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    Professor Rowan is my favourite of all the professors. He is grizzled and stern, having devoted his life to his research, and as a result has no respect for those who waste his time (such as Team Galactic grunts), though he does help those who work for their dreams, showing that he can be kind.
    His appearance makes him seem almost scary, like an old lion, but that only helps highlight his wisdom. You respect what he has to say due to his seniority.
    He is a lot like his region Sinnoh: quite cold and formidable. Unlike other video game professors, he isn't overly friendly with you - you only met at the beginning of the game - but he still congratulates you at the Hall of Fame.
    I also find his research on evolution the most interesting (after all, everyone loves evolution.) It seems much more mystical and alien than other Professors' research, such as Kukui's research on Pokemon moves.
    He also treats Dawn/Lucas very well, so based on all that I've said, I'd probably enjoy learning from him.

    Another Professor I like is Professor Hastings from Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia. Because another user already gave a pretty in-depth look at Professor Hastings, I'll just say that he is like a more humorous Professor Rowan, which is great in my book, and his travels would provide great hands on experience.
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