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Okay, here's my second attempt at my SU, I've read a lot of the IC since the last one so I have a better idea of how he'll fit in the story...
Name: Achilles 'Black' Nimbus
Gender: Male
Status: Bounty Hunter

Element: Electricity
Weapon: Hunting Rifle, which he prefers to use at a distance (He's not incredible with it, however hits the target more often than not, when he isn't under pressure)
Blade Hilt(With a broken blade in it)
Personality: Achilles is from the north. This leads to him looking down on those from the Barren lands, calling the 'scum' and 'rats' etc. His hatred of the south comes from the fact he is naturally very judgmental, and has simply heard and seen bad things. These things have been heard from his parents throughout life, because they've had bad experiences(Money robbed, dirty etc). He is generally very distant, because of his lack of interest in communicating with others, beyond what is necessary-as a result, he is always forward and to the point. (His sheltered background has lead to this) His lack of ability to communicate, obviously, he is prone to attempt to do things on his own instead of working as a team. He has learned to embrace
Backstory: As an only child in a rich home, he lead a very sheltered life-not making many friends in the process. This lead to him conjuring an imaginary friend that he talks to often, and he has had her for so long that he is now able to visualize her (Of course he is the only one that can see her). Though she is part of his subconscious, she can cast her own magic (With added strain to his body, and only weakened versions of spells that he knows himself. E.g her electric shield would be faint and easily penetrable, but would still damage a living organism trying to walk through it.) She also has her own vision-She can look behind him essentially. (I'm still yet to work out all the quirks with her ability) He grew up and became an officer in the north, since his skills in combat were admirable. I was thinking since Alice and Scarlet were daughters of a mayor from the north, maybe he was sent to find them. (If thats okay with Foxrally)

Appearance: Achilles stands at about 5"8 and weighs about 140 lbs often wears his cloak, which covers his entire body.

His red eyes are a mystery, to him. However beyond the odd person mentioning them, they don't affect his life too much. When he isn't wearing his cloak he tends to wear black, which is seen as strange in the heat of the Barren Lands. He also wears gloves all of the time, presumably because he sees the south as filthy, not wanting to touch the dirt.

(I didn't draw or make these images, but they depict his appearance very well so...)
Stock Spells:
Electric Burst
Electric Shield
Custom Spells:
Thunder Blade- Extends a blade of electricity out of the hilt he carries (It used to have an actual sword in it, but was broken in a hunt)
Static- De-Materializes his body for a short period of time (Probably for about 10 seconds, don't want it to seem Overpowered)