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Answer a topic:
- Does anyone here have any merchandise, like plushies, figurines, DVDs, etc?: I own just DVDs I own the movies dvds, and 1 from the 2003 series, and Curse of the Elixir game as for the 2009 series I got the Complete Collection on Bluray. :)
- How/when did you get into the FMA series? What are your overall thoughts on the manga/anime?: 2004, my friend was spending the night, and he knew i liked (some anime at that time i was still getting into it a bit), I loved it right away my first episode was the Barry the chopper in the meat truck episode, my over all thoughts is 'its an anime that makes me think, and I enjoy the meaning of science and overall opinion on their view of life in the story, and it's a very good series that I still today recommend watching'. But that is it basically. 2009 series first heard about it, I was like, "im so watching it I dont care if it is subbed" (at that time I wasnt a big fan of subs, now I am haha.)