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Creator of Pokémon Darkfire

London, UK
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Pokémon Darkfire



Message from Karl, the scripter and composer:
Pokémon has always been an escape of mine. Growing up in a somewhat dysfunctional family, I would always go on walks with my GameBoy Advance and get lost in the original games. It was my tranquil escape; a safe setting for my constrainted mind to saunter at liberty.

And now, after 10 long years of mostly lurking, methinks that it's time to give something back to this great franchise and its community - Pokémon Darkfire!

Message from Ray, the mapper and tileset creator:
Since I was a teenager, I dreamt of making my very own Pokémon game, and I had the chance to make it a reality when I got my first ROM hacking tools. My early results were a bit disappointing - lots of bad, buggy hacks, all of them unplayable, left unfinished and forgotten.

I quit it for a long while, but I returned to it with a strong desire to put all the knowledge and skill I had accummulated in my starting years into a hack that's as much worth making as it is playing. Darkfire is the result of this desire. I hope everyone enjoys!


Pokémon have been acting strange lately. Some are even going missing completely from their trainers. Others simply won't respond to their trainer's commands. The region's most formidable scientists have blamed this epidemic on a severe Pokémon virus, however, any evidence is non-conclusive.

You are a youngster living in the beautiful region of Tenjo, east of Hoenn. After saving the local professor's facility from a Rattata infestation, your friend, Tyler, thinks it's a good idea to set off with you to explore the region and its beauty.

After some time exploring, you are confronted by a suspicious man who says he has been watching you battle and could use your talent in a much more brutal kind of battling, and the riches and fame that will come with this battling is something not to be ignored. He then tells you to "keep it up", and disappears.

From this point, every time you bump into Tyler, he seems to be acting more and more strange. After visiting the Tenjo Government Offices, he begins to believe the government is hiding something from the people, and so he disappears, seemingly following his own calling. After this, You begin to see symbols of the suspicious man who confronted you everywhere.

One day on your journey, news breaks out that Tyler has gone missing. Considering that he was trying to expose the Tenjo government because of his own conspiracy theories, it is clear that it does not sound good, and so you set off to find him.

As you meet new friends, they begin to assist you in the search for Tyler, however, frightening things are about to unfold...

You'll be involved in secret underground battling. These type of battles have no rules. Participants make Pokémon fight to the death for money, power and fame, and the crime rate is at an all-time high.

Through plot-twists and complete freak-outs, you will experience everything from brutal underground battles, to missing legendaries and missing people. Some say a human is running the underground corruption, others are saying no human can be so cold and it is an evil Pokémon pulling the strings.

Who will be the leader of this evil organisation? Is the government really up to no good? Where is Tyler? Why are the Pokémon acting so strangely?

All to be revealed, in this brand new, Gen 3 Pokémon adventure!


  • Brand New Region to Explore!
  • Completely Custom Music
  • Infinite TMs
  • 252 EV Cap
  • Stat Nature Colors
  • Running Indoors
  • Randomized Battle Tournaments
  • Danger Battles
  • FR/LG Flash
  • Rock/Vine Climb without a Pokémon



  • Karl - ROM Hack Author, Scripter, Composer, Writer
  • Ray Maverick - ROM Hack Author, Mapper, Tileset Creator, Writer

Other Credits
  • Tiles & Misc: Drazil321, Zein, Alucus of Borg, The RedEx, Alistair the Dead Hero, Magiscarf, Kyledove, WesleyFG, Zeikku, Zelix, Zeikaro, Zeo254, Novus, Dewitty/iametrine, Phyromatical, EVoLiNa, zetavares852, Saurav, Seiyouh, PrinceLegendario/sailorvicious, browniemakerx, LTSeraa, Newtiteuf, speedialga, PeekyChew, Ozumas, Xiros, JesusCarrasco/PureAzuure, Cuddlesthefatcat, ShoddyBattle, Zerudez, Hydrargirium, digibody, Davias, spaceemotion, Aten974, Warpas, Stormlugia, thegreatblaid, ~Trebuh~, Gallanty, calisprojects, Minorthreat0987, Endrasa, Lordkazeh, Dante, whack-a-hack, Flurmimon, Tratas, Midnitez-REMIX, Derlo, LuCaSBirll, ultimatetraveler, hek el grande, alphacerz, Tarev, PkmnAlexandrite, carchagui, WilliamGJ, Geben, ThunderDove, Reck, Morlockhater, cope, renekokkie, sagaxxy, fankingomega, ChaoticCherryCake, Heavy-Metal-Lover, XDinky, Erma96, Poison-Master, Shutwig, Asdsimone, Xxdevil, Steinnaples, sylver1984, NikNak93, TeaAddiction, Gigatom, KageNoSensei, Neo, rata, Clara-Wah, AkizAkura16, Renob
  • Sprites: RBRNNova, Akuma-Tsubasa, art-56, solo993
  • Translation: PokeAJ (Español)


  • Please report as you find.



Heiki Hecchara‌‌

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I've been looking forward to this thread for a long time. So much effort/ dedication/ love has been put into this hack and it really shows. Hoping it all goes well~

Inner Rhymes

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Loving the dedication that I'm seeing in the screenshots! Gosh, those tiles are eye candy for real! Can't wait! <3
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šoακεd ςʟoτhεš, ωε† hαïr... ςoʟd ώίɴɖ ßʟoωïηg...

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Celadon City, Kanto
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Posted May 25th, 2019
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One can feel the dedication and love put into this work, the story sounds interestingly attractive and, oh my god those graphics!! To be honest cannot wait the final release! Judging from story's abstract and the map it is going to be a long journey therefore long time to see a finished hack, thus we'll have faith on you guys, go team!
itร ʀɑiɳiɳg ѳut tɦɛʀɛ... wɛɑʀ yѳu cѳɑt, tɑkɛ yѳuʀ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ ɑɳɗ รtɛp ѳut Բѳʀ ɑ wɑʆk uɳɗɛʀ tɦɛ pѳuʀiɳg ʀɑiɳ...
wɦiʆɛ cʆѳรiɳg yѳuʀ ɛyɛร... yѳu ɦɛɑʀ tɦɛ ʀɑiɳ ɗʀѳpร tickʆiɳg ѳѵɛʀ tɦɛ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ...
tɦɛ cѳʆɗ ɓʀɛɛzɛ, wiɳɗ'ร ɓʆѳwiɳg, yѳu cɑɳ Բɛɛʆ it witɦ yѳuʀ Բɑcɛ รkiɳ...
ʀɑiɳ Բɑʆʆร


♥ Jung Hoseok and Kim Namjoon ♥

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Wow. I am looking forward to this!
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Ray Maverick

Age 24
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Thanks to everyone for their comments, your support and feedback means a lot

Is it gonna contain later generation Pokemon/Moves/Abilities?
will this have updated battle mechanics from gen 7?
We don't plan on adding gen 4-7 Pokemon, so gen 4-7 movesets/battle mechanics for just gen 3 seems like it might shake gameplay balance


The Psycho Pokemon

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thats unfortunate, I would have expected gen four pokemon at least on account of how many pokemon are otherwise useless without them, not to mention the phys/special split is pretty vital for many pokemon too. And I really dislike how Hidden Power didn't have a fixed base power of 60 regardless of type outcome until gen 6.


Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

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Wow looks very cool. I took a 1 1/2 months absence from pokecommunity and I come back and find this cool looking Rom hack. Good luck on this dude.
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Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.


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The storyline is quite intriguing and the screenies are obviously gorgeous, you've done a fantastic job so far. Good luck! x


I'll get angry, and take a nap.

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Oh wow!
And I thought the screenshot in your signature looked good.

The whole thing does, this is just so nice to look at.

Also, that snowy tower reminds me of The Tundaria Tower from Golden Sun! <3

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looks very interesting and well-made! emerald hacks always get my interest and this one is no exception!
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