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The Mega Champion

I'm sorry it too me so long... however... Neo: The World Ends With You (TWEWY2) has finally been completed and finished to my liking. You have to remember this was a game I thought would be nothing but a pipe dream, so, of course I was going to want it to take and last as long as possible. Is this game perfect? No. Of course it's not. Because no game is. The 'dumb Splatoon parts' ruined the pacing in this game constantly. To the point where I HATED (would go as far as to say LOATHED) these parts. However, if you ignore that, EVERYTHING in this game is AMAZING. Story is great, characters are great, music is AMAZING (possibly the best EVER) and everything in it is just great. I'll admit... the final week stuff... did slightly make up for the 'dumb Splatoon parts'. But... for me personally... I couldn't just ignore that. Other than that... I LOVED this game. I don't need TWEWY3. I really don't. I thought a sequel to TWEWY in general was a pipe dream... so it's good enough for me. But would I like one? Absolutely. I just don't really need it. I'm satisfied. Next up for me... Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. OBJECTION! or something idk lol
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Counter Strike 2! Never really played CSGO since I didn't like how the guns and the movement felt, but now I am ADDICTED to CS2

Also Elden Ring whenever me and my friend have the time
(Looking to try Lethal Company though)

I really like games with a big world I can get lost in and discover secrets, and so far no game lately has scratched that feeling D:)

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I finished playing the first Dishonored. It was a really fun stealth game and I loved the teleportation ability especially. I played on High Chaos since I'm not really a fan of pacifist or nonlethal runs in stealth games; I like figuring how to clear out all the guards on a map without being detected. I ended up not using that many consumables, though, since there's a finite amount of money, especially in the Daud DLCs, and I wanted to spend as much as I could on upgrades first.

Corvo's build ended up having Blink, Dark Vision, Possession, Bend Time, and Shadow Kill at Rank 2, and Devouring Swarm, Windblast, Vitality, and Agility at Rank 1. He didn't take Blood Thirsty at all since I didn't get into melee often.

Daud's build had Blink, Void Gaze, Bend Time, Pull, Agility, and Shadow Kill at Rank 2, Summon Assassin, Blood Thirsty, and Arcane Bond at Rank 1, and he never took Vitality.


My assassinations in the Daud DLC weren't really very flashy, though. Pretty much all of them were some variant of "wait behind a closed door with Rank 2 Void Gaze and Blink in and backstab when they turn their back to the door."


PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
I should update in this thread when I'm too lazy to catch up on my game journal...

Now Playing:
  • Murder by Numbers - started this ages ago and play it like once every two weeks so I always forget what's happening oops
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - started this ages ago too and put it on hold while I played FF5. I don't remember how far I am but I did finally get a Cherubi in my party!
  • Ghost Trick - Finally started this today. I'm a few chapters in but I might try to get my brother to play this while I'm home and I'd better play it myself before watching him refreshes the game for me and makes me not wanna play it for 5 years again
  • Final Fantasy XIV - I'm always playing this on the side, of course. My static just cleared p12s part 1 tonight!


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Switching between a few games right now. Monster Sanctuary, Pokkén, Star Fox 64, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Astral Chain to name a few. No games right now that I'm solely focused on finishing.
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Lethal Company! Just got it :)

Far from understanding all of the mechanics but still enjoying my time!


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I've been in a big metroidvania mood recently, so I'm currently just finishing up my first playthrough of AM2R! Recent games also include Kirby Squeak Squad, Metroid Zero Mission, Stardew Valley, FFXIV, and Shantae Risky's Revenge.


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I'm currently up to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, I loved the prequel so this was a must play for me. Playing the PS4 version but man I would've loved to have bought it on Switch to play during my lunch break. It's so fun, especially since the bandana actually does hide John's identity.