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  1. The Underground Mafia Hangout v1 [thank you #ugmhv1]
  2. The Underground Game Index
  3. What's been your favorite moment in a Mafia so far?
  4. Favorite Mafia Role
  5. What themes would you love to see in future mafia games?
  6. Your Mafia Roles
  7. Too much mafia 7.8/10
  8. There's too many roles!
  9. Twists and turns may break MI's bones
  10. the shortest/longest mafia game in existence
  11. Favorite players to watch
  12. What do we do during the Night Phase?
  13. [kill] thread
  14. To reveal, or not to reveal - that is the question:
  15. Knight to A3...
  17. your style
  18. weekEMds
  19. Welcome to UG's Top Ten Mafia Blunders!
  20. do you want some salt with that?
  21. "Ash is dead. She was innocent."
  22. The Underground Game Index
  23. You a g a i n?!
  24. Bandwagons
  25. The Official Mafia Quote Thread
  26. Questions about mafia you're too afraid to ask
  27. The Salty Snailies!
  28. UG Mafia Bidoof
  29. the Under Games
  31. Variants, variants, and more variants!
  32. #ONEderground Collab: Come Pick up Your Signature!
  33. Mafia Championships - Do YOU want to represent PC?
  34. Ah, memories...
  35. weekEMds: The Redux
  36. The Underbook
  37. CSS Tips
  38. Chit-Chat: The Underground Hangout: gimme n0s: 4 | Johnny n0s: 5
  39. Let's feedback this puppy up
  40. Some Questions
  41. Give me Cop or give me death
  42. Blue is the New Black
  43. Worst Twist Idea
  44. The Ultimate Role
  46. Bandwagons...let's talk about sheeping xD
  47. Role Combinations
  48. Unconventional plays
  49. Interest Check: I Had an Idea
  50. Interest Check: "Micro" Games
  51. Post restrictions
  52. Interest Check: hunger games done right
  53. Under Games 2.0
  54. Night
  55. Interest Check: UG Specials - Next up: Kingmaker
  56. Double Posting
  57. The UnderGrand Idea Role Thread
  58. Replacement thread
  59. Interest Check: Civ-style game or Secret Hitler style game?
  60. Interest Check: One Piece Mafia
  61. Favorite role to play with?
  62. An Ode to the underground
  63. Interest Check: Metagame?
  64. Interest Check: Resident Evil Mafia
  65. Interest Check: Battle of the Bands 2
  67. Coming Soon
  68. Night 0 actions
  69. Interest Check: Infiltrated Assassin
  70. Favourite Mafia Game
  71. Interest Check: Battle of the Bands 3
  72. Interest Check: Retail/fast food mafia
  73. Interest Check: Town of Salem
  74. Interest Check: Court Mafia
  75. Interest Check: L4D Mafia
  76. Interest Check: The Underground Elections
  77. Interest Check: Betrayal at House on the Hill
  78. Interest Check: Stats-based game
  79. Player Review Thread
  80. Interest Check: A form for an upcoming game
  81. Favorite Role?
  82. Favorite Moment in Mafia - Bard Agrees
  83. Whoops....
  84. Whoops but Worse
  85. What roles do you want to see more of?
  86. The UnderGames: 5th Edition!
  87. Interest Check: Plunderer's Plight - Treasure Trove
  88. Interest Check: Mafia Championship 2018
  89. Interest Check: New Game
  90. Interest Check: Damage-dealing Pokemon game
  91. Beginner Games
  92. What kind of roles would you like to see in a game?