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hello 8)

Username: Razor Leaf
Reason for Joining the Club: Because... idk, I like PC, haha. Been on it a good while, done a lot here, and met some great people. It's pretty awesome generally. 8)
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario

So, what do you guys think of PC's current layout? Is it good in comparison to other pokémon forums? Are there some forums you'd like to change or switch around?

I think it's pretty nice. It's organised, makes sense, and... yeah, haha. In terms of the order than the forums is in, this is talking, anyway. If you're asking about the skins then damn we're awesome. 8)

Although I'm also quite into the idea of pretty dramatically changing how the forum's laid out into something like, not even reminiscent of default vB to make us look really striking and unique. That'd be pretty awesome.
Yes, I'm really Stantler.