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Ooh this is interesting! I'd like to take a few.. or.. a lot :D

Uzume (Neptunia) x Meyling
Noire (Neptunia) x Meyling
Litwick (Pokémon) x Meyling
Flowey (Undertale) x Meyling
Enderman (Minecraft) x Meyling

Also I have a few questions on a few characters..
My first question is am I allowed to choose a character from an indie game that isn't well known?
My second question is am I allowed to take a character that is originally from an anime but the anime had a few video games made about it?
If any of these are a yes then I'd also like to add two more.

Armin (Attack On Titan game series) x Meyling
Lance (Epic Battle Fantasy series) x Meyling

(Also I have no idea how many I can claim at a time on one post, but if I've claimed too many, you don't have to add these)
Hoopa (Pokémon) x Meyling
Jevil (Deltarune) x Meyling
Ralsei (Deltarune) x Meyling
When in doubt, I advise looking at these two points:

You cannot claim more than twelve characters.
You cannot claim more than three characters per video game/franchise. So, for example, if you claim Mario, Luigi, and Peach, you cannot claim Toad too.
So as it stands, everything checks out! OP is edited with your entries in.
Music seems to hold everything together.
It seems to make things not so chaotic sometimes.
It seems to make things make more sense sometimes.
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