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Does anyone even read this section?

First name is Candella, but I'd prefer if you call me Candy. You might know me as Mi10tic_Fan, self-called Mystic, in the past from another forum, 'cause that's my old online screen name.

Despite my join date being February 2009, I've technically only been at the forums for about 2 years if lurking is counted as well. I had a 1,5 year of void from Oct 2012 'til sometime in April 2014, as well as a few months going on and off. But hey, I like forums, and since the other big forums aren't as fun as they used to be, I'm hanging out on PC instead. I'll never get a 3k post count as quickly as here in PC in those other forums I frequent in anyway.

Silver Tier: March 16th 2015 - September 19th 2015 (Thanks Alex :3)
Crystal Tier: September 19th 2015 - Present (Thanks Yuli bby <3)

- Watching Anime
- Reading Manga
- Drawing
- Writing
- Surfing the Internet
- Playing Video Games
- Collecting a ton of keychains
- Being a Homestuck fangirl
- Gachapons
- Gacha games
- Losing money from gambling in gacha games
Jun 26, 1996 (Age: 27)
In OJ Land
Quick Self-Introduction
PC's resident crazy Milotic lady.
Female ♀
Forum Pair
Also Known As
Candy, Illusione-Tempus
Favorite Pokémon
Milotic, Lugia, Togekiss, Serperior, Dragonair, Mienshao, Scolipede, Mew, Mimikyu
In-Game Name
Tempus (Y) / Chronos (OR) / Candy (M)
GO Team
Do not display




Zhuang Zi
Crash Fever