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Uhh I have 3,217 (now 3,218) posts here and I joined November 23rd, '12. As you can tell, I post here way too much.

On a different forum, their equivalent of the trivia games did add to post count, and I was really active there. By the time they banned me, I had over 50,000 posts on one account (possibly around the same on a different account, as well). I was kicked off there so many times, so I had to pretend to be a different person. X}

Ah, I wasn't online while you were here, Paladin. If you see this before then, I'll be around this evening (and off and on for a while now). Just see if I'm viewing this thread at the bottom of the page. I lurk without posting sometimes. Heck, if I'm even online, I probably will be around DCC soon. X}
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