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The player begins in their hometown of Pallet Town. After venturing alone into the tall grass, the player is stopped by Professor Oak, a famous Pok�mon researcher. Professor Oak explains to the player that wild Pok�mon may be living there, and encountering them alone can be very dangerous. He takes the player to his laboratory where the player meets Oak's grandson, a rival aspiring Pok�mon Trainer. The player and the rival are both instructed to select a starter Pok�mon for their travels out of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Oak's Grandson will always choose Eevee which is stronger against the player's starting Pok�mon. He will then challenge the player to a Pok�mon battle with their newly obtained Pok�mon and will continue to battle the player at certain points throughout the games.

While visiting the region's cities, the player will encounter special establishments called Gyms. Inside these buildings are Gym Leaders, each of whom the player must defeat in a Pok�mon battle to obtain a total of eight Gym Badges. Once the badges are acquired, the player is given permission to enter the Indigo League, which consists of the best Pok�mon trainers in the region. There the player will battle the Elite Four and finally the new Champion: the player's rival. Also, throughout the game, the player will have to battle against the forces of Team Rocket, a criminal organization that abuses Pok�mon. They devise numerous plans for stealing rare Pok�mon, which the player must foil.


  • Delta Type : Pokemon Will be different Type along with new movesets : Caught in SafariZone
  • Speed up Game : Press the "F" Key
  • Multiple Starters : Random or Pick from Gen 1-7 Regular Starters
  • Generations : Gen 1 - 7
  • New Events : New Elite 4 and Rainbow Rocket
  • Trade Pokemon : Any Pokemon that evolve through trade can now be done at PokeCenter
  • Pokemon Following : Pokemon can now Follow YOU
  • Evolve during battles: Pokemon can now evolve during battle
  • Wonder Trade : Don't like a certain pokemon , well trade it off for a new one
  • Steal Pokemon : You can act like team rocket , and try to steal people's pokemon with any pokeball
  • Loot Boxes: Get random items from these boxes
  • PokeRide: You can now Ride Pokemon
  • Team Rocket: Become a Team Rocket member and get some sweet deals at the Game Corner
  • Z-Moves: All pokemon can use Z-Moves now (No Animation Yet)
  • Anime: Meet Anime Characters from the Show.
  • World Tournament:After you beat the Elite 4 go back for a new kind of challenge!
  • Champion Ash:Is waiting for you once you beat the Elite 4
  • Blue: Is waiting for you in the 8th Gym after you beat him as champion.
  • SS.Ann: Heading to the Alolan Region ??? Why! Beat the 7th & 8th Gym to see why !
  • Multiple Regions:Visit Johto for a new region to explore !
  • DS:Duel Screen Styled in Mind to keep the game looking new and fresh.
  • Migration: Transfer your old pokemon team from another game. (Some Game might now work due to Fakemon or Different Moves)
  • Multiplayer:You can now have a partner but they use Delta Pokemon
With everything you have seen in the past we have made a lot of changes to the game. I've included things like Team Rocket now uses Random Pokemon from Gen 1 to seeing delta pokemon in safari zone.



Link: Click here

Known Glitches:
-Clock in Screen has issues if you click it when you have no pokemon .
-Cant switch around moves in summery screen.
-If you have a partner ,your party will auto heal.
-Depending on your screen the Game might be too big or too small.


Spoiler: Credits - Graphics from Pokemon Games
Edahy - Overhauls-Mods-Enhancements
Akizakura - Summery Screen
tebited15 - Sprites
mustafa505:Red Vs Sprite Based on Manga
Pokemon Games (R/B/Y , HG/SS , S/M , B/W) - Music
Pokemon Anime - Music
RMXP - Music
venom12314:Essentials DS - VS screen script reference and animated trainers script reference
Dave_ - Title screen, userbar
Curt's Region Starter Kit - Door animations
Kyldove & Speed - Indoor tileset
tebited15 - Red Sprite
mustafa505 - Gen5 style Jessie & James trainer sprites
??????? - Lorelei & Agatha VS Sprites
Sichlor - Sloped clycling road tutorial
nissemann123456789 - Lorelei & Agatha Overworld sprites
Fl . - Egg available script
Smogon - X/Y/Sun/Moon Sprites
KleinStudio - Overworld Shadow , Map connection Fix , In Field Fix
Luka S.J.-EBS , Fancy Badges
Rot8er_ConeX - Script Help
TzickyT - Bug Tester
Drimmer - Script Help
Mej71 - Pokemon Follow
Blackstar - Script Help
Shiney570 - Pokemon Starter Select
M3rein - PBS editor
Rigbycwts - Save Transfer
Baaabuuu - Script Help
Mutant Yoshi - Script Help
Stochastic - custom trainer battle
Pia Carrot - Speed up
Umbreon - Randomizer
tebited15 - Sprites
Vendily - Script Help
FluffyDragon - Script Help
Eli - Sprites
BadSamaritan - Script Help
Venom1234 - DS essentials

Spoiler: Pokemon Essentials and Scripts Creators

Poccil (Peter O.)
MiDas Mike
Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami
Jacob O. Wobbrock
Lisa Anthony

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Pokemon Reborn Developers

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