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Welcome all new folks to the club! :)

Does anyone here have any merchandise, like plushies, figurines, DVDs, etc?
Unfortunately not. I have seen some of the games on youtube. I'd love to have a plushie or anything, really. That's a very cute Roy plushie. :3

Originally Posted by Lapras*
I had nothing to do while I was sick for two days so I literally just watched FMA:B and I finished itt it was so good we should do like a club rewatch eventually yes y/y

and something slightly amusing that I wanted to share was that the top comment on the final episodes's youtube video was "When Winry said 'men that sit around and no nothing are no fun' I'm sure that hit everybody right in the feels because let's face it we've all been marathoning for days straight" or something of that sort
Yes, club rewatch! It's already starting to slip from my mind, but when is the time to watch it, hmm...

I remember Winry's line for similar reasons, haha. Do you have any favorite quotes?
I loved any kind of Ed's short rant. Some other hysterial lines were where Roy said he loved dogs or he wanted an army of female soldiers wearing mini-skirts. XD

Oh, and this was an awesome moment between Pride and Kimblee in episode 61.
Pride: This container won't last much longer. But still, like my Father is, you are of Hohenheim's bloodline. So we're virtually brothers. Which means, Edward Elric, I can use your container! You're body belongs to me! *no it doesn't* What?!
Kimblee: You can't have it Pride! I won't let you take this body! It's not a good fit for a homonculus!
Pride: Kimblee?! There's no way! How coulsd you maintain your individuality among this tempest of souls?! It's just not possible!
Kimblee: You call this a tempest?! Oh stop, you're going to make me laugh! The bitterness that all these voices contain soothes me like a lullaby!
Pride: Why are you interfering?! Kimblee, why?!
Kimblee: Not my choice. I was perfectly content, but when you decided to throw away you honor as a homonculus, you forced me step in. You speak of your precious pride, a quality for which you were named. But then you suddenly find yourself in grave danger, and you seek to escape into the body of a human, a lower life form that you so despise. It's pathetic. You're a disgrace!
Pride: He'll kill me!
Kimblee: If you think that, then you still don't know Edward Elric!