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Well, in the summer of going into second grade I was in a summer camp...thing that was held at a college. There was an indoor pool and I'd have to change in front of a bunch of other first graders-becoming-second graders, and it never bothered me at all. My freshmen year of high school, however, I was less comfortable about changing into gym clothes in the locker room with other guys. I just didn't like it; I changed in the stall most of the time, but around the end of the semester I'd change near the lockers but I'd hide in a corner away from everyone.

I don't really mind being a bathing suit, but I don't necessarily like being shirtless around other people. I don't mind so much around my friends anymore, since I'm more comfortable around them, but I don't like being shirtless in public very much, such as the beach, water parks, etc. I just don't really like how my body is, I guess.

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