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So after my last update, I reached the part of the game where my team was strong enough to handle nearly everything thrown at them. It was also the part of the game that's really just boring, what with the Rocket Hideout, the Pokemon Tower, and then Silph Co. I stopped updating over here because there wasn't a lot of changes to the team.

Really, the only changes were that Friedrich died and was replaced by Faur the Vulpix; Cardoso was replaced by Epicurus the Vaporeon who was a better fit for the team. Friedrich died in the Pokemon Tower (fitting) because those Gastly are trouble with their Confuse Ray/Hypnosis/Night Shade combos.

After that, though, the rest of the game was pretty easy. We made our way through the rest of the Gym Leaders. Craig and Epicurus were perfect through all the challenges, with Faur as backup against Psychic-types. Tzaddik was around for Water. Kierkegard and Paquda filled in for anyone else, or just to spread the experience around.

Also, since it was my vacation from work this week, I decided to just finish the game. Trained everyone up to level 60, headed to the Elite Four, and used plenty of Critical Hit hax to defeat everyone.

Blue Nuzlocke: Complete!

And now to never play a Generation 1 game again. Fitting that my final playthrough of Blue is on the same cartridge as my first playthrough!

Off to Johto now with Crystal!


Craig: Lv. 61
-Rock Slide

Faur: Lv. 61
-Tail Whip
-Confuse Ray

Kierkegard: Lv. 61
-Mega Drain
-Razor Leaf

Epicurus: Lv. 61
-Body Slam
-Acid Armor
-Ice Beam

Paquda: Lv. 61
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack

Tzaddik: Lv. 62
-Thunder Wave
-Mega Punch
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