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on Pokmon White 2

Update #1
I pick Snivy as my starter, based on my Trainer ID (ends with a 2). I'll release it as soon as I catch my first Pokmon. The first battle with rival Hugh is irrelevant, but I do win.
On Route 19 I catch Hana the female Patrat.
I train her immediately to level 7 and continue.
On Route 20 I catch Dyo the male Sewaddle.
A hiker prevents me from going east, so I go northwest.
On Floccesy Ranch I catch Bei the female Lillipup.
Suddenly, Hugh pops up, and challenges me to a battle.

My Pokmon: Dyo (5), Bei (4), Hana (7)
Hugh's Pokmon: Tepig (8)

Dyo would die immediately after one fire attack, so I switch to Bei to do a little damage with Tackle. I get 2 Tackles against me though, and Bei's health gets critically low, so I switch to Hana. Our Tackles are about the same strength, but he has the extra turn advantage. Luckily, very luckily, he suddenly starts spamming Tail Whip, until he faints. No casualties!

It turns out that the Herdier from the owners of the ranch is missing. I find it, together with a pirate, claiming to be a member of Team Plasma. Out of frustration, he throws the TM Frustration at me... All within logic, I guess.

It appears the Gym has opened, with a new Gym Leader, so I go back to challenge him. It turns out to be Cheren, one of the rivals in Black/White, so that's a fun twist.

My Pokmon: Dyo (11), Bei (11), Hana (11)
Cheren's Pokmon: Patrat (11), Lillipup (13)

The trainers in this Gym all had level 9 Pokmon, so I hoped my levels would be good enough.

I start with Dyo, he with Patrat. I only need 2 Bug Bites, while he uses one Work Up, to KO Patrat.
He brings in Lillipup, and I decide to switch to Hana. Lillipup turns out to be at level 13, and it is faster and stronger indeed. It manages to get 2 Work Ups set up, while I spam Tackle. I get it to low yellow, but Cheren heals and starts using Tackle himself, immediately getting Hana's HP into red, while I bring him into low yellow again.
Next turn. If I swap, Dyo or Bei get hurt bad, with missing a turn, and so dying without doing any harm. If I stay, Hana dies. I guess I don't have a choice...

Hana dies in the gymbattle against Cheren to Lillipup's Tackle

I bring Bei. His Lillipup goes first with a Tackle, leaving Bei with only 6HP in the red, but Bei tackles back and manages to KO Lillipup, earning us our first gym badge.

When we exit the Gym, a lot of monologue happened. I received an X-transeiver and C-gear, and talked to Bianca and Prof. Juniper, but my mind was elsewhere. I just lost the very first Pokmon I caught on this journey. I went to the Aspertia City Lookout and watched the sun set, holding my new badge in one hand and my two Pokballs in the other, making sure that anyone who might be watching saw a very dramatic scene. What was the future gonna hold?

Update #2
There's absolutely nothing happening until the 2nd gym, is there? Well, no, there's one new route where I can catch a new Pokmon.
At the Virbank Complex I catch Arbe the female Pidove.
At this complex are also Audino's to be found, so I do a bit of training before I hit the gym.
Bei evolves in a Herdier

My Pokmon: Bei (18), Dyo (17), Arbe (18)
Roxie's Pokmon: Koffing (16), Whirlipede (18)

Bei starts with a Work Up, Koffing uses Assurance. I then order Bei to use Return, and 2hko Koffing.
Roxie sends out Whirlipede, and I decide to swap to Arbe. Arbe gets hit twice by a Venoshock, but it doesn't KO her. In return I let her use Air Cutter, which critically hits both times and KO's Whirlipede. We won the match and the Toxic Badge is ours!

Update #3
The only place to go to is the Pokstar Studio's, where I'm being forced to watch a film, act in a film and talk to a bunch of people with very unoriginal names. When all of this is finally done, I go southeast in Virbank to the harbour to board the ship, but not before I, Roxie and Hugh chase and fight some pirates from Team Plasma.

Now, Hugh and I arrived in Castelia City, where some Harlequin gives me a bike. Thank you, sir.
There's a LOT to do in this city, so I do a LOT. And after visiting basically every building in the city except the gym, I go north out of town to find me some more teammates. Unfortunately I can't reach the Relic Castle, so only one catch available.
On Route 14 I catch Pet the female Darumaka.

Now I can go to the gym, but someone is blocking it, saying the leader isn't there. Then a girl named Iris shows me where to look for him; in the city sewers. Great... But Hugh shows up and accompanies me, healing me after every battle. Great! Sadly, I fail to catch a Pokmon here, since I KO the Zubat. It's good training though:
Dyo evolves in a Swadloon
One level later:
Dyo evolves in a Leavanny
Arbe evolves in a Tranquill

I get lost for a while in the sewers, only to discover that Burgh and some Team Plasma Grunts are very close to the sewer's entrance. After a battle with the Grunts and some dialogue with Burgh and some stranger, I discover a new area connected to the sewers.
In the Relic Passage I catch Zes the male Roggenrola.
Time to challenge Burgh!

My Pokmon: Dyo (21), Bei (21), Arbe (22), Pet (21), Zes (21)
Roxie's Pokmon: Swadloon (22), Dwebble (22), Leavanny (24)

I started with Zes against Swadloon, which is not a good match-up, although Zes has Sturdy, so he will at least survive the first round. He receives a Razor Leaf, which does about 45% damage, I do about 70% with Rock Blast. I don't want Zes to die from a crit hit or miss his own attack, so I swap to Pet, who easily wins with one Fire Fang.
Burgh brings out Dwebble, I swap back to Zes. Zes easily endures one struggle bug and then 1hko's Dwebble with some Rock Blasts.
Time for Burgh's last Pokmon, Leavanny. I change to Arbe, and one crit hit Air Cutter is sufficient to win me the third badge!

Update #4
I go north out of town and meet with the stranger who I met earlier in the sewers. I forgot his name, but he' a scientist and he challenges me. I win.
Time to catch more teammates!
In the Desert Resort I catch Pitu the male Dwebble.
And a bit later:
In the Relic Castle I catch Atta the female Yamask.
I have reached Nimbasa City now, close to the 4th badge, and I just boxed my first Pokmon. Am I missing routes? I doublecheck the Pokedex, which has a Habitat function, and notice there's supposed to be tall grass in Castelia City. I go back round it, but it's all concrete. Then I remember a kid blocking my path in the sewers and go check. The kid is gone and I find a small, hidden area with grass.
In Castelia City I catch Tara the female Petilil.
I go back to Nimbasa and check if I can go to the routes east and west of the city for even more catches.
On Route 16 I catch Hamar the male Minccino.
On route 5, Bianca shows up and leads me to a hidden grotto, where there's another Minccino. The second Pokmon I run into is a Solosis, but I accidentally kill it... That would have been a great addition...

There are some strong trainers here, I find out. Like a breakdancer with just a Scraggy...
Pet dies in a trainer battle against a Scraggy
It was the combination of Swagger and Payback that killed my beloved Darumaka. I guess I could have avoided it, but didn't anticipate that a Swagger-selfhurt could damage Pet that much... :'(

I definitely need some proper training before I go face the fourth gym, and discover another area behind Route 16:
In Lostlorn Forest I catch Shiyi the male Pinsir.
Wauw, a Pinsir! Not sure how rare it is, but that's pretty cool.
Also, this part of the woods is a great place to train, I find out. The Breeder keeps challenging me every time I enter the forest, and the wild Pokes aren't that bad either. Haven't run into another Pinsir, though, so I guess I was really lucky!!
I decide to train my team up to level 30 before I go to the gym. But, as always, I get a bit sloppy while grinding and in the grass on Route 5 (there are more Psychic-types here) I should have ran or switched out...
Atta dies to a wild Solosis' Psyshock.
This really came as a surprise and I have to admit, it hurts a bit. I was really hoping for a Cohagrigus since they can be very bulky and are hard to kill, therefore perfect for a Nuzlocke. Sadly, instead of hope, I now have to mourn for the loss of a great asset.

Now it's the for the gym, but not before talking to the Beauty that is standing in front of the Ferris Wheel. A simple fight follows, and after the weirdest cutscene in Pokmon history. What was that about?
I go through the gym, which seems to be exactly the same as in BW, only to find out after that the Gymleader has moved to another building. Also, she seems to have dyed her hair and her fashion style is even more alien to me than ever...

My Pokmon: Zes (30), Shiyi (25), Bei (30), Dyo (30), Arbe (30), Hamar (25)
Elesa's Pokmon: Emolga (28), Flaafy (28), Zebstrika (30)

As you can see, I haven't trained Shiyi and Hamar up to level yet, but I thought it wasn't really necessary for now, since I don't plan on using them much in this fight (even though Shiyi knows Dig).

I start with Zes, since he has Sturdy, so I'm always save on the first move. Now I make probably the stupidest move I've done in a long, long time: I use Iron Defence. Why? Because I was convinced that Volt Switch (I assumed that Elesa's strategy hadn't changed much since BW) was a physical move... Emolga uses Volt Switch and Flaafy comes into play. Flaafy is faster and uses Volt Switch too, me assuming it will just tickle. Instead, it KO's Zes instantly... Sh*t!!
Zes dies to Elesa's Flaafy using Volt Switch.

This is going terribly wrong already! Elesa keeps switching between Emolga and Flaafy, who I manage to KO with Bei and Shiyi (yes, I ended up using him after all) respectively.

Elesa's final Pokmon is Zebstrika. I start with Shiyi, who is paralyzed by Flaafy's Static, but has full health. Zebstrika uses Volt Switch, doing about 55% damage, I reply with Revenge, doing about the same, but Zebstrika heals with a berry. I can't take another hit, so I swap to Dyo, who gets hit by a Volt Switch, but it doesn't hurt much. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge now (totally forgot about that move), lucky not KOing Dyo, leaving him with 8HP. Dyo's Razor Leaf hurts Zebstrika to about 20% HP.
Dyo won't survive another hit, so I have to swap again. Bei would be good, but she's too heavily injured after fighting Emolga. Shiyi is hurt too and Hamar is too weak. Arbe it is, even though she is a Flying type. Luckily, Zebstrika used Quick Attack, only doing about 15% damage. Arbe uses Quick Attack in the next turn, going first, and KOing Zebstrika before it's able to zap Arbe down. The badge is ours!!

I've earned 4 badges now, but at the cost of 4 beloved team members. I'm not happy about this, so I'll have to try to be more careful from now on.

Update #5
There's a little bit of interaction and some simple battles with "good" and "bad" Team Plasma members, but the main thing are some more catches:
On the Driftveil Bridge I catch Bara the male Ducklett.
I arrive in Driftveil, but I don't think I'll be able to beat Clay comfortably yet, so I keeping going. I can't go south like in BW, so no catch there, but I can go to Route 6:
On Route 6 I catch Mahatunka the female Karrablast.
Now, I only played the first Unova games twice, and only as challenges, so I don't know much about the Pokmon and their evolutions. I believe Karrablast evolves in Accelgor, but there's some trading evolved? Also, I got two active bugs already, so she'll probably stay in the box.

I wonder if the Chargestone Cave is blocked again. Turns out, it isn't, so there's another catch:
In Chargestone Cave I catch Sibsi the genderless Klink.
An interesting catch, I think. Could be very useful.

I can't go very far in the cave, and the Pokmon here give very little experience, so I decide to go outside again and train in the rustling grass next to the house with a healer. I beat heaps of Audino, Unfezant, Leavanny, Emolga, Castform and, apparently, Dunsparce, to get my team to level 32.
Arbe evolves in an Unfezant.
Bei evolves in a Stoutland.
For some reason, Bara hasn't evolved in a Swanna yet, so maybe it needs a Water Stone, which I don't have. It's very weak, but I'll probably need it for the upcoming ground-gym, so let's hope for the best.
Last teammember to train is my newly caught Sibsi. The first Pokmon in the rustling grass is an Azumarill. Good, since I have electric moves.
You'd think...
Sibsi dies to a wild Azumarill's Aqua Tail.
One critical hit was enough. That's all the time I could spend with Sibsi. I don't know what that says about me...

I add Hamar back to the team and train him up to level 32 as well, and then I remember what the kid in the healer house that gave me a Shiny Stone said and...
Hamar evolves in a Cinccino.

I guess I'm ready for the gym now.

My Pokmon: Dyo (32), Shiyi (32), Bei (32), Bara (32), Arbe (32), Hamar (32)
Clay's Pokmon: Krokorok (31), Sandslash (31), Excadrill (33)

I start with Dyo, Clay sends out Krokorok. We 2hko him with ease, barely receiving damage from the Bulldoze.
Clay sends out Excadrill, most likely his Ace. I decide to swap to Hamar to see how strong he really is. Hamar is faster and sends Excadrill to sleep with Sing. Then, I use Wake-up Slap. To be honest, I don't know if Technician is still in effect when Wake-up Slap gets stronger when the foe is asleep, but it is at least super effective and does about 75% damage. Excadrill uses Bulldoze however, and gets Hamar's HP down to about 45% while lowering speed...
I don't know why, but I'm not swapping. Instead, I go for another Wake-up Slap. Excadrill is faster now, but instead of finishing it with another Bulldoze, he misses a Rock Slide. Hamar hits, even crits, KOing Excadrill. Pfiew, that was lucky! Stupid and lucky.
Clay sends out his last Pokmon, Sandslash. I change back to Dyo, who only needs one Razor Leaf to finish the job.

Update #6
Now that I've beaten Clay, I can enter the World Tournament. But not before I pass a stand with a Move Relearner. Hamar can learn Bullet Seed and Rock Blast!! Combined with Technician, that's fantastic! Luckily, I already picked up 3 Heart Scales so far, so relearning it is.

Back to the story. I battle Hugh, Cheren and the scientist (forgot his name again, something with C...) in the Tournament. They all have level 25 Pokmon, so that's no struggle. I can't reenter unfortunately, so I go outside again.
Team Plasma rushes past, and we end up battling on their secret hideout, a ship. The first two battle are fine, and also the double battle with Cheren isn't too hard. But then there's the double battle with Hugh...
Hamar dies to a Team Plasma Grunt's Raticate using Sucker Punch.
No, no, NO!!
What the...!?
I will unleash my WRATH on you!! I will make sure NONE of you will EVER see the...!!

...aaand they're gone...
So far, I've had nothing against Team Plasma. They were pretty mild and harmless, I barely mentioned them in this log, and I was only helping Hugh with his personal vendetta. But now?

Cheren tells me to meet him at Route 6, so I do. He gives me the HM Surf. Not much later, I run into a legendary Pokmon. First I thought is was Suicune, but apparently it's called Cobalion. This is totally new to me, I've never heard of this Pokmon before, so I'm curious! A "good" Team Plasma Sage and an old man tell me about it and two other legendaries, named Virrizion and Terakion (again, no clue. I thought BW2 had the same Pokdex as BW, and I have seen that Pokedex before when I had to decide teams for previous challenges, so I'm quite intrigued). They end up saying that I should befriend it, so I guess we'll get to see it again.

There's a cave after a short surf, called the Mistralton Cave. My first encounter is a Boldore, but then:
In Mistralton Cave I catch Quinze the female Axew.
A m@#&f?$@n dragon!! I used Bei to bring it's HP down, and a Rock Smash crithit it to 1HP, so I almost lost her, but luckily the first ball caught her. I'm gonna treat her like porcelain!

Time to move on. The bridge in Chargestone Cave is fixed, so we can continue our adventure. Someone shouts something at me, but we don't get to see who. There's also a few trainers. Strong ones, and if I didn't have any healing items, I would've lost a few of my team mates in a triple battle.
Thankfully there's a doctor in the cave, who heals my Pokes. But not before battling. I KO his Solosis, and also fight the Gothita. But forgot about the Future Sight...
Bara dies to a Doctor's Solosis using Future Sight.
There goes my 5th favorite duck...

Finally, I'm out of the cave and made it to Mistralton City. I can already go to the gym, but I have nothing strong against flying-types except for Shiyi's Rock Tomb, and since that's obviously not a great matchup, I'll try to catch new Pokmon first and get some training done.
In BW there's Zebstrika on route 7, hopefully I run into one now too. Of course, no such luck, and I must've walked into rustling grass, because...:
On Route 7 I catch Shiliu the male Audino.
Great... I don't really see much use in him, to be honest, although the high level does suggest I can get some proper training done here.

There's also a few trainers here. One challenges me to a rotation battle, which I don't mind, but another challenges me to a Triple Battle, which I can't stand! The last one, in Chargestone Cave, was a very close call. Now, I'm less lucky...
Dyo dies to an Unfezant using Air Slash.
It never occurred to me to switch him out, in a battle against three flying-types! How stupid. Dyo was my second catch, and therefore with me since basically the start of this run.
I'm gonna miss you, buddy :'(

I can't go into Twisted Mountain since E4 Marshall is blocking it, so I go to Celestial Tower. First, I see Professor Juniper and get a Lucky Egg. Awesome!! Now grinding will go even faster!
My first encounter:
In Celestial Tower I catch Patinel the female Litwick.
She's coming on the team for sure.
I continue my way up, battling the trainers on the way, until I run into a Psychic with a level 36 Espeon. Patinel (lvl30) is up, getting a Will-o'-wisp and one Hex in, while Espeon sets up Future Sight and then needs one Psybeam to get Patinel down to 1 (!) HP. Swap, I guess?
I swap to Bei and...
Bei dies to a Trainers Espeon using Psybeam and Future Sight in one move.
Are you kidding me?
This whole game is one big slaughter fest!! My poor, poor Pokmon!

Alright, that's it. I'm gonna grind. Since this is a blind run, there's no "overleveling rule" or anything, and since the trainers seems to have Pokmon up to level 36, I guess the Gym is gonna be even tougher.

I got Pitu and Tara out of the box and trained everyone up to level 37 (except for Tara, but I'm definitely not gonna use her in a Flying-type Gym.
Pitu evolves in a Crustle.
That's the only Poke that evolves though... Quinze and Patinel are still an Axew and a Litwick respectively. Surely they don't need stones or trading to evolve to their 2nd stage, do they? And what about Tara? I have Lead Stones, they don't work. I guess it's a Sun Stone

My Pokmon: Pitu (37), Shiyi (37), Quinze (37), Arbe (37), Patinel (37), Tara (30)
Skyla's Pokmon: Swoobat (37), Skarmory (37), Swanna (39)

I start of with Pitu, who beat all the trainers in the Gym too. Skyla brings out Swoobat. Swoobat is faster, but never really hurts me with Heart Stamp and Acrobatics. I set up a Stealth Rock and then 1hko it with Rock Slide.
Skyla is gonna send out Skarmory now. I fear that Pitu won't survive any Steel attacks, so I swap to Patinel and hit Skarmory with a Will-o'-wisp to lower it's attack and do some damage. Skarmory only uses Air Slash, so the lower attack doesn't really matter, but after receiving damage from both a burn and the Stealth Rock, one Flame Burst is enough to KO.
Time for Skyla's last Pokmon, which is a Swanna. Patinel can't handle this, and neither can Pitu, so I bring Arbe. We throw some attacks at each other, heal when needed, and in the end, standing with a mere 11 HP, Arbe comes out on top. The Jet Badge is ours!!

Update #7
Enter confusion.

So I fly together with Skyla, Professor Juniper and Bianca to Lentimas Town. Reason why I'm here? So I can see Drayden in Opelucid City. If I look at the map, however, it doesn't really look closer by... I guess time will tell.

Next to Lentimas Town is a patch of grass.
At Reversal Mountain I catch Atharam the male Skorupi.

Ah. Axew evolve at level 38. Quinze was just 1 level short...
Quinze evolves in a Fraxure.

In Reversal Mountain Bianca joins me as we battle our way through the lavapath. Pretty busy here, but thankfully I stocked up on healing items just earlier (I really needed them) and Bianca heals me after every battle (I really needed her).
Bianca tells me about the legendary Heatran, who's blood is lava. I wonder who found out about this.
Anyway, it's not here, and we make it save out of the cave and reach Undella Town.
Suddenly, Hugh pops up and challenges me to a battle. Luckily my Pokmon are still healed.

My Pokmon: Arbe (38), Quinze (39), Pitu (40), Crustle (40), Tara (36), Patinel (38)
Hugh's Pokmon: Unfezant (39), Semipour (39), Emboar (41)

I had Arbe out in front, so it's a female against male Unfezant battle. I'm one level lower though. Turns out, it doesn't matter. I use attacks better and KO Unfezant with about half HP left myself.
Hugh is gonna send out Emboar. Now, Emboar is weak against flying, but at this time, I don't know who the third Pokmon is gonna be. Maybe it's weak to Flying too, like a Grass type. Or, more likely, Emboar knows a Rock move.
I swap, to Pitu. Good choice, it turns out. Emboar knows a Rock move indeed, but it's not stronger than Pitu's Rock Slide, so Pitu wins.
Last Pokmon is Semipour. -pour, so the Water type. I should swap, so I send out Shiyi.
Semipour starts with Leer. Odd, but fine. X-Scissor brings Semipour's HP down in the red. Hugh heals, I bring it down again. Mind, Semipour is faster, and starts the third round with Scald.
Shiyi dies to Hugh's Semipour using a critical Scald.
My beloved Pinsir, died in a friendly match!!
I send Arbe out again who takes revenge with a Quick Attack and defeats Hugh.

But it doesn't matter. This is again a major blow I have to endure during this run. Ten Pokmon died during this trip, more then half of my total catches. I was responsible for them, but failed.

Despite everything, I have to continue. I'm not going to fail this run, I shall become Champion.

There's a lot of treasure around this town, and South is Route 14. I run into an Altaria, but fail to catch it because I run out of Pokballs.
I don't have anyone to Surf for me right now and don't have a rod, so I can't catch a Pokmon in Undella Town (I could catch a HM slave, but I only use them when needed to proceed through the story. I can go north, to Route 13 however:
On Route 13 I catch Oganisa the female Absol.

I decide to grind everyone up to level 42 here. And, finally, at level 41:
Patinel evolves in a Lampent.
It just turned dark while I was training, so maybe it only evolves when it's dark and happy? Or it's just a very high, random level. I guess now I need a stone or trade.

I also added Atharam to the Team. Tara is now back in the PC. Why Atharam?
1. Good defences.
2. Poison Fang can badly poison, and while grinding I notice that that happens a lot.
3. Awesome typing, at least, when it evolves. I believe Poison/Dark only has one weakness (Ground)?
4. Most importantly: Battle Armour. It cannot be hit by crithits! Almost all my deaths where because of them...
It does mean two Dark types, but that's fine.
Atharam evolves in a Drapion.

After a few trainers, I found Cobalion again. It challenged me to a battle. It used Iron Head against Pitu and was weak to Pitu's Bulldoze, so I reckoned it is a Steel-type, and KO'd it with Patinel. It then ran away beyond the road...

I arrive in Lacunosa Town, where we here the story of a Pokmon that can summon cold storms and eats people... Bit dark, but I really have no clue which Pokmon they mean. They also talk about Reshiram, who I do know from the previous games. Let's see how this story unfolds.

We then run into Hugh and a double battle against Team Plasma's Zinzolin (what is he wearing!!? I know it's winter, but...) and a Grunt. Finally time for some revenge: Pitu crushes them with all the rocks he can summon.

Route 12. Time for a new Pokmon? No. I accidentally 1hko the Roselia.

Village Bridge then? Yes.
At Village Bridge I catch Jiirma the female Marill
Now I can finally Surf again, and maybe catch some more Pokes!
In Undella Town I catch Tjugoett the male Frillish.
On Route 11 I catch Ba'Isa the female Shellmet.
Both will be boxed.

Another Legendary suddenly blocks the road. I fight Virizion, who appears to be a Grass type, with Atharam and win with ease. It then ran off down the road and vanished...

There's a Pokmon Breeder here too, who keeps challenging me. Good training, so I train again. Level 48, sound good? Well, apparently Quinze thinks so, because:
Quinze evolves in a Haxorus.

In Opelucid City, I can apparently challenge the gym, but Iris meets me and advises me to go to Route 9 first.
On Route 9 I catch Bisaum the female Pawniard.
I have never used one before, but I think they look really awesome with nice typing.

Time to hit the Gym. But first its trainers. One's Fraxure is strong!
Patinel dies to a Gym-Trainer's Fraxure crithitting Dragon Claw (I believe).
Great... More deaths... Just what I needed...

My Pokmon: Atharam (48), Quinze (49), Arbe (48), Pitu (48), Oganisa (48), Tjugoett (35)
Drayden's Pokmon: Druddigon (46), Flygon (46), Haxorus (48)

Atharam leads the way against Druddigon, and it's pretty obvious Atharam is not gonna lose this one. Druddigon hits with Revenge and Slash, but never hurts me more then about 20%. Poison Fang badly poisons it, and some Night Slashes are enough to KO Druddigon.
Drayden sends out Flygon and I decide to swap to Quinze. Dragon vs. Dragon. This can only go very easy, or end very badly. The first is the case, one Dragon Claw 1hko's Flygon.
Drayden sends out his own Haxorus. Quinze is gonna stay and same story: a 1hko. Obtained the 7th badge!

Update #8
Drayden fills me in about the legends of Unova. Apparently, the scary people eating Pokmon is Kyurem, a Dragon that existed during the creation of Reshiram and Zekrom.
Suddenly, Team Plasma shows up with the Flying Dutchman, shooting massive Icicles at the City. They threaten Drayden to hand of some DNA splicers, but Drayden won't give it. Now, if I was a villain, I would have waited with the shooting until now and ask again. That would be threatening right? Instead, they shoot first, then speak some threats and then say that they ran out of bullets or something, "but they'll be back..."
Team Plasma, everyone!!

Anyway, we fight Team Plasma off, no problem. Also the member of the Shadow Triad, who actually managed to steal the DNA Splicers, was easy to beat. I didn't get the Splicers back though, so apparently I go to Humilau City now.

It took me a while to find it (apparently I had to go through the new underwater tunnel), but I arrive in Humilau. It turns out that the first thing to do is challenge the gym. Already? Seems a bit fast somehow. Luckily, I can get some catches in the surrounding areas:
In Humilau City I catch Vintimila the female Corsola.
On Route 22 I catch Ippattaru the female Amoonguss.
In Giant Chasm I catch Huszonhet the female Sneasel.

It seems pretty obvious that the gym uses Water type Pokmon. I don't have any super effective moves for them, but I guess they're all gonna be Dual-Types, so I'm feeling pretty confident. I use the breeder on Route 22 to get everyone up to level 50 and challenge the Gym.

My Pokmon: Tjugoett (51), Arbe (50), Quinze (50), Oganisa (50), Atharam (50), Pitu (50)
Marlon's Pokmon: Carracosta (49), Wailord (49), Jellicent (51)

I started with Tjugoett, since it's a Water-type too so I should be save. He brings Carracosta. Tjugoett is faster and starts with Will-o'-wisp, which hits. Carracosta uses Shell Smash, so becomes a sweeper. He's also faster now, and uses Crunch, which does about 55% damage (thank god for the burn). I decide to go for Hex, get a crit hit, but Carracosta holds on with Sturdy. The burn finishes it, however.
Marlo is gonna send out his own Jellicent, which turns out to be at the same level as mine too. I decide to swap anyway, to Oganisa, and one Night Slash is enough to 1hko Jellicent.
Marlo sends out his last Pokmon, a Wailord. Not all dual types, then. I swap again, now to Quinze, hoping Wailord doesn't know any Ice moves.
He doesn't. Quinze goes first, and Dragon Claw does about 55% damage. Wailord uses Bounce and jumps up in the sky...
Just... Picture that...
While Wailord is in the air, I use Sword Dance, just in case. Wailord bounces on Quinze, dealing ~30% damage, but getting hurt by Rocky Helmet during the process. The next Dragon Claw is fatal, and we win our 8th and final badge!!

Update #9
Now that I have the last badge, it's time to find Team Plasma. Hugh goes south, I go north. On Route 22 I run into the scientist dude. So it's Colress. He give me a machine, but I have no idea what to do with it. We also fight Terrakion. Not sure what type it is, but it fainted after a critical 1hko Fly from Arbe while it missed Rock Slide. It then ran away past the end of the route...

It looks like Hugh send me in the wrong direction, so I go south now too. On Route 21 I only run into Jellicent and Frillish, so no catch here.
In the Seaside Cave I find a Woobat, but I accidentally kill it (I think every move in my team's repertoire would've killed it).
And now I know what the Machine is for. I get rid of the Crustle blocking my path and find the Plasma Ship. I beat some Plasma scum, retreive the secret code and...

...the ship disappeared again...

Ok, they went to Giant Chasm. Shouldn't be too far away. And indeed, it doesn't take me long to find them again. A new puzzle, again not too hard of course, and more Plasma Scum. I beat them again, and this time I finally get to see the real leader: Colress! The scientist seems to be behind all this havoc. He challenges me to a battle, but allows me to heal first. Turns out that's a good thing...

My Pokmon: Quinze (53), Pitu (53), Tjugoett (53), Arbe (54), Oganisa (52), Atharam (54)
Colress' Pokmon: Magneton (50), Magnezone (50), Beheeyem (50), Metang (50), Klinklang (52)

Before I started this battle, I remembered the previous figgt with Colress. He had a Magnetite and a Klink, I believe. Also he's a scientist, social figures he would probably have 2 or 3 Steel type Pokmon. Since my team is quite weak to them, I taught Bulldoze to Quinze, just to be on the safe side.
So I start with Quinze, and indeed, he brings Magneton. But despite the x4 weakness against Ground, it doesn't 1hko from Quinze's Bulldoze. It uses Thunderwave, and on the second turn Flash Canon, almost halving Quinze's health. Another Bulldoze finishes it.
Colress brings Magnezone, so basically the same story. I decide to heal and use Bulldoze again. We receive a Flash Canon first, again almost halving my HP, but this time Bulldoze does 1hko.

Colress now swaps in Klinklang. I decide to not take any changes, and change to Tjugoett, who is faster. Tjugoett uses Surf, which does more then 50% damage. Klinklang uses Thunderbolt, but without STAB it doesn't even get Tjugoett's HP half down. Another Surf, and Klinklang is downed.
Next is a Metang. For no reason, I swap to Oganisa. Two Night Slashes, while receiving one Meteor amash, are enough. And his last Pokmon, surprisingly nt a Steel type, but a Beheeyem, is an easy pray for Oganisa.
So, somehow, no casualties!!

Colress allows me to continue, and I meet Ghetsis. I remember him from the previous games, of course, but he doesn't challenge me. Instead, he lets the Shadow Triad fight me. All three members, but they are no match to me.

We continue, and after an amazing cutscene, where N and Reshiram show up, and Reshiram and Kyurem fuse together, I fight Kyurem. Tjugoett was out front, and wins fairly easy. After, Ghetsis challenges me.

My Pokmon: Tjugoett (54), Pitu (53), Oganisa (53), Arbe (54), Quinze (54), Atharam (53)
Ghetsis' Pokmon: Cohagrigus (50), Eelektross (50), Seismitoad (50), Toxicroak (50), Drapion (50), Hydreigon (52)

Oeh. Six Pokmon! If he's as tough as in the previous games, this is gonna end bad...

Tjugoett was still out in front, and it seems that he's healed (thanks, N?). Against Cohagrigus, it's a Ghost against Ghost match. I use Will-o'-wisp first, and hit. He uses Toxic, and also hits. I have this feeling he will use Protect now, so I use a Full Heal, and indeed, Protect fails. Now I use Hex, and KO Cohagrigus.

Ghetsis is going to use Eelektross. I used one myself before, and I believe it has Levitate. Luckily, Quinze has Mold Breaker. And Bulldoze.
Wink ;)
Next up is Hydreigon. Quinze stays, is faster, and 1hko's it with Dragon Claw.

Ghetsis sends out Seismitoad. I swap back to Tjugoett, since I don't have any Grass attacks. Again, Will-o'-wisp burns Seismitoad, lowering it attack, and Earthquake doesn't do much damage now. It even gets disabled due to Cursed Body, and a Surf and a Hex do the trick.

Alright, this is going easy so far. Next, a Toxicroak. A fighter, so I swap to Arbe. One crithit Fly, and Toxicroak faints. Then the last Pokmon, Drapion. I swap back again to Quinze and we Bulldoze our way to victory!

Update #10
So Team Plasma is beaten, Hugh got his sister's Purrloin (or Liepard) back and I can go challenge the League.

After I finished looting in and around the Giant Chasm I reach Route 23.
On Route 23 I catch Nijuhachi the female Bouffalant.

I beat all the trainers here, solve an annoying Strength puzzle, only to get TM Taunt as a reward, and make it to Victory Road, where N gives me HM Waterfall.
On Victory Road I catch Untees the male Banette.

I challenge the first Ace trainer, who has a Drifblim and a Claydol. Atharam is out and easily gets rid of the Drifblim with two Crunches. Aftermath hurts him a bit, but he's strong enough to battle a Claydol. Right?
Atharam dies to an Ace Trainers Claydol using Earth Power.
I totally underestimated Claydol attack power and totally overestimated Atharam's defence. Or is Earth Power a Special Attack?
Anyway, my buddy ol' pal is no more.

Now I need another teammate. I look in the PC Box, but am not totally satisfied with what I have. I check all possible catch areas on the Pokedex, but the only place I missed is Twist Mountain, and I still can't access it.

I picked up a Sun Stone just earlier at the Giant Chasm, and check if it works on Tara. It does!
[B]Tara]/B] evolves in a Lilligant.
Okay, you're on the team.

Time for Victory Road. It's an amazing maze, longer than any before, but the way it's made, with the canyons, caves and hills, I really enjoy it. There's also many strong trainers and, thankfully, a doctor.

After a while, Hugh ambushes me and challenges me to a fight.

My Pokmon: Quinze (58), Pitu (56), Tjugoett (58), Arbe (57), Oganisa (58), Tara (56)
Hugh's Pokmon: Unfezant (55), Semipour (55), Bouffalant (55), Emboar (41)

I didn't see it coming, and Quinze is on top, hurt a bit, but still ready to fight.

Uinze uses a Dragon Claw, and seriously hurts Unfezant, but he uses U-Turn, getting Quinze's HP down to about 50%. Bouffalant shows up. They're strong, so I decide to swap to Pitu. Pitu endures Bouffalant's hits well, and combining Toxic with Dig, manages to KO Bouffalant.

Hugh is going to send out Simipoir, so I change, to Tara. She's still hurt from the roadtrip so far though, social first use a Hyper Potion. Thankfully, Brick Break doesn't hurt too much, and Giga Drain is strong enough to KO Simipoir and heal at the same time.

Emboar comes and I change, to Tjugoett, who has absolutely no problem with him. Also the badly hurt Unfezant is easily discarded, and we win, surprisingly and luckily without any casualties!

I made it to the Pokmon League. I'm almost ready to conquer them, but not before training everyone up to level 60 using the Audino's on Victory Road. Judging by the trainers and wild Pokmon, I hope this is a good level.

I enter the League. It looks the same as earlier, and I'm assuming the E4 is still the same. I decide to go northeast first.

My Pokmon: Oganisa (60), Arbe (60), Quinze (60), Tara (60), Pitu (60), Tjugoett (60)
Caitlin's Pokmon: Musharna (56), Reuniclus (56), Sigilyph (56), Gothitelle (58)

So I start with Oganisa and a Night Slash. It almost KO's Musharna, who uses a weak Charge Beam. I correctly predict Caitlin healing Musharna, so I use Sword Dance.
From here on, the fight was basically done. Musharna, Reuniclus, Sigilyph and Gothitelle have no change against Oganisa, and we win the first E4 match.

Let's go northwest now.

My Pokmon: Pitu (60), Oganisa (61), Arbe (60), Quinze (60), Tara (60), Tjugoett (60)
Grimsley's Pokmon: Liepard (56), Scrafty (56), Krookodile (56), Bisharp (58)

Pitu starts, being a Bug type Pokmon. After flinching the first round due to Fake Out, he 1hko's Liepard with an X-Scissor.
Grimsley brings Scrafty, so I swap to Arbe. Two times Fly is plenty to win.
Krookodile brings a bit more trouble. I swap back to Pitu, so his Attack gets lowered by Intimidate. Krookodile is also faster, and keeps using Earthquake. Thankfully, I can heal and still attack, and with X-Scissor, Pitu manages to win.
Then the last Pokmon, Bisharp. Pitu is weakened, so I swap to Quinze. Then I remember Bisharp's Ability to raise its attack, and decide to use Sword Dance first to ensure a 1hko later. It works. Bisharp's Night Slash isn't too strong, it gets damaged by the Rocky Helmet, and one Bulldoze KO's Bisharp, making this the second win!

Who's next?
We'll go southwest.

My Pokmon: Pitu (60), Oganisa (61), Arbe (60), Quinze (60), Tara (60), Tjugoett (60)
Shauntal's Pokmon: Cohagrigus (56), Golunk (56), Drifblim (56), Chandelure (58)

So I did heal my Pokmon, but totally forgot swap the teammembers around, causing Pitu to start the match. It doesn't really matter though: Toxic and Dig damage Cohagrigus enough to hurt, but not enough for Shauntal to heal. I use one Rock Wrecker and KO Cohagrigus.

Shauntal brings Golunk. Pitu is hurt a fair bit, and has to recharge, so I swap to Tara. One Giga Drain almost KO's Golunk. Golunk uses Shadow Punch and almost KO's Tara in return. Shauntal heals now, and Tara can use Giga Drain twice, KOing Golunk.

Next comes Chandelure. I swap of course, to Oganisa. Night Slash should do the trick. Unfortunately, Chandelure is faster, and...
Oganisa dies to Chandelure using Fire Blast.
She didn't even need a critical hit. Her Fire Blast was so powerful, it incinerated Oganisa right on the spot


Quinze, you're up! It turns out, Quinze is faster, and, after two Bulldozes, ensuring one Shadow Ball, Chandelure is defeated. Shauntal's last Pokmon, Drifblim, is easily beaten by a crithit Fly from Arbe.

The loss of Oganisa comes as a shock and surprise, but I can't mourn, I have to keep going.

On to the last E4 member.

My Pokmon: Arbe (60), Quinze (60), Pitu (60), Tara (60), Tjugoett (60)
Marshal's Pokmon: Throh (56), Mienshaw (56), Sawk (56), Conkeldurr (58)

I send out Arbe first, hoping the fighters don't know too many Rock attacks. Fly doesn't directly KO Throh, but Rock Tomb keeps missing, so Arbe finishes with Return. Next comes Conkeldurr and I change to Tjugoett. We use Will-o'-wisp successfully, while Stone Edge does some damage, but gets disabled. Now Conkeldurr apparently can't attack Tjugoett, since it keeps using Bulk Up, so we simple finish it with a few Hexeseses.

Arbe fights again, now against Sawk. Fly would've KO'd Sawk if it wasn't for Sturdy. Sawk hits with one Rock Slide, but without STAB it apparently isn't that strong. With 1HP left, one Return obviously doesn't he trick.

Marshal's last Pokmon is Mienshaw. I decide to swap again to Tjugoett, just for the heck of it. And again, no problems here. Start with Will-o'-wisp, heal when needed, and finish with Hex or Surf.

The E4 is beaten. Let the Champion come!!

My Pokmon: Tjugoett (61), Arbe (60), Quinze (60), Pitu (60), Tara (60),
Iris' Pokmon: Hydreigon (57), Lapras (57), Aggron (57), Druddigon (57), Archeops (57), Haxorus (59)

Iris? Where's Alder? Isn't he the Champion?

Just kidding. I actually kinda knew Iris would be the Champion, since the rules of this challenges say that I have to beat Iris to finish the Challenge ;)

I send out Tjugoett first, since he knows Ice Beam. Iris starts with Hydreigon! Oh no! Luckily, it turns out that Hydreigon doesn't know a Dark move (deja vu moment here...). So we throw attacks at each other, heal, throw more attacks at each other, and in the end, Tjugoett wins.

Next comes Lapras. I could send out Tara with her Grass moves, but she's weak to Ice, so I keep Tjugoett in the game. Lapras knows Thunderbolt, but it doesn't hurt toomuch, and gets disabled after one use. I use the Will-o'-wisp/Hex combo to beat Lapras.

Tjugoett also fights Aggron. Only one Surf is enough. But when Iris sends out Haxorus, I change and send out my own, Quinze. One Dragon Claw is all we need.

Archeops comes, and I swap to Pitu. Archeops misses a Rock Slide, and one Rock Wrecker from Pitu 1hkos Archeops. Druddigon is last, already. Quinze again only needs one Dragon Claw. So we won.


We actually did it! I finished a Nuzlocke, no, a BLIND Nuzlocke! There were some tough moments, but we came through, and I completed this challenge!!

Hall of Fame Screenshots

My Team:

lvl 61 | Female | Relaxed | Super Luck | Scope Lens
Air Slash, Roost, Fly, Return

lvl 61 | Male | Sassy | Sturdy | Hard Stone
Dig, Rock Wrecker, Toxic, X-Scissor

lvl 61 | Female | Gentle | Mold Breaker | Rocky Helmet
Bulldoze, Strength, Sword Dance, Dragon Claw

lvl 60| Female | Lonely | Chlorophyll | Leftovers
Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance

lvl 62| Male | Adamant | Cursed Body | Splash Plate
Will-o'-wisp, Surf, Hex, Ice Beam


lvl 26

lvl 33

lvl 36

lvl 41

lvl 38

lvl 43

lvl 39

lvl 44

lvl 51

lvl 50


lvl 2 - 11

lvl 14 - 24

lvl 19 - 28

lvl 16 - 30

lvl 26 - 26

lvl 21 - 33

lvl 25 - 34

lvl 2 - 35

lvl 4 - 34

lvl 24 - 40

lvl 27 - 47

lvl 35 - 61
“You know,” said Arthur, “it’s at times like this, when I’m trapped in a Vogon airlock with a man from Betelgeuse, and about to die of asphyxiation in deep space, that I really wish I’d listened to what my mother told me when I was young.”
“Why, what did she tell you?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t listen.”