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[PKMN FULL] Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Hisui Legends

    Welcome to the Hisui region, a fresh land ready for you to explore and settle. You are a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team, composed of settlers from across the seas and led by Commander Kamado. Your role in this largely untamed region is simple: survive, settle and grow. Build Jubilife Village into a home you can be proud of.

    Remember though, this is no easy task! Everyone in Jubilife Village has to pull their weight or there is no hope for the expedition team to build a future in these foreign lands. There is hard work to be found within the village and dangers beyond its walls. Pokemon are terrifying creatures capable of untold destruction if one isn't careful in their dealings with them, the Diamond and Pearl clans are your allies but the expedition team must struggle to keep their neutrality when things get tense between them and the natural environment itself is full of hazards.

    Still, if you do your best, you're bound to succeed and build a bright future for yourselves and your descendants.

    Available Locations

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    The Obsidian Fieldlands are located in the south-west of Hisui. It is, naturally, composed primarily of open, grassy fields but also contains hills, wetlands and forests as well as the famed and impressive Lake Verity. You can find out more about the Obsidian Fieldlands here.

    Crimson Mirelands
    The Crimson Mirelands can be found in Hisui's east in the area that will eventually include the Great Marsh and Pastoria City. Right now though, it is all wild and uninhabited aside from the local Pokemon. The Mirelands are largely muddy and swampy but in places can become more like a typical forest or even somewhat dry. Much like the Obsidian Fieldlands, the Mirelands are home to a great lake - Lake Valor. You can find out more about the Crimson Mirelands here.

    Cobalt Coastlands
    A large coastal area found in Hisui's north-east. The Cobalt Coastlands can be found in the part of the region that will one day include a resort, Sunyshore City and the Sinnoh Pokemon League. The Coastlands are composed of sandy beaches of yellow sand that morph into grasslands and patches of forest as one travels in a westerly direction inland. Often plumes of smoke can be seen rising from the small volcanic island off the sure here. Old folklore from the Diamond and Pearl clans sometimes mentions a mysterious fourth great lake blanketed in fog that can allegedly be found in the forests of this area but nobody in recent memory has actually ever found such a thing. You can find out more about the Cobalt Coastlands here.

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    Monthly Update #1

    Available Pokemon

    Obsidian Fieldlands
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Optional Prompts

    - Collect berries for the Supply and Agriculture Corps
    - Investigate rumours of hauntings in Jubilife Village
    - Escort an injured Survey Corps member back to the safety of the village
    - Find an appropriate location to set up a new base camp in the Fieldlands
    - Investigate a recently discovered cave system. It may contain interesting resources or Pokemon.
    - Deliver a message to Diamond and Pearl clan members in the area.
    - Calm an angry Pokemon causing problems for explorers.



    Don't let me disappear
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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Adam Maynard
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Over The River and Through The Wood

    "Diglett, Diglett, Diglett."

    Adam labored up the hillside, watching Mort as he popped in and out of view. The elderly man placed his hand on his back, searching for the point where his current aches seemed to be radiating from and dug his palm into it.

    "Yep, yep… that feels a bit better."


    Adam wetted his lips and looked down at the small Pokemon which had just popped out of the ground by his feet. The man smiled, leaning over slightly as he rubbed the top of the Pokemon's head.

    "Yes, yes. Why don't you scout out ahead a small bit, check and see if you can't find that boy?"

    "Diglett." The Pokemon popped back beneath the ground, disappearing and this time without reappearing within sight.

    "Oh, bother. These old bones certainly have seen better days." The man chuckled to himself, rolling his neck around as he reached the top of the hill. "Ohhh, take in that fresh and wild air. Nothing quite like it, is there?"

    Adam surveyed the landscape, his hand still resting on his hip as he absentmindedly rubbed against a phantom pain. The man raised his hand to his brow, blocking out the sun as he scanned along the ground nearby, hoping to catch sight of either the Pokemon he'd sent ahead, or the boy they'd been sent to check on.

    "Mort?" The man called out, letting his raised hand fall to his cheek as he tried to amplify his voice. Several seconds went by without an answer, causing the man to sigh as he lifted his opposite hand to his mouth. "Moooort!"

    "Dig?" the Pokemon replied, bursting out of the ground just beside Adam's freshly shined boot.

    "Ah, good lad. Tell me, have you found anything?"

    Mort turned slightly, and then popped back into the hole he'd created. A few seconds went by before the Pokemon burst through the dirt on the other side of its trainer. "Dig."

    Adam looked down at the Diglett, and reached for the checker patterned kerchief that had been brought back up with the Pokemon. "Ah, is this the lad's then?" The man unfolded the fabric, looking it over thoroughly for several seconds.


    "Ah, of course. I'm looking for stains - whether those be from the juice of a berry, or signs of injury or a struggle. Anything that might have gotten stuck on the fabric could be useful in finding where the boy has gone off to." The man turned the fabric over in his hand, satisfied with the lack of findings and folded it back into a diminutive triangle before placing it in his own breast pocket. "Well, suppose we can head off towards the river then. I suspect if nothing else, he'd want to be close to a water source if he found himself lost too far out."

    "Dig!" Mort replied excitedly, popping back beneath the ground before popping back up halfway down the hill several seconds later.

    "Eheh, energetic as always." The man coughed, making his way down the other side of the hill towards the river. "Hard to imagine getting lost this far out though. With the mountain looming off in the distance, it's a fairly decent way to find your heading. I suppose if he'd decided it best to not travel at night, he wouldn't have been able to use the stars either… or perhaps he's simply lost his wits after being stranded somewhere and hasn't had the thought of it proper yet."

    Adam continued down the hill, lifting up a broken tree branch to use as a sort of makeshift cane as he took careful steps down the sloped face. The man's mind went down several different paths as he gazed out over the landscape while he retained some sort of elevation. The way up had taken several minutes, and while trekking back down would certainly be a quicker endeavor, it left plenty of time for the less agile to conduct a series of mental evaluations.

    "I suppose if the worst has come to it, we'd be more likely to find a responsible Pokemon near the closest water source anyways. By that logic, even if we don't manage to find the boy himself we'd at least recover something to take back with us." Adam grimaced as his foot slipped on a rock, but thankfully with the aid of the branch he'd brought along it hadn't amounted to much more than that. "Heh, won't get rid of me that easily."


    Adam looked at the Pokemon as he tossed aside the stick, having found his way down to the grassy field below. "Suppose we should start looking for help then…" the man muttered, pulling out a small string-bound book from the pack slung over his shoulder. "Let's see now… of those Pokemon nearest to us and our destination, a Single-Horned Beetle, a Small Sparkling Electric Quadruped, and a Plump Mouse with Large Teeth… any one of them might prove suitable towards our endeavors, but I suppose the first question is where to look first to find them."

    Adam glanced off across the open fields, his gaze disappearing into a distant forest which the river he'd decided to follow snaked into. The man looked down at the book, taking note of the basic description and crudely drawn depictions of the nearby Pokemon therein.

    "Suppose they would all be likely to find their homes in a forest. And if that is to be our destination, seems a bit like it's meant to be, wouldn't you say?" The man looked down at the point where his partner had been only seconds ago. Adam smiled and shook his head, pulling out a small pipe from his bag as he put the reference material back inside of it. "Huh, sure knows how to make an old man jealous."


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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Part 01​

    "So there I was, having crossed the ocean another time over, one might suspect I aimed to make the round trip of latitude, but alas I held no such lofty expectations. Truthfully my time in Unova, land of freedom and opportunity, has been lacking in either. Studying law was a hobby of interest at best, but the strictures of the legal system left my head pounding in frustration. Indeed, it was to begone of the modern mans expectations that I accepted my dear friend, Professor Laventon's invitation. Another genius idea, I would wager you understand, the opportunity to serve as an example of truth in a lawless land sound to be co-occupied. Pray, journal, accept I am a man of whimsy and adventure and if my story is ever to be written, let it be known I move as I have now to complete an establishment of character for the stories to be written thusly, following this bold first chapter.

    Yet as my mind leaped through hopes to avoid the bureaucracy of my initiative hazing with my new captain, oh captain... I was snapped back to reality by the very same. My first case in a new land, brave new frontiers following same old procedures. Unlike at the yard however, on Laventon's recommendation I would be free to do things my own way. A fact that would come to define the very nature of this case... and of course, become the key to revealing the truth."


    A reverberating conking noise, a balled fist striking wood, rings through Carson's ears as the meaty arm of Zisu strikes the desk settled between them. Dressed in red, with matching hair and fiery glare he might add, is the captain of the security corps operating out of Jubilife village. The pair are sat in her office, an open and well ventilated room in a cabin by the training field. The training field being, for that matter, a place for the Security Corps and Survey Corps (primarily) to practice training and battling pokémon.

    Such a strange practice, battling pokémon, but he supposed that was the inevitability as humans came closer to the mysterious creatures. Not like he could talk on the matter, he was already closer to one than most.

    "Ah! Captain, I didn't see you there! How can I help you?" Carson smiles wide and flexes his wrists and fingers in an elegant motion, as if he were about to go for a bow, until he remembered he was sitting down. He received a tired and understandably exasperated glare in return. "Yes, we've been in a meeting for the passed fifteen minutes to address that very question... or have you seriously forgotten that already?" She leans back and crosses her arms, sitting in a makeshift chair of her own and tilting her head with an expression of genuine confusion. To which Carson progressed his charming smirk into an awkward grin. "Right right, you are, quite... right. Right then! It was a long journey you understand, still barely situated, trying to figure out why everyone takes their sandals off inside the house, why everything is made of paper, you understand surely?"

    "That's... you don't have to..." She sighs. "Righ- Damn i- Okay. You're an oddball, that much is clear, but Laventon wouldn't have made a reccomendation so insistently to the chief if he didn't have some reason to put actual faith in your ability. He's a smart guy, smarter than me in a lot of ways, so I'm going to share that faith until you give me a reason not to." Her exasperated glance of confusion shifted back into a fiery stare that pierced him a little more than he felt comfortable with. "I'm telling you. Don't give me a reason to. We don't have detectives here, we have protectors and guards against the wild, if I feel you take more than you give then I'll keelhaul you back to the big city myself. Clear?"

    "Positively crystal captain!" He gives a full fledged salute, brushing strands of messy hair off of his forehead in the process. He laid it on a little thick for sure, but it was enough to get Zisu to settle back into her seat and sigh with acceptance. "Here, this looks pretty open and shut, but it'll be a good start. Something we can use to get a feel for your unique set of skills... and ensure you can actually use them."

    Across the table slides a sealed beige envelope, marked the Galaxy Team's logo, emblazoned in yellow ink as per a custom stamp. The envelope had been through the type writer as well, nestled in the centre of the durable paper was a black typeface too uniform to have been made by human hand. "C-01 - Charge of Theft - Cooper Cratesman." Carson mumbled the words aloud as he peels open the top of the envelope and begins to glance through the various documentation and attached polaroid photos within. "That's correct." Zisu responds, clearly glad that Carson is taking the situation the tiniest mote more seriously now. "You have to understand an excursion of this size to Hisui, setting up Jubilife village, the Galaxy headquarters, it wasn't cheap, not by a long shot. The kind of poké that went into this thing was pretty extraordinary, plus we all have to get our paychecks too." Carson rubbed his chin a little and tapped a finger to the papers as he read through them somewhat attentively. "I was under the impression it was a government funded project, Captain?"

    "It is, for the most part." Zisu laments, clearly wound up at the notion of money. Carson focused on her for a moment, the irritation in her tone was clear, but not directed at him this time.

    "Slight roll of the eyes, 160 degrees, she pulls them back down to cut the expression short. Zisu is a tough woman, but is struggling to remain professional, she wants to set a good example for subordinates. Crease in the fist still on the desk shortens, she's clenching it, the matter of money frustrates her. Specifically this topic, this case, no... this client? She dislikes him."

    "So this Mr. Cratesman... he's an independent investor? What do you make of him?" Carson ponders allowed, still watching.

    "Jaw tensing, vision narrowing. She doesn't approve of the question, but seems intent to answer regardless. Her nose twitched a little, almost turned up at the thought. She looks down on this man. She has certain values, strength, loyalty, honour. Mr. Cratesman may not. The initial reaction to the idea of money tells me Cratesman truly is a classic businessman caricature. The typical bottom line man who only sees figures."

    "I... appreciate everything Mr. Cratesman has done for Jubilife village."

    "She despises him."

    "Very good! So by the looks of these reports, Mr. Cratesman seems to be missing some supplies?" Carson pushes the point forward, seeing no further point to dwell on the Captain's opinion on the man in question. Zisu relaxes her tension a bit and gives a curt nod. "Cratesman helps the village by ordering food and supplies out of pocket and having them shipped to Prelude beach. That way we can use our own treasury to focus on more practical supplies and building costs." She runs a hand through her hair and sighs. "That arrangement is all well and good of course, but tensions have been rising since Mr. Cratesman made his first report a week ago about a number of his deliveries vanishing over night."

    Carson ponders. "Oh rather troubling that, yes... I'm aware Hisui is a bounty of natural resources, but especially when we're so recently situated. It's better we have our own reserves to rely on..." Zisu gives a small nod before responding. "Speaking of... local resources. You'll recall I mentioned this as an open and shut case."

    Carson leans back a little too relaxed in his seat and raises a leg to rest on his knee. "Oh yes I believe I do recall..." He pulls out another sheet from the case file and holding it vertical above his head so he might lean back and stare upwards at the information documented therein. "...oof, this is a bit awkward. I now see why."

    Slotted between various, more concrete looking pieces of evidence, there was a lone somewhat blurry polaroid. It showed prelude beach it seemed... as well as a young woman, hard to exactly identify her features, but her long hair and young face could be made out clear enough. What stood out most however, was her garb. A form fitting outfit consisting of bandages and fur vestments, pink and white in colour, most likely died with natural growing berries. "Well Captain, a crime of fashion perhaps, but what does this tell us beyond the pale?"

    Zisu almost smirked at the joke, but kept her composure. "This young woman's name is Akalli. She's a member of an indigenous people, the Pearl Tribe." Carson's eyes widened at the revelation. One of the things that had turned him off of Unova during his time there were the colonists rather... harsh treatment of indigenous peoples. Indeed, there were many conflicts born of natives and travellers all across the globe. One wrong move and your people are branded invaders, then the conflicts might never cease.

    "You look concerned and rightfully so. Kamado-senchō has, from the start, wanted peaceful relations with the Pearl and Diamond clans. We want to peacefully co-exist and find a new life here, not cause trouble for the natives. Yet even still, if this Akalli girl is the culprit of our missing supplies, as Mr. Cratesman believes..." Carson sigh a little, tired already of the political drama as he finishes the point. "...then we can't exactly do nothing about it? I understand mon capitaine, I understand. So you wish for me to... what? Mosey my way down to yonder docks and find some decisive evidence?"

    "You got that right." Zisu purses her hands and leans on the desk gently. "It's a delicate situation, the other security corps members would bungle it bad, myself included I'd wager." While she was bothered by her inability in that regard, Zisu didn't seem ashamed of it either. As a good leader should be, she was aware of her talents and more delicate investigations were not counted among them. "We need to know, without any doubt, what exactly is going on with this cargo... if Akalli is our culprit then we need to be able to prove it completely, we need to show the Pearl clan our honesty in the matter. If we bring it to their leaderships attention now they won't believe us, they'll assume we're looking for a reason to start trouble."

    "Yes, yes, I get the gist now. You needn't worry Zisu, you've picked the right man for the job. I'll see to this problem without delay and my superior reasoning will grab the truth by its ankles and drag it through main street, you have my word!" Filling and sealing the dossier again, he tucks it into his pouch, stands quickly, bows dramatically, then turns to leave. A large hand however, holds him back and he flinches and spins to see Zisu already standing behind and catching him. How she had done that so quickly and quietly was a terrifying mystery he most likely wouldn't solve.

    "...off the record, O'Connor?" She asks and he gives a silent nod. "...something doesn't sit right with me about this. Open and shut or not, take all this with a grain of rock salt... and please, like I said, give me a reason to trust you like the Professor does."

    Carson blinks twice, then gives a charming smile and winks.

    "Trust me Captain, by the end of this, you'll have nothing for me but praise."

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    Magnus Larsen
    Fast Friends and Faster Enemies
    Jubilife Village, morning, outside The Wallflower

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Morning broke over Western Hisui, and Jubilife, true to its name, was always stirring. Magnus kept to himself that morning as he often did, a brooding figure seated alone outside The Wallflower, a hot beverage in hand, listening to the tink, tink, tinking of the nearby craftworks and the cries of Pokémon carried over the hills. Anvin, the village smith, was set to work on an order of Poké Balls for the day's expedition. Magnus side-eyed Anvin intently from his seat. The smith knew his craft well, and Magnus was both bewildered and curious about the construction of these mysterious devices, seemingly designed from nothing but apricorn skins and tumblestone. Like many new settlers, he was still waiting on his chance to see the Poké Ball in action.

    Perhaps that chance would present itself on today's mission. Until now Magnus had been tasked with missions better suited for errand boys—delivering food rations to every door, chopping wood or picking apricorns, and though he accepted these tasks without complaint, the lack of trust diminished him. But today he would put his strength and wisdom of the wild to adequate use. He must search the nearby fields for Pokémon until he found a species that could be put to work in whatever form he deemed sensible, so that it may be studied. By his way, it would not be simple; it took much time, skill and training to domesticate the Lycanroc back in his home country, and any Pokémon that had not been bred to obey were hunted or fled from. And yet this new invention, the Poké Ball, was said to achieve all that in a single catch. Magnus couldn't bring himself to believe it.

    A wriggling motion beneath his poncho told him that Liesel was awake. She emerged scruffily and perched herself on his shoulder, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. As she looked about and chittered, the villagers nearby took a deliberate step back, for in their minds, Pokémon were volatile, dangerous creatures, and nothing they had ever seen or heard about resembled this peculiar Sentret. Among these villagers was a small girl who Magnus recognised as farmer Iori's daughter. She stopped by The Wallflower every morning just like Magnus did, staring quietly, tilting her head and frowning as if Magnus were a puzzle to be solved, and it made him feel very out of place. Usually, whenever Liesel appeared, the girl would flee. Today was different.

    Magnus perked up at this change. His gentle, soft-spoken manner never failed to earn the friendship of the village children back home; it was a familiarity he longed for, a sense of community, and so he smiled kindly when the girl stayed. He took a handful of apricorns from his bag and placed them on the table, catching the girl's eye.

    "Do you fear my friend?" he said. The girl was silent. "Watch closely, then."

    As he said this, Liesel caught scent of the apricorns. With her bushy tail swishing eagerly, she leapt down onto the table and promptly stuffed the large fruit into the cheek pouches lining her mouth, until her cheeks ballooned out, peeling back her lip to reveal her incisors in a goofy smile. In that moment she looked decidedly less intimidating. Magnus added to the effect by puffing out his own cheeks, until at last the little girl laughed.

    Indignant, Liesel flicked her tail at them and scampered off.

    "My name is Misaki," said the girl, stepping forward. "It means 'beautiful flower'. What's your name? Is that Pokémon some kind of Bidoof?"

    "Leisel is a Sentret. They are common like Bidoof in my country. But not as stupid," he added in a playful tone. "And my name is Magnus. It means 'great'."

    "Great? Like the big kind? Because you're really big. Do people ever mistake you for a Pokémon and throw Poké Balls at you?"

    Magnus laughed from the depths of his lungs in a short burst, startling nearby villagers. "I have not heard this one before," he said, feeling self-conscious. "Maybe they will."

    Misaki appreciated being humoured by this shy giant and warmed up quickly. "What's it like being a giant?" she asked in all innocence. "Can you see all the way across Hisui?"

    Magnus leaned forward mysteriously and answered, "Maybe so. Would you like to try it?"

    "Can I?"

    When Magnus stood, towering near double Misaki's height, she had to crane her neck in the manner of one gazing up at the stars. Then he lifted her to his shoulders, and suddenly, in her childish imagination, she could almost reach those stars. She gasped and laughed until Magnus chuckled with her.

    "I can see all the way to Kanto!" Misaki triumphantly cried.

    "And what do you see there?"

    But their pretence was cut short when Misaki's name rang out from the terrified voice of her mother. "Misaki! Misaki, get down from there! Put my daughter down! Put her down!"

    The small woman brandished the end of her broomstick at Magnus with not a trace of hesitation. The whole village fell silent as onlookers approached in alarm. Magnus felt their eyes on him. With great deliberation and not a word in his defence, he lowered Misaki to the ground, where she was hastily ushered behind her mother's skirt. He then bowed in solemn apology. The goodness of his intentions had blinded him to how things must have appeared.

    The woman saw nothing good in him. "This is not your village! You do not come near our children!" she scolded. "And keep your filthy rat away from our food!"

    Misaki stole one last apologetic look at Magnus before she and her mother disappeared into their home.

    The village remained agonisingly still until Anvin stepped forward and shattered the silence. He thunked a bag down on the table, grunted "Three Poké Balls—that's your ration, don't waste 'em," and went straight back to work.

    Magnus clenched his jaw, swallowed his pride. He swiped the bag off the table, tossed down a few coins, and marched on, eyes set squarely on the path to Obsidian Fieldlands.
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    • they/them
    • Seen Apr 19, 2024

    xx --------- C H R I S

    .: Early morning, "vaguely autumn"

    The tea is cold already. Chris sighs. It's not like them to get distracted so easily. But Kija goes on and on, and for some reason, it's difficult to eat, drink and listen at the same time. Is that bad? That's probably bad. They need to get better at that.

    And to stop worrying about things you can't affect here and now.

    Yeah, yeah.

    Kija finally pauses to breathe, and Flip, maybe seeing the bother in his sister's face, takes the opportunity to jump in and ask if his wife would like another scone. Food usually distracts her, and it works this time too. Chris has to keep themself from sending an obviously relieved smile in Flip's direction, before they pick up their teacup again. It's cold and bitter, but not bad. Flip knows how to brew it well. Apparently these tea leaves are favorites from the Pearl clan.

    "So when are you heading out, next?" Flip asks when Kija actually disappears into the house for a moment, to fetch more marmalade.

    "I'm not on an expedition currently," Chris replies. "There are several major ones coming up, but I'm..."

    "Still waiting to get promoted."

    Chris shoots him an annoyed glare, but quickly softens. "Well. Yeah."

    "But you have to work in the meantime, don't you?"

    "There is plenty of work to be done in the town, especially for the Supply Corps."

    "But that's not what you like." He leans in over the table and smiles knowingly at them. "That's not what you're like. You're gonna go stir crazy before too long."

    Chris just keeps sipping their cold tea and looks away. He's right, of course. But if they get put as second-in command on yet another expedition, they're going to go crazy for other reasons. They have to prove themselves here and now, it really is about time. They have been a Lieutenant for years, but the Major rank is just taunting them at this point.

    Kija comes back, her long blonde locks shining in the morning sun almost as brightly as her smile. She dumps a marmalade jar on the table, and starts talking again.

    "By the way, Chris! Since you're not on an expedition right now, wouldn't you like to join us on something calmer for once?"

    "Like what?"

    "The Survey Corps discovered a whole new patch of Sitrus berries to the north! It's as if it's sprung up in the past weeks alone, it's really strange. Anyways, we're really just going to go there and take some plants to move to our farms, since the Survey people said the berries on this strain was huge! Maybe you can come with us and help pick the berries? They might fall off as we transport the plants anyways."

    Chris blinks. Berry picking. That is about as far from what they want to do as is possible. They glance at their brother, but he looks strangely encouraging, as if he actually thinks this is a good idea. It will get them out of the town, at least.

    And further from the next promotion opportunity, again.

    Maybe they were just doomed to be a Lieutenant forever.

    "I'll... Think about it," they finally relent, and stand up. "When are you leaving?"

    "Just after lunch. It's really not far, and we're taking the big card with Kindheart," Flip informs.

    Chris raises their eyebrows. They know that the lone Mudsdale the Agriculture Corps have is very friendly and helpful, and actually has changed several villager hearts from fearing every pokémon. But to use that exceptionally strong pokémon for a rudimentary mission like this? They suppose that the Agri Corps must simply not have much else going on right now, that Kindheart would otherwise be useful for.

    "I'll think about it," they repeat. "Thank you for the scones... And tea."

    Kija's smile and golden locks beam after her sister-in-law as they leave the sweet house to go back into the center of the village.

    You'll get ridiculed if you go on a simple berry picking mission.

    No, that's a ridiculous thought in itself. Everybody here has to do their part to make Jubilife prosper. Even if it means picking berries for a day. If they truly deserve a promotion... It will come their way. Some day.

    Besides, Absol will be really happy and maybe not even anxious for a moment, knowing that they'll be heading out to do something as simple and safe as this. After all, they're moving some berry plants. No dangerous or challenging things mentioned anywhere. What could go wrong?

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    xx ------- C H R I S

    .: Early Afternoon, somewhere in the Obsidian Fieldlands

    A few hours later, the Mudsdale is trampling steadily northwards, eight humans and plenty of gear and baskets in the big wagon behind it. Mudsdale doesn't seem to mind the big load. In fact, from what the villagers have noticed so far, the large pokémon is probably capable of pulling much higher loads without breaking a sweat.

    Pokémon really are majestic and powerful, Lieutenant Arall muses as she watches the creature in front of her calmly trod on. Well, some are. She glances to her side, where her brother's and his wife's companions sit. Like two excited kids, they're leaning over the wagon, taking in the beautiful environment that is the Obsidian Fieldlands as if it is the first time they're seeing it. The Bulbasaur makes small cooing noises every once in a while, and the Marill keeps pointing at things that Chris doesn't quite understand the charm in. They're rather endearing either way.

    She can feel her brother's stare on the back of her head after a while. But when she turns around, he's looking away. Smiling, though. Yeah, yeah, he got her out of the town. She isn't ready to admit that it made her feel better, because part of her does want to keep being grumpy and bothered about her situation. But another part of her is grateful.

    "How much longer?" she asks over her shoulder.

    "Should only be a few more minutes!" Kija announces confidently.

    The blonde is on this expedition today officially to show the way for the Agri team, as a member of the Survey Corps. But it is pretty clear that she also just really loves getting a chance to work together with her husband, and for this small mission nobody saw any reason to object her request as she wasn't immediately needed elsewhere.

    Chris isn't really annoyed with her sister-in-law. Not really. She can see how happy she makes Flip. And when Kija puts on her professional shoes, she can really be dependable. That switch impresses Chris every time she saw it. From a ditzy chatty-mouth to a focused member of Galaxy Expedition.

    Well, Chris has a switch of her own, of sorts. Time to flick it.

    "That's gotta be it!" one of the Agri members says as Mudsdale reaches the top of a hill, allowing them all a view of the other side.

    Dotting the vast grassy landscape are a few thickets of trees, each one lined with bushes of what looks to be unusually large Sitrus berries, as advertised.

    "Right. Let's do this efficiently, and we will be back in Jubilife long before the daylight is out," Chris declares loudly.

    As they reach the thicket, the Lieutenant takes charge of the overarching plan, but leaves the details to the Agri members to work out between themselves. She recognizes very well that she isn't an expert on their specific tools or procedures for moving plants, and is wise enough to not try or pretend that she does.

    She does notice Kija sneaking away after mere minutes, her Marill wiggling along after her. Seeing that the Agris were getting started without problems, and not feeling worried in general, Chris simply decides to follow the curious blonde rather than be overly strict.

    Running through the midst of one of the patches of trees and bushes is a small creek. Kija has sat down by the edge of it, and Marill is carefully dipping its feet in the water. Chris approaches slowly through the tall grass from behind, but she makes sure to clear her throat, as to not startle the other woman.

    "Look!" Kija exclaims happily. "Marill found a river! It's probably watering all of these bushes nearby, don't you think?"

    "Yeah, that seems likely." Calling it a 'river' is a definite overstatement, Chris thinks, but she doesn't say that. "I suppose they'll have to ensure there is enough water for the plants back at the farms, if they want them to grow as big berries as here."

    "I wonder where it originates," Kija ponders out loud, turning her gaze upstream. "This is out in the middle of nowhere."

    "Yes... The plants were lucky," Chris agrees.

    Kija shoots back up then, excitement in her eyes. "I'm going to go look! You're coming?"

    "Look for what?"

    "The origin!"

    And she sets off around the thicket, Marill once again struggling to keep up behind her. Chris sighs.

    "No, we should keep the group together!" she calls out, but it is too late and the other woman is already out of range, at least too far away to feel compelled to obey.

    So much for 'dependable'.

    It doesn't take Chris more than a second to decide to follow her sister-in-law once more. They should stay together. But she has a good reason for not being worried right now, so she takes the chance. It is such a harmless mission, after all.


    They half-run through the tall grass along the small - really tiny - creek, eventually walking uphill. Chris keeps turning around to keep an eye on where the Mudsdale and Agri members are, but as they pass more thickets and ascend further, it's getting more and more difficult to keep them within her sights.

    "Kija!" she finally calls out at the edge of a particularly dense patch of trees and bushes, rather sternly.

    Thankfully, the blonde is stopping at that, and blinks back at her. Neither of them are out of breath from the short trek. Chris keeps her body in good shape and Kija is Survey Corps; many of their members downright have trouble sitting down for any longer duration, from Chris' experience.

    "I think we're almost there!"

    "You think? You don't have any way of knowing that," Chris says, slight annoyance in her tone now. "Need I remind you that this isn't a Survey expedition? This is an Agriculture mission, and the job is being done back there, right now. We need to go back to them."

    "You really don't have much of a sense of adventure, do you?" Kija pouts, but before Chris can flare up or object, she continues more diplomatically. "Alright. But I will note this down and come back here later with some Survey pals!"

    "That sounds good," Chris says, restraining herself from saying something more harsh.

    She takes a few breaths, allowing the beautiful scenery around them to calm her down. The sun is lazily shining over the afternoon landscape, a few thin clouds fluttering by in front of it but barely weakening its rays. They can see pretty far from here, but not quite all the way to Jubilife over all the other hills between them and civilization.

    "Look..." she begins, feeling like she should try her best to keep a good relationship with her brother's wife after all. "We each have our roles, Kija. Yours is to explore, I get that. Mine is... To organize and keep things and people where they need to be. Sometimes our roles clash."

    Kija looks downright sad at that statement, which tugs on Chris' heart a little. She didn't quite meant it like that.

    "That doesn't mean that you and I have to clash, right?" the blonde asks.

    Movement in the corner of Chris' eye. A glimmer of red, and rustling in the wind of long fur.


    "We need to go. Now."

    "I hear you, I just want to know you heard me! We're friends, right?"

    The Lieutenant grabs the explorer by the hand and starts to descend the hill again. "Pick Marill up, it's slower than us."

    "Uh, Marill? Where did she go?"

    Kija wrestles herself free of Chris' hand and dashes back upstream, calling out for her companion. Chris doesn't follow. Instead she turns to the side and sees the warning sign in full now, some tens of meters away along the side of the hill.

    The horn held high, eyes blazingly red, white fur risen with emotion.

    It's too late.


    The sudden booming sound is deafening, and hits Chris before the tremors from the ground do. She nearly falls to her knees, and as she looks up, the burst of water is heading straight for her. She's swept up and away by something else, milliseconds before the water reaches her though.

    Scrambling to get straddled, and holding on to white fur for dear life, she barely has the presence to breathe as they leap away, running downwards and sideways to try to get out of reach of the flood, and beat it in the race.

    "Quick... Quick Attack!" Chris manages to yelp.

    Her savior hears and she knows that he accepts that this is not the time to conserve energy - but to use it.

    She feels his body tighten underneath her, and the world becomes a blur. Each leap is longer, faster, supernaturally enhanced by the immense innate power only possessed by monsters of the wild.


    ... x​

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

      [tab=PostBody7-1][/tab] [tab=Pokemon7-1][/tab] [tab=Journal7-1][/tab] [tab=Inventory7-1][/tab]

    Part 02 - Mr. Cratesman, New World Mogul

    "On my first official stroll through Jubilife while on the job, I felt as if I developed a new understanding for the people's way of life on that newly busy promenade. Don't misconstrue my meaning mind you, I was an outsider still, through and through, but I see things different when glancing at them through the eyes of an observer, as opposed to when I'm busy at work.

    You might think perception is a matter purely developed on instinct, but this isn't true. To deduce, one must understand, to understand, one must first notice. To enter into a state of activated awareness is a talent nigh required to master my profession... and one a number of my contemporaries, somehow, never develop at all."

    Carson's well made leather boots strode firmly upon the dirt path of Jubilife Village main street. Various uniforms and outfits flittered by, some civilians sure, a few children as well, but the vast majority bore the brightly coloured and clearly marked uniforms of the Galaxy Teams various corps. Kantonian in design, the uniforms were layered vestments of overlapping fabric each with a rather specific feeling to them. To Carson, however, they seemed loose at best and not as rugged as he should like his clothing to be. He was a man who often found himself in strange and untoward situations so an outfit with a bit more weight and durability to it was essential. In truth, perhaps, these outfits possessed as much by a different means, but he was too stuck in his ways.

    As a consulting detective he had argued he shouldn't be counted officially amidst the corps regardless but that idea was rapidly shut down by one presiding leader, Mr. Kamado. On paper, he was part of the security corps, though lacking rank to allow him freedom of method and action. He only technically had to answer to Captain Zisu or Old Boy Kamado himself, Laventon's reputation afforded him quite a bit of sway when he thought about it... and the fact he was the only member of Stoutland Yard, former or otherwise, who would be willing to cast so far out into the unknown almost certainly afforded him a boon. For his part he wore his classic apparel. A brown trench coat, heavy and sturdy, built of leather with a thick cotton weave applied atop, sturdy and functional with many pockets... an of course his favorite deerling stalker hat, the mark of a hunter and one of outstanding focus and perception, though unlike the fellows back home he had no interest in hunting deerling, only the truth.

    As some sign of rank for the people to recognize him, he wore two custom pins upon his lapel, one bearing the symbol of the galaxy team, marking him as a corps member... the other a six pointed star bearing the insignia of a crown within, his old badge denoting him as a detective in Galar, a symbol enough people would recognize in the village to allow them to understand his role and that he was on the job.

    His eyes flittered about to take stock of the people walking the street that day. Near the gateway to Obsidian Fieldlands there was a striking streak of red. Large workhorse pokémon, small cart, partner pokémon in tow, three individuals, baskets. Out to gather food, or uncover trinkets, supply corps perhaps, or member of the survey team, could have been either.

    In a different direction, a mother, distraught, eyes filled with doubt and hints of fear. Little girl being nigh dragged behind her, guilty, frustrated, sad. Their emotions told a story, one he might have been interested in, but there were no other obvious signs of distress. No injuries, no blemishes, not even a ruffled frock, there had been no altercation. The childs negative emotions were told by occasional glances to the mother, the frustration rose in that moment, hints of guilt bubbled closer to the surface. A misbehaving child? There was more to that story but...

    By... what was it the locals called it... Almighty Sinnoh? Sure. By Almighty Sinnoh, he couldn't have given a patrats bollox about something so mundane. Full glad he was to have been given a case immediately, there was nothing to be found here today that could draw his attention for more than a passing moment.

    A few audible gasps rang out for a moment and O'Connor nearly took response, but as the tell tale sound of tiny wings rang in his ears, he knew it was not a remark of any major worth. No, it was instead the sound of the frightened populace watching in sheer terror as the monstrosity that was his tiny pet bird flew down from wherever he had been dashing around to perch on his shoulder.

    Arrow opened his beak and let out a tired squeak before stretching his little wings and furling up into a little ball of feathers and fluff on Carson's shoulder. Once settled, he used his beak to nudge the brim of Carson's cap back, so he could better see his human companions face. Carson never understood that particular practice, far harder to read the feelings of a pokémon with his powers of observation, but it was clear even to him that it brought Arrow some form of comfort to meet his gaze. With a small wink, Carson absentmindedly start to ruffle his fingers into the scruff feather collar of around his friends neck and Arrow cooed appreciatively. A number of villagers who had been watching with concern started to filter away, leaving only a few judgmental or curious glances remaining.

    "Goodness, for new world travellers, they're rather terrible at grasping the new world, are they not chum?" Carson had no idea if Arrow could understand him properly or just get some basic ideas and commands, but it was still very pleasant to have an audience for his rambling. With his other hand, Carson retrieved the case dossier from his pack and gave it one more brief once over. "Right-o! Cooper Cratesman, let's pay him a visit eh?"

    Carson stepped down the rough hewn path towards prelude beach. The wooden dock was busy today as well, a ship from Kanto was currently docker, curiously designed thing Carson thought, like their differences in clothing the Kantonians preferred a somewhat more elegant and less robust design for their seafaring vessels. Some few sailors were carrying barrels and boxes galore from the ship and placing them down upon the rickety wooden platforms below. Carson immediately noticed traces of a net mesh reflecting speckles of sunlight through a crack in the wooden slats of the largest crate, whereas some others lacked the quality and were handled with less care, as if the contents were sturdier than the aforementioned. A shipment of produce then, for the first, his initial guess was construction supplies for the second... but as a crate was placed down, a few white sprinkles slipped out the side, floating now idly on the waters surface and drawing a small orange pokémon, bereft of scales and fin to hungrily snap them up. Rice, then, this entire shipment was a food delivery. Which meant...?

    Standing at the head of the sailors was a spindly man, tall and wiry, his white hair denoted his age and sat in a messy poof upon his somewhat long head, to Carson it looked like a rather pale carrot top. He dressed lavishly and not fit for work, clearly a supervisor and not an actual sailor. His long purple coat was decorated with the typical fair, some creatures fur here, unnecessary fabric embellishments there. No pockets? Ridiculous. Every coat needed a good pocket. As this man, so inefficient as he was, spotted Carson, the wide smile of a negotiator spread and his expensive black felt boots started marching across the dockyard towards the detective. For such expensive shoes, the bottoms were caked with dry mud stains, which Carson thought was strange for a day as dry as this.

    "Mr. Cratesman! I presume?" Carson greeted fondly and extended a hand to shake, which the gentleman before him gladly agreed upon. "Well well! You must be Mr. O'connor! A pleasure to meet you old boy, glad to finally see someone with a bit of dignity to talk to on this barren rock eh?" The accent was undeniable. This man was Galarian as well, old Galarian. Lovely.

    "I suppose so sir, but I'd not write it off yet." Carson gave a charming wink and two finger salute, before almost spinning around Cratesman to approach the dock instead. The older gentleman, immediately confused and turning to follow the strange motion, immediately struggled to match Carson's pace. "Er, y-yes, quite... where are you going man?" He spluttered as Carson touched down on the wooden dock proper, looking at the crates mentioned prior. Without responding, Carson immediately dropped down to a squat, causing the already baffled Cratesman to momentarily stagger back. "W-What are you-" But before the question could be repeated, Carson gripped the largest crate and hoisted it up in his arms.

    "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" With a groan of effort that caused the sailors to pause and Cratesman's jaw to drop, Carson managed to hoist the crate above his head, arms shaking as he maintained the squatting pose and went slightly red in the face.

    "....young man!! What ARE you doing?!" Cratesman face began to turn red but for an entirely different reason. "Are you the detective we called for or some... some sort of circus?!!?" Carson heaved a sigh of relief as he lowered the box down below and took a moment to catch his breath. "Goodness me chap... a clown maybe, but not the... the whole circus... Goodness those are QUITE the hefty cargo." He straightened up, cracking his back a little as he stood to his full height again, the dumbfound Cratesman still staring on. "Well... of COURSE they're heavy, they're packed full of produce and seeds, these things are expensive to transport so we pack them to the brim. That would be why it's problematic that they're vanishing and my investments are being wasted."

    Carson quickly raised both hands with two fingers pointed upwards, a double eureka moment as he spun on his heel to face Cratesman again. "Exactly, so consider this! Heavy crates such as these being absconded, it could only be one thing! The clues all point to this... a massive bird pokémon, the likes of which we've never seen, strikes by night and carries your crates away! To feed its nefarious young no doubt!" The dock goes quiet as a salty sea breeze whistles between the pair of Galarian men, before Cratesman, incredulously, responds. "That... that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Why on Earth... HOW on Earth could that even...?"

    "No? Hmm... I felt quite confident there too..." Carson rubbed his chin and furrowed his brow. "I suppose you must be right then, these crates, once of which a grown man such as myself can barely lift alone, must have been taken by a spindly native girl in her mid teens." Cratesman's face began to flush with anger again and he furrowed his brow for a very different reason.

    "Now you hold on there just a moment! We've not even discussed that yet, we've not discussed anything!!" He realizes then, how flustered he has allowed himself to come, then does his best to calm down. "I know the girl stealing these crates alone seems ridiculous boy... but that's where your little theory might hold some weight." He reaches into his pocket and produces a small felt sack, opening it up he shows Carson the contents. Therein, a small collection of black fur tufts. Carson raises an eyebrow inquisitively. "A toupee starter, for the gentleman? All the rage in Kalos."

    "No! You- Ugh, some seriousness please Detective? These tufts of fur were found at the crime scene, where the missing crates had once been."

    Carson takes the tufts of fur between his fingers to examine. Tough, coarse, certainly not the hair of a human, that was for certain. "A pokémon... hmm..." Carson mumbles, to which Cratesman emphatically nods. "She had some help, I'm certain of that. These natives are in tune with the pokémon here, collaborate with them without the use of poké balls. No doubt this 'Akalli' girl promised whatever beast once bore this a cut of the food. The greed of these natives, responding to our peaceful arrival with thievery, uncivilized wretches..."

    Carson gingerly places the fur back into the sack and takes it from Cratesman, adding it to his evidence for the case.

    New item added to the court record!

    Tuft of Black Fur:
    A tuft of black fur located at the scene of the crime. It's tough and coarse, definitely not human hair. It was almost certainly left by a pokémon, but the exact species can't be told from this alone.

    Carson crosses his arms, deep in thought. "Did you find this fur yourself? If not you could I speak to the one who did?" Cartesman smirks to the question, knowing something for once, Carson didn't. "Going to be a bit of bother on that request I'm afraid lad. Let me introduce you to your fellow detective." Cratesman reaches into the small pouch wherein he retrieved the felt sack and removes a rather embellished looking poké ball, to Carson's surprise. The black lining of the sphere was inlaid with traces of gold and as it burst open, the flecks of light from within formed a most bizarre looking creature. A living thing, presumably, but most alien. It resembled a pair of floating gears with eyes, perpetually turning in place and regarding Carson with a cold sort of calculation.

    "This here is Klink, the most obedient pocket monster you'd ever land your eyes on. Smart as an abra too, fully understand commands and can even make things float with a strange thing called 'magnetising'. A very useful fellow to have on board. Unfortunately, still a pokémon, so no means to answer questions." Cratesman seemed rather chuffed at his explanation, to which unfortunately for him Carson gave an exaggerated shrug and smile. "Well then I suppose my job just got a little more interesting Cooper old boy! Listen I've a request of my own then."

    Cratesman, after being dejected at his prized pokémons lack of impact, waved a hand flippantly in response, prompting Carson to continue.

    "For tonight, ensure the dock is clear of work and civilians. Criminals have a knack to return to the scene of the crime as the cliché says... and if I'm to learn anything more... then it seems I'll need an old fashioned stake out!"


    Species: Rufflet
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hustle
    Moveset: Quick Attack / Aerial Ace / Twister / Bulk Up / - / -

    Case Files:

    Case 01: The Evanescing Cargo

    - Part 01 - First Meetings


    Personal Effects:

    - Leather Briefcase
    - Deerlingstalker Cap
    - Stoutland Yard Badge

    Court Record - Case 01:

    - Case Dossier:
    A small folder received from Zisu upon Carson's first meeting with her. It describes the initial details of the case, including a report from Mr. Cooper Cratesman on the exact cargo missing, the last location it was seen, as well as the mogul's initial suspicions of the Pearl Clan girl, Akalli, as the culprit. The dossier includes a number of polaroids taken by the local photographer, recreationally, of Prelude Beach by night. The polaroid's captured a young woman with Akalli's likeness leaving prelude beach under cover of darkness.

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    ----The Kuzunoha clan. They've met with many people and seen many things, their ideals becoming more and more grandoise. Right up to today, when they've decided to mark their new location, right upon the gentle land of Jublife village.

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #1: Cater to the Audience!​

    "Thank you! I hope you can visit our show tonight!" Kasumi Kuzunoha, while the self-appointed 'boss' of the Kuzunoha clan, was always the brains of their M.O. Today, she and the other family members have deided to organize a show tonight in Jublife, as a part of their scheme to "energize them". While the good people trusted them enough for them to stay and have Kasumi be a part of the corps, they needed a better boost of their overall charisma. What better way than to capture the hearts of all those who will watch their show? Kasumi was handing out flyers to as much people as she could, from those who ran their own buisness, to those from the agricultural corps, to even kids who were playing around.

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #2: Care especially for the Children!​

    "There you go, sweetheart," she told a younger girl, handing her another flyer. It was a colourful, well put together flyer, with bolded, stylized letters that read KUZUNOHA as the title. "Be sure to have your parents accompany you, alright? It will be late after all." They both waved to each other as the girl took the flyer away, Kasumi giving her a gentle, warm smile.

    A small group of a few other kids gathered around, receiving flyers from Kasumi respectively. A wider smile was plastered on Kasumi. "We hope to see you all there!" she declared. Though the number of flyers she handed out was small, she welcomed them all with the same enthusiasm as the last. "With all of you around, tonight is going to be very exciting!"

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #3: Smiles are infectious! They go for miles!​

    But later that morning…

    "UGH! Tonight is going to rot!!" Kasumi eventually went back home, aka. the Kuzunoha base with her other members, and according to her, it was an underwhelming advertising venture.

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #4: There is nothing to smile about when it comes to a plan not coming together.​

    "We did hit a small village of sorts," said Shino, the level-headed acting Pokémon Tamer of the trope. "Our plan is still going steady, but we must be a bit more patient than we shot for—"

    "Are you kidding? You think I want to spend another single solitary second in this hole?!" Kasumi barked. "Here I thought Kanto was bad—Sinnoh is so damn cold, and the people here swarm up to you like rattata on rice. And don't get me started on the brats; they are just SO annoying."

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #5: Just kidding about #2. Never actually care about the kids. Aim for their parents' money.​

    "Maybe this village doesn't have much money after all?" Hana, the trope's magician, said with concern. "If it's too much of a pain, we don't hafta stick around…"

    "No… no, as Shino said, the plan has only just begun, so I suppose we must wait and see, said Kasumi. "Besides, remember our dream? We laugh all the way to luxury. Maybe to… Goldenrod?"

    "Hell yea! The big happenin' town!" remarked Julia, the youngest yet most talented acrobat. "Hav' ya seen them houses? Jus' as big as a Wailord's belly!"

    Kuzunoha Secret to Success #6: When someone compares something to a Wailord's belly button, take it as a good thing. When someone compares you to a Wailord's belly button, you might want to take it as a bad thing.​

    "Hey boss, what about all the security corps stuff? asked Fujiwara, the big, muscular, strongman of the family. "Never got any missions for a long while… I mean, Inreslly just want to, you know, punch somethin'. Or he'll, how about throwing people an' putting them some place else, think I'd ever get a chance to again?"

    "Auuuugh! Yeah, yeah! We joined that to so we'd get some extra fame and fun round' here!" said Julia, pouting. "But all we've been doin' was patrollin' and crap! B-O-R-I-N-G! No wonder we ain't known much around here yet, we didn't get any cool missions yet!"

    Kasumi crossed her arms and went into thought. After a while of silently pondering to herself… she gave a cheeky grin. "Don't you worry, Jul, Fuji, my dears. We are going to have a big mission soon, after all…"

    "Yeah?" Fujiwara replied, with an eyebrow raised.

    "My, my. Haven't you heard?" Kasumi began. "People are having a fuss about some mighty Pokémon, causing trouble after trouble for anyone passin' by. And we're just the ones to solve it. And once we do, think of the response—Whoa, mommy! These guys took down the big bad! and Whoooo we, we gotta see what else they can do now!"

    "Really?! Wow! Didn't know I was that amazin'!" Fujiwara asked with a wide grin on his face… but kind of faded after a brief moment. "Er, but boss, I didn't hear nothin' about any troubling' Pokémon…"

    "Of course not ya' big dummy," Kasumi pointed out after a sigh. She turned to Shino. "…Still got you know what?"

    "Big and angry. But not what I can't handle."

    "Good," Kasumi clapsed her hands. "Lean in close, everyone. I got a plan. The family all leaned in close. Their respective worried, confused faces all beamed gloriously like the sun. It's going to be quite the exciting mission today.


    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Mina Yan
    Construction corps
    Location: Jubilife Village
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Spoiler: Memories
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    The shrill cry of her alarm clock rang through Mina's office as it hit seven PM, bouncing on the desk for a few seconds, then tilting sideways, before eventually falling off of the desk entirely. Mina jolted awake, mumbling something about filing the right forms. As the sunset poured through the windows of her small, purple-carpeted office, packed to the brim with cabinets and bookshelves, the young clerk peeked her head out of the stack of papers surrounding her desk. She noticed the clock on the floor and sighed, giving it a little kick which seemed to shut the thing up. Yawning, she glanced outside and shielded her eyes from the now-setting sun.

    "Dusk already…? Guess the days have been getting shorter…" Mina mumbled to herself as she stretched her limbs. She glanced at the papers in front of her, now slightly stained with drool, and held her breath as she tentatively wiped the side of her face. No ink on it, thankfully - but the forms were still unfinished. She struggled to remember what they even related to or how important they were, but deduced that if she'd fallen asleep while doing them, it probably wasn't the most exciting.

    After a moment of consideration, she shrugged and got up. "Eh, I'll just do them tomorrow."

    She set the alarm back on the desk, covered the unfinished paperwork with another stack of documents, and grabbed her handbag to leave. Several of the other corps' members were packing up as well, getting ready to go home after a long day's work. As Mina closed her office door behind her, she heard Sanqua's voice calling out from the main desk.

    "Yan, a word, please? Shouldn't take long."

    Mina smiled apologetically and waved at her colleague. "Ah, sorry boss, can't do! I'm meeting someone; in a bit of a rush today!"

    Sanuqa squinted at her. "Hm. Seems to be the case more often than not."

    "Ah, well, what can I say- I'm a busy woman!" Mina responded and hastily waved the woman goodbye. "And technically not on the clock right now." she chuckled to herself as she left the building.

    Stepping outside, Mina could smell the aroma of Beni's fresh potato mochi as the Wallfllower prepared for the dinnertime rush of Galaxy Team members. Another benefit of being the first to leave work was that she would be one of the first to get there - which meant better seats, and more importantly, fresher mochi. Several other corps members were already gathered around the outdoor tables. Recognizing one of them as her friend, Mina took a seat beside a survey corps member who was telling a story to two Supply girls in front of him.

    "...and then, before it can get up, BAM! Gigaton ball right in the jaw, perfect catch. One Razor Leaf from Treb - with my expert leadership, of course - was all we needed to secure the objective. Pretty cool, I know."

    "Wow, congrats on the fourty-third Magikarp capture of your career." Mina snickered as she sat down beside him. "Soon they'll have to credit 'The Legendary Makoa' in the history books for everything we know about the species."

    The two girls Makoa had been showing off to laughed and the man slumped his shoulders in defeat. "Do you have to ruin every story I tell, Mina?"

    Makoa was a friend Mina had met during her earliest days in the Galaxy Team, before Jubilife village was even a proper village. Originally from Alola, the young man had moved to Hisui on the same day as Mina to become an explorer, and they'd stuck together ever since. After their training was complete, Makoa had enlisted in the Survey corps, and quickly risen up the ranks for his dogged determination to catch even most elusive of specimens - a quality which Mina always joked would get him killed one day, though he'd insist Hisuian Pokemon don't care for Alolan meals. Despite her worrying about the dangers of his job, the Survey corps was fitting for a person as stubborn as he was.

    "Aw, I'm sorry." Mina laughed, "I'm sure it was very dangerous."

    "It was!" Makoa protested. "And for the record, it wasn't a Magikarp, it was a Basculin. On Tapu Fini, those things can rip your arm clean off with a single bite!"

    Mina shuddered; "Okay, I didn't need that visual. Next topic, please."

    Makoa squinted at her. "Well what did you do today, then? I'm sure you've got much more interesting stories to tell, office girl."

    "Oh, absolutely." Mina nodded eagerly. "I finished drafting the pre-plan plan for the next farmland expansion, caught up on all the new applications to the corps, budgeted our taxes for the week…"

    Makoa made an exaggerated snoring noise and pretended to fall off the bench. "Oh yeah, real dangerous. I'm sure you've been risking your life budgeting for all those dangerous taxes."

    "Hey-" Mina put her hand on Makoa's shoulder, "If it makes you feel better, I'm glad you're doing the dangerous and exciting stuff. You wouldn't catch me dead near any of those gross fish-types, Magikarp or not. Or any Pokemon, for that matter."

    "Oh, come on. They're not all bad. Most Pokemon don't even pay attention to me when I'm surveying."

    Mina furrowed her brow; "That's because they're plotting to ambush you, obviously. Have you not read how Parasects stalk their prey?"

    "Yes, but most Pokemon are just... living their lives, you know." Makoa shrugged. "After a while, you realize they're not so different from us humans."

    Mina scoffed. "Yeah, you tell me that when you see me breathing fire out my nose.

    "Y'know, maybe you'd be a little less… judgemental of Pokemon if you actually took the time to interact with one." Makoa responded. "Maybe even get your own partner someday, like me and Treb!"

    Mina laughed and shook her head. "Hah. Like that would ever happen."


    Somewhere in the Obsidian Fieldlands, not far from Jubilife village, a recent Komala mother was slowly making her way down an Oran berry tree. The tree was home to many a species of Pokemon, from plump little Cherubis to hanging Burmies, and flying-types ready to snack on them both should the opportunity present itself. Thankfully for the Komala, she was not a participant in this predator-prey game - she was content with simply grabbing leaves off of the branches, softening them with her teeth, and passing them to the offspring on her back.

    She pulled a large leaf from a branch and chewed it a little, then slowly moved it to her back. Three little baby Komalas clinging to her fur, also fast asleep, clambered over each other to get to the leaf, crawling upwards in a trance-like state to get to the food. The first child would get his piece… then the second… and when the third Komala's turn came… none was left.

    On to the next leaf. Once again, the Komalas' mother reached out and pulled a large green Oran leaf. The brave little Komala was determined to get a bite in this time. As his mother moved the leaf to her back, he opened his mouth… before being pushed aside by his siblings. Again, by the time they were done… there was none left for him. Then the next leaf came- again. And again.

    The baby Komala was getting fed up. It let out a sad, frustrated cry, which seemed to fall on deaf ears, and sniffed around to see if it could get its own leaves. And that's when it smelled it - the most delicious, amazing scent it had ever experienced in its days-long life. It didn't know what it was, but it knew one thing: it had to have it.

    Higher above the tree, a Staravia was eyeing the Pokemon on the tree curiously; deciding in its next meal. There were a few Burmies hanging from the lower branches, but their rocky pelts seemed like too much of a hassle to peck through. A group of juicy Cherubis had taken residence in a section of the tree, but were being protected by a rather large Cherrim - not an advisable fight, at least not until sundown. This left one option for the bird Pokemon, the Oran berries. Not the most exciting meal, but it would have to do.

    As the mother Komala reached behind her back again with another leaf, the baby Komala completely ignored it. Instead, it began climbing upwards - towards the amazing scent. It kept climbing, and climbing, the scent was getting stronger by the second. He could practically taste it already! Then, with one glorious final push, the little baby Komala raised his claws high and opened his mouth, and dug into the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

    And then he felt himself fly up.

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Part 03 - Akalli, Dagger of the Pearl Clan

    "In my time as detective in Hisui, I met a number of extraordinary people. Some were geniuses in their field, some the hardest workers I've ever known... but others still were warriors with fire in their hearts. My mind and body are ever devoted to one thing, the pursuit of truth, but others find their ideals in less distinct places. There are ever those who desire something tangible, whose lives are devoted to singular unquestioning purpose that doesn't challenge the status quo.

    On that faithful night, searching for clues in what was turning out to be a more complex chase than my newly established employer would have me believe, I met one such person. The thorns upon a rose, yet who could have guessed the impacts young Akalli and I would make on each others lives?"

    Carson rather elaborately placed a small handkerchief upon the muddy ground, made an unnecessary bow for the cloths sacrifice, then placed his knee upon it in the moisture addled mud of Prelude Beach's surrounding areas by midnight. Taking a small pack from his coat pocket, he lights a match to illuminate the ground before him. Footprints from the past few days, many and muddled. Boots and work shoes from sailors were entrenched deep in the dirt, as he expected. Carson's behaviour on the docks earlier hadn't just been for show.

    "Goodness me chap... a clown maybe, but not the... the whole circus... Goodness those are QUITE the hefty cargo."

    Indeed, the cargo was exceptionally heavy and no carts were used to bring it to and from the village, with the path to the village being the only land locked means of moving to and from Prelude Beach. The photographs taken of Akalli showed her moving away from the beach, which meant she hadn't absconded via boat or some strange large pokémon of the sea. Such a creature would have left some signs of its presence regardless. The fur was something to consider, but Carson had never seen a water based pokémon large enough to ferry a human AND that heavy cargo with thick black fur.

    There was too much about this accusation, this case in general, that wasn't adding up. Thus, there was something he had to check for the sake of certainty.

    The footprints denoting the sailors work boots, the exact make and model he had taken stock of while bending to lift the cargo earlier, were clear amidst the muddle of other steps in the soil. They sunk a few inches deeper into the mud below, the extreme heft of the cargo the sailors were carrying weighed them down significantly, so it was only natural their footsteps left more of a mark. With that tid-bit of information confirmed, Carson instead moved to the location where Akalli had been photographed and while it took him a while to locate them...

    "Footprints... from sandals. Smaller than the sailors and workmen of Jubilife, they belong to a girl. The make and model of these soles aren't from Kanto, they must be hers." Carson mumbled to himself, rubbing his chin. He examined Akalli's footprints a few moments longer before raising an eyebrow inquisitively. "She... barely left a mark, yet these prints indicate her moving towards the village. No other prints in the area sinking deeper, so then..."

    It was exactly as he had suspected from the start.

    "The Pearl Clan girl... didn't take any cargo from the docks."

    His words cut short and his train of thought ended suddenly. There was a noise, he heard it, somewhere behind him something was rustling. A light shift in the branches of the trees. It wasn't the wind, he'd have heard the other bushes and brambles shudder at its approach. This was a singular shrubbery, roughly 6 feet behind him, two rustles and a crack, a branch snapping under foot. Small, the footstep was light, attempting to be quiet, but it hit a branch and alerted him. The momentary silence was rapidly passing. Was it a pokémon? No the sound was wrong, it was behaving too intelligently for aggressive types around Jubilife itself. It was human and it wasn't going to wait. Calculating distance, the size of the shrubbery used to hide and the density of the footprint, height was approximately 5 feet and 6 or 7 inches. If he got the trajectory right, then-!

    A humanoid form rushed out of the shrubbery towards him and in the exact same moment Carson stood grabbed the handkerchief below his knee and tossed it backwards. His approximation of his assailants height had been spot on, the muddy piece of cloth flew backwards and struck the approaching figure in the face, causing her to splutter and stagger as Carson whipped around fully and quickly leaped back.

    It was a young girl, native, Pearl clan symbols adorning a light uniform. Chestnut brown hair and serious dark eyes, a mask worn over the bottom part of her face to hide her breathing. She was used to being quiet, but not used to a target as perceptive as him. Physical description matched the dossier and polaroid pictures in his possession. He straightened up a bit and gave an almost painfully inappropriate bow for the situation. "Miss Akalli! I presume?"

    Recovering from her momentary fluster and tossing the handkerchief angrily to the floor, Akalli clearly wasn't in the mood for a conversation. She had a small wooden club in her hand, adorned with ceremonial designs and made to be light, yet somewhat brutally affected. The wood was chipped slightly at the key point of impact, she had used it before, she was trained to. Time seemed to slow for Carson as she made her approach and his eyes darted around the area surrounding them.

    The handkerchief was still on the ground, but too far away and, now, predictable. The mud on the ground was too thick to scoop up and throw quickly enough to avoid taking a blow. Nearby trees... a single branch had fallen and sat by the roots, forked at the end, fragile, small, not good for more than a single use, but possible. A number of repeated situations played out rapidly in his mind, different routes he could take to approach and retrieve his makeshift weapon. All of them ended with either he or Akalli getting hurt, unless he dodged at least one strike. Calculated risk.

    He stepped forward and to the right, towards the tree, playfully rolling his fists and hopping slightly in place as if he were to engage in a sporting bout of boxing at the Galarian ring. "A tussle is it? Alright dear girl let's get to it!" He took another step and she moved to rush him, goaded by his playfulness. His smile faded, green eyes focussed.

    "Left foot shifting, planted in the mud, ankle pressed downwards, anchoring herself against the slippery surface. Weapon ready, but lowered, no immediate threat, prepared for a follow up. Left arm tensing, muscles flexing, fingers curling. Left jab to right temple, followed by club to the stomach, strike to the head to finalize. Three hit knock out combo, weapon kept in my view to deflect my attention. Clever."

    Akalli swung her fist violently but at the last second Carson's head swiftly ducked down. She staggered forward with the momentum and Carson grabbed her readied weapon arm, using her own movement against her, he pulled and spun, sending her slipping behind him as he rapidly shifted passed her. As she recovered, he quickly grabbed the forked branch he'd seen earlier and held it behind his back, free hand moving to his chest as he gave another jeering bow. "Quite the dancer! But I took classes back in Wyndon you know?" As he mocked her further, his eyes staggered upwards to her expression... anger, frustration, fear. Desperation soon to come.

    "One step forward, purposeful, she means to charge, leap and slam. If being coy doesn't work she means to overwhelm me with her full weight and strike me. She's lost the upper hand and moves to swiftly regain it. Reckless, understandably so. To stop her without one of us getting hurt would be difficult, had I not prepared for this eventuality."

    Carson swiftly rose to full height as Akalli stepped forward and leaped up. "GRAAAAH!!" She gripped her club in both hands and with rage in her eyes moved to swing it down on Carson's head. Yet she hadn't seen his one time weapon, ready to be deployed. In a single, decisive motion, Carson struck upwards with the forked branch, not striking Akalli at all, but catching the wooden club between the forked ends. The branch, as he had surmised, was fragile and splintered apart on impact, but not before it knocked the club clean out of Akali's hands, leaving her floundering in the midst of an attack with no weapon.

    "...and now my coup d'etat!" With a small guffaw, Carson spun around Akalli as she fell towards him and hooked a finger into the collar of her uniform, rapidly tugging from behind her and causing her to spin backwards, her legs moving forward while her front was pulled behind. With a squeak of surprise she was sent sprawling, squelching down on her back in the wet mud below and instantly losing all momentum as the gloopy earth splurged out around her.

    Silence. Carson rapidly shifted his arms between three unique victory poses in the dead quiet, before putting a hand on his hip and lightly flicking the brim of his cap with the other. "... and so the curtain falls on our daring duet, quite the performance I must say!"

    Akalli lay in the mud staring up at the stars for a few moments. Baffled as to how any of what had just happened had played out as it did. "...gross. In so many unique ways, I am disgusted."

    Yet even as she finished a sentence, she started a little, as Carson swiftly squatted down beside her to look over her defeated form. In the same motion, he reached into his pocket and offered her a second, much cleaner handkerchief.

    "Now my Dear, Carson O'Connor, sole detective of Jubilife Village... I don't suppose you'd be willing to answer a few questions?"


    Species: Rufflet
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hustle
    Moveset: Quick Attack / Aerial Ace / Twister / Bulk Up / - / -


    Personal Effects:

    - Leather Briefcase
    - Deerlingstalker Cap
    - Stoutland Yard Badge

    Court Record - Case 01:

    - Case Dossier:
    A small folder received from Zisu upon Carson's first meeting with her. It describes the initial details of the case, including a report from Mr. Cooper Cratesman on the exact cargo missing, the last location it was seen, as well as the mogul's initial suspicions of the Pearl Clan girl, Akalli, as the culprit. The dossier includes a number of polaroids taken by the local photographer, recreationally, of Prelude Beach by night. The polaroid's captured a young woman with Akalli's likeness leaving prelude beach under cover of darkness.

    - Tuft of Black Fur:
    A tuft of black fur located at the scene of the crime. It's tough and coarse, definitely not human hair. It was almost certainly left by a pokémon, but the exact species can't be told from this alone.



    Princess Era 🎀
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    Evelyn Laurent
    17 - she/her - Security Corps

    🧭 - Jubilife Training Grounds
    "Alright alright, that was some good damage!"

    Shaula the Venipede nods back towards her trainer, clearly proud of what she accomplished. She's getting better at building momentum with Rollout and moving to an unforgiving Twineedle attack, and the mockup target she nearly knocked down surely must agree as well.

    "Might as well finish the job." Evelyn points once again towards it, a basic structure made up of two wooden poles and some rugs, and Shaula does as told. Looking at her, you can tell that time is a key moment to consider: Rollout needs to go for a while and not get interrupted before she can let go of that position and lift her feelers in position. But as long as she keeps working on that, she'll be fine.

    After a few more hits, the target goes down.

    You can tell that Evelyn is proud of her little Pokémon. Surely she didn't put much thought into it at first, when Shaula was only meant to be an added asset to get her into the boat to Hisui, and she only caught her and took care of her because of this. Any Pokémon would've been fine, also - at least, it's a way to get up the ladder and catch stronger Pokémon in the future, right? But now that they began to know each other more and work in the Security Corps, Evelyn and Shaula have become more friends than they've ever been before.

    And friends deserve a nice meal after a training session. Shaula gulps down the few Pecha Berries that Evelyn has on her quickly, without leaving anything but the stems.

    Compared to other Pokémon that are seen here at the training grounds, Shaula is not that strong and especially, not that large. That can be said about Evelyn herself, who is often surrounded, willing or not, by taller, older, smarter, or all-of-the-above-at-once people. She can't do much about it but give herself some slack, some room for growth, and yet all the stories about people relentlessly chasing down their goals and never giving up don't make it any easier for her. All of the peer pressure from her colleagues who have been on the job for longer also doesn't help. At least the broken target gives her some dopamine to keep at it and some reassurance to stay positive.

    Lately, Evelyn has found less of the missions she usually deals with, the ones she enjoys the most… or maybe it was the beginner's enthusiasm starting to wane. Either way, she's been appreciating more and more those peaceful training sessions, with not much to think about but her and Shaula's strength.

    After all… nobody can take that away from them.
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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Liliana Collins
    ch 1. "C a r r i e d b y a n o c e a n b r e e z e"
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    The ship rocked as it hit another wave. It caught her off guard, and Liliana had to grab onto the railing to stay on her feet. A cry rang out from behind her, and when she brushed the hair out of her eyes, she saw her small pink companion had fallen on her backside.
    "Oh, Pearly, be careful!" she said, and reached down to pick her up. The Hatenna struggled momentarily, but eventually relaxed when she was sat comfortably in Liliana's arms. The pair looked out over the water, taking in the sounds and scent of the sea, until they were interrupted by a voice coming from the bow of the ship. "Land ho!"
    Liliana drew a breath of excitement, and leaned forward to be able to see the island in the distance. Pearl was left hanging over the railing as a result, and struggled to get out of her arms again, back onto the deck where it was safer. Liliana smiled apologetically, but leaned over the railing even more.

    There it was. The Hisui region. New frontiers, new adventures… and for her to get to experience all of that alongside her Thomas. She felt excited, nervous and happy. In this moment, her heart was fit to burst. Yet, unbeknownst to her, the strong emotions swirling in her heart made the Hatenna by her side sink onto the floor a little.

    Before long, the ship docked, and its passengers started flooding onto land. Liliana was among the last to disembark, with only a leather duffel bag hanging from her shoulder, and Pearl once again held in her arms. Her feet followed her fellow travellers, but her eyes scanned her surroundings for a particular pair of brown eyes. She didn't find them.
    She supposed it was too much to ask for him to be waiting at the pier. It's not like he could know when she'd arrive exactly. In fact, over such huge distances, she couldn't even be sure her letter had arrived. In that case, she hoped he'd be happy to see her, even… she did sort of decide this on her own, after all.

    As they walked into town, more and more people around them split off from the group of travellers. They were welcomed back, greeted by loved ones, or recognized and pulled aside… but none came for Liliana. All the while she kept her eyes peeled, Thomas was nowhere to be seen.
    He must be hard at work, she thought. If he didn't know she was here, then he could even be out on a mission or something. Thomas was ever the diligent type, never took a moment to sit around, so it'd make sense if he wasn't here… right?

    Reaching the end of Canala Avenue, the group of travellers had almost thinned out entirely. The last remaining few seemed to lack connections here, so they headed straight for the large, brick building at the end of the street. Was this like city hall? Could she register as a resident there or so? But then, she might really need Thomas after all, to be listed under his name…
    The others started to head inside, but Lily was hesitant. She looked around quickly, and walked up to an older gentleman standing outside one of the near establishments.
    "Excuse me, sir, could I ask you a question?"
    The man wore a bandana over his head, and wore a simple blue hakama and a small apron around his waist. He looked up to her, but didn't respond, which Lily only after a second understood as a 'go ahead'.
    "Er, do you know if a man named Thomas Collins is here?"
    The man furrowed his brow and appeared to be racking his brain, but soon shook his head. "Can't say that name rings a bell. But I'm just in the business of potato mochi. I don't know everyone that works for the Galaxy Team." He gestured towards the building. "You're better off asking inside."
    "Right... thank you, sir." Liliana gave a slight bow in thanks, as she'd learned by now was customary, and hurriedly stepped away.

    She sighed. The tension was starting to get to her. Were there even that many members to the Galaxy Team? Was this not the small-town everyone-knows-each-other type of settlement? Could he really be out on a mission...?
    The pink ball in her arms suddenly perked up. She let out a small cry, and wriggled around momentarily. Liliana smiled weakly, and briefly held her a little tighter.
    "You're right, there's no need to worry. Of course the restaurant owner wouldn't remember Thomas, he's too stingy to eat out!"
    Her smile grew a little wider with her own joke, but it faded just as quickly. There was nothing for it but to stay positive... but that was difficult, when the feeling in her gut was making her sick to her stomach.

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    Tanaka woke early to take care of a new mission that was posted to the Professor's Board, she was wondering about the posting but had not gotten the chance to read it just yet.

    Slipping into the office hoping to go unnoticed but she was quickly spotted by the Professor.

    "Good morning, Tanaka!" He beamed at her, petting the Oshawott he kept in his office. "Is there anything I can help you with?" He questioned, his friendly smile made Tanaka instantly smile back at him and returned her gaze to the board. Her eyes scanned the notes on the board.

    "Berry Picking…I suppose that's always a good backup if my main objective fails…" She thought as her mind moved to the next mission.

    "There's always something haunting the village it seems and it's usually nothing…Next." She continued in her head as she shifted to the next one.

    "Finding a new base camp for the Survey Corps is probably not for me." She chuckled to herself.

    "A new cave system? I would prefer a partner in a cave." She shook her head and moved on

    "Ugh, I hate dealing with Diamond and Pearl clans." She grits her teeth a bit, looking at the last one.

    "Now, this seemed like fun, and she could meet and befriend a new Pokémon for her team! This was perfect!" She nodded and turned to the professor.

    "Could you give me more information on this angry Pokémon?" She asked Professor Lavington.

    "We are getting reports of an angry Pokémon who likes to make issues for the Explorers of your faction." He began "I don't have much of what it looks like other than It's rather tall for the area's other residents and its blueish…Do you think you can find it, Tanaka?" He paused. "I've been told it's been seen around the Horseshoe Plains." He asked her seriously.

    Tanaka Scoffed and chuckled. "Find it? I will find it and catch it!" She said confidently putting her hands on her hips and puffing out her chest, Lavington laughing as she did so.

    "Alright, jolly good then!" He smiled and returned to his desk. "Do be careful Tanaka, we have enough injured survey members." He told her.

    "I got this!" She spoke, leaving the Professors office. Counting her healing items and Pokeballs as she left the main hall.

    Glacier popped out from his ball and looked at his trainer with some worry, he trusted Tanaka, but a big Pokémon sounded scary to him.
    "It is okay, big guy. I am sure this Pokémon will be a cinch and we can get you a friend!" Tanaka said kneeling down to pet the Vulpine-like Pokémon.
    Glacier nodded and jumped onto Tanaka's shoulder as she began walking to the gates, snuggling into her scarf as he did so.
    Once she reached the gates she smiled at the guard and turned to face him.

    "Tanaka Sakamoto, leaving for a corps mission!" She announced to him, and the guard, in turn, nodded towards her, and soon she was off to the Fieldlands

    After some time traveling, she reached the Fieldlands, the wind blew sharply and rustled a chill down her spine as she shuddered.

    She took a hastily made map out and held it in her hand, running her hand along with the paper, mentally planning her way to Horseshoe Plains.

    "…Not too far." She spoke to no one, folded up the paper, and put it away, beginning to jog briskly, in hopes it was still asleep.

    Glacier kept up with her pace as they kept going as they closed in on the location, Glacier disappeared into the grass with every hop he made.
    She suddenly stopped and crouched, she kept moving but wanted to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to herself, crawling along with Glacier as she kept her eyes locked on any movement or something that was an odd shade of blue…

    It was early, only Starly seemed to be awake at that moment, their cries sounding near and far. Glacier's head kept on the swivel, more worried about being ambushed but kept going with Tanaka trying to be brave like her.

    She hushed him as she noticed a darkish blue blob leaning against the tree, it was asleep at least for now. She snuck even closer to it and with a ball in hand, she tossed it as hard as she could manage.

    It missed. It hit the tree above its head, and it groggily woke up pushing up against the tree with its arms as it got up to investigate the thing that just whizzed by its head. With its sleepy gaze, it looked down at the thing that hit the tree and saw the Pokeball.

    It instantly got upset and roared loudly out to the field in front of him, Tanaka bit her lip and tried to get back from it, its sharp eyes noticed her moving and it charged at her, tackling her and sending her back a couple of feet.

    Glacier shouted as the bug Pokémon sent her flying and got angry at it, barking incessantly.

    Heracross turned to Glacier and readied a Fury Attack and charged at Glacier.

    Glacier braced for impact as Heracrosses claws phased right through it. Both Pokémon were confused as they stopped and looked at each other.

    Glacier looked back at Tanaka as she caught back up, she was also a little confused at first but shook it off to order an attack.

    "Glacier! Use Sucker Punch when it tries again!" She barked out and watched closely, Heracross charged again and attempted to tackle the Zorua.

    Glacier's Paws began to be engulfed in a dark shadow, He reared back and slammed his paw into its face sending it back slightly.

    Heracross covered its face in pain as it stammered back, falling back onto his butt.

    "Follow Up with Shadow Sneak!" She commanded, Glacier's shadow grew towards Heracross as Glacier disappeared and tackled Heracross with the shadows around him. Heracross fell over onto its back. Glacier smiled as he landed the attacks.

    Heracross began to flee away, and Glacier gave chase as did Tanaka. She followed it up a hill as Glacier kept up. "Shadow Sneak again!" She commanded.

    The little fox Pokémon's shadow extended towards the Heracross and again slammed into the Heracross.

    The Heracross struggled to get back up as Tanaka tossed another ball as she lost her balance, twisting her ankle as she fell onto the ground.
    "Ahhh Damnit!" She squealed in pain, not realizing the ball hit the Heracross this time. The Pokeball began to shake as she turned her attention back to the ball, hoping the ball would work this time, unable to get up at the second.

    Annnnd It clicked! Heracross was caught, and the immediate danger had passed. Glacier moved back towards Tanaka worried about her ankle.

    "Glacier…Can you get the ball for me?" She gently asked her partner, he nodded and pushed the ball with the top of his head, it is rolling next to her as she held her ankle. "Thanks, Lovebug." She said petting his ears for a moment.
    She took the new friend's ball and held it in her hand as she tried to get up, holding her weight on her uninjured ankle.

    "Oh Okay, let's get back to camp." She said, taking a staggering step and wincing. "I will need the med corps to look at it…' She said, limping back to keep weight off the bad ankle as much as possible.

    It took a little longer than normal, but she did make it back to the camp, waving to the guard and winced again as she put weight onto her bad ankle.

    "I need to go home…" She said, shaking a little. The guard nodded and had Security take her back.

    She was taken to the front of the Lab, and she limped into the building. She made her way to the infirmary and took a seat.

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    Shirking to Study

    "This is quite interesting! Don't you think, Skit." Bo was laying in the dirt on their belly, a cloth pressed over their nose and mouth. Before them was a large purple flower and, at its base, what looked like pieces of something that had once been a Bug. On their back, they felt their Spinarak resettle their weight and chitter something that Bo took as agreement. It probably wasn't, but Bo took it as such anyway.

    Certainly, the flower was bright and beautiful. But in Bo's profession, you quickly learned that the most beautiful things were often the most deadly. Perhaps a layman or one of those foolhardy Survey Corps people might have dismissed the plant as simply another pretty flower. Bo, however, knew better.

    The sweet scent, the bright colouration - this plant had evolved to attract Pokemon. Many flowering plants did that, it was a great way to spread their pollen. The scattered remains at the flower's base suggested something more sinister was afoot though… and sure enough when Bo had spent several minutes in front of the flower, they had started to feel a little dizzy. That was why they were covering their face. Still, they knew they shouldn't linger merely observing for too long. They suspected that the pollen itself was toxic.

    That was quite intriguing. Such a thing wasn't exactly common. Bo theorized that the idea was to simply let corpses serve as fertilizer. That was not a very efficient way to propagate as a flower though. Bo suspected Poison types were probably immune to the toxin, they typically were. So Poison types could still spread the pollen. It was quite ingenious really. Or it would have been if there was actually any intent behind it.

    Bo had been hoping some stray Dustox or something would confirm their theory, but nothing had approached the flower and they weren't going to risk Skit's safety, just in case. They supposed they had better get a move on though. This wasn't the task they had actually been assigned to.

    Bo closed their eyes, feeling a surge of irritation that they were better served suppressing. No. Instead, Bo had been tasked with accompanying a Survey Corps group to a nearby tunnel that had recently been discovered. They had apparently drawn the short straw of being the troupe's medical officer for the expedition. Naturally, Bo had protested. Their brilliance was wasted on handing out bandages to spelunkers. They were much better served continuing their work back at the base. With the flower, at least, the trek hadn't been a complete dud. If Pessele or Kamado had found out how far Bo had strayed from the tunnel entrance though, there would be trouble.

    Bo sighed and stood up, stretching their arms to the sky. "Well, Skit. At least this wasn't a complete waste of my rather precious time. I'll take some samples from this plant back. I might even be able to use it to find a better way to treat Poison Powder or Stun Spore."

    Bo waited a moment for the affirmative chitter, but it didn't come. It was then that they realised they had been so absorbed in their annoyed musings, they had not noticed that Skit's weight was no longer on their back.

    Intuitively, Bo looked down for their mischievous Spinarak. It didn't take long to find him. Skit was at Bo's feet happily munching on the petals of the toxic flower.

    "What did I tell you?!" Bo exclaimed, slamming their palm to their forehead in exasperation. "Just because you're a Poison type doesn't mean you'll be immune to everything. Remember what I told you about those weird Pokemon in Alola?"

    Skin turned to look at Bo, head tilted to the side quizzically. He then quickly resumed his meal.

    "You're an annoying little bastard," Bo grumbled. "But I suppose that's why I like you."

    Bo knelt down again to secure their samples before Skit could devour the plant in its entirety. Then, with great reluctance, they would have to return to their actual job.​

    [float="Skit the male Spinarak (Insomnia) - Poison Sting, String Shot, Shadow Sneak, Leech Life]
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    Mina Yan
    Construction corps
    Location: Jubilife Village
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    Spoiler: Memories
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Despite her best attempts to stifle it, a loud yawn escaped Mina's mouth as she headed down Floaro Main street. The walk home from the Wallflower was pretty short, but the exhaustion she felt after a long night of dinner and drinks with the other corps members usually made the trip feel ten times longer.

    "Serves me right for staying up so late on a work day…" Mina mumbled to herself mid-yawn, stretching her arms.

    The streets were unsurprisingly quiet, with only the faint chirping of Kricketots and distant cawing of Murkrow filling the dead air. It was late enough now that the street lights had been turned off, and Mina could see the indoor lights of the houses along the road beginning to snuff out one by one as the villagers went to sleep. Now with only the moon left to light her way, she looked up at the night sky, marveling at the tapestry of stars before her as she walked. She'd never seen skies so beautiful even in Kanto. Mina felt a little silly thinking that, considering that it was the same sky no matter where she travelled to - but perhaps being part of the 'Galaxy Team' made Hisui's just a little bit sweeter.

    As she was looking up, a black, bird-like silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the moon, ruining the view. It was a… strangely-shaped bird. Mina squinted, wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her - for the most part it looked like a Starly or something, but in the front, there was a weird, quadruped shape hanging from where its beak was. Moreover, the bird's flying was less than elegant to say the least, as it moved up and down with its strange, lopsided head-thing.

    She was about to mumble something about Pokemon being weird and creepy as ever when suddenly the bird dipped lower to the ground, allowing her to see it more clearly: it was not one Pokemon, but two. The first was the bird, feathers ruffling and wings flapping desperately to keep its balance, and the second was a strange, small creature, covered in fur. It looked like the two Pokemon were fighting - no, wait, they were fighting over something in the bird's beak. As the moonlight gleamed onto them, Mina caught a glimpse of blue - it was an Oran berry.

    The young woman shivered; these Pokemon were willing to rip each other apart for a morsel of food… nature was intense like that. Regardless, she wanted no part in the matter. She stepped back and plotted to take another route home, glancing one last time at the two beasts before looking away.

    Then, a loud squawk grabbed her attention again. Mina whipped around and saw that the smaller furry Pokemon had now bitten into the bird, and it was attempting to shake it off with much more intensity now. After a few seconds of trying, the bird's wings glowed blue and it flapped downwards, whipping up a blast of air which kicked up the sand beneath them. This managed to successfully knock the smaller Pokemon away… and it began to plummet to the ground.

    Mina's eyes grew wide. With a split second of hesitation, the girl tossed her bag aside and bolted towards the falling Pokemon, arms raised, and threw herself to the ground where she thought it would land. She skidded along the dirt, kicking up dust which obscured her vision for a few seconds.

    As the dust cleared, Mina opened her eyes, only now noticing that she'd been holding her breath the entire time. Her hands were empty. She blinked a few times.

    Then, the wave of realization hit her - what had she done?! She had just jumped into a rabid wild Pokemon's grasp - willingly. A Pokemon she had just seen engage in what was probably a suicide battle for food - and had lost the battle, meaning it would be more than happy to have her as a meal instead. Her mind raced with stories of rampaging Ursarings tearing into humans with their claws, voracious Snorlaxes swallowing entire houses, devilish Raticates ganging up on unsuspecting travelers-

    She scrambled to her feet and looked around, trying to calm her nerves as much as possible. The Pokemon was nowhere in sight; there wasn't even a mark in the dirt where it would have landed. She hadn't felt it land in her arms either - perhaps it could fly after all?

    "Y-yeah, that must be it…!" Mina said to herself, exhaling shakily. "Either that… or I'm going crazy. And honestly, I'd rather take that second one right now."

    She gingerly made her way back to her bag and picked it up, then dusted herself off before heading home. She couldn't help but feel unnerved by the whole situation; why had she jumped in to save this random wild Pokemon, without even thinking? What had gotten into her? Maybe it was a trick from those awful psychic-types, or a dark illusion by a ghost - there was no way she'd have risked her life for some rabid animal otherwise. She shook her head and tried to shake off the thoughts.

    As she approached her house, she noticed her next-door neighbor, Mrs. Atagi, was preparing to turn off the outdoor light of her home. The elderly woman smiled and waved as she spotted her. "Hello, Mina. Coming home quite late today, no?"

    "Heh, I got a bit carried away and didn't see the time go by." Mina laughed sheepishly.

    "Bah, you young people have so much energy. Make the most of it, I say."

    "Thank you - I'd love to stay and chat, but I do have work tomorrow, so I'm gonna head straight to bed." Mina smiled as she opened her door.

    "Good night then, dear," Mrs. Atagi said, also preparing to head back inside. "Oh, and congratulations on the Pokemon. He's very cute."

    Mina held her smile for a second. "...haha, what?"

    She rushed into her home and slammed the door shut, breathing heavily as she tossed her bag down again and slowly reached behind her back.

    And she screamed.

    Mina's hand recoiled immediately as she felt a tuft of fur, and she began jumping around erratically to shake the thing off. She was too scared to reach backward again - after a few more attempts to throw the intruder off, she untied her belt and shook off her kimono, flapping it up and down and slamming it against the wall in a panic. A couple of seconds later, she realized the kimono was weightless - there was nothing on it - but now she could feel something on her leg. Trembling, she looked down, and her heart sank.

    Right there, clinging onto her with its claws, was the grey Pokemon from earlier.

    Her whole body trembled as she tried to smack the beast away with the Kimono in her hand. That did little more than cover the thing in dust; and as she stepped backwards in terror she tripped on the wooden floor panels, landing backwards onto the low table and knocking over the tea set on top of it. Mina raised her hand to hit it again but stopped herself - what if it attacked back?! Her chest was pounding as she watched the Pokemon adjust its grip on her shin, wrapping its limbs around and nuzzling its cheek into it.

    Mina took a moment to breathe as she stared at the creature. It wasn't moving anymore, and its eyes appeared to be closed - were they always closed? It almost looked asleep, its slow breaths and sluggish movements made it look that way; and its claws were sharp but not as painful as she'd imagined. Perhaps it was worn out from the battle earlier…

    "Okay, Mina, don't panic- don't panic." she whispered to herself and took a deep breath, finally feeling her voice come back to her. "You're alive."

    Being careful not to move her leg, she nervously scooted along the floor to the nearest oil lamp, then looked at the Pokemon again. She held up the light up against it, the lantern shaking in her hand. The creature was a lot smaller up close, now that she could see it, with fluffy grey ears and cloud-like tufts on its face, and its expression wasn't as ferocious as she'd thought, looking almost serene in a way, with a slight smile that made her think it was probably enjoying its sleep. In different circumstances, she might've even admitted that this thing was-

    "Grraaaa." the Pokemon opened its mouth and let out a high-pitched growl.

    Mina's eyes grew wide again; nope, nope nope, this thing was definitely terrifying. She gingerly placed the lamp back down on the floor and grabbed a wooden spoon from the table. Holding her breath, she attempted to push the Pokemon off her leg again - but with every attempt it would simply tighten its grip and stir uncomfortably in its sleep.

    "Think, Mina, think." she muttered as she looked around the house. "What was it looking for… oh!" She exclaimed as her eyes landed on the metal pot in the center of the room, containing the leftover Oran berry stew which Yorrich's wife had so graciously offered to make the other day. "Oran berries! Yes!"

    She shuffled her way over to the center of the house and dipped the wooden spoon into the container, then shakily held it up to the Pokemon's face. After a moment, the creature's nose began to sniff the air around it and its smile grew wider. As Mina brought the spoon closer, it opened its mouth wide and gobbled the stew, gurgling happily.

    "Yes!" Mina whispered.

    She dipped the spoon again and brought it close to the Pokemon's face, but pulled away before it could take another bite. As she'd hoped, the Pokemon briefly let go of her leg to reach for the spoon, gobbling up another serving before going back. Mina then tried a third time, this time bringing the spoon closer to the pot, in the hopes that it would just go for the whole dish instead - as it reached out and loosened its grip, she quickly slipped her leg out of her sock and scurried backwards, now finally free. The Pokemon fell to the floor alongside it, grunting as its head smacked against the pot.

    Mina let out a sigh of relief, "Ha, checkmate, you little-"


    She stopped as she realized the sound the Pokemon was making now. Curled up on the floor, still clutching the now-empty sock, tears were beginning to well up in its eyes. It was sobbing.

    "Oh, no no no no…" Mina instinctively began approaching it but quickly stopped herself. "I- you- no, just, please don't-"

    The crying was getting louder, as tears streamed down the little Pokemon's face. It wasn't even going for the food anymore. Mina's eyes darted around the room again, and landed on the giant pile of straw she used to start her campfires. She rushed to grab a handful of it and began stuffing her sock as quickly as possible. After a few handfuls it seemed to become convincingly soft, and the Pokemon's sobbing slowed down.

    "Okay, good. Good." Mina muttered as she stepped away again. Making sure to keep her distance, she slowly brought the pot of Oran stew down from its hook and placed it beside the Pokemon. It growled happily as it used one hand to scoop up the dish, slowly munching through it while the rest of its limbs held on tightly to the makeshift-leg.

    Mina slowly exhaled and sat down on her futon, eyes fixed on the eating Pokemon. All she had to do now was to wait until the thing wasn't hungry anymore, and then she'd open the door, it would leave, and everything would be fine.

    "Until then, I've got my eye on you." she mumbled, grabbing a broomstick and putting it between herself and the beast.

    It was gonna be a long night.

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    Sapphire Rose

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    Miyuki Sano

      Hisui Legends [M][IC]
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    The lily whispers

    A rigorous training at the practice fields during noon was the usual routine for Miyuki on most days. Mostly because mornings were just not made for her. When everyone had already finished their training, Miyuki had yet to get started. No one was surprised by this anymore, it didn't mean they had to like it. Still, despite the discontent they felt with their colleagues' lack of motivation, whenever she was training, she trained hard.

    "100… 101… 102…" Miyuki counted every time she finished a push up with her Growlithe partner on her back for extra weight, something that still earned her some glances here and there. Most villagers were used to the odd pair by now and the countless other corps members with their own partners. Something that still seemed impossible until not too long ago. The security corps especially felt like most members had some sort of Pokémon at their side. Miyuki was part of that corps. While she was reaching her 110th push up, her thoughts dwelled on how ironic that actually was.

    Her. Now part of a security corps. She was tasked with protecting the town, guarding its villagers all the while catching criminals as well. Anyone who knew who and what she really was or rather, used to be, would find that ironic and probably amusing. She let out a small chuckle of how ridiculous it all sounded. Not that any of that mattered here. She came here to start anew after all. To… lay low, preferably forever. It was laughable.

    The famous Phantom Thief Lily, master of disguises, mistress of the night, the woman who kept all of Johto on their toes as she escaped the authorities for countless years! Now simply Miyuki, a woman that was part of the security corps. A name that was as fake as this identity itself.

    Miyuki finished her push ups and got back up to crack her back. She had been living the life of a phantom thief for at least 10 years. The absolute thrill of always being one step ahead of that old fossil of a detective was partly what she lived for. She was long gone by the time they noticed the crime had taken place. Long gone before the items she stole had returned to their rightful owners.

    But now that thrill was gone along with her purpose. Now that she had been laying low here in Hisui, and had left her life behind… she couldn't help but wonder. She took out her katana and started swinging with it in coordinated slashes. This was the next part of her training while her thoughts kept dwelling on that very self same question.

    Her purpose. What was that now?

    Her plan was to build a new life here in Hisui but lately she had been wondering if this was even possible. Rumors of her endeavors as Lily had reached as far as Hoenn and Unova. Heck, she wouldn't even be surprised if they had reached the continent of Galar. It was going to take some time for this problem to die down, if… it ever would…

    Miyuki was in a new land, with no purpose and therefore no motivation. She was missing the thrill of her old life and-


    Miyuki's sword stopped only a few hairs away from the throat of her superior, staring at her with crossed arms and otherwise annoyed expression. Any normal person would have stopped the katana before even reaching that point but either Zisu had enough confidence in her ability to dodge or she trusted Miyuki's skills to the point she knew she was never in any danger. That, or she really didn't think too much of her skill. At any rate, Miyuki sheathed her weapon.

    "Please don't sneak up on me."

    "Then don't get distracted. If that sword reaches my throat ever again I will kick you from the corps personally. Understood?"

    "... I'll be more careful."

    "That's what I like to hear. Follow me."

    Zisu turned around to face the building behind her as she walked off, stopping only briefly to check if Miyuki was following her before disappearing inside completely. Miyuki sighed. What a drag… she wasn't done training yet. When she put her hands on her waist and shook her head, the growlithe beside her gave her a questioning look. Miyuki only shrugged back at it and followed the Corps captain inside.

    "... What did you need me for?" Miyuki sounded somewhat curious despite her uninterested tone upon entering her office. One that made Zisu immediately turn around to glare at her from which Miyuki turned away.

    "This." She sat down behind her desk and slit a few documents across it towards Miyuki. "I received reports of supposed hauntings at night. I'm taking you off patrolling today so that you can investigate these with Tristan."

    The name alone was enough to make Miyuki crawl in her own skin. Tristan was one of her more flamboyant colleagues and exhausting to be around with. Ever on the lookout to become higher in rank he was as opposed to Miyuki who didn't feel the need to. It would only complicate things for her if she attracted too much attention to herself by doing so. The fact Zisu knew her disdain for this particular fellow made Miyuki wonder if she was perhaps doing this on purpose.

    "Tristan has motivation and charisma but lacks your precise thinking and quick reflexes. You are the other way around. I would like the two of you to look at yourselves more objectively and learn from each other while working on this." she answered as if reading the mind of the younger woman in front of her. Miyuki could only sigh as she scooped up the documents from the desk. "Read those thoroughly. Tristan should join you at the practice fields at any moment."

    "As you wish, Captain…" Miyuki gave her a respectful bow and turned around to face the door.

    Just another regular day in Hisui…

    Miyuki's Party

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    Magnus Larsen
    Obsidian Fieldlands, late morning, by the river

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Hisui Legends [M][IC]
    Rodents always did have a strange affinity for Magnus. Perhaps they saw him as a formidable, mobile—and very comfortable—hiding place, free of any predator, which was certainly true for Liesel. He was her hiding place, her territory, and she refused to let the likes of Bidoof and Patrat muscle in on her good fortune.

    Magnus was not making this easy by feeding the little beggars. Here they were, lunching after the morning's trek, having found a pleasant, breezy place beneath an old oran tree that grew on the high point of the steep riverbank. The perfect respite for good eating and a moment's peace. Or so Liesel hoped. Then the boot-lickers came, with their big teeth and beady eyes glinting at her beautiful hiding place. How she hated when he fell for their cheap act. Tearing off his bread, offering it to them straight from his hand—he never did that for her! Well, not nearly enough, anyway.

    But all her chittering and bristling and teeth-scraping did nothing to deter them. She was no stuffing-filled puffball. If they wanted a fight, they'd get one!

    Just as she made to pounce a Bidoof and steal back her bread, she was caught roughly by the scruff of her neck. She squeaked. Then Magnus placed her down, away from the boot-lickers. She tried again, but this time he grabbed her tail, dragging her back. "Liesel, play nice," he said. He was making that annoying, breathy human sound that Liesel knew was laughter but always took as mockery.

    She narrowed her eyes fiendishly at the Bidoof. Then she looked toward Magnus like a child silently pleading for their father to take their side. "Play nice," he scolded again, to her great displeasure.

    Magnus payed the other rodents little mind as he packed his pipe and sank back against the tree. It had been an underwhelming excursion, but not unpleasant; the day was still young, and opportunities were sure to present themselves. Ideally not in the form of Bidoof and Patrat. The village had enough problems with them already, with how often they snuck in to raid unattended food supplies. No, he needed something that would prove him reliable, something to set the standard for how the village saw him. He still felt... purposeless, in this place.

    Chasing these thoughts from his mind, Magnus lit the pipe, savouring the warm, earthy flavours and musing over the puffs of smoke that coiled into the sky. But in that moment, his eyes fell upon a distant and eerie shape. His heart leapt, yet his body froze. Far off in the open air, beyond the slopes of Aspiration Hill, snaked the fading silhouette of a dragon.

    A surge of memories and emotions came rushing back, feelings that Magnus struggled to override with rational thought—that this ominous vision could not be a thing of his past, come back to haunt him. He tried to blink the figure away but it carried on toward the south-west mountains, now a streaming ribbon fading into the blue. Magnus felt cold. As cold as the memories. They prickled his skin like ice-water. But the dragon of his memories could not fly, he was sure of it. And it had been one of its kind. A god.

    When at last the serpent disappeared on the horizon, Magnus was released from his spell. He breathed sharply, rubbed away the cold, prickling sensation on the nape of his neck, and shook himself back to the present. The sighting must be reported.

    But something was amiss. The Bidoof and Patrat no longer bickered, they stood on guard. Then Liesel thumped her tail on the ground—a warning signal—and the rodents darted into tall grass. His eyes caught a flicker of blue. Magnus instinctively grabbed a fallen branch and sprang to his feet, seconds before a Luxio tackled him with fangs bared for his throat. He fell backwards, the branch his only barrier between life and death as he held it to his neck, fending off the savage Bite.

    Enraged, the Luxio, a young and tactless hunter, fought to tear the branch from Magnus's grip, claws digging their way into skin. Then came a shrill screech, and a sight that surprised even Magnus. Liesel sprang onto the lion's face, a tiny, shrieking menace scratching at eyes and ears. The Luxio rid her with one swipe of its paw, but that was all Magnus needed—and he swung his attacker into the tree.

    Now on two feet, he was ready for the next move. The Luxio was winded, as was its pride, but it showed no signs of relenting. It snarled. Magnus laughed. "Choose your battles wisely, little kitten!"

    There was a crackle, and from nothing, the Luxio's claws began to emit an electric glow. The static energy made its fur rise and seemed to double its height. This kitten was getting serious, but anger and wounded pride made wild things unthinking. Magnus would prove himself superior.

    He kept his back to the river, feet planted firmly on the ground, knees bent, waiting for the next flicker of movement. His fists gripped the branch tight. Then the movement came.

    Again he saw the fangs bared and seeking blood—the lion pounced, electric claws poised for the strike, and in that fleeting second of weakness, Magnus sidestepped the attack to deliver a blow that sent the Luxio tumbling down the river bank and into the river. There was a great splash, a choked howl, the buzz of electricity releasing into water. Magnus looked on as the Luxio scrambled for dry land on the opposite shore and ran without ever turning back.

    Liesel scurried up Magnus's leg and onto his shoulder to cheer their victory. He chuckled, ruffling her ears. "Come now—we should be grateful for our visitor," he said, short on breath and flushed from adrenaline. "Look at what he left us."

    Upon reaching the riverbank, his meaning became clear. Three Dewpiders lay half-conscious in the sand, immobilised. It appeared the Luxio's Spark attack had put a rather rude end to their feeding time. Magnus fished a Poké Ball from his bag, handled it with confidence, but promptly realised he had no idea what to do with the device in this awkward scenario. Did they require the force of a throw to activate? Could he simply bonk the spiders on the head? It seemed rather cruel. He suddenly felt grateful the only witnesses to this inadequacy were the Pokémon themselves.

    Then he remembered what the professor always told new recruits. That Poké Balls were never intended for hunting or slavery; they were a contract of mutual understanding, sealed only when the Pokémon could accept the worthiness of its capturer, or when they saw no other way out. Amazingly, this contract would never seal if the Pokémon was fainted, or already bound to a trainer. It seemed implausible, yet he knew it to be true.

    Thinking on this, Magnus crouched low to the helpless Pokémon, seeing in their faces that this was how they met their end. It was the same resigned defeat he had seen all too often in his past.

    "I feel ridiculous," he began, looking at each of them in turn. "But, I promised to change my ways. Maybe you do understand. When life offers you a second chance, you take it. So, my little friends, allow me to see you back to health."

    He flipped the locking mechanism on the Poké Ball, felt it whir in his hand. Then he rolled it to the nearest Dewpider. Upon collision, the ball snapped open and a flash of light erupted within it—this very light seemed to consume the Dewpider and absorb it into the ball with such speed, Magnus barely had time to blink before it clamped together once more. The Poké Ball jostled feebly. Once. Twice. Then the lock snapped shut.

    A moment of bewilderment, followed by a smile. The contraption worked! How it did was beyond him, but it worked. "Did you see it, Liesel?" he said, almost wishing for someone to share in this minor victory. Liesel just bristled and stared.

    He rolled another Poké Ball, then another. It was all a game compared to the gruelling methods he was raised with. Each was a successful capture to which he clapped for joy, not unlike a child at a festival game. It was all too simple. Laughably so. And just like that, the Dewpiders were his.

    "And not one wasted," he said to Liesel with a hinting twinkle in his eye, placing all three Poké Balls inside the bag. How he caught them was a story best kept to himself. After all, sitting down for a smoke and having three Pokémon fall into your lap out of sheer luck was not the most heroic version of events.

    He rose to his feet and collected his belongings from under the tree. Then, with Liesel skipping ahead of him to keep watch, he walked on, casting uneasy glances toward the south-west mountains all the way.

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    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

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    Part 04 - Moonlit Revelations

    "In truth to have such a violent first encounter wasn't an altogether common method of making friends, so to be sure Akalli viewed me with vitriol. A mask covering her lower face, I could not see the scowl, but I did see the fury in her eyes. Even still, perhaps by honour, perhaps by shame... or perhaps, at first, waiting for an opportunity to strike at my lowered guard, Akalli sat and answered my questions willingly. Were it not for my good spirits the tension might have been thick enough to muffle my words. I could hear the anger in her voice, see the shift in her expression as she explained her situation to me in full. Yet, amidst those red tinted fury bound emotions, I saw a spark of something dark and secluded.

    The fear she bore in her heart. A fear born of a deception that surrounded her life, derived from circumstances beyond her control. I knew it at once, being as I was, that my duty bound me to cast such a miserly pallor aside by brandishing the shimmering light of truth."

    "So my dear it's as I suspected... no cargo absconded, so you say?" Carson leaned pensively against a tree, striking another match against the bark and bringing it to the corner of his mouth. A long ornamental pipe, tipped with brass for the mouthpiece and burner, sat in his mouth. The rest carved from the wood of apricorn trees harvested in Johto, it had been a gift from his Mother upon achieving a position at Stoutland yard. One of the only things she'd ever actually gifted him that wasn't a stipend of emotionless cash.

    Akalli glowered at the older man before her with fiery eyes. She knelt by a fallen log with a bucket of water from a nearby fount. Utilizing a small towel from her person and the gifted handkerchief, she took the time to clean the caked on mud now clinging to her body, squeezing her hair, tied into a rough ponytail still, of muddy liquid like a sponge. "...I took nothing from you, outlander." Her response was curt and echoing her prior sentiments. Upon questioning, Carson found Akalli to be scornful and curt, taking no joy in conversation with him. This was, all things considered, a major improvement considering she had initially assaulted him from the shadows, so he was taking it quite well. "Oh dear girl, obviously!" He placed a finger to his forehead with an exaggerated sigh, before winking playfully. "All my things are accounted for, we're talking about the boxes from the docks... eh?"

    "Enough of your nonsense." Her scowl deepened and she crossed her arms, clearly tired of his behaviour already. Record time, he noted. "You are a foreigner to these lands, wearing that badge, insignia of the galaxy team no? You are of their rank, their ilk, what is theirs is yours." Carson grinned at her words, shaking his head as he did so. "Oh my... you seem to vastly overestimate my connection to these interlopers, hm?" He shifted his hands, placing them on his hips to stand with pride. "I'm just a detective dear, barely part of their proceedings and wearing the badge as formality. My allegiance isn't to you no, nor however, is it to galaxy team. To be good at my job is to necessitate otherwise."

    Akalli looked... confused. Her expression at least had shifted from aggressive to befuddled, which Carson took gladly given the circumstances. "...not of Galaxy team, then what are you? You say you are a detective, what does this mean?" She was asking the right questions now, ones that could win her over, at least partially, to his side. "A detective is someone who seeks out the truth. It doesn't matter what that truth is, or who it benefits you understand?" He smirks and gives her a quick wink. "My job is to find out how things really happened... then to reveal that truth for all to see. Let someone else decide what happens next." Her confused expression remains, but softens perhaps by a hairs fraction.

    "So... what do you think the truth is, O'Connor-san?" Her brow furrows and she glowers at him seriously once more, but now it was a glare of testing and trepidation, not outright hatred. "...did you not come here to look for me? To apprehend me? I saw you speak to that rich oaf at the docks, is that not what this is?"

    "Perish the thought." Carson's response is uncharacteristically curt and swift, showing in its own way his distaste at the very notion. "Akalli, I don't think you've stolen anything. I had hoped to find you, yes, but only to learn more so the truth might be revealed." His expression loses its mirth for a moment, an earnest face moves to convince the girl before him of his intentions. "To simply apprehend you would be to act on another's assumption, there's no truth to be found in that. Your words, that is all I wish to apprehend, the knowledge you possess that might reveal what really happened here."

    Akalli slowly rose to her feet, staring at Carson with a neutral expression. The way her eyebrow twitched lightly and she flexed her fingers gently, in a two beat rhythm, by her hip just out of most peoples field of vision, they were tells, revealing aspects of her subconscious that told him she was deep in thought, wrestling with her options. He silently gave her the opportunity to decide. "How?" She eventually muttered. "How do you know I'm telling the truth? A strange woman from a stranger land, to you at least, who attacked you on first meeting. How is it you could... or could even expect me to believe that you could... trust me so readily?"

    Carson grinned widely, without missing a beat, before lightly pulling on his left eyelid. A comical expression highlighting his own bright green gaze, once more her expression creased into confusion, but he was ready to quickly explain. "Your eyes." A moment of silence hung in the air. "...what about my eyes, you strange man?" She looked momentarily uncomfortable, eliciting a small guffaw from the older man, who leaned into a small bow.

    "Well, obviously... they're not the eyes of a liar. I could tell when I first saw them, rushing at me with a wooden club."

    The silence lingered a moment longer. Akalli's expression shifted one final time between a myriad of emotions, disgust, anger, confusion... relief? For a brief moment, yes, but it quickly disappeared as she settled into begrudging acceptance. "Fine... I'll tell you what I know, Detective." She sighed, before shooting him a final glare and turning her back to him. "...but you'll have to follow me to get the full story. If you trust my eyes so, then surely that won't be a problem?" It was a snide and jeering question, but Carson merely gave an emphatic nod.

    "Not a bother at all! Lead on young Miss!"

    Akalli lead Carson down the soggy shoreline of prelude beach. Boots had been wet as the pair carefully stepped over a collection of slick stones jutting from the surface of the water, leading around one of the stone cliffs that marked the edge of the dockyard and passed some shrubbery to an enclosed glade hidden from the Galaxy Team's view. "A secret hideaway is it? What classic fun this is! By the King it's exciting, adds so much mystique to a case! It's dripping with it by now, positively dripping with it!"

    Akalli had grimaced at his attempts at conversation, rarely replying to the strange man accompanying her as they walked. "You are an exceptionally odd fellow, O'Connor-san... I should hope you've been told this already?" To which he gleefully recited. "Oh quite frequently! It's hard to grasp the machinations of a mind like mine." Such tepid quips and back and forth continued whenever Carson could drag them from his young companions lips, alas, they were soon to be cut short by the pairs arrival at their destination.

    "...Kira? It is me, I have brought one who would help us."

    As the pair stepped passed the shrubbery into the secluded clearing, Carson's eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and met expectations. Lying on its side with a fierce but clearly pained expression, was a mid-sized quadrupedal pokémon. It was slick with black and blue fur, a twisting tail that ended in a bob shaped as a star. It's fangs were sharpened, claws ready for combat, frazzled and angular patterns to some of the fur on its body lead to it becoming coarse and firm. Predatory, electric type, Carson had seen a common problematic pokémon near the camp with similar traits, yet while aggressive in their own right they were smaller and bore different patterns.

    "This pokémon... an evolution of Shinx?" Carson pondered, watching as Akalli approached slowly, calming the pokémon which had gained no reaction from Carson in return for its few warning growls. She placed her hand gently upon its head and closed her yes, gaining some small form of solace as the injured pokémon responded in kind. "You are sharp indeed to recognize this O'Connor-san, most Galaxy members wouldn't make the connection as quickly. Correct, this pokémon is known as Luxio, the first of Shinx's evolutions... and her name is Kira." Akalli stands as Kira relaxes somewhat, turning to give Carson a gaze full of uncertainty. "She is... my dear friend and partner."

    "A Luxio was it...?" Carson rose an eyebrow, before reaching into his pouch with an affirmative nod... and producing a small cloth pouch, filled with coarse black fur. "That... would explain this."

    Court Record: Updated!
    - Tuft of Black Fur:
    A tuft of black fur located at the scene of the crime. It's tough and coarse, definitely not human hair. It was almost certainly left by a pokémon, but the exact species can't be told from this alone.
    - Tuft of Luxio Fur:
    A tuft of Luxio fur located at the scene of the crime, it came from Kira, the pokémon partner of Akalli. Kira must have left the fur at the docks sometime recently, owing to her being injured within close proximity to Prelude Beach.

    "You received that from the skinny businessman, I take it..?" Akalli muttered, her focus shifting to the small pouch of fur as Carson put it back into his satchel, satisfied with a glance that Kira was the source. "I suppose this gives your people more reason to suspect me?"

    "Aye, I'd say so if I'm being honest." Carson mused, rubbing his chin. He took a few steps forward and squatted down suddenly a half meter from Kira, causing the pokémon to suddenly growl and Akalli's eyes to widen with surprise. "O'Connor she is hurt..! If you startle her she will lash out, have some tact!"

    "Tact is for soldiers..." Carson mumbled the wordplay half-heartedly, as his attention was grabbed by the sight before him. Even as the Luxio snarled at him, he watched her side intently, therein seeing the source of her injury and discomfort. Along the Luxio's side were gnarly scorch marks, denoting a violent and sudden blast of energy cascading against her. Akalli continued to stare in irritation as Carson failed to heed her warnings, but as the man made no efforts to move closer or bother Kira further, both Akalli and her Luxio relaxed just a little. "You've noticed the injury then... a fire type no doubt, but I'm more than a little confused. There are no fire types frequenting this area bar those brought here by the Galaxy team... considering my recent accusations, you might understand why I was afraid to be accos-"

    "You're wrong..." Carson mumbled, but still his words rang concise enough to cut her off. She was, understandably, displeased. "...and here I thought you were of no allegiance, yet you'd claim to know the local wildlife better than-"

    "No, no, you silly girl. Not about the origin, but the type of attack. This was no fire types work!" With a burst of excitement, Carson quickly rose, nearly giving Kira the Luxio a heart attack as she recoiled back, watching Carson quickly pace back and forth through the clearing. He waved his hands frantically, back and forth, as if counting imaginary numbers, or sorting invisible cards. He ran through piece of information after piece of information, his mind racing with all that had been uncovered thus far. The location, the injury, the fur, the typing... the damnable typing, of course! It wasn't a wonder!

    "W-What are you... have you taken leave of your senses already!" Akalli grabbed Carson's arms and turned him to face her, where he froze in place momentarily to adjust, like a calculator after pressing reset. Eventually, he perked back up to zero. "Not at all my dear! I feel clearer than ever before, finally the case is coming together, the truth is within my reach! My skills of deduction as legendary as ever!" The zeal with which he ranted was a bit much even compared to his usual antics and Akalli stepped back just a little, eyebrows raises in surprise. "Wait so... that's it? You know what happened? How? What was it? Why?"

    To the barrage of questions and confusion, Carson spun in place, hands adjusting, brim of his cap dropping, only to be flicked back up to reveal his winning smile and confident wink.

    "Miss Akalli... am I ever glad you've asked."

    Hisui Legends [M][IC]

    "Allow me to explain!"

    C:"Let's start with your dear old partner shall we? A bit of a rough topic, I understand, but the injury in particular is something to note."

    A: "I already told you, those are burn marks... so fire? You don't need a detective to figure that out."

    C: "So you say... but take a closer look at the burns in question!"

    A: "Very well... yes, Detective, these are definitely burns."

    C: "But the pattern..! The burns zig-zag, shifting back and forth and following the muscle structure of your Luxio rather perfectly. They coarse up and along her body like pipework. It's disturbingly efficient, but more importantly... far too accurate for a flamethrower from man or mon, wouldn't you agree?"

    A: "That's... wait, that's actually a good point, I hadn't even considered that... but then what could have done this?"

    C: "We might be far and few between my dear, but there's pokémon where I come from too... and as a detective, seeing grizzly wounds is part of my day to day hm? This sort of injury is conductive, ha, of very few things. A man messing up on those new fangled power lines is the first, but the second...? Electric type pokémon."

    A: "An electric type...? But that's ridiculous. Kira is an electric type... and she knows exactly what the electric types native to the Obsidian Fieldlands are... there's no way she'd be so careless as to receive this kind of injury from one."

    C: "Exactly... so there's more to this little caper than meets the eyes already hm? Which brings me to my next point! A pokémon that could harm yours so grievously with its own element? One that could make away with our precious cargo in the midst of night? Only something supremely exciting and powerful could accomplish both tasks, it's so obvious now..!"

    A: "...what?"

    C: "That's right! It's so simple when the truth is revealed!"

    C: "The great lightning bird of legend! So fast and powerful its blows coarse lightning through the very Earth!"

    A: "The great... what? Of what now? Are you completely insane? Do you require medical attention?"

    C: "Just think young Akalli! In Galar there are myths about such a beast... only a creature of such power could deliver a blow of electricity so suddenly and unexpectedly to your dear friend. To catch it off guard, to overcome its type resistance... and to possess the strength to move our cargo in the night!"

    A: "...mhm."

    C: "Now we need only catch it in the act... to think my legacy might be defined so soon... Carson O'Connor! 'Hunter of legends' 'Savior of Hisui'! I can hear the ballads now!"

    A: "Alright that's enough, by Almighty Sinnoh you are a clown... what kind of ridiculous theories are you spouting? For a brief moment I actually thought you could be competent."

    C: "E-Eh..?"

    A: "Even if such a thing did exist how in Hisui would it make it here? Did it stow away on one of your boats? Did it fly all this way to follow you and sabotage your cargo..? Is your legendary bird so lacking in things to do? If you mean to deduce, do not spout such childish fantasy."

    C: "Ack... perhaps I did get just a little carried away, hm? Or moreover, I may have simply been testing you!"

    A: "I'm sure..."

    "Alright! Let's try that again!"

    C: "Tales of a legend may be overselling it... but it's true that your partner is well aware of the local electric pokémon and could avoid their blows without any issue, not to mention its resistances should it fail to avoid the strike."

    A: "Correct, it doesn't seem possible it was a wild pokémon from the local area."

    C: "Which is why I posit my theory that Kira was struck by an electric attack suddenly and from a source she wouldn't expect... not a legendary bird, but to be struck by a potent blow unexpectedly... without her resistances I'd say she'd be suffering more than recoverable injuries."

    A: "That's... well, yes, that's the only solution I can think of as well. You think a hoard of wild pokémon from farther afield could have gotten involved? With so many people here it seems unlikely."

    C: "So it is... which is why the truth can only lead to one direction. The path you suggested earlier, of course. Kira was attacked by a Galaxy Team pokémon."

    A: "..!"

    C: "But not by an electric type, no... even if the pokémon was unfamiliar, Kira would be familiar enough with the energy of her own type to make an educated guess as to her opponents abilities. No, this strike came from something different, something altogether alien to her. But what? What pokémon could utilize electricity suddenly and potently without being of the same type?"

    A: "Pokémon capable of such things... many can draw upon lightning without being of the same type. It is common for psychic pokémon I believe, some ghost, steel as well though such pokémon are unc-"

    C: "Steel!"

    A: "S-Stop shouting and interrupting! What about steel?!"

    C: "An alien pokémon from a distant land, rare even in its home and unseen in Hisui to my knowledge... the type of pokémon impossible to read and predict, nigh expressionless... if capable of electric type attacks, then it could easily strike unpredicted. If smart enough, it could do so with a type resisted, in order to serve as warning..."

    A: "...you've figured something out haven't you, for real this time?"

    C: "...such a pokémon exists. I've met it in fact... and to put the figurative nail in this deductive coffin, it was the pokémon that supposedly 'found' Kira's fur on the docks the night of the incident. The pokémon that injured Kira, our mysterious assailant and a key part to the truth behind this case. It's none other than the pokémon serving Cooper Cratesman himself."

    "The Gear Pokémon! Klink!"

    "The Game is Concluded! Deduction Complete!"

    Akalli stared at Carson for a few moments, her face was difficult to read even for him. A mixture of uncertainty and assurance, irritation and understanding. After their little song and dance, he seemed chipper and focussed, his eyes showed something other than childishness and glee. That piercing green stare she had seen in him for just a moment near the end of that, when he arrived at that truth he was looking for. For a brief moment, he had been like a different person, but she tossed those thoughts aside. This man was a fool, but a useful one, nothing more.

    "O'Connor-san, that was almost impressive... you truly let your mind get away from you but if aimed the right way you seem to see through everything." She paused, sighing somewhat in turn. "But what does this mean..? My pokémon fought and lost against Mr. Cratesman's... in the dead of night, when the cargo was stolen? Does this not further indict me?"

    Carson pondered that for a moment, before shaking his head with a classic smile. "From a certain perspective absolutely, but that is the angle of deceit used to frame you, not the one I follow. Not the truth." His grin widened and for a moment, looked the part of a child in a candy store. "This gets more interesting by the second... to summarize if I may, Akalli, your friend here resides in the area and at some point was caught afoul of Klink. You ran to her aid to find her injured, only to be caught by the camera of the local photographer. You've returned here nightly to tend to Kira, who was grievously injured in the fight, yet with accusations now brewing in town of course you caught wind, so prepared a means to defend yourself against attackers." He crossed his arms, pacing as he spoke to keep track of his thoughts.

    "On the same night, cargo vanishes from the dockyards, which Cratesman reports to the security corps... along with evidence making quite the case that you are responsible for the crime. Am I correct?" Carson heel point turns mid pace to face Akalli, who looks to the ground almost shamefully as she nods. "That is... the right of it. No evidence to my name and even after your deduction the fingers point to me. Surely even you must see the obvious truth they believe, that I'm the one who stole from your people?"

    "No, dear girl, for the last time. No." He responds calmly and curtly again, garnering her incredulous and aggravated gaze. All she got from him in response was another coy smile. "I've more questions to ask my dear contractor. Mr. Cratesman has kept some few things from me and that is never done accidentally. The truth is on your side Akalli, I will swiftly bring it to light. For your sake and the sake of your pokémon."

    Akalli stared at him hard once more, her eyes trying to discern his intentions and failing once again. "I... why... I don't... is it not easier to-"

    "If what I did was easy, I wouldn't have been so specifically requested. No?" Carson responded with a wink, before turning and moving towards the edge of the clearing. He placed a small box on the ground at the edge briefly, then continued on his merry way. "Wait! O'Connor-san hold on! What should I do? Where should I go?"

    "Nothing and nowhere!" He responds cheerfully with a lazy wave. "When the time comes for the grand reveal I'll fetch you... so for now keep being sneaky hm?" Akalli might have called out more, but if she did, Carson did not respond. For a time, with a now expected mixture of trepidation and confusion, Akalli and Kira watched their erstwhile ally (?) waltz away. Only after a dozen or so minutes did she slowly approach and take his abandoned box from the edge of the clearing, gingerly opening it with a furrowed brow.

    Oran berries, packed to the brim. Gathered and prepared earlier in the day, before the pair had even met. How..?

    "Carson O'Connor... what on Earth even are you..?"


    Species: Rufflet
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hustle
    Moveset: Quick Attack / Aerial Ace / Twister / Bulk Up / - / -


    Personal Effects:

    - Leather Briefcase
    - Deerlingstalker Cap
    - Stoutland Yard Badge

    Court Record - Case 01:

    - Case Dossier:
    A small folder received from Zisu upon Carson's first meeting with her. It describes the initial details of the case, including a report from Mr. Cooper Cratesman on the exact cargo missing, the last location it was seen, as well as the mogul's initial suspicions of the Pearl Clan girl, Akalli, as the culprit. The dossier includes a number of polaroids taken by the local photographer, recreationally, of Prelude Beach by night. The polaroid's captured a young woman with Akalli's likeness leaving prelude beach under cover of darkness.

    - Tuft of Black Fur:
    A tuft of black fur located at the scene of the crime. It's tough and coarse, definitely not human hair. It was almost certainly left by a pokémon, but the exact species can't be told from this alone.

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