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To Slenderman: How do you keep tabs on the clients on your Pokémon Trading Thread with VMs in your profile disabled without having to clutter up your thread?
I do occasionally have to go back and check to find out who wants what Pokemon. If you mean actually planning trades, sometimes I'm online at the same time as the client and we both can trade. Others, we get each others' timezones and plan a time. It's helpful that I still am able to send VMs- they just cannot be replied to.
Sorry, I thought I had answered this when you asked before.

@Slenderman: I've been wondering why you don't accept friend requests and have disabled your VMs and PMs for quite some time; why is that the case?
I prefer talking to other users in a less-private manner. I did previously have all of those opened, but, on one occasion, it didn't go very well. That creeped me out enough that now I don't let anyone contact me via PM/VM.
Friend requests are disabled because I currently allow messages from "staff and friends". I only want the staff to be able to send messages, so I just emptied out my friends list.

I didn't expect to have anyone ask a question, let alone two people!
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