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Posted October 23rd, 2019
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I'll rank them in terms of how much I had to actually prepare for them. And that's saying a lot for a Pokemon game.

1. Ultra Necrozma. Absolute nonsense of a fight, and if you have to be unlucky when it comes to IVs/EVs you are even more screwed over. Had to literally poison stall to kill it.

2. Totem Araquanid/Togedemaru. Once again, it's so easy to be locked for a long time on these fights. They have too good coverage. Spikey Shield is a level of annoyance I don't wish on anyone and Araquanid having Aurora beam is a huge screw you.

3. Lurantis can be really annoying. Super annoying. Unless you're overleveled this fight will not go well for you. Between having the back-up be annoying with supersonic and having a herb to speed up it's charge. Everything in this fight is made to bug you in some way.

4. Totem Rhibombee. I made the mistake of fooling around. Having this thing get quiver dance is super messed up. As well as calling in Pelliper to make sure you don't use a fire type. I was lucky that I was able to defeat it.

Special mention goes to rainbow rocket. In that game, Lysandre having a Mega and Legendary was hell.