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Trick 'r Treat Challenge (Open for Feedback!)


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    Trick 'r Treat Challenge (Open for Feedback!)

    Happy Halloween, once again, Challengers! I do apologize for the tardiness, I am at the beginning of my new classes. It's time again for my favorite holiday of the year, and that means another Halloween Challenge! This year's theme is, well, Trick or Treating! The grand tradition performed all across the US (idk about other countries on Halloween, I'll be honest), Trick or Treating is the act of going door to door on Hallow's Eve, asking for candy. Not giving candy is meant to incite a prank on the Scrooge. Hence, Trick or Treat.

    In today's challenge, we will be taking both concepts, and applying them to Pokemon.

    The Treat
    Every sign up will be accompanied by a treat, in the form of a Pokemon you love. This "treat" is claimed by the next individual to sign up for a challenge, allowing for a small amount of control regarding what Pokemon you receive.

    The Trick
    In addition to the Treat, everyone will also include a Trick in their sign up form. However, instead of a Pokemon, the Trick is a rule that must be followed by the user who signed up BEFORE you. You may contest a trick you deem to be too unfun or too challenging. If the trickster disagrees, I will make the call. If it is accepted as too much, you will be given a new rule. You may start playing before receiving your Trick, but as soon as it's given you must adhere to it!

    1. Your challenge must be performed on a main series Pokemon game, sequel, or remake.
    2. You may trade or hack for Pokemon that you cannot obtain any other way in your game. Hacked Pokemon should be made as legally as possible, and trading should happen when you reach the level of the traded Pokemon.
    3. In your sign up post, include the phrase "Hello, hello" somewhere in the text to prove you read the rules.
    4. Your game must be played on a new save file, and ends upon defeating the champion or Ghetsis.
    5. The Challenge must be completed before November 1st.

    A) Until you are given a Trick, you are free to play normally until one is given to you.
    B) NFE Treats may be evolved to their highest stage.

    Sign Up Sheet

    Favorite Horror/Thriller:

    Movie Night
    What Halloween would be complete without a collection of disturbing, gut wrenching, spine tingling horror films!? You get to pick the stars of your five Pokemon themed Horror stories. Simply fill in the blanks with a pokemon you think fits perfectly (or creates a cheesy b-movie style combination) and you have your team!

    1. ___'s Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at ___ Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: ___
    4. ___'s Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At ___'s
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    Sly and Strong like a Blaziken
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    Username: itsSacred
    Game: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Oculus, made me re-evaluate mirrors.
    Trick: You must do the Monotype Challenge.
    Treat: Golurk for you Necrum.

    1. Machamp's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Gengar Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Feraligatr
    4. Alakazam's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Infernape's
    6. Altaria


    EDIT: Let me know if I did this wrong.
    EDIT 2: Hello, hello. Forgot the first time.
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    Hello, hello, ladies and gentlmen! Here is my sign up.

    Game: White
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Hellraiser
    Trick: itsSacred, play your Challenge on Set battle type instead of Shift
    Treat: Next user takes Tyranitar

    1. Gliscor's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Gardevoir Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Galvantula
    4. Genesect's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Gengar's
    6. Golurk

    (Getting all of these to start with a G was not easy haha!)
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    [b]Until the very end.[/b]
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    Username: Wiicked
    Game: HeartGold
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Dead Space
    Trick: All of your Pokémon must start with the letter G
    Treat: Charizard (bonus points if you pick Mega X) :P

    1. 's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Mantine Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Typhlosion
    4. Ampharos's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Fearow's
    6. Tyranitar

    Hello, hello
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    Hello, hello, it looks fun! :D

    Username: Kostucha
    Game: Platinum
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: I haven't watched any horror movies since childhood, but I remember Saw 2 pretty well, so that.
    Trick: held items are not allowed
    Treat: Magnezone (Magneton if playing gen 1-3)

    1. Scizor's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Mismagius Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Gastrodon
    4. Magnezone's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Toxicroak's
    6. Charizard
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    YouTube PokeTuber/Returning Hacker
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    Username: ThatBeardedCharmander
    Game: Pokemon White
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: The Babadook
    Trick: You HAVE to use SET during gym, elite four, rival, and evil team battles
    Treat: Charmander

    1. Conkeldurr's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Mr. Mime Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Gengar
    4. Hypno's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Ursaring's
    6. Magnezone

    Hello, hello
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    Never stop exploring!
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    • Seen Oct 16, 2023
    Username: Blueredemption
    Game: Black 2
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Funny thing, I have not watched any that i remember.
    Trick: you must live with the curse of buying NO REVIVES, but you can have those bitter Revival Herbs all you want ;)
    Treat: Hmm... Hmm... Druddigon :)

    My team:

    Well Hello, hello... I almost didn't know this was a thing, thank you podcast. One of the many downsides to
    the death of TC's Irc is not being in the know anymore ;-;

    Username: ThatBeardedCharmander
    Just to let you know ^_^
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    Username: AoTora
    Game: Black 2/White 2 [Need to check where I can find most of my mons first ^^]
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Don't really watch them - the only one that I watched was Hard candy [Only because I didn't know that it was a thriller/horror movie]
    Trick: You must never let any of your pokemon faint. [Exception can be before you get the pokeballs if you are using starts or something weak at the beginning].
    Treat: Riolu ^.^ Or Spinda :3 [Depends on the gen you are playing ^^]

    Hello, hello here are my super awesome horror movie pokes :D
    1. ___'s Chainsaw Massacre [Haxorus] - Tusks= "Chainsaw" xD
    2. Murder at ___ Manor [Chandelure]
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: ___ [Samurott] - I just imagine him majestically standing there, guarding the temple :3
    4. ___'s Cyber Death Game [Migthyena]
    5. Five Nights At ___'s [Beartic] - Freddy=Beartic :D
    6. [Druddigon]
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    • Seen Feb 20, 2024
    Username: Ahri
    Game: Y
    Fave horror/thriller: Resident Evil (yes, all of them), Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, The Exorcist, House Hunting, Dead Snow, House of Wax, Creep
    Trick: At every Gym/Elite 4 member, you may only use the same number of Pokemon your opponent's using.
    Treat: Phantump/Glaceon/Flareon (depending on Generation)

    1. Malamar's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Cloyster Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Mawile
    4. Vespiquen's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Ninetales'
    6. Riolu

    Goodbye, goodbye >_> (you know I'll always contest your rules xD )
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    Great Pokémon Reject
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    Username: PokeReject
    Game: Pokemon Emerald
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Only one I can recall is Final Destination 3
    Trick: One Pokemon on your team must be Burned before fighting Gyms and Rivals. (gonna have the first rival battle become an exception to this) (you're scot-free for the Elite Four and Champion :D)
    Treat: Salamence (or Dragonite, if you plan on playing the first and second generation)

    [Nickname time!]
    1. ___'s Chainsaw Massacre (Shiftry) [SolidSnake]
    2. Murder at ___ Manor (Swampert) [Sanik]
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: ___ (Salamence) [Bowser]
    4. ___'s Cyber Death Game (Gardevoir) [Zelda or Sheik]
    5. Five Nights At ___'s (Gengar) [Freddy]
    6. Flareon [Jill or Doug, from Drill Dozer]

    Hello, hello! I will most likely hack Flareon in the game near the very beginning, as I don't have the National Dex that early in the game. Plus, Eevee won't be able to evolve if I hack that in as a precursor to Flareon. I wonder if hacking the Flareon in after leaving Littleroot would be okay (or considered as legal as I could possibly have it), so I would like some feedback before attempting this run.

    EDIT: I don't think I'll be able to complete my run of this event. This is mostly due to my school work and exam schedule. I've had a lot of field trips to attend (as well as take notes on for a report) as well as a large amount of time studying (nearly an exam every week >.<). I was really looking forward to doing this :(
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    Username: Luigi-San
    Game: Emerald
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: None. Not much of a horror guy.
    Trick: No healing items! You can only heal at your house and at Pokémon Centers.
    Treat: Tyranitar

    1. Sneasel's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Mawile Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Magcargo
    4. Medicham's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Swampert's
    6. Salamence

    Hello, hello! I am the official Name Rater! Want me to rate the nicknames of your Pokémon?


    fake your death.
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    Username: Ludger
    Game: Y
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Five Nights at Freddy's idk
    Trick: Your odd numbered Pokemon (1, 3, and 5 in your list) can only know STAB moves
    Treat: Umbreon

    1. Delphox's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Gourgeist Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Sigilyph
    4. Rotom's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Pangoro's
    6. Tyranitar ugh sandstorm

    Uhh, hello hello? No guarantee I will finish in time since 1. I apparently suck at replaying ORAS 2. this is a busy month for school and 3. Zestiria comes out on the 20th and yeah lol

    Edit: I'm swapping to Y so that I don't have to trade in all of those Pokemon. :>
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    Username: 11wildy
    Game: Black 2
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: I don't watch horror movies, sorry.
    Trick: Every time your opponent gets a critical hit, the pokemon that got hurt HAS to beat the opponent's pokemon that got the crit. If it faints, Revive it. If you can't, better lose the battle and rematch the trainer so you can still beat that pokemon.
    Treat: Lucario (If not possible, Togetic, if that's not possible either, Flareon)

    1. Whimsicott's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Clefable Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Azumarill
    4. Audino's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At _____'s (I will trade one pokemon in, not sure which one yet.)
    6. Umbreon (I love Umbreon :D)

    Hello hello, I hope you like my cute horror team!


    fake your death.
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    **** me y'all i forgot that this was even happening lmao i'm going to start sometime tomorrow after i take my midterm .___. i just kind of looked at this forum and was like "I HAVEN'T DONE A CHALLENGE IN SO LO-- OH WAIT"


    Wolf Simp
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    • Seen Mar 21, 2023
    Favorite Horror/Thriller:FNAF, not a big horror thriller fan
    Trick:You must change pokemon after each one of your opponents pokemon faints, you cannot change back to the pokemon you returned until each one of your pokemon has participated.
    Treat: Dragonite

    1. Machoke's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Gengar Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Alakazam
    4. Mega Charizard X's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Aegislash's

    Wanderer Miror B.

    The user formerly known as Orrefan8888
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    • Seen Jun 24, 2017
    Hello, hello after a long absence from the forums.

    Username: Orrefan8888
    Game: X/Y
    Favorite Horror/Thriller: Does Thriller by Michael Jackson count? Not much of a horror guy.
    Trick: You may not intentionally knock out wild Pokemon. If you accidentally knock something out while trying to catch it, that's fine.
    Treat: Heatran if you can somehow get him, Flygon if not.

    1. Tyrantum's Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Murder at Omastar Manor
    3. Guardian of the Aztec Temple: Sigilyph
    4. Xatu's Cyber Death Game
    5. Five Nights At Flareon's
    6. Dragonite


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    Okay so I want to do a little clarification before I take off for my trip this week. First and formost, I cannot stress enough that this is meant FOR FUN. If some aspect of the challenge is absolutely holding you away from enjoying the experience, I welcome you to say something. This is not nearly as strict as say the Monotype challenge: bending the rules a liiiitle bit within acceptable boundaries is okay.

    So, with that said, I want to directly address a concern I have received. Treats are supposed to be fun to use. Just because your favorite Pokémon is a baby does not mean it will be enjoyable for the next person after you. So, if you are given an under evolved Pokémon, you are free to evolve it as much as you like. If you are giving a Pokémon, let's try to avoid Pokémon that may ruin someone's experience. We don't need to be giving people 2 Tricks.

    Also, if you have not been given a Trick yet, you can start playing normally until one is given.