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Usually, no. My friends/family will rage at me, if I do. It didn't help matters that I picked up on some things my father said when I was a child, though. I distinctly remember swearing at a video game when I was five or so years old. I also apparently called my father something that's censored here, at one point, but I didn't know what it meant. He thought it was very funny, but told me not to say it again. T: He still laughs if someone brings it up.

But I do manage to watch what I say. There have of course been times that I was in the process of swearing at someone and had to quickly change what I was saying, so they wouldn't catch on, though.

Not the best habit, but I tend not to filter my language much while thinking. Eventually, I'm going to slip up and start swearing when I'm angry, and things won't go well. Haha.
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