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Ace Trainer Slash

Well, I'm not much of an interesting person, I'm very fond of Pokémon, Yo-Kai Watch, Dragon Quest, and JRPGS in general (Maybe too much) :). I've always wanted to achieve something, something big, but I don't know if I can since I'm quite average. I like Science and History, although ironically I don't do History as a subject in school. I'm also quite interested in mythology, particularly Japan's. I practice Martial Arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a bit of Judo and when I was a lot younger Hapkido. I only do it on occasion, but due to studies I've been slowly cutting it out.

People say that I'm full of potential, or will succeed in the future, but I often deny those claims since I'm not incredible or horrible per se, somewhere in between.

Sometimes I can be quite pessimistic, and look towards the bad in the future, which is a horrible trait, but even I don't like it. Whenever people ask me questions, and I attempt to answer them, 99% of the time, I get something wrong with my answer, a different story if someone asks me a question about Pokémon or Yo-Kai Watch. I can be distracted, and I procrastinate plenty, which are also bad things that I promise to improve, but I'm still figuring it out... even though I'm a fully grown adult but that's besides the point. I'm figuring out a lot of things about my sexuality too, I don't know much about who I am or who I want to be with when I'm older (that is if I find someone. To put it into perspective I'd probably get Pokerus 8 times followed by getting all Gen 2 legendaries shiny in GSC before I'd find someone haha)

I've learnt basic ROM Hacking. In particular, I've been making a project known as 'Not Fire Red', a basic adventure focused on core Gen 3-5 gameplay, where I'm momentarily struggling to add in MIDIs of soundtracks from games beyond the DS! (I just want ONE soundtrack from Smash Ultimate in it!) I quite enjoy the mapping component of ROM Hacking alongside game balancing e.g. making Beedrill, Fearow and Noctowl actually somewhat useful and Pokemons distribution.

I have been to 2 live regional Pokémon tournaments, the first one was in the Juniors bracket with X and Y, I came 4th out of like, 30 people (a lot of Charizard X, so I brought in a non-Mega Ampharos to make them go for dragon moves thinking I'd Mega-evolve). In the second one for ORAS, I came like 27th out of 30th in the seniors bracket (I didn't know how to make a team well and had limited knowledge on competitive breeding at the time, also Primal Kyogre.) I try to be a good person whenever I can.

That's a brief summary about myself. I forgot to say that I can be stubborn sometimes. :D

I genuinely love video games. I'm mostly on my 3DS/PAL 2DS playing Pokemon or Yo-kai Watch (I'm currently massively obsessed with Yo-kai Watch 3 Tempura [Japanese], I can't read it at all but I'm somehow finding it really really fun at the moment. It's a pretty good game, even better if you can read it). Otherwise I'm on the Switch, playing games like Digimon Story, Smash Bros Ultimate and Minecraft. Also please play Dragon Quest XI S on Switch if you can, that game is a flawless masterpiece (aside from the ok music), especially Acts 1 and 2 they are literally perfect! Top 3 favourite games of all time.
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Hello! I'm Peter! I've been a massive Pokemon fan for about 12 years, starting with the fabulous Gen 5! We love Gen 5 in this household.
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I run Dedenne, and I don't regret it one bit!