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Star Wars Battlefront. That was such an amazing game for Star Wars fans, and I loved it. It was such a good game, very fluid and the gameplay in general was just one of the greatest during it's time. Now with the new Star Wars films set to be released in 2015, there would be a build up of hype and more people are gonna start to regain interest in Star Wars. Plus, the graphics could be amazing and so much improvements could be made to the game in all aspects, amazing as it was, now that it could be released on the more recent consoles. Instead of having set classes, they could have more customization involved which was the chunk I thought was missing in the game originally.

So yeah, Star Wars Battlefront is a game I would love to see again. Hopefully, there will be more Dead Island as well in the near future, I know it got released around 1 a year and a half-ish ago but I would like to see a sequel to it.

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