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These are some cool choices so far.

Of the professors I'm familiar with I think Professor Sycamore would be nice. It came down to either him or Prof Juniper. They are of a somewhat similar ilk. They are not just bright minds but are also free-spirited with some youthful vigor that you would not get from say Prof Oak.

Because Sycamore's one of the most involved professors story-wise I feel as though he loves and nurtures the trainers who come to him a bit more, and really gives you a beautiful send-off at the end of XY.

He's this cool, classy guy doing some of the more ambitious research out of there-- unlocking the mysteries of mega evolution. He's the first prof in the main series who will battle you to keep you on your toes. The man is even awesome enough to even have a Garchomp hanging out with him in his lab.
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