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    ♦ How do you react to being flirted with IRL and/or online?
    IRL I flirt back and try to match the intensity, but online I pretend to be flattered while really not feeling much at all. It's so easy to flirt online that I'm desensitized to it.

    ♦ Do you flirt online/IRL?
    A little of both every now and then, mainly as courtesy. If I sense that someone is flirting with me then I'll reciprocate, but I hardly ever initiate.

    ♦ Are you a serious flirt or a joking flirt?
    Joking, mainly. Serious flirting is difficult because I think that all flirting is cheesy. It's like a modern mating ritual.

    ♦ When is flirting creepy?
    When touching is involved. I'm not too big on touching people or being touched. Sure, I'll hug you or something, but please don't rest your hand on me.
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