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    Best Generation 1 Starter now or back then?

    If you are referring to now, it's Venusaur, hands down. His DW ability, Chlorophyll, marks him of one of two ever starters to be classified as Uber. The other being Blaziken that is.

    Back then? Charizard was to overrated and indeed a favorite. But doesn't mean he was the best. Let alone having that odd Ice weakness. Blastoise was decent, but not very popular among the three. So Venusaur was by far the favorite and best. So Venusaur is the winner! Same goes for the earlier starters with Charmander/Charmeleon, Squirtle/Wartortle, Bulbasaur/Ivysaur, although Charmander/Charmeleon doesn't have the odd Ice weakness thank to the Flying type, Bulbasaur's double typing extra makes it one odd and interesting Pokemon either way.