "We should be doing fine with grain and basic foodstuffs, with the people living in the village as is and trade with the locals, how're we strugglin'?"

    Rita bristled a little at that, glancing awkwardly to one side. "Well, with the ranchin' and all... we're collectin' more mouths to feed." Arthur of course knew the implication of this and crossed his arms with a sigh. "Those little monsters again, why not toss em back out to the wild, let em hunt, isn't that what they do? We need to be takin' care of our own, not them." Rather than rise to his meaner tone, Rita just frowned a little, she was getting used to Arthur's distaste for pokémon, even if she didn't appreciate it at all. "Look big man, the boss decides where the food goes, with the top brass, and the choices have been made. We just work on the ground level, literally! We get the problem, we decide how to solve it, we get paid!"

    Arthur grumbled a little in response, before rubbing his face and relenting. "Alright well, what's to be done? Weren't we lookin' into ways to grow some native plants and berries, weren't the survey corp supposed to handle it?" To which Rita curtly nodded. "Well yessir, they did and they landed on some leads from the locals for fresh seedlings. It's in the supply corps wheelhouse to go gather it up now but, well, they have it rough as we do right now, they're starting to struggle with manpower as is with how quickly we're all producin' needs and requests."

    "So... what? We just wait and deal with it?" Arthur frowned.

    "Yeah, unless somebody goes hiking to the location of their own good will."


    "Wait, Arthur... y'ain't serious? ...Are y'serious?"

    He was, in fact, serious.

    That was how Arthur had found himself, boots to knees covered in mud, pulling himself up the side of rocky outcropping, hoping beyond hope he wasn't going to fall and doing everything in his power not to look down. No way in hell he could muck up his pride by going back empty handed, especially not after making a show of it in front of Rita. Especially, especially not after he'd gone and told his boss he'd have some fresh seedlings back by sundown. Why had he gone and made a big deal outta things anyway? Good grief.

    "Hrrrrk!" A quick push up with the right leg, into gripping another ridge with his right hand and stabilizing himself with his left arm. It weren't too different to some of the mountains back home, but he was a farmboy through and through. More than strong enough to make the climb mind you, but Arthur was used to flatter lands and wider pastures, not a landscape where every second step is sludge, dotted with sheer stone faces. Still, he could see the curve of the rock, flattening out just a little bit further above, just a little more and he'd be on solid ground again. One, two and-!


    Arthur slumped on top of the small cliff face he'd climbed and froze, staring, his lips slightly parted, eyes wide with wonder, unsure of what to say. Sprawling out in the crater before him was a vast body of water, fresh and pure, shimmering underneath the blue sky. Its surface was blissfully still, only occasionally unsettled by the gentle lick of wind, or the uncertain ripples of something lurking underneath. It was like a polished mirror reflecting the sky. Unova had lakes for sure, rivers and waterfalls and oceans vast and wide. Yet, as Arthur gazed at this place, at Lake Valor, he couldn't help but feel there was something special about it. Something amazing. Like he was looking at a place of important, somewhere that mattered. Maybe it was the adventurous side of him, that side that had wanted to come to Hisui to explore and understand a new world, but...

    No, there was definitely something special about this place. An ethereal beauty untouched by time and space.

    As Arthur glanced over the surface, his eyes drifted over the lake edge, tracing the circular shape. It was beautiful, yet, it was starting to remind him of somewhere else. Somewhere he hadn't seen for a very long time. A body of water in deep Winter, a stiff breeze carrying in the air, a moment spent with a loved one on the shore. Then-


    His heart clenched, his thoughts froze and a horrible sensation came over him. A memory resurfaced, one he tried so hard to keep buried. A hand reaching out from that water, begging him, reaching for him, he reached back... but it slipped through his fingers. The lake didn't seem beautiful anymore, it was frightening, it was empty, vacuous and deep. It was deadly and filled with those creatures, those monsters. He was suddenly repulsed, he was angry, he was-

    He was not alone.

    He caught it out of the corner of his eye, something moved, he saw a flash of blue, two yellow eyes watching him from the shadows. It noticed as he caught its gaze and shifted, it circled behind him quicker than he could react. Was it one of them? A Pokémon? He had avoided them on this little quest until now, but now he was vulnerable, lost in his own thoughts. He whipped around, steeling himself, ready to face an aggressive beast.

    He found a child.

    Less than half his height, a young girl, balancing back and forth between her toes and the heels of her bare feet. No more than eight, maybe ten years old, she wore a long navy skirt reaching down to her shins, a loosely tied woven garb blue and white in color. Her hair was tied in twin pigtails descending down her front, the top of her head covered by a blue woven cap. She bore no insignia, no sign of her identity, she wasn't from Jubilife Village, yet still a child was a child and Arthur knew how he would appear, guarded and perturbed. A massive, well built man in that state, he must have looked intimidating. Yet, oddly enough, this child showed no signs of fear. She looked up at him with what could only be described as pure curiosity and a sense of wonder that reflected how Arthur himself had looked at Lake Valor but moments before.

    "You are drawn to the water?" She spoke with a clear, crystalline tone, almost mimicking the serenity of the lake itself. Arthur was thrown off by her sudden address and the concise tone she took as a child. Yet he quickly recovered, coughing once to clear his throat and responding. "No, can't say I am. I just thought it looked nice..." The child seemed even more enthused now, taking a step towards him and looking up into his eyes. Hers were yellow, lacking imperfection or anything short of uniformity in their colouration. "You are drawn to it, but it frightens you."

    Arthur visibly stiffened at this, his slowly resting expression furrowing back into a scowling frown. "Tch, y'figure do you?" Relax, Arthur told himself, it's just a little girl. "I... had a bad time with the water once, but it doesn't take away from how pretty this place is I'd say." The child smiled. "The lake is a place of adversity and reward. I am told it takes a strong will to carry one here, to prove worthy of glancing upon it is a test." Arthur raised an eyebrow as the child spoke, she moved to stand beside him and gaze down at the water too. After a moment of silence, he spoke up. "A great will huh... well, mighty impressive for one so small to get here before me then huh?" He smiled a little in return, much to the child's delight. "Oh no sir, it was no test to me. Those made for this place need not be tested by it, wouldn't you say?"

    Arthur's confusion only increased at this and he glanced back to the water curiously. "Made for it...? You mean to say you're a local then?" To which the child nodded, rather matter of fact. "Yes, I am." Arthur had heard of two clans, one garbed pink and the other blue, who called this place home long before Jubilife had sprung up from the ground. The Pearl Clan and the Diamond Clan respectively, considering the colour of the child's clothing, Arthur assumed she must be from the latter. "I don't think I was tested much either way kiddo." He chuckled, glancing a deeper at the water once more, his gaze getting lost in its depths. "I just came here to find some supplies for back home."

    "You came for others, but look for yourself I think. You feel untested, as your test has not ended." The child giggles gently, at the edge of Arthur's hearing. "In fact... I think it, truly, has only just begun." Arthur furrowed his brow once more, watching the still waters as he pondered the words. The words of a child? Why? What sort of sagacity was he hoping to find there? Come to think of it, wasn't it dangerous this far out for a child to begin with.

    "Hey, kid, what's your-" Arthur turned back to the child, but, they were already gone. He looked around the windswept cliff-side, patches of grass and stone carried by an unfamiliar breeze. No sign of her at all, not even a flicker, not even a glimpse. "...name."

    Had she snuck away while he was ruminating? He frowned, rubbing the back of his neck gently. "Aw hell... she seems to have a good head on her shoulders at least, she'll be okay gettin' home I hope." The light of the sun in the distance caught the gentle blue of Valor Lakefront and shimmered into his gaze, causing him to squint. "Damn... running out of time, I'd best hurry on then hurry back." Stepping away from the precipice from which the lake was most visible, Arthur returned to exploring and searching for seedlings, ripe and fresh to plant on the farmland back home. As the lingering thoughts of his conversation with the child lingered in his mind, he regretted not asking the girl her name, or where she came from. Still, he was grateful, her presence had washed away the memories of a time he'd rather not linger on.

    With a strong will he climbed, with a strong will he searched, yet the will to face the past was one he sorely lacked.

    Arthur did not know it yet, but finding the will to face what was would prove to be the true nature of the test Valor Lakefront promised him.

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    Arthur Crane
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    Agricultural Corp
    ~ A JP between Jay & Fen-Fen ~
    > A Sprouting Seed - Part 1

    From the dark tides of nothingness, a woman stood at the altar. She looked around as flickers of light poured in from stained glass windows, revealing a wedding chapel. She was in an all white wedding dress.

    "I take you to be the wife of my days, the companion of my house, the friend of my life."

    A booming male voice, seeming to reverberate through space itself, echoed throughout the chapel. It seemed familiar, but she couldn't understand why. A male figure started approaching the altar. Though she couldn't see the man's face, she could make out the contrasting black and white coloring of his tuxedo and dress shirt. Their roles were unmistakably clear; he was the groom, she was the bride.

    She was supposed to be elated, basking in the joy of sharing her life with the man she loved. But she wasn't. If she wasn't elated, as she was supposed to be, then what…

    "We shall bear together whatever trouble and sorrow life may lay upon us…"

    The room started swaying and distorting, the aisle suddenly growing in length as he continued walking up it. She could hear waves splashing and sloshing around outside and the wind starting to whip itself into a frenzy. It was hard to keep her balance, but somehow she remained fixed to the altar.

    …and we shall share together whatever good and joyful things life may bring us.

    The words sounded wrong. Everything felt wrong about this. The wind was howling outside, the room's sway was more frenetic, lightning cracked and thunder boomed from outside the chapel. The groom marched onward, his presence casting malevolent shadows down the aisle with each flash of lightning.

    "With these words and all the words of my heart, I marry you and bind my life to yours."

    In the blink of an eye, he was before the bride, leering at her with glowing red eyes like a fearsome beast about to devour their prey. Though he vaguely seemed human still, the pure malice in his features made him seem more horrible monster than human. The force affixing her to the altar, heretofore intangible, took the physical form of chains that bound her legs and arms behind her back. She strained against them with all of her might, but they would not budge.

    "Are there any objections to this union? Speak now or forever hold your peace."

    Terror overtook the bride. She was trapped, at the mercy of the foul creature. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She tried again, but no matter how much she wanted to scream her objections, her voice did not work.

    "I now pronounce you man and wife."

    The beast lunged at her, enveloping her world in darkness.


    Felicity stifled a yawn and rubbed at her face, walking down Canala Avenue en route to Galaxy Hall. Though the sun was just starting to rise over the mountains of Hisui and illuminating Jubilife Village, she had been up for several hours. It certainly wasn't by choice. Sadly, it wasn't unexpected for her either.

    But alas, even if she was able to go back to sleep, she couldn't now. Another busy day laid ahead of her. Though she had been aware that farming crops were starting to run low since the beginning of the week, she had been unable to attend to the matter on account of other pressing issues, such as the delivery of construction supplies to a new project in Sandgem Flats. That, combined with short staffing at the Supply Corps, had made it difficult to run out for more seedlings.

    For today, however, Tao Hua had managed to clear Felicity of her other duties to send her on a supply run of seedlings at Obsidian Falls in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Because of the difficult terrain and the longer distance between the location with the pre-existing camps, Arthur Crane, a new member of the Agricultural Corps, was going to accompany her. Though she had yet to meet him properly, she had heard of him because of a previous run he had made to Lake Valor. That fact alone made Felicity feel cautiously optimistic that this expedition will be a lot more amenable. After the rough morning she had had, she absolutely needed today's expedition to be perfect.

    Felicity made her way into the large building and followed the signs toward the Agricultural Corps' offices on the second floor. As she entered, the hustle and bustle of the place would grab her attention almost instantly. The Agriculture Corp was as short staffed, if not more so, than the Supply Corp is worked so closely with, yet despite that the office seemed full of busy bodies. The number of hands within the office space were few, but each pair seemed to have a number of tasks in their wheelhouse. Felicity found herself on the receiving end of more than one "Pardon me" or "Sorry" as the active workers, almost all bearing a farmer's tan, stepped around her as she walked, rapidly rushing from one side of the room to the other.

    Of all the brown garbed workers however, one stood out from the rest. Mostly because, well, he wasn't brown garbed. A muscular man well over six foot, black hair slicked back and a rugged exterior to say the least. Even amidst the farmers and workers here, who didn't lack for bulk, this man was a goliath. Dressed head to toe in dark colors, the only sign he worked here at all was a lone brown sash tied around his arm, bearing the insignia of the Galaxy Team.

    Little did she know, this was the man she had been sent to find. Arthur Crane stood at his small desk in one of the far corners of the room. The office of the Agriculture department was admittedly smaller than some of the others, something Arthur begrudgingly accepted. Since he had arrived, as one of the primary farmhands and crop tenders, he had spent very little time in the office itself, usually he operated out of a work building located in the fields themselves where he clocked in and out for his day's duties. He preferred it that way, office work was for office workers, he hadn't joined up to do paperwork. Still, his pa always told him, a farmer's life is only mostly farming, even the smallest farms needed paperwork and finances to be done. Now, Pa had told Arthur that if he didn't want to do it himself, then that was what a wife was for… but Arthur very understandably felt that THAT particular viewpoint was a little dated. As did his new friend Rita. She wasn't too keen on making Pa Crane's acquaintance after that particular anecdote.

    Just a day gone by, Arthur had scaled the cliffside at Lake Valor to gather some fresh seedlings for the farms. He and the Agricultural Corp were facing a bit of a problem as of late, supply and demand. With so many of those… pokémon, being brought in by the survey corp, the amount of feed required to keep Jubilife afloat was increasing at a rate the farmers just couldn't keep up with current supplies. That'd be the Supply Corp's job to fix of course, but they were as understaffed as Agriculture was. Now, Arthur felt that the Survey Corp could maybe pick up the slack for the colony rather than making so many new "friends" but as the Kalosian's would say, c'est la vie or some such.

    So, as any good man would, Arthur took it upon himself to gather the new seedlings and plant them fresh. After a successful first run at this, he'd caused a bit of a stir. The supply corp was grateful, his boss was grateful, even Captain Cylene was grateful.

    So grateful in fact, that they thought it'd be a great idea to get him to do it again.

    Arthur sighed at the thought, rubbing a hand down his face. Course it'd be a short walk here before he ended up bitin' off more than he could chew. Always too eager to please people, that's what Ma used to say. So it was, the Captain herself had asked Arthur to accompany a Supply Corp member today to the Obsidian Fieldlands. He was to help identify more waterside seedlings and bring them back so that his new partner could help the rest of her corp identify similar plants going forward. Though, speaking of this partner…

    A young woman caught his gaze, small enough, long blonde hair, but Arthur found his eyes drifting to her hands before anything else. They looked, well, pretty dainty. She couldn't have been doing this for long. Even still, no mistaking the green outfit she sported, nor the logo by her chest, a supply corp member through and through… and if a Supply Corp member was in here looking around like she was, then there was only one thing for it he supposed.

    "'Scuse me Miss?" Arthur approached and gruffly cleared his throat before addressing her. "Might you be here for the seedling recovery? If so I think y'might be lookin' for me."

    Felicity looked over at the man that addressed her and met his gaze, having to crane her neck to make eye contact. He was quite the muscular fellow, being very rugged in appearance on account of his stubble and numerous scars that criss-crossed his arms. Despite his unkempt appearance, his chiseled features did make him quite handsome in that same sort of uncouth way that Kaito was.

    Quite handsome indeed.

    No, she couldn't let her mind wander anymore on that improper train of thought! She had to focus on the matter at hand. "Why yes, I am here for the seedling recovery. You must be Mr. Crane. I'm Felicity Cadieux of the Supply Corps. It is an honor to make your acquaintance." She put her left arm behind her back and bowed with her right arm over her waist.

    Arthur could only rub the back of his neck a little awkwardly in response. That voice, the posturin', the bow… he'd met a few Galarian gals in his day, but never any quite so formal. He didn't want to offend the lady though, so a little gruffly he repeated her bow, though he frowned a little in return seeing Rita sneering at him from over Felicity's head. "I see, well, it'd be my pleasure to meet you Ms. Cadieux. No time like the present, best we get going hm?"

    Without missing another beat, Arthur rolled his shoulder and flung a small sack of supplies up and over, just some essentials for travel and the like. Stoic and quiet, he didn't give Felicity much more time to respond as he started meandering through the office, having a much easier time getting through the clutter of desks and people than she had just before him. Hot footing it down the stairs, he led Felicity back into the sunshine, the doors of the Galaxy building lightly flapping shut behind them. "Now now, that's much better I reckon. A nice bit of sun, but a stiff breeze, good walkin' weather." He mumbles quietly to himself with a small smirk, before turning back to the young woman no doubt struggling to match his broad strides already. "So, Ms. Cadieux. Are you familiar with the area we're heading to? Or the seeds we're lookin' for?"

    Goodness, Mr. Crane was fast! She was nearly jogging just to keep up with his strides. Nonetheless, she was determined to match his pace so as to not make it seem as if she would be dead weight for this expedition.

    She replied, "I have made several runs to Obsidian Fieldlands, but I've never ventured quite as far as Obsidian Falls. As for the seedlings, the report I was given says that they are a kind of wild rice native to Hisui, gold in colour. Much like the varieties one finds in abundance in Kanto and Johto, they need ample amounts of water to grow. Hence, their appearance near the falls."

    Arthur stroked his chin a little in response, walking up the Jubilife thoroughfare now with Felicity in tow. "That'd be right, but it ain't exactly the same." Arthur had been a Unovan farmer, meaning root vegetables and wheat were the crops he was used to tending. That, however, hadn't stopped him from taking an interest in the means made use of by his foreign neighbors. His Pa was a traditionalist, but Arthur saw the world expanding and wanted a piece of that pie. It was one of the reasons Hisui had appealed to him in the first place. A distant land, made of exotic plants and food, so many things to learn and theories to apply. Even if Hisui proved less than amenable to a farmer like him, it was the chance to meet farmers from far afield, who grew the things he hadn't ever grown before. So it was, despite his roots, he was quite familiar with rice and how to tend it. "It's a natural grain similar to rice, grows in abundance by water and we think it'd be an easy and nutritious solution to our food problems y'see… but well, the pittance I got from the lake is only enough to experiment, not enough for a harvest. Your guys at Supply think we can find way more fresh seedlings at the falls and riverbeds."

    Felicity let out a sigh, partially out of exertion but also out of contentment. The weather was perfect for an expedition. Her traveling partner so far seemed to be better than Bo had been. Though he seemed taciturn and rough around the edges, he did at least seem to regard her with some level of respect and professional courtesy, as well as a willingness to share knowledge about his craft without any snide remarks. He had even reciprocated her bow, even when he had seemed uncomfortable with the gesture.

    Speaking of traveling partner, being back outdoors meant that Roi could come out of his Poke Ball and enjoy the splendors of nature as she and Arthur were. She reached for the Poke Ball she kept at her side on a belt-like charm and pressed the release button. Roi instantly materialized and let out a chirp of contentment as he clapped around in the open air around the two of them. Yet as the small pokémon did so, Arthur immediately bristled. He seemed less relaxed and more tense than he had been just a moment ago.

    "Didn't realize… you kept one of those things about." He grumbles, rolling his shoulder a little uncomfortably, watching the Rookidee with focused precision. It was small and preening, flapping about in his space like it owned the place. Arthur was on edge from the second he saw it. "Nobody told me I'd be travellin' with a pokémon." He grew even quieter than before as he glared at it a little longer, before relenting with a sigh and focusing back on the task at hand. "Nothing for it I suppose, we should get moving."

    Oh dear. In her haste to let Roi out of his ball, she had momentarily forgotten that many people still regarded Pokémon with fear, disdain or disgust. Though it was an unsurprising reaction, it was disheartening all the same. Pokémon were not the true monsters of the world. So many people in her life had called it a silly, naive notion that was the fancy of a little girl, but she knew there was more to them than the narrow-minded assumptions people made about them. Although he was fierce and at times foolishly pugnacious, he had the heart of a valiant knight like the stories of yore her mother would read to her when she was a child. He had proven it to her time and time again.

    Felicity looked down at the ground and sighed. "You're not very fond of Pokémon, are you, Mr. Crane?"

    Arthur paused the briefest moment in his stride, before continuing to walk towards the gate. He hadn't exactly been subtle about it, he realized, his dislike of pokémon in general. Had he made Ms. Cadieux feel dejected at just that? He rubbed the back of his neck a little considering how to respond to her question. "Well, no, I can't say I am." No use beating around the bush, he thought.

    Arthur's dislike of pokémon was a strong one, a slight more personal than the common fear held by most. He felt he had a very good reason for it, but it wasn't his place to judge others for having different views and ideas to his own. He didn't blame Felicity, or anyone for that matter, for taking to the little monsters when he didn't. He just… wished they weren't becoming so increasingly common in everyone's day to day. "Ain't nothin' personal. Don't worry, it won't get in the way of our work."

    Felicity looked back at him with a furrowed brow. It definitely felt as if there was a deeper story there, but while his reactions may have piqued her curiosity, she knew it would be quite rude to pry and ask him about it, especially when she had just met the man. She said hesitantly, "Alright, if you're certain. If it puts your mind at ease any, he has been my companion for years, so he's quite well-trained and accustomed to being around humans. I can make sure he keeps his distance from you from now on."

    "Ain't no bother Ms. Cadieux." Arthur responded. "I appreciate the effort." Not much more was said as Arthur walked away from the conversation, leaving Felicity without much more to say. Waltzing towards the front gate and clearing their paperwork with the guards, the pair were off into the great unknown, or well, the relatively humble unknowns of the Obsidian Fieldlands.

    The trek was long, but not particularly hard, certainly a far easier hike than the one Arthur had engaged with just a day gone by. The Obsidian Fieldlands were beautiful, wide open plains with plentiful woodland to boot. Arthur had been taking care of the heavy lifting so to speak. With his bulk and muscle, he cleared the way for himself and Felicity while doing his best to ignore her feathered friend Roi.

    Felicity, meanwhile, had picked up on Arthur's nonverbal cues and sensed that he was no longer willing to engage much with her after Roi had come out of his ball. He didn't come across as cold or angry per se, but it was still a damper on the mood nonetheless. To keep herself occupied, she watched Roi fly about and made sure he didn't get into any trouble; he did have a habit of posturing himself aggressively against the local Starly population. Regardless, there was no trouble to be had in the otherwise tranquil landscape, at least from Roi or the wild Pokemon.

    The pokémon proved a curious sort, but paired with Arthur's size, most wild pokémon in such a quiet area were inclined to ignore the group for rightful fear of an encounter they could not win. No, the true enemy of their progress was quickly becoming the deafening, awkward silence. Arthur had said little to nothing since the reveal of Felicity's pokémon, his already quiet personage falling to an almost rude stone faced approach to interaction. He, truthfully, felt bad about the situation, he knew his own prejudices were getting in the way of being productive, or even just friendly and it didn't sit right with him.

    They were almost at the falls now, but, pokémon aside, shouldn't he at the very least be trying harder to get along with his co-workers? Sighing a little, he admitted to himself that he should.

    "So, uh, Felicity right?" He addressed her by first name this time, trying to be a little more friendly and a little less polite. "You been with Galaxy Team for long? Seems I'm already being dragged into cross corp work and I've not been here more than a few days."

    Roi had rejoined Felicity's side perched on her shoulder. While Felicity had been idly looking at her map of the Fieldlands, more out of a need for further distraction than anything else, the stifling silence between the two of them was suddenly broken by Arthur. She was silent for a few moments, feeling a bit uneasy about the shift in the dynamic. Without looking up from her map, Felicity replied, "It has been a little over three months since I arrived in Hisui and subsequently joined the Galaxy Team."

    "Quite a time then…" Arthur mumbled, sensing the cold front. She clearly wasn't in the best of moods for conversation, but considering everything, it was alright if she responded at all. "A bit longer than me for certain. What kind of work have you been doing with the Supply Corp?"

    Still not looking up from her map, she replied curtly, "It has mostly been work such as this. What else would one do working for the Supply Corps?"

    The remark had slipped out of her with far more irritability than she had wanted. Goodness, that wasn't very lady-like or even cordial at all. He was only trying to make small talk, and she was the one making things even more tense. Felicity deeply sighed. "My apologies, Mr. Crane. I should not have replied to you in such a disrespectful manner, it is quite unbecoming of me."

    She paused and massaged her temples. "I suppose I'm a bit out of sorts from not sleeping well last night."

    "Rough night huh..?" Arthur mused, grunting a little as he stepped a bit further down the natural trail they traveled and laid his hands on a fallen tree trunk. Digging in a heel he exerted himself, gripping the wood and hefting it upwards, leaning it against another tree to clear the path forward. A brief sigh as his muscles relaxed and he kept leading the way. "I get that. New place, new habits, Ma used to say that your head can struggle where your body doesn't."

    A small natural ditch sat a few paces forward still, pondering the new obstacle, Arthur backtracked passed Felicity and hefted the log onto one of his shoulders. Tensing and quickly breathing under the weight, he nonetheless managed to struggle forward and settle it into the gap, creating a safe passage. "Not to assume it's a frequent thing for you or anything, but I think medical has some sort of tonic to help folks get some shut eye."

    Felicity looked in awe for a second at the feat he had been able to do with moving the log before walking on the makeshift bridge. Even if the two hadn't been off on the best of terms, Felicity was at least glad he was here to make the journey considerably easier. It was far more than she could say for her expedition with Bo and Skit, who had only caused her headaches.

    On the subject of maladies, Felicity had indeed heard of the tonic Arthur was referring to. She had gathered the required herbs for it, after all. After successfully crossing the bridge, making sure to spread out her arms for balance, she turned back to Arthur. "I suppose you might be correct that I need it. I had thought simply being in a new place might be enough to make the nightmares stop, but…"

    Felicity trailed off and shook her head. "Anyways, that's neither here nor there. Onwards we shall go." While Arthur raised an eyebrow at the mention of nightmares, he didn't press further and quickly followed Felicity across the makeshift bridge.

    Indeed, onward was the direction the pair of them took as they continued their trek toward the location of the seedlings, the silence continuing but feeling a little less strained. They followed a winding path until it took them adjacent to the river where the falls flowed into. They walked upstream, the terrain gradually growing steeper and steeper. Luckily, Felicity had had the sense to wear a pair of sturdy leather boots rather than zori sandals, so traversing the terrain did not present any major issues. Even still, she was considerably slower than Arthur and it was far more exerting a task for her.

    After another hour or so, they arrived at the base of the falls. Plenty of wild grasses and other kinds of aquatic plants sprung up in the shallows of the banks to either side. The golden grain the two of them had sought hardly needed any thorough search to find, as it grew in abundance.

    "At…last!" Felicity panted. She took a minute or so to catch her breath before she continued, "We ought to have more than enough to get a decent crop started, don't you think, Mr. Crane?"

    Arthur smiled a little, rubbing a hand over his chin as he examined the abundance before him. Gold, natural harvest with tints of blue at the base, the same plant he'd found at the Valor lakefront the day prior. It was here in a much greater amount than the pittance he'd brought back before, he supposed that that was the strength of the supply corp in a nutshell, finding things like this out in the wild. Still he contained himself with a small degree of skepticism. "It's definitely a start, we'll have to see which of these seedlings is right for the home harvest." He rolled his shoulder and stepped forward, kneeling down beside some of the grain. Examining it closely, he aimed to determine which seedlings were mature enough to survive relocation, but young enough that they hadn't yet sprouted.

    "Well, looks like we'll have our work cut out for us yet. Let's get to it."

    Felicity Cadieux
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