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    So I was looking at disable's effect and was wondering where a number of things in the script were found.
    These are:
    - number of turns the effect lasts
    - target of the effect (can it affect the user, maybe both targets in a double battle)
    - why you can't disable more than one move (it has to store this information in the RAM, maybe there is one RAM offset and if it's taken the effect fails)

    Here's the script in Emerald offset 0x2D9507

    00 02 03 01 1C 9F 2D 08 00 00 A3 1C 9F 2D 08 09 0A 10 84 00 12 40 00 28 4E 8A 2D 08

    The actual disablelastusedattack is one byte i think A3. It points to 0x2D9F1C.

    39 20 00 33 7C 42 02 02 20 0F 12 40 00 28 4E 8A 2D

    I don't think the rest of the script is relevant.

    If you could change the things I mentioned above you could introduce cool new moves that would be so strong they would get disabled for a few turns. If you could make disable's effect not disappear when you switch out a Pokemon you could prevent a sweep from happening.

    I hope there is a way to change these things and they're not hardcoded.
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