Seen June 24th, 2018
Posted June 24th, 2018
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So I just finished beta 1..and wow, it was superb.😊
Simply loved the level of perfection, that too in a beta...that being said will the beta file be compatible for further releases?
Really liked the mapping of the islands too, level curve seems fine tho some of the trainers ,after we defeat them , have repetitive dialogues( something like 'not good enough')
I did encounter 1 or 2 bugs but for a beta, this was gold(or orange)😅
1. Ivysaur sprite in menu is fully blue
2. In tangelo island, 3 people block your path towards the pc if we approach from the south right?(during the wounded Lapras arc). but if we walk into any house and come out they disperse.(dunno if they're even needed)
3. This is just my opinion but prof ivy walks out of the water with her coat on, ie, only a single sprite. It would be slightly more natural if there was a swimsuit sprite.
4. There's a body of water just before crystal cave right? After I encountered a wild poke there, and finished the battle, I couldn't get out of the water. The prob being this only happened when I finished traceys battle( and the rest of the trainers) and waded straight into the water. When I finished traceys battle, went to the pc and surfed in the water there wasn't any problem and I could reach the cave.
( also the machop of the battle girl in that route learns feather dance for some reason)
5. There seems to be a map mismatch, ie, the water of route E(problem with the rocks), just before we encounter Jesse and James in the floating magi kara
It becomes progressively worse as we move to and fro through that area

You had mentioned that even the tiniest bugs should be mentioned, that's why. But I really liked this hack and hope u complete it😁